Swipe Right for Grandma Pt. 02

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The day after my first encounter with SilverSexy, a.k.a. my grandmother, I woke in my own bed and padded to the kitchen for breakfast. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and to remind myself that I was still living on planet earth. Memories of grandma’s grunts and groans and the sloppy, wet sound of fucking clouded my mind. Despite the warning bells sounding somewhere deeper in my brain, my cock twitched in my pajamas.

“Hey there, big fella.” It was my dad, seated at the kitchen counter sipping coffee and reading the paper.

He dipped his head and peered over the top of his reading glasses. “Whoa, slugger. Don’t let your mom catch you like that.”

I blushed and crouched over, trying to hide my erection. He laughed.

” ‘S okay, bud. I was young once too.” He sighed and returned to his newspaper.

My hardon faded and I assembled my breakfast of cereal, juice, and a peach. I avoided looking at my father, focusing instead on the food in front of me. My brain was still swirling with confusion – – about grandma, me, what we had done the night before.

“Say,” dad said, standing and pulling off his reading glasses. “Grandma Barb is coming over for dinner tonight.”

The spoon slid out of my fingers and clattered against the cereal bowl.

“Yeah,” he continued. “I’m pretty excited too. Just be here at six.”

He tossed his coffee cup into the sink and disappeared out the kitchen door. I sat there dumbly until I heard his car engine roar to life in the driveway. I dropped my cereal bowl and glass in the sink and stood there, thinking. What would I do about grandma? What would it be like to actually see her? How could I pretend things were normal? I groaned in confusion.

Nothing beats stress like distraction. So, I spent the rest of the day studying on campus. I finished a grueling workout at the gym by five-thirty and biked home through warm, humid spring air. I pedaled up the driveway past Gran’s car and stowed my bike in the garage.

Mom and dad and gran sat at the dining room table. Dad frowned but gran beamed at me as I entered the room. I wore a tight smile. Dad flicked his eyes down to his watch and back up at me.

“S-s-sorry,” I stammered. “Had to finish up a lab report.”

I sat at the table. After a brief pause, everyone resumed eating.

“Charlie,” my mom said brightly. “Grandma says you stopped by for a visit at her place last night.”

I almost choked on a mouthful of lasagna. I raised my eyes to grandma but she was nodding at mom.

“Yes,” gran said. “I called him to ask if he could bring over some sugar.” She turned her gaze on me. “And he did.”

“Nice,” dad said, ladling another helping of lasagna onto his plate. “That’s my boy.”

I smiled weakly. The food was tasteless but it was important to keep chewing and swallowing. Even if my stomach was training for a gymnastics meet.

“Charlie, dear,” grandma intoned sweetly. “Perhaps you could come over tonight and help me with that box I told you about.”

I burned crimson from face to toes.

“Sure,” I mumbled and nodded.

Mom reached a hand across the table to my forehead. “Charlie, are you okay? You’re all flushed and you feel like you’re burning up.”

“Fine,” I muttered. “I’m fine. Just a little warm from biking home.”

Gran and mom clucked together and I stood with my plate in my hands.

“Hey,” dad said. “You just eat and bolt?”

“Please, dear.” Grandma laid her hand on dad’s forearm. “The poor boy is worn out. Let him be.”

Dad sighed while I skirted the table to drop my plate off in the kitchen. Mom and dad’s baleful stares tracked me as I scurried through the dining room on my way upstairs.

“Remember, Charlie,” gran cooed to me as I hurried up the steps. “I need help with that box.”

I locked my bedroom door and flopped onto my bed. Swearing out loud, I buried my face in the pillow. My thoughts raced. No way I could act normal. After what gran and I did, we’d never be able to return to before. And, if mom and dad found out. I ground my teeth together. The idea of keeping something so dangerous a secret. Impossible. The stress would kill me.

A little while later, my phone vibrated.

A text from grandma: “I’m home.”

I groaned and stood. Okay. I smacked my palms together. I’d head over and we’d talk about it. We’d get things clear. Resolve things. I couldn’t live with this kind of tension. I raced to the garage through an empty house. Mom and dad must have gone out for dessert, part of their evening ritual. I hopped on my bike.

