Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 04

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After tasting the forbidden fruit of Karin, my sister in law, I was mildly obsessed with her. I looked for any opportunity to travel to Cincinnati to be near her. My brother was always happy to welcome me to stay at their house, oblivious to the fact that his wife was my favorite lover, and always in my fantasies. Yeah, I felt guilty at first, but he paid so little attention to her, I told myself that I was taking nothing that he wanted. Watching her around her family, all I could see was the sexually provocative woman beneath her everyday persona of innocent churchgoing housewife that everybody else saw in her.

But beneath her conservative skirts and blouses, I pictured the silky thongs, lacy boy shorts, and sheer bras we’d shopped for at Victoria’s Secret when we’d slipped away one afternoon.

Occasionally she’d catch me eyeing her, and slip a little peek for me. Her natural bush filling the sexy underthings, a nipple peeking out of a pink bra cup. Viagra? Didn’t need it, a shy smile from the curvy blonde kept me hard.

I had made two trips recently, with short visits to their house during which I was unable to find even a minute alone with Karin. The first time, she’d been busy with a work function. The second, she’d had a house full of kids for a party for my nephew.

As I approached the back door on an October afternoon, my heart was once again hammering. I desired her so much that I sped up the drive, and hurried into the house through the garage. There she was, dressed in a slim navy skirt, a crisp white blouse, stockings and heels. As I entered the kitchen, she was bent over the sizable island, chopping vegetables for dinner.

“Honey, I’m home!” I announced. She looked up sharply, flipping her hair from her face, beaming her usual sunny smile, then glanced towards the corner around which my brother and my nephew had a football game on TV.

I approached her with my arms out, she allowed me a quick hug. But my hands quickly took advantage, one sliding down to her firm ass, the other up her neck beneath her hair. I held her to me, and kissed her for just a second, but slid my tongue across her lips as I did.

She flushed, and I turned and walked through the kitchen towards the den, smiling back at her the whole time. She shook her head in dismay, I nodded and smiled. After greeting the men of the family, and asking if I could bring them anything, I eased back into the kitchen. Karin looked sternly at me across the island, and brandished a butcher knife as I rounded the corner.

I strolled over to the fridge and pulled out two beers. Raising an eyebrow, I opened them, and approached the sexy housewife, handing her both. She put down the knife and took them from me instinctively, and I took instant advantage, dropping to my knees, wrapping my arms around her ass, and nuzzling my face between her upper thighs. Giggling, she wiggled her hips trying to escape the illicit embrace and turned to place the beers on the island, but that only gave me the opportunity to bury my face between her cheeks. The light wool skirt slipped back and forth on whatever sheer garment encased her sweet ass.

She danced away, mouth agape, shocked and alarmed. I stood up and picked up my beer, took a long draw and smiled. I leaned close and whispered, “Relax, they’re paying no attention. I’ve missed you so much,” and handed her the other beer. We clinked bottles and drank, both keeping an eye on the corner of the room, and each other. “Karin,” and I moved closer. “Karin,” I was inches from her lips. “I want to taste you.”

We kissed softly, her attention straying from the instinctive self-preservation of her lookout, and she sighed. “Oh Mikey, I need some of you this week.” I slid down to her neck, and kissed lightly. I moved lower and gently bit her nipple through her blouse, holding the weight of her breast in my hand. I set the beer down, and knelt. Holding her by the hips, I turned her towards the island. I was hidden behind it, and now she could keep watch as I began to caress her legs. I started at her ankles and slid up, behind her knees, my thumbs now inside her thighs and my fingers spreading across them, and on up. Working higher, expecting the texture of panty hose to continue, I was surprised to find the lacy top of stockings, giving way to the smooth firm flesh of naked thighs. To the outside I found garters and the coarse lace of a belt. She had dressed for me, this was the new slutty Karin.

Her skirt now began to rise as I moved even closer to her treasure, with the hem resting on my biceps. My heart raced, I was about to discover which of the incredibly sexy Victoria’s Secret ensembles she had decided to wear that day knowing that her brother in law would be visiting. I inhaled deeply, detecting the faintest scent of her arousal. Her panties must be steaming with it.

