Swim Club Ch. 02

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Anna lay on the mats for a few minutes with her legs parted exposing her freshly fucked pussy for all to see. She could feel a trickle of semen running out of her making a small pool on the mat below her. Anna could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her and she felt deliciously exposed as she lay there nude on the mats. This place was really starting to excite Anna’s exhibitionistic feelings as she lay there on the mats.

After lying on the mats for another minute Anna got up on her hands and knees. This exposed her much more than before and her legs were far enough apart that anyone who was behind her had a good view of her asshole and pussy. Anna felt this was very exciting and naughty and she decided to expose herself even more so she lowered her head and shoulders back down onto the mats which exposed her even more.

Suddenly Anna felt a tongue touch her right between the legs. Looking behind her she saw Jade was the one licking her. The Asian woman was lapping up the semen which was smeared around Anna’s pussy and ran down her thighs. Feeling deliciously naughty Anna moved her knees apart to open herself even further and the Asian women’s tongue dove in for more. Anna was starting to get turned on again and this caused her to want to expose herself even more.

Anna sensed a body approaching her in front and she opened her eyes to see a man sitting in front of her with his legs spread, exposing his hard penis to her. Anna raised her face and looked at the man, smiling in invitation and he scooted himself closer to her until his cock was right in front of her face. Anna moved forward a little and took the man’s cock into her mouth. With a man’s cock in her mouth and a girl licking her pussy and ass Anna was feeling heavenly.

From the feel of the cock in her mouth Anna could tell that the man she was sucking was almost ready to cum. The shaft was very hard and tight and the head was swollen in her mouth. Anna swirled around the head of the man’s cock with her tongue. Then Anna started exploring the sensitive tip with her tongue, running her tongue over the small slit at the end of the man’s cock. Anna could sense the head of the man’s cock swelling even more in her mouth.

Suddenly the man grunted and his cock erupted in Anna’s mouth. The penis convulsed and a jet of hot semen blasted into Anna’s mouth, splashing against the girl’s tonsils. Anna swallowed avidly as more semen shot into her mouth and each jet of sperm sent a new thrill through her body. Finally the man’s orgasm faded and Anna licked his softening cock clean.

Anna felt another cock start probing for her pussy, and then it fitted itself to the entrance and began to push into her. Anna sighed in pleasure as the cock continued its plunge into her pussy. At the same time another man moved in front of her, presenting his hard cock to her for sucking. Anna kartal escort bayan happily took the hint and took the cock into her mouth. This left Anna sandwiched between the two men which was a position she was happy to be in.

Suddenly Anna felt a set of lips close themselves around one of her hanging nipples; Jade had slid herself under Anna and was now sucking on one of her breasts. Almost at the same time a soft hand closed itself around Anna’s other breast and began to gently squeeze it. Anna was in ecstasy now from all of the attention being given to her body.

The man who’s cock Anna was sucking didn’t last long before he began to cum, filling her mouth with another load of sperm. Anna swallowed the man’s semen greedily as jet after jet of it flooded her mouth. Finally Anna let the man’s softening cock slip from her mouth and the man moved away.

Meanwhile the man behind Anna fucking her was doing wonderful things to Anna’s pussy and she felt herself getting ready to cum again very soon. This was enhanced by the oriental woman who was still sucking and kneading Anna’s breasts and nipples. Jade somehow seemed to be able to coordinate what she was doing with Anna’s tits with the man’s fucking, and it was driving Anna crazy.

The man fucking Anna was getting close as well and he began speeding up his fucking until his hips were slapping loudly against Anna’s buttocks. Anna felt the cock inside her pussy harden and then the warm feeling as the man came in her pussy, filling her with his white sperm. This was all it took to push Anna into her own orgasm and she howled as she came hard around the man’s spurting cock. The man rooted his cock in Anna’s pussy a few more times as his orgasm faded and then withdrew from her and moved away. Almost immediately Jade latched onto Anna’s dripping pussy and began licking away all of the leakage, bringing Anna to another orgasm in the process. Then Anna collapsed to the floor once again.

After a few minutes Anna had recovered enough to notice there was still a group of people surrounding her, including Jade. This time however Anna felt she needed a break for a little while, she wasn’t used to so much attention though she had to admit to herself that she loved it. Even so she needed some time to recover her bearings.

“Jade, I need to take a break for a little while,” Anna told her new friend.

“Sure,” the oriental woman replied, waving the rest of the people away. The crowd surrounding Anna quickly dispersed, leaving her alone with Jade.

“Let’s go back to the pool,” Jade suggested after the two women had rested for a few minutes.

“OK,” Anna replied, a dip in the pool sounded good right now. She was feeling sweaty and sticky from her recent activities and it would be nice to wash that away in the pool.