Thanks to the cool evening air and my feet pumping the pedals, my brain relaxed as I rode under tree-lined streets to grandma’s canlı bahis house. We’d made a mistake. But, we could correct it. A sense of calm confidence replaced my earlier panic. I wheeled up gran’s driveway suddenly light with relief.

Stowing my bike behind the little clapboard house and taking a deep breath, I knocked on gran’s kitchen door. The light in the porch ceiling flicked on and grandma peered through the glass before twisting the lock.

“Charlie,” she said sweetly. “Come in.”

She stood aside and I brushed past her. The door shut behind me as I turned. Grandma’s hands slid around my neck and she tugged my mouth to hers. Her tongue slithered between my lips. Instinctively, obeying my desire, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She groaned and wound her body tight against mine, her big tits squashed against my chest.

My brain struggled against my body until I pulled my head back. Grandma’s glistening lips hung inches from mine.

“Gran,” I said in a hoarse voice. “I . . . I . . . we . . . need to talk.”

I released my arms from her waist. Hers still clung to my neck.

She blinked and dropped her hands to my chest.

“Well,” she said in a breathy voice. “Okay. If we must.”

I took a step away from her and crossed my arms over my chest.

“What we did last night,” I began.

Grandma smiled.

“You didn’t enjoy it?” She asked, taking a step toward me.

“No . . . no.” I retreated until my butt hit the refrigerator. “I mean, yes. I mean . . . “

Grandma advanced and her big tits made contact with my t-shirt. She put a finger to my lips.

“Well,” she whispered. “Of course, you’re a little confused. I am too.”

My lips moved to answer but she pressed her finger more forcefully against my mouth.

“No, no,” she continued. “Let me talk.”

Her sweet, heavy perfume seemed to fill the kitchen. My eyes swept over her bathrobe and the lush curves beneath it. A smile crept along her lips.

“I mean,” she said, now in matter-of-fact tones. “It’s not something that happens everyday. Or, every night.”

She chuckled. Tilting her head to the side, she flexed her eyebrows.

“But you can’t tell me, Charlie.” She returned her free hand to my chest and trailed it downward. “You can’t tell me, sweetie, that you didn’t enjoy it. Can you?”

Her palm slid across the crotch of my jeans. I screwed my eyes shut.

“I know you did,” grandma whispered, rubbing the front of my jeans. “You got so hard for me. And, you fucked me so hard.” Her voice hitched. “Fucked me really hard, Charlie. Like an animal”

Her finger left my lips.

“Goodness,” she lowered her voice. “A young guy can’t help himself. Can he?”

She pushed her body against mine, her hand still attached to the front of my pants. She mashed her tits against me.

“You’re already hard,” she murmured, squeezing my stiff cock. “You tell me,” she said. “Tell me if you enjoyed it. Yes or no.”

I craned my head upward. Grandma’s warm breath swept across my neck. Her lush body started to sway gently from side to side.

“Yes or no,” she murmured. “Simple as that.”

Her fingers traveled up and down the length of my cock as it strained against my jeans.

I swallowed and inhaled her perfume. My cock seemed to swell endlessly and my hips rocked, responding of their own accord to her swaying body. Grandma attached her other hand to my crotch.

I groaned. “Yessssss.” The word crawled from my belly to the back of my throat. “Fuck, yessssss.”

Grandma’s fingers worked at the zipper of my jeans and her cool hands circled my cock.

“There,” she gasped. “That’s better.”

She returned her mouth to mine and our kiss grew increasingly passionate. The kissing transformed my cock into a plank of wood suspended between my legs. As she milked me with her hands, my hips jerked back and forth. Grandma murmured something deep in her throat and released my cock. She gazed up at me. Untying the sash of her robe, she pulled it open. Her eyes gleamed with hunger and her lips tilted into a leer. Her ample body was squeezed into a shiny black corset, the pale tops of her tits ballooning out of the corset cups. She shook her hair and stepped away from me, slowly pulling the robe wide open. It slid to her feet.

I growled and she smiled.

“Come then, Charlie,” she trilled softly, snatching my cock back into her hand. “Let’s go upstairs.”

I stepped out of my jeans and grandma collected our clothes. She led me by the cock through the dining and living rooms. Her big, luscious ass swayed up the stairs in front of me. She pushed through her bedroom door and spun around, her hand bahis siteleri still firmly grasping my cock. We kissed and she tossed our clothes onto the floor. She pushed me onto the bed and I sprawled across her comforter. Grandma stood above me, her hands on her hips and her tits thrust outward and upward. She flashed me a wicked grin and kneeled between my legs.