A noise from the other room startled her and she darted to her right towards the refrigerator. I slid left, where I was hidden further, and canlı bahis stood. My brother came around the corner, “I think I will have a beer.” She reached in and handed him one, as I took a long drink and willed my heart to slow down. He sat on a stool at the island, and we conversed for a while. Karin continued on with dinner preparations. I fought the urge to follow her every move, watch the sexy sway of her full hips, the bounce of her breasts beneath the blouse. She softly bit her lip in concentration as her husband and her lover talked.

“Did Karin tell you about her new diet?” he asked.

I raised an eyebrow towards her, “Oh, funny George,” she responded.

In a teasing, slightly mocking tone, he informed me that she was on a 30 day program, trying to get her “boobs to butt” ratio back.

“Hmm, well let me check them out,” I kidded. She glanced my way, slightly alarmed.

“Maybe you’ll have better luck…” He trailed off as she shot him a look. “Sorry,” he laughed. Grabbing his beer, he headed back to the den.

She shook her head in that direction, telling me that I needed to get away from her for now, so I took my beer and followed him, but not before sliding my hand across her ass. I looked back at Karin as she smiled her big smile, and lifted a breast to me, then threw me a kiss.

Dinner was great, if too long. Karin was across the table from me, and I played footsie with her throughout the meal, but couldn’t find a chance to crawl under the table and lick my way up her legs. After we’d cleared the dishes, I stayed behind in the kitchen to help clean up. I found myself alone with her as we scraped the dishes, washed the pans, and rubbed against each other almost constantly. Her nipples were so inflamed, you could see the peaks in her blouse. I was rock hard, and rubbed against her every time we crossed paths, which was constantly.

After a while, George and his boy went out to the back yard to finish up some yardwork. We could see them through the big bay window, and were alone in the house. With no danger of discovery, I grew bolder with my arousal. I waited for her to lean over the sink, and pinned her against the counter. I reached around and lifted her breasts as I nuzzled the back of her neck. I pinched her fat nipples through the blouse and her bra. The smell of her perfume made me light-headed. Slowly, I rubbed my erection between her ass cheeks. She relaxed and sighed.

Over her shoulder we could see the guys outside. They couldn’t see in, and we could relax a little. Music from the kitchen radio played old Motown, and she began to move against me. I could have cum if I let myself, but I knew better than to waste one.

Karin turned to me, and clasped her hands behind my neck, swaying with the music, and moving against the bulge in my pants. She looked deep into my eyes, and read my lust. “Don’t cum yet,” she sang, “ooh, I think I could make you cum right in your pants, couldn’t I?” She dragged her lips across mine, murmuring, “Oh Mikey, I love what you do to me. You have me making my new undies all wet and dirty. Was that your plan? Is that why you bought me all of these bras and panties, so you could steal them back? Put them in your suitcase and smell me whenever you like?”

I had to pull away, I was losing control. I wanted to cum in her, not in my shorts. I swallowed hard. She moved closer, her hands reaching for my crotch. I looked down in anticipation as her beautifully manicured fingers slowly undid my belt buckle. Her wedding ring and diamond glittered in the light as she undid the top button, and began to slowly pull down my zipper. I shifted my gaze to her face, she was lightly biting her lush lower lip, dirty blonde hair hanging across one eye. I brushed it back behind her ear, and we locked eyes.

She stopped with the zipper halfway down. We both just stood there, hearts pounding. Hard as wood, I felt the cool of my pre-cum oozing into my boxers. She lifted her right hand to her face, and sucked her finger into her mouth. Slowly, she fucked her mouth for me, in, out, then sucking hard, her cheeks collapsing. She smiled and pulled it out, dripping saliva, then pulled my zipper down and my boxers out with her left and touched the tip of my cock with her wet fingertip. Looking back up to me, she slowly rubbed across the slit a few times, then made a tiny circle around it. Around and around, then widened the pattern to spread her spit and my seepage around the head. It jerked in appreciation, swollen and purple, now shiny with the fluids.

I looked down as she slowly knelt, and pulled my jeans over my ass and down. My boxers followed right away, and she leaned over my cock as though it was the most fascinating thing she’d seen. I checked the yard, still safe, yet standing in their kitchen with my pants at my ankles it felt incredibly dangerous.

Gently my sister in law kissed the tip of my cock, leaving a perfectly obscene spider silk of drool as she pulled back and looked up. bahis siteleri It broke, half falling away, the rest lying across her bottom lip and sticking to her chin and neck. Holy shit, could she look sexier? Her silk blouse framing the smooth firm skin of her breasts, her hands, bright red nails, resting on my thighs, lightly stroking towards the center.

