Teaching Sara

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To start off, let me tell you about us. I am Cindy, and my husband is John. We live in a small, but nice apartment and to understand this story, you have to really know a little more about us first. As far as sex goes, I was a virgin till I was 21. I am now 33. I have been married 4 1/2 years, and dated him 2 years prior to that. Before I was with John, I had only had two men that had ever entered me. The first was a boy friend, and we would play around some, I did not know what it was all about, and he really was not a good teacher, the second guy basically raped me.

John and I have had GREAT sex since the very beginning, but he was open to things with me, we explored bondage, we explored my bisexuality, we explored his. We have been with other couples, but are careful whom we meet.

I have a girl friend now that we spend a lot of time with, it is not a three-way marriage, because that is a special bond between John and I, but we both love Sara very much. And she loves us too. And this is about how Sara became part of our lives sexually.

Sara’s parents are divorced; they were long time friends of John my husband, so Sara has had John in her life all her life, really. She calls John her Uncle. When her parents got divorced Sara was still in school, and her mom lives near us, her father moved away.

Sara’s mom cannot cook at all, I said I would teach her how to cook and we sort of stepped in and took care of her a little more. After school Sara would come over and I would help with her schoolwork and she would help with dinner, and John helped her with her studies too, we would do anything for her.

Her mom started dating, and we said that Sara could just stay over, so that her mother won’t have to worry. So Sara really was close to us, part of our family.

John and Sara would play games and it was all fun, like chess and video games.

A little after her 18th birthday she asked me one Saturday what a blow job was, LOL I almost choked, but I was now really like her girl friend and confidant. I told Sara what it was, because I told her that I had lost my virginity when I was 21 bursa escort and then that really was not a good thing, that she should love who she was with and sex was not a bad thing, but you had to be careful about others too. Sara was so innocent, and I just did not want to see her being taken advantage of. I told her she could ask me anything and I would always tell her the truth about things, so I went and got some freezer pops and started to show her how to give a blow job. Sara giggled and it was the most fun. I had never really thought of her sexually before, but I have to admit I was getting wet thinking of her.

Well nothing really happened after that for a week, but the following weekend she asked what it was like to lose your virginity, did it hurt much? I told her it did not have to, and then asked if she had a boy friend (I thought she did not, because she did not tell me about anyone) and she said no, she did not have anyone. She just wanted to know, because she believed me when I said that sex was just a physical expression of love.

She then told me that she loved listening to John and I make love. This sort of embarrassed me, but I told her that I loved her and gave her a big hug, and asked if she wanted to learn a bit more. I really don’t know what came over me to make me so bold but Sara looked me in the eye with those beautiful eyes of hers and said yes, it was almost a plea.

John was outside and I asked him to come in. I sat him down and told him that I was going to show Sara how to give a blowjob. John looked at me, but I told him it would be ok, so I had him get undressed and sat him down on the couch, and I told him just to close his eyes, and then I was stroking him and telling Sara all that I was doing as I stroked him and sucked him.

John is great for this, because he takes forever to cum, but likes to be sucked, he just won’t cum too fast, maybe a little pre cum, but that is all. So anyway, I got him to cum finally, I know that Sara loved it. But we were keeping this really as a lesson; I did not want to go too far to fast. With the cum in my mouth before I swallowed bursa escort bayan it all, I took a little cum in my hands and put it up to her mouth and let her lick it off my fingers. I asked if she liked it and she said it was different, but then licked some more off.

I knew now that she was really consenting to being with us, so I said we should all get naked, and I got undressed too, and she got out of her clothes, she was ok with that, not to shy, just a little, I could tell she was really wet, I asked her if she played with her self when she got excited, she said that she had, and had done it listening to us make love, she wanted to touch herself while watching us just then, during our lesson, but she said she did not want us to think that that she was just a voyeur.

I got Sara to get on her knees in front of John and had her put both hands on his cock and then one cradling his balls and got her to start sucking him like I had. I told her that I would touch her so that she would not have to.

Can imagine us there? All naked, John on the couch, legs apart his cock in Sara’s mouth, and me behind her my tits at her back, feeling her skin against my body? I was looking at John as my hand snaked around her and touched her little puss. She came for me quick, but I told her to suck John through that little earthquake that was going through her body. She did just that, and was so good at it.

She sucked him for an hour and a half, as I got her to come 6 times! She was getting more used to letting go, and becoming so comfortable with the touch of both of our bodies. We had dinner after that, and just watched TV and told her how much we were proud of her. John did not cum in her mouth that time, but she did get a lot of his pre cum.

I wanted her to feel really good about herself and feel that we really did love that fact that she was sharing this with us.

When we went to bed that night, actually we were all falling asleep on the couch; John sort of woke up and got me to follow him to bed. We left Sara on the Couch, she was fast asleep, and I just sort of covered her with one of escort bursa the blankets we kept on the couch.

John made love to me twice saying that was so erotic today, I asked him if he wanted to make love to Sara too, he said hell yes as he came deep inside me. I told him that he would be able to most likely, but we had to make it special for her, and make sure that it was really what she wanted, but I knew that she had a crush on John for a long time.

After we were done, I went to the fridge to get some water, and I heard some stirring on the couch, I asked quietly into the darkness, “are you asleep”, “no” Sara said back

I sat next to her on the couch, I knew her hands were at her pussy, I kissed her, and that kiss grew into a deep French kiss. I told her that I loved her very much, and she said she loved me too. I then took her hand and led her into the bedroom, and let her lay down in our Queen sized bed with John and me. She kissed John like we were just kissing, like lovers and I could feel that her hand went to his cock, then I turned her head and I kissed her.

We just kissed that night, but then fell asleep, I knew that all of us wanted to do more, but I thought it would be better to wait. When I woke up, Sara was sucking John

I just could not help but kiss him and pinching his nipples and letting him suck on my tits (which I LOVE!) anyway he came, and Sara swallowed it, she was so good, I kissed her and tasted my husband’s love in her mouth. I looked at John and asked him if he had any more for me, he said he did, and I got his cock hard and sat on it, I told Sara to play with her puss if she liked, but I would love for her to suck on my tits, which she hungrily did.

John had to get a little more animalistic to cum in me, so he rolled me over and really fucked me good. When I am like that, I sort of loose track of my surroundings, I know that Sara was there on the bed with us, but I really did not see her, I was lost in the moment with getting my pussy crammed with John’s powerful cock.

Well that was it, we all took a shower after that, we touched and soaped each other, but it was as if we had always been lovers.

Sara asked if it was ok what we did, and I told her that we loved each other. I asked if she loved us, and she said with all her heart, then I said it was ok, because we loved her too.

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