Surreptitious Love Ch. 40

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I had just gotten home from my afternoon with Tuyet—when her younger sister had surprised and joined us—when Trinh had already found me on Facebook. As soon as I accepted her friendship request, she asked when we would see each other again. Well, her large clit and the fact that she still was—just about—a virgin made me think hard. But I decided to let some time pass, as meeting Trinh would certainly upset Tuyet, Trinh’s older sister, who had told me that unlike most college students, who would leave town around late August, Trinh was going to get a job here in town first and then move to Australia early next year. So Trinh and I still had several months to pursue our little fling.

Jenny send me a message that she had submitted her empirical study about the sexual habits of her fellow students to her university. However, there was still something she wanted to ask me. Which sounded as cryptic as tempting and enticing. This time, Jenny told me I should wait until her parents were back working in the field in the afternoon. So, I drove off to her house around one-thirty. I still remembered how to get there, and when I arrived, a small dog was barking at me. Prompted by the noise, Jenny stepped out of the house and greeted me.

“I’m almost done,” she said, smiling and drying her hands on a rag.

I stepped out of my flip-flops and followed her into the kitchen, where she asked me to sit down. She continued cleaning and cutting some vegetables. I asked if I should help, but she only laughed and shook her head. Today, she was wearing a plain white T-shirt and dark shorts that looked tailored. She had her hair in a ponytail, as always, and was sweating quite a bit. Once in a while, she rubbed her nose with her forearm.

I watched her working, as there wasn’t anything else to do. She didn’t seem to be wearing a bra; well, she didn’t have breasts, really. Jenny was the only Vietnamese girl I knew who didn’t really have boobs. Her nipples were dark and small and sat on tiny cushions. But, almost as if her body wanted to make up for it, her pussy was the most marvelous of them all: a tightly folded lotus flower bud that naturally smelled fresh and alluring. Jenny hadn’t hinted that we would have sex today but I was sure we would get to enjoy sensual pleasures in one way or the other.

When she was done cutting the vegetables, she washed her hands and then came back over, re-tying her ponytail on the way. When she was standing in front of me, her nipples pressed through the thin fabric of her T-shirt. Frankly, I believed they were already hard.

“Hey, let’s go to my room,” she suggested. “There’s something I want you to read. I’ll take a shower in the meantime.”

I was about to suggest to wait with the shower, as I generally liked young women’s body odor. I couldn’t imagine Jenny could smell bad even if she tried. But I also liked the idea of seeing her step out of the shower, fresh as a daisy, touch her, kiss her …

In her room, she told me to sit down at the table.

“Here’s what I found on the back of one of the papers. Do you want something to drink?” she asked quickly.

The passage was fairly long but between the last time and today, Jenny had done a detailed translation from Vietnamese to English. Now she was back with cold tea from the kitchen, and put the jar in front of me. When she leaned forward to sort the papers, I caught a glimpse of her small breasts under her shirt. No, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She blushed, as she had noticed that I was ogling her little titties and held her shirt closer to her body with one hand. But then she remembered that we had already seen each other naked and let go.

“Well, you read those comments that I have translated and see if you can find something interesting. I’ll hop in the shower in the meantime,” she told me quickly before she disappeared.

In front of me were the same questionnaires we had looked at three weeks ago, where Jenny’s fellow students had given information about their sex life. The last time I was here, we had categorized the answers and drawn diagrams, as the purpose of this all was to teach Jenny how to conduct an empirical study. The detailed descriptions of what the students did weren’t important to the actual point of the survey but, of course, they offered intriguing glances into young Vietnamese’s intimate practices.

Reading these snippets here was pretty arousing, of course. Jenny seemed to agree, as she had asked me to come back. I took a sip of my tea and looked around the room. The bed had brightly colored sheets today, unlike last time. Ironically, on the door of the simple wooden wardrobe was a small, white bra. Jenny probably had worn it during lunch when her parents had been here at the house.

The first page here in front of me told about a young couple who rubbed each other with coconut oil until both had an orgasm. Nice. That was sensual, reasonable, and responsible, and I looked around the room to see if Jenny had already prepared some oil somewhere here but I couldn’t see any.

