Tanya and Seth

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Group Sex

Tanya and Seth were friends before they were lovers and what wondrous lovers were they. Each knew what stirred the other’s passions into a virtual frenzy of anxious anticipation until at last, their ritual would begin.

“You know how I love the way you wear those skimpy black panties.”

“And what makes you think I’m wearing skimpy black panties?”

“Because, my love, that’s all you wear.” Said Seth.

“I thought you liked the way they look against my lily white skin.”

“Actually, Tanya, I’d rather you not wear anything at all but your lily white skin”

Tanya’s pouty, naturally burgundy shaded lips were her best feature and she knew it. She pursed them lightly, then blew Seth a kiss, mouthing the words, “You mean like this?” Tanya stood up and lifted the bottom edge of one of Seth’s well worn, oversized t-shirts, revealing the alabaster toned flesh of her perfectly sized, C cup breasts.

Seth smiled in admiration of her still amazing body. The lovers were born just over a year apart, he was forty and she had just turned thirty-nine. Neither one of them looked their age, nor did they act like it. A healthy, unabashed sex life was their key to a successful marriage of nearly twenty years.

He towered over Tanya’s five foot-five and a half frame as she stood there with her warm brown eyes and baited breath, waiting for Seth to answer. “I love you, Tanya. We did it right, we got through college and both became successful in our own rights. We have everything we ever wanted except for one thing. I, … I want us to have a child.”

Seth’s delayed, long winded reply was enough time for the tears she had been choking back to finally release. Tanya looked up with bahis firmaları her moistened lips parted, inviting his kiss. “I love you so much, Seth. I’ve always loved you. I want our baby to have your eyes, your nose and, of course, your smile.”

“And I want our baby to have your mind, your temper, and if it’s a girl, your body too.” Replied Seth. “She’ll be a complete package just like her mommy, a perfect ten.”

“Seth? I know how you don’t like being wrong, but I’m not wearing black panties. In fact, I’m not wearing any panties at all.”

Seth smugly laughed at his sexy lover, “I knew that. Shall we?”

Tanya nodded, “We shall.” With that, Seth whisked Tanya off of her dainty feet and carried her into their cozy bedroom. As they laid there, Tanya’s tiny fingers traced along the rippled stomach and bare chest she had so come to adore. They slowly made their way down to the waistband of his boxers and slid beneath, gently massaging the thickness within. Seth sucked in a deep breath, then moaned in appreciation of his lover’s skillful touch. He eagerly assisted with the hasty removal of his last remaining stitch of clothing, indulging himself in the talents of his beautiful Tanya’s loving tongue-work.

“Mmm…that feels so, so very nice. Oh, my god yes. My balls feel so big and full in your masterful hands, love.” Seth gently placed a hand behind her head, easing his swollen cock deeper into Tanya’s throat as if he were fucking her delicious mouth. The salty, slippery flavored liquid of Seth’s pre-cum only increased the intensity of Tanya’s sucking as she relished the taste of her man’s essence.

Knowing Seth was nearing his climax, the eminent orgasm gradually building kaçak iddaa up in his loins exploded with a body wrenching tremor and Tanya got her richly deserved reward.

Now that Tanya had temporarily sated Seth, she knew he could make love to her for literally hours on end before having another orgasm. Maybe even two.

Seth positioned himself between Tanya’s spread eagle legs and raised her pelvis to his lips, mercilessly manhandling her body as if it were a rag doll. Seth’s tongue wasn’t so long as it was extra wide and he expanded and contracted it like an inflatable dildo, easily bringing his beloved Tanya to a rapturous climax. Nothing could make Seth’s cock happier than watching his wife’s eyes rolling back, her eyelids flittering with each passing wave as her orgasm finally crested.

Tanya’s baby soft whimpers of peaceful elation were like music to his ears.

Tanya had the tiniest, most ultra-sensitive clitoris that was almost a hair trigger when it came to anything and everything Seth’s magical tongue coerced her marvelous pussy to do. These ministrations were what gave her the best, her longest and most intensely satisfying pleasures she would ever know.

As did she, Seth had perhaps but one other lover before they met, but he had a feeling his Tanya was the only woman who could extend her climax like it would never stop. The K-Y jelly their friends gave them as a wedding gift still sat unopened, beneath the bed. It would remain there, forever forgotten.

Tanya wasn’t a screamer, nor a biter. She was a deep scratcher, digging her perfectly manicured nails into the very flesh of Seth’s back. It was all Tanya could do to hold on when the rippling effect of kaçak bahis multiple spasms cascaded throughout her body like wildfire.

Again, neither knew whether or not the liquids of others tasted as sweet as theirs. All they knew was an acute addiction to a daily dose of fresh squeezed juice, courtesy of each other.

Last Christmas, Tanya asked if they could try something she heard about from a co-worker. Danielle suggested she try anal sex. She guaranteed that when introduced properly, especially with a sensitive lover such as your Seth, she’ll be an instant fan.

Let’s just say Danielle made the gift list from then on. This became a routine affair, switching positions and discovering such wonderful things as the G-spot. Now, that was something that became a staple, just one more method to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Seth intermittently traded off a darting tongue between Tanya’s puckered, quivering hole and her ever so tight box. Little by little, bit by bit, he gradually loosened Tanya enough to comfortably accept his size. Ass up, face down with both of their combined cum glistening as it ran down Tanya’s inner thighs, she grasped the wrought iron headboard, writhing her elegant posterior as if to beg his benevolent shaft to kiss that spot with every calculative stroke. Seth could thoroughly engross himself in the surreal emotion Tanya invoked upon his gracious soul.

Content as to Tanya’s satisfaction, the most important satisfaction of all, Seth and Tanya together reached a plateau where time stood still and nothing else mattered but each other. Their seed fully spent, their bodies completely expended with this last finale. Reaffirmation was confirmed, love still resides at the Carlton house.

Since Tanya was confident she was still fertile after aborting a first term pregnancy just four years back, there was once again a common goal and two willing teammates with winning records.

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