When her tongue touched my cock, my body almost jumped to the ceiling. She chuckled and seemed to inhale my cock into her warm, wet mouth. Maybe grandma knew it was my first blowjob, because she sucked and licked and stroked enthusiastically. My hips squirmed on the bed and I grunted and sighed as gran’s ardent mouth grew my cock harder and bigger. She grunted too, her own excitement mounting to match mine.

Somewhere in the house, and somewhere beneath our noisy lovemaking, I heard a sound. But the pleasure radiating from my groin pushed it to the far edges of my consciousness. Gran’s mouth however suddenly stopped feeding on my cock. Her eyes popped open.

I moaned in protest

“What’s that?” She croaked, her voice clotted with desire.

She raised her head, fingers still clutching my cock.

I didn’t understand what she was saying until I heard the knocking again, louder this time, booming through the house.

“Jesus,” I cursed, sitting up.

“Barb?” The knocking gave way to a voice. “Mom?”

Grandma’s wide eyes met my terrified gaze. It was my parents, making some kind of surprise visit. I scrabbled backwards on the bed, slipping my dick free from grandma’s hands. She knelt at the side of the bed frozen, her hair cascading wildly over her shoulders.

“Mom?” My dad’s voice. “Are you okay?”

Gran snapped to attention. She stood, swaying, and raised a finger to her lips. She grabbed her robe from the floor and wrapped it around herself as she pulled the door open.

“Shit,” she exclaimed and turned to me. “Wait here. Quiet.”

I sat on the bed, all of my fears flooding back, as grandma shut the door behind her. She shouted something to my parents and bare feet sounded on the stairs. Quietly, I crept to the bedroom door and leaned an ear against it. Their voices were muffled, but I could hear them.

“Mom,” my dad said, his voice full of concern. “Are you okay? We thought we heard someone in here.”

“Oh, Jim,” grandma replied. “Good lord, no. It was just the TV set. I was watching a movie.”

“What kind of movie?” Mom asked. I could hear the suspicion in her voice.

Gran mumbled something in response.

“Well.” My dad spoke, his voice moving deeper inside the house. “If you’re sure. We just brought you some cake. Joy and I went out after dinner.”

Their voices faded into noise. They must have moved into the living room. My jeans were balled up in a clump on the bedroom floor. I debated whether to make a run for it and had just cracked the bedroom door open when dad’s voice sounded from the bottom of the stairs.

“Maybe it’s in your bedroom,” he said.

Footsteps echoed up the stairway.

I heard grandma tell my mom to have a seat as I dashed toward the double doors of grandma’s bedroom closet, snagging my jeans on the way. I dove into the closet just as the bedroom door creaked open. Through the crack between the doors, I watched my dad take two steps into the room and stop. He raised his head and sniffed at the air. A look of surprise crossed his face. He scanned the room and grandma entered behind him.

He turned to her.

“Who was in here?” He whispered to grandma.

Gran pushed the door shut.

“Good god, Jim,” she hissed. “What business is it of yours?”

Dad stepped toward her and, to my shock and horror, pulled her into his arms.

“Mom,” he whispered. “I want you.”

My stomach lurched.

“So much more since dad died.”

He tried to kiss her but grandma batted him away and pulled her robe tight around her ample body.

“No,” she said sternly. “You have Joy now. That’s enough. We agreed.”

Dad’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“Please, mom,” he pleaded. “Just once more.” He took a step toward her. “Not tonight. But again. Sometime.”

Gran wrapped her arms around her waist, shaking her head.

“We agreed,” she said. “You have Joy. And, that’s that.”

Dad hung his head for a moment.

“Fine,” he said, pouting like a ten-year old. “Fine. Enjoy yourself.”

He strode past grandma and left the bedroom.

“Come on, Joy,” he shouted to my mom. “Let’s go. I want to watch the Cubs game.”

Mom and dad mumbled together downstairs and mom shouted a farewell up the stairs. Grandma walked out onto the landing and answered with bahis şirketleri her own goodbye. The front door clicked shut.