So I looked at the next sheet, canlı bahis about which we had already talked the last time I was here. It was the young couple where the girl always sat on her boyfriend’s face after lunch and let him lick her, while she gave him a blowjob at the same time. Or afterwards. Another young woman liked being tied up or tied to bedposts. A guy loved it when his girl blew on his asshole and then licked it.

The most titillating thing so far was a young woman talking about her camgirl experience. She stripped in her bedroom in front of her computer and did what customers wanted. It sounded like she usually masturbated. She didn’t mention money but, from what I was able to gather, she seemed to enjoy her exhibitionist play. Now, would Jenny want to do something like that? Probably not, as she had called me to physically come over, in person.

After I had taken another sip of tea, Jenny stepped back into the room. She was wrapped in a large towel and went past me, over to the wardrobe behind me. I couldn’t help it: I turned around to watch her dress. She moved the wardrobe door to block my view and giggled. She pressed the towel onto her body with the insides of her upper arms but eventually had to let go. I saw her marvelous slim, round butt cheeks again, of which a small portion rested on the back of her thighs.

She picked a light red-and-white beach outfit, which are really popular here in Vietnam to wear around the house. Basically, a set of cotton shorts and a simple blouse of the same material. Women wore this kinda of garment at home but also when the ran short errands. Or to the beach. Or in bed. As slim as she was, Jenny was able to hide behind that wardrobe door; I only saw her ponytail and her butt. But, still, I couldn’t turn away. I had heard, however, that she had already turned the lock when she had come back into the room.

When she came over to the table, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She looked utterly cute. I couldn’t help it and tenderly caressed her labia through the material with the tip of my middle finger, which she completely ignored.

Apparently, she didn’t want to sit down but remained standing. We were looking at the sheets together, and I smelled soap. I kissed her arm here next to me, which she was using to rest on. Now she got up on the balls of her feet and balanced her body on both hands here next to me on the corner of the table.

“Well, which description turns you on the most?” I asked, as this was what we were going to do, weren’t we? “What would you like to try?”

Surprisingly, she didn’t say anything, so I asked more directly: “Do you want me to tie you up?”

Not that I was extremely keen on it, and Jenny didn’t seem to get turned on either: “I don’t know. Have you done it?” she wanted to know.

“Let me think. No, not really. It’s not really my cup of Earl Grey. But if you want to, we could try …” I offered.

“No, but you know I like: the licking,” she giggled. “You said last time that you like that …”

“Sure. But I also want to come inside you again. Can we do that? Your last period was about four weeks ago, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s gonna come again the day after tomorrow or so.”

“Well, then I’ll lick you profusely and you blow me as a foreplay and then we’ll fuck. Or if you have coconut oil, we could massage each other. That’s nice, too. But it’s messy. We can’t just do that on the bed.”

“No, the licking is fine. That’s what I want to do. I want to sit on your face. I can’t get the imagine out of my head …” Jenny said and pulled off her little shirt.

I got up and undressed. We kissed and went over to the bed. I lied down while Jenny removed her cute little pants. She positioned herself over my face the ‘wrong way’ around, facing away. She looked back, adjusted her butt a little more, and lowered herself. I pulled her pussy onto my mouth.

As far as I could tell, neither of us was fully turned on yet. But this slow getting-attuned-to-each-other was marvelous. Her skin was fragrant and radiated freshness. I kissed her butt and massaged it. I closed my eyes and felt how she took my limp dick in her warm, moist mouth. She started to suck.

I licked her butt crack from the perineum upwards and explored her large inner pussy lips some more. I separated them carefully, like small curtains. I licked in between them and stuck my tongue further and further inside her. At the other end, things were going well, too. My dick got larger and stiffer, and Jenny’s upper body began moving up and down rhythmically. I reached between us and massaged her flat chest, belly button, and everything else within reach.

When I focused back on her snatch, I found a large, thick drop of nectar, which I used to oil the whole area. I took a little more to massage her butt hole and went back inside her pussy with my nose. I closed my eyes and gave completely in to our sensual pleasures.

After a few minutes, I found the taste had changed. I opened my eyes again and saw that she, apparently, was getting her period right now. Her lips and her perineum bahis siteleri were smeared red. I didn’t think she knew what was going on.

Well, I had done it before. I certainly would not push her away from me and end the pleasures just because the uterus was discharging the thin layer of tissue that would have welcomed a fertilized egg. I didn’t find it repulsive, just natural. I knew what it was, and it wasn’t much. I just kept pressing and massaging her butt cheeks and licking her like nothing had happened.