The two women left the mat room and returned escort maltepe to the pool where they both jumped in. The water was warm but not enough to stop it from feeling refreshing after the fucking Anna had been doing the past hour. A number of other people were also in the pool and Anna noticed several couples fucking right in the pool, as well as one female couple. She watched the two women for a moment, one was sitting on the side of the pool with her legs spread and the other was in the pool and between the other girl’s legs, licking her pussy.

“Jade, is there more to this club than just what I have seen so far?” Anna asked her new friend.

“Yes, a lot more. You’ve been so busy since you got her you didn’t even have a chance to take the tour.” Jade replied.

Anna blushed when she remembered what she had been busy doing since she got here. “Can you show me around?” Anna asked.

“Sure, do you want to go now?” Jade asked.

“Yes,” Anna replied.

“Then come on and follow me,” Jade said and started moving toward the side of the pool. Jade pulled herself up on the side of the pool and for a moment Anna was treated to a view of her friend’s anus and shaved pussy.

Anna followed her friend out of the pool, taking special care and delight into showing of her own ass and pussy the same way her friend had done. Anna was really getting into exhibiting herself in this place now; she found it so exciting and sexy.

Jade led Anna into a weight room which looked fairly conventional, except that everyone inside was nude and there was a couple having sex on one of the machines. Then there was another room with treadmill type exercise machines, again very conventional except everyone in the room was nude. Anna enjoyed feeling everyone’s eyes on her as she toured the club, she was getting off more and more from the exhibitionistic feelings she had kept repressed for so long.

“Anna, would you like to go home with me?” Jade asked as they continued their tour of the club.

“Sure!” Anna replied enthusiastically, eager to spend more time with her new friend.

“OK. I just need to get a good fuck first. My pussy has been itching for it ever since I watched you. Do you want to watch me this time?” the oriental girl asked Anna.

“Oh yes, please!” Anna answered, blushing once again as she remembered what Jade had been watching her do.

“Great! Let me find Derek, he’s a good fucker,” Jade said.

Anna followed Jade as she searched for Derek in several different rooms, finally finding him in the steam room.

Derek turned out to be a good looking man in his early thirties and Anna was thinking next time she might want to try this guy, too. But this time she was just going to watch, she didn’t want to interfere with her friend’s fun and Anna was starting to notice her own pussy was just pendik escort a little bit sore from the unaccustomed double fucking she had received today.

Jade led the sweating Derek out of the steam room back to the mat room where Anna had received her own fucking a while ago. Anna followed along a little behind her friend, quickly deciding she liked looking at the other woman’s bare bottom as she walked along.

Jade found a clear area off to the side of the room and got down on all fours on the floor and Anna followed, sitting cross legged at the side of her friend. Jade lowered her upper body to the floor which left her ass raised and open in obvious invitation to Derek. Anna could see the man’s cock was already hard in anticipation of fucking Jade.

“Derek, fuck me like a dog! Do me good!” Jade ordered.

Without a word Derek quickly dropped to his knees behind Jade’s upraised ass and without further ado quickly pushed his hard cock into her pussy. The Asian woman sighed as she felt the cock glide into her needy hole, enjoying the sweet feeling of the hard penis spreading open her pussy.

Just as Jade had done for her previously Anna reached under her friend and began fondling Jade’s breasts and playing with her nipples. Derek quickly built up speed until his hips were slapping loudly against Jade’s ass with every inward thrust of his penis. The oriental woman was already very excited and horny and it wasn’t going to take long for Derek’s cock to make her cum.

“Harder Derek, I’m almost there!” Jade ordered as she felt the final pleasure start to build in her pussy and clit.

Derek redoubled his fucking effort and the way Jade’s pussy was milking his cock was rapidly pushing him to cum, too. Derek knew he could maximize the Asian woman’s pleasure if he could cum in her when she herself reached orgasm. Derek quickly started working toward this goal.

Jade’s body tensed as the pleasure in her pussy built to a peak and then her orgasm crashed through her. Jade’s pussy clamped down on Derek’s cock causing him to reach his own orgasm. The Asian woman moaned with added pleasure as she felt the warm throbbing of the man as he shot his semen into her pussy. Derek thrust into Jade a few more times as his orgasm faded and then pulled away from her. Derek shakily got to his feet and walked out of the room, presumably back to the steam room.

Jade remained in position with her ass spread and high in the air and just as the Asian woman had done for her; Anna scooted behind Jade and began cleaning her pussy. Anna licked up Derek’s semen that was smeared in the lips of her friend’s pussy and then pushed her tongue inside to get more. Once Anna had removed all the sperm she could find she started working on Jade’s clit and soon brought the oriental woman to another powerful orgasm.

The two women held each other for a few minutes to allow Jade time to recover from Derek’s fucking and then they left the mat room. The two women walked together to the locker room, got dressed, and left the club. Anna followed the other woman to Jade’s apartment and went inside with her new friend.

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