I pushed the closet door open and waited, trembling with fear and naked from the waist down. My dick suddenly felt cold and rubbery. Out on the landing, I heard gran’s voice hitch with a sob.

She plodded through the bedroom door, wiping her eyes with the cuff of her robe. She stopped when she saw me.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a wavering voice. “I’m sorry, honey.”

I covered my crotch with my hands.

“Oh god,” she blurted out and tears streamed down her cheeks


“Gran,” I said, dropping my hands and stepping toward her. “It’s okay.”

I hugged gran and she rested her head on my shoulder, sobbing and crying.

I led her to the bed and sat next to her, taking her hand in mine.

“It’s okay,” I repeated.

Watching her as she cried, my heart filled with pity. I patted her hand until her sobs trailed off. She rubbed her eyes and dropped her head, hiding her face.

I suddenly remembered what dad had said, standing there in the bedroom with grandma.

“You and dad,” I whispered.

After a moment or two of silence, gran nodded her head.

“But . . . when?”

Grandma squeezed my hand. “Before he met Joy. Your mom.” She sniffled.

She took my hand between hers, still refusing to meet my eyes. “Your grandpa never knew. It was only that one summer.”

“Wow.” I exhaled deeply.

“There must be something wrong with me,” grandma muttered. Her shoulders trembled. “But, he was so alone. And Mike was running around with another woman.” She paused and her voice cleared. “It just happened. And, then it was over.”

I was stunned. Gran had fucked dad. A son and a mother. All summer long. I flashed on an image of my dad, looking young and vibrant like he did in old photos. And then, for a second, I saw the two of them – – grandma and dad – – locked in an embrace. I shook my head but the image remained. The two of them kissing. Grandma sucking his cock like she sucked mine. It was shocking, but at the same time oddly comforting. I wasn’t alone; others had broken this taboo. I battled against the pictures in my head, but I couldn’t stop them. In fact, the more I dwelt on them, the faster the blood rushed to my groin.

“But . . . ” I said in a tremulous voice. “You must have enjoyed it.” Grandma raised her head and met my eyes. “I mean if you did it for a whole summer.”

She swallowed and her fingers wrapped around my forearm.

“It wasn’t about that,” she answered. “It was about the loneliness. His and mine.”

Her hand tightened on my arm. I nodded.

“But still . . . .” I waited. Something flickered in gran’s eyes. “Still,” I continued. “Doing it once. That I can understand. Making that kind of mistake.” Gran rested her other hand on my arm. “But all summer long. F – f – fucking your own son,” I stammered. “There had to be more to it than just loneliness.”

Granma sighed. She lowered her head again.

“We did.” Her voice whispered into the dimly-lit bedroom. “We did. We enjoyed it.” Another sigh. “It was so bad but . . . ” Her fingers gripped my arm. “But that’s what made it so good too.”

Her head flicked toward me and I saw her glance at my thick, bloated cock.

“It was crazy.” Her voice was firmer now. “So crazy. He wanted me all the time. And . . . ”

She shot another quick glance at my crotch. My cock stood at full attention between my thighs.

“And, I wanted him.” Grandma’s hand slipped onto my naked thigh. “I wanted my son. Wanted him to love me, to make me feel good.” Her shoulder leaned against mine as she shifted on the bed. “I wanted him to fuck me.”

I groaned and grandma’s hand scrambled to my cock.

“It felt so good, Charlie.” Her voice was scratchy with excitement now. “Kissing me. Making love to me. So delicious to have him inside of me.”

She paused and stroked me, running her tiny hand up and down my huge cock.

“Like the way it feels with you,” she said, turning her face to me.

I leaned my head down and jammed my tongue into her mouth. With a little yelp, grandma applied her other hand to my cock, tugging and yanking me with abandon. Our jaws opened to cram our mouths harder together. Gran flopped back on the bed, pulling me toward her by my dick. I flipped on top of her and she guided my cock to her pussy. She raised her hands to the back of my head, clamping my mouth against hers, and my cock parted her wet lips. In one savage motion, I slid deep inside her.

She gasped and I pumped my hips. Her body rose and fell to meet mine and we twisted together on the bed. Gran’s palms smacked my back and she drew her knees up, inviting me deeper inside her. The bed jumped and squeaked beneath us as we fucked. And we fucked mindlessley until we climaxed together in a flurry of shouts and cries.

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