I remembered my brother telling me how she hated sucking him, would never swallow, hadn’t given him a blowjob since they got married. Now she kissed the tip again, and slowly lowered her head over me, grudgingly allowing it to force her beautiful lips apart, then sealing below the crown as she enveloped me with first her mouth, then further in, into her throat. One continuous motion, and 8 inches of the hardest cock I’d ever worn was completely buried in her, her mouth fully sealed against my body. My head fell back, my eyes closed, my mouth hanging open. I groaned as I felt her seem to swallow me whole, now her tongue extending down below the shaft to tickle my ballsack.

She swallowed, and gagged, lifted up and off of me, now a huge glob of saliva smearing across the lower half of her face, still attached to me. Her eyes teared, her makeup ran. Sweat broke out across her brow and cheeks. She looked like the fantasy housewife milf turned slut.

Karin licked her lips, doing nothing to clear the mess from her face, and wrapped her hand around the head of my cock. She squeezed, and it wept more precum down over her hand and trickled down to her wrist. She slid the circle down the shaft, and followed it with her mouth, again smoothly enveloping me in the warm silky sheath. Again she took me in her throat, and this time her slick hand continued down, reaching below, stroking me from ass to balls with all four fingers, one sneaking between my cheeks to tease my anus.

Sliding back, she cupped my scrotum, fingertips pressing into the very base of me, and swallowed hard. I felt like she was milking the orgasm from me and I relaxed as my cum began to flow up the shaft, right down her throat. She gagged a little, but held her face to me as I began to pulse the fluid into her, and instinctively held her head against me. She didn’t pull back against me, and allowed me to finish the mind-blowing orgasm directly down her throat.

I released her, and she slowly came off, inch by agonizing inch slipping from her throat, then out through the exquisite suction of her mouth. She stopped with the head just inside her lips, and snaked the tip of her tongue in and around the slit, tasting as the last drops oozed out. Then it was just her lips kissing me lightly, and with a broad swipe of her tongue, the most amazing blowjob of my life was over.

I felt weak, almost disorientated. She very maternally pulled up my underwear and pants, tucked my slick cock in, zipped me up and fastened my jeans. She stood slowly and buckled my belt as she stared into my heavy eyes. A slight smile played on her lips, she looked so fucking sexy, slutty, happy. She kissed me wetly, I found the aftertaste of her gift a little funky, but it did nothing to turn me off. Her tongue was so soft and fat, such a turn-on after what it had done to me.

We heard the downstairs door open, and Karin headed for the stairs. Much more calmly than I would have thought possible. As she turned the corner, she passed my niece, Holly, as she walked in the kitchen. Holly did a double take, but Karin was gone, up to her shower.

Holly came over and dropped her bags, giving me a hug. “Is Mom ok? She looked like she’s been crying.”

“Oh, she’s fine, just upset about something,” I replied. As we broke the hug, she looked a little confused. Something seemed not quite right. Did she feel my still-hard cock? Smell a little trace of cum? I couldn’t tell, but she gave me a suspicious smile, arched eyebrow.

“Something you said, Uncle Mikey? Something you did?” She came close again, searching my face. “Have you been a bad boy?”

Holly was a wild child, not trouble, but just kind of crazy. She didn’t dress slutty, exactly, just kind of Daisy Duke sexy; innocent but revealing. That day she was wearing her lacrosse uniform; short skirt, high white socks, jersey tight across her little titties. The hot high school girl who knew she was hot, but I really considered her a kid, still only 19. But occasionally she’d play a little tease towards me, and it would make me reassess her tight little body.

“Me? Everybody knows that I’m the good boy of the family!” Kind of a joke, since I’d always been kind of the wild one of the bunch. “No, sweetie, she was just unloading on me a little.” Probably not a good time for a play on words, and actually it had been me unloading in her.

“Ok, I’ve got my eye on you,” Holly warned as she picked up her bags and turned to go. She slipped a little, and looked down at a small smear of liquid on the tile. I was kind of alarmed, had to be a little dribble from Karin’s mouthful, and I grabbed a bahis şirketleri paper towel to wipe it up. She looked at the bottom of her sandal, and shrugged. Then headed to the stairs. I took a whiff of the paper, the sharp odor of cum obvious on it, and turned to see her glance back and take note.