Just when I began to diddle her clit, asking myself if we shouldn’t fuck now that she couldn’t really get pregnant. I anticipated the joy of being inside her juicy sheath, and then Jenny turned around and looked at me.

“Hey, look at you!” she exclaimed. “Your mouth is all red.”

“Yeah, I know. Your period just started,” I laughed.

“Really. Oh, my God, that’s embarrassing,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s all good,” I comforted her, while I pulled my body out from under her like I had just finished repairing a car.

I had wanted to mount her from behind, but Jenny sat down and seemed somewhat pensive all of a sudden.

“Do you think we could still do it?” she asked.

“By all means. Of course. In fact, today is the day. it should be really good with all the lubrication,” I assured her. “The only thing is that your bedsheet will get blood on it, too. Or you get an old towel or something.”

Well, neither of us seemed in the mood to leave the bed, and so I just pushed her onto the bed on her shoulders. She was lying on her belly, and I expected Jenny to lift up her butt again. But when I saw the moist red eye between her butt cheeks, I was lost. I kneeled over her, pressed my dick downward, and entered her menstruating pussy right then.

Jenny moaned and groaned a little under the vehemence—she was a small young woman with a tight pussy—but the lubrication truly made everything perfect. With every thrust, my shaft effortlessly went further and further inside her velvety sheath. It was heavenly to be pumping inside her with impunity. I sandwiched her between my legs and continued to thrust at medium speed.

I listened to her ever-increasing cascades of littles O’s and A’s. Jenny was already panting and shrieking, and then turned her head to the side so that I could see her face. I stopped thrusting to check on her, but she just nodded and told me to continue. After a few more thrusts I pulled out, nonetheless, to change positions. My fat, wet glans was throbbing and had the same color as the inner lining of her uterus, which would continue to come out of her body for the next four days. Jenny turned on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy and her pubic hair were reddish moist and shiny.

Whatever her fantasies had been during the last few weeks, we had to carry on what we had started. I rubbed her G-spot with my glans once I was back inside her to give her another orgasm. As hot as she looked with her legs so wide spread, I put mine outside hers again to make her tighter. Jenny wheezed and squealed now every time I thrusted in her. I licked my fingertips and twiddled her nipples, which gave her goosebumps.

For the final minute, I put my arm under her head and pulled her closer. She was panting with her mouth open. I could feel her hot breath in my chest hair, while I sped up my thrusting and then exploded, roaring, inside her. I yelled louder than she did, but she maintained her release longer. Her guttural screams were much louder and deeper than one would expect from such a petite young woman.

As my dick was getting limp, I could feel, how a mix of juices was trying to get past it. There was regular pussy nectar, mixed with menstrual blood and semen, which I watched floating out of her after I had sat down on the edge of the bed.

When I wanted to lie down next to her, she got up and wiggled herself around me, probably because she wanted to run to the bathroom. She scurried to the door on the outsides of her feet, holding one hand between her legs. She grabbed the towel from the back of the chair on her way. I thought about following her and taking a shower myself.

However, she came back in less than a minute, drying her pubic mound with the same towel. She had probably just rinsed herself. Perhaps she wanted to try another form of debauchery? She put her little cotton pants back on, while I got up and looked at the bed.

“You can’t really see the blood stains here on the brightly colored sheet,” I laughed.

She seemed a little embarrassed, however, and pulled the sheets off at the two corners at the head rest and let the sheet snap over the edge.

“Where’s the bathroom, Jenny?” I think I need to freshen up a little myself,” I said, while she pulled the sheet off the other two corners.

“Well, can you wait?” she asked.

I looked down at my reddish dick, asking myself what would be next. Jenny let the bedsheet drop on the floor and said:

“Look! What do you think of that?”

She reached for one of the questionnaires, which was filled in in purple, and turned bahis şirketleri it over. On the back, there were about 15 lines of small hand-writing, which I couldn’t read, as it was all in Vietnamese. I saw the words for ‘peeing’ and ‘couch’, however. Had one of her fellow students micturated upon the family furniture? Did that turn her on?

“You gotta translate that, though,” I told Jenny and slowly sat down at the table.

Jenny reached for her shirt but didn’t put it on. She sat down on my leg and drank half a glass of cold tea before she passed it on to me.

„Well,” she hesitated, “this girl’s boyfriend lies down on the sofa, and she sits on the armrest facing away with her naked butt over his face.”

Jenny got up and demonstrated it briefly, without a sofa.

“And then she pisses in his mouth, doesn’t she?” I surmised.

“Yes, but only a little bit. Then she stops, so that he can swallow.”

“Cool. Not bad,” I nodded. “And what else? I mean, she wrote almost 20 lines …”

“Well, she wrote that she’s got in trouble for that since the pee has damaged the vinyl,” Jenny laughed, “even though she cleans up meticulously afterwards. Her parents are puzzled as they don’t know what causes the damage,” Jenny was giggling mischievously now.

I caressed her thigh and asked myself if we would go over to the living room. But I didn’t recall seeing a sofa there. Jenny seemed to be hatching a plan.

„I think I know who wrote that, by the way,” Jenny giggled again, “Minh. She’s kinda crazy anyway. But maybe she made it all up,” she added slowly with pursed lips.

“it’s almost to realistic for that,” I interjected.

“Anyway, it turns me on, I have to admit,” she conceded quietly.

“So, you wanna pee in my mouth now?” I asked to move things along.

“Maybe not your mouth. Perhaps that would be too much. I can’t ask you to do that. But I want you … to … watch me … pee,” she said slowly while she took another gulp from the tea.

I was instantly reminded of Tina, you seemed to have an almost neurotic urge to have me watch her pee whenever we met. I blamed her mother for her kink, because she was overbearing regarding neatness and cleanliness, as Tina had told me. Perhaps I was oversimplifying things, but I was sure that Tina needed her little eccentric deviance to compensate for not being able to take it easy ever all during her youth.

Jenny, on the other hand, probably had different motives. She had grown up in the country, and—no offense—her house didn’t seem to be run by someone with a rage for cleaning. But it didn’t matter right now why she wanted to do it; I was as keen on doing it as she was. I couldn’t get enough of her glorious little pussy anyway.

My dick was already on the rise again, and so I nodded at Jenny to get up again and pulled her pants down. Her lotus bud was slightly open, still, and when I looked more closely, there was a faint trace of blood again. I caressed her labia tenderly after I had licked my fingers, and then took one of her nipples in my mouth.

When I looked up at her face, she had her eyes closed and was moaning quietly. I got up and asked her:

“So, don’t be afraid: just tell me what you want to do. Do you have a sofa?”

“No, we don’t, and I wouldn’t want that. We’ll just do it here.”

“On the bed? I lie down, with me head off the edge of the bed, so you don’t pee on your mattress?”

“Or you just sit down on the floor and stand in front of you?” she suggested.

“Sure, that’ll work. So, you start?” Somehow, I assumed that we both would pee here, but we hadn’t clarified who would begin.

Anyway, as I now got down on the floor, the order was decided. I leaned against the table leg and Jenny was standing outside my legs. Her pussy was maybe six inches from my face. A trace of her succulent pussy odor already wafted my way. Her little snatch was absolutely mesmerizing, the way Jenny had positioned herself. Everything was heavenly: the view, the fragrant smell, and the anticipation. I looked up at her face and pushed my tongue between her reddish labia one more time.

Now, I used two thumbs and gently pulled her pussy open. I saw the little orifice of her urethra, but just as I wanted to lick it, her warm nectar began to splash on me: first around and in my mouth, before it ran down my chin and chest. Eventually, of course, it hit my belly and then left groin, which boosted my erection and pushed my dick upwards again.

Jenny had probably peed half-an-hour ago when she was in the bathroom, so there wasn’t much in the end. When she was done, she straightened herself, but I didn’t like seeing her pussy go away. I grabbed her little ass and pulled her pussy back down onto my lips to indulge once more in the delicious mix of body fluids available today.

When I let her go, I admired the few drops of pee that had gathered around her lips and asked myself if she wanted me to pee on her. She would tell me, I was sure. I didn’t want to insist but leave it up to her, so I got up and sat down on the chair. I watched her little belly heave and stroked her hipbones, which protruded quite a bit the way she was standing, with my thumbs. As she was moving to Vinh in two weeks, I pulled her down onto my lap so we could be near each other for a little longer.

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