Close call, I’d say. Then my brother and son came in. George grabbed the keys, and said that he was running the boy over to a friend’s house, back in a half hour.

As the door closed behind them, I heard the shower start above me. A second later, and I was headed quietly up the stairs, scoping the bedroom doors. Holly’s was closed, and I could hear her on the phone, chatting away. The door to the master suite was ajar, and I slipped inside and closed it. Crossing to the bathroom door, I could see a small pile of clothing on the hamper, Karin’s outfit. Just inside the door, her lingerie was in a pile, stockings, garter, and those hot little black panties on the top.

I picked them up and took a whiff, smiling at the change in her choice of undergarments since our surprise back at my house. Her essence soaked the crotch, and my cock responded. I could see Karin vaguely through the shower door, she was washing her hair. All I could think of was being in it with her, soaping up her breasts, massaging her ass, teasing her pussy. I shivered for a second. This much arousal just had to lead to trouble.

Without a second thought, I stripped and stepped over to the shower. Opening the door quietly, I slipped inside. I reached around and covered her mouth, she started and shrieked into my palm. Smiling, I smacked her ass, then pulled her to me. My cock found harbor between her soapy cheeks, my left hand over her mouth, my right wrapped around her, cupping her left breast.

She relaxed, and I released her mouth. “Don’t make a sound.”


“Or I’ll hurt you.”

She wriggled in my grasp, pressing her ass back to me. “I can’t wait.”

I stepped back, watching the suds flow down her shoulders and her back, following the curve of her stark white ass, some dripping off of the brown fur between her legs. Grabbing her wrists, I placed her palms flat on the shower wall, and dropped to my knees. I pulled Karin back by her hips, leaving her bent at the waist, and spread her knees apart.

The soap had dissipated, and she wasn’t directly under the shower flow now. Lightly, I licked the inside of her thigh, smiling as she twitched in anticipation. Light licks all around her upper thighs, the curve of her bottom, across her bush. With both hands, I spread her cheeks, and pushed my face between them. I reached my tongue down and began to lightly tease the slightly open slit, feeling the inside of her, where the hair gave way to smoothness.

“Oh god, do it. Lick me.”

I pulled back, then smacked her ass. The slap loud and wet. “What’s the magic word?”


Smacked her again. “Please what.”

“Ohmygod, just lick my pussy, PLEASE.”

I spread the cheeks again, one now bright crimson and hot. Again I brought my face to my sister in law’s secret area, and she bent over farther, opening up to me.

I gave her a soft lick up the furrow, loving the clean taste of her salty pussy, teased the nub for a second, then pressed my face hard against my target. I licked inside her, reaching deeper and licking faster. I licked the inside, then the outside of her lips. They were becoming more swollen, engorged with blood from her accelerating arousal. I sucked each into my mouth, loving the thick rubbery texture, smooth and creamy inside, coated with thick hair on the outside. Hair matted inside her panties all day, washed clean, but now hiding rivulets of the residue seeping from her hole. I traced a line down to the front of her opening, finding her clit, erect and throbbing. I sucked it into my mouth and began to fuck it with my lips, sucking it in, pushing it back out, faster and faster. My nose high in her ass crack, smelling all of her. I slipped a thumb up inside her, knowing how she craved penetration, and that lit her fuse. She pushed her ass hard back against me, shuddering as she reached the orgasm I’d teased her towards all evening. I could feel her clit in spasm between my lips.

I felt her quiver around my intruding face, her pussy pulsing in pleasure, the juices now coating my face, and dripping down off my chin. So wet and slippery. I ground my face into her, reveling in the smell of her pussy. In our unbridled lust, ignoring the danger of the situation. She groaned just then, and shook one last time, as I pulled my face from her. I fell back sitting on the floor, back against the shower wall as she turned around. Holding onto the door, she smiled at me, her eyes as glazed as my face. She dropped to her knees, and grasped my face with both hands. Karin kissed me deep and longingly, licking her own orgasmic secretions from my face as I made love back to her mouth with mine.

“Mom, you in there?” It was Holly.

Karin stood quickly, “Yes?”

“Know where uncle Mike is?” I slid forward and licked up her ass crack, causing her to wriggle in response. She gave a little grunt, smacked me on the head.

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