Surprise in the Library

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I wake up to the alarm going off, 6 a.m. already. I roll myself out of my bed using the step stool to get down and walk from my room to the shower, naked as usual. Realizing how horny I am, stay in the shower long enough to have an orgasm. My bedroom still smells of his cologne, it’s been three days since he spent the night. Somehow he always leaves me satisfied, but I am never satisfied for long. I dry off and start picking out what I will wear today, something comfortable.

My favorite color is red; I wear it as much as possible and today is no exception. I reach into the drawer and grab my set of red lace thongs and bra; I almost forget the garter until I remember which nylons I am wearing. Opening the closet I almost can’t choose. I end up deciding on my grey pencil skirt and a blue blouse-one of my fun ones with a tie collar. Feeling flirty, I grab my current novel, slip into my black high heels and head out the door by seven thirty.

As usual, I arrive at the library at seven forty-five. I turn on the lights and get the book stands where they are supposed to be for the day and then unlock the doors. Just another day, even if it is longer than usual. I sit at my desk and wait for people to begin arriving. My job may not be the most exciting but I all I have to do is point people in the right direction or help them find books, order books, open and close the library, and I get paid to sit there and read.

I sit behind my desk and begin reading kartal escort my book. At eight fifteen Charles walks through the door, he is always fifteen minutes late. I look up from my book as he walks past. He gives a hurried “Hi” as he makes his way to his post. I always check out his ass as he does this. If only I didn’t know his faults I might be more tempted today. I sigh as I return to my book, what a shame.

As the regulars begin to arrive they all walk past and mumble a “hello,” then spread out to their usual destinations, usually the computers and the references. Around noon the children’s corner woman shows up, I think her name is Carrie or Cheryl or something. I actually find her annoying but her ability to keep children quiet and from terrorizing around the library is amazing.

I finish my book around one thirty, grab a stack of returned books and head out to put them away. Mrs. Cleary has been reading the romance novels again. I never could get into them. As I head for the row of war novels, I notice someone I have never seen in the library before. He seems to be about six feet tall, dark brown hair, well dressed. He looks at me as I come closer, I notice he’s also wearing glasses and has dark blue eyes.

To my luck he happens to be exactly where I need to put this novel.

“I’m sorry; I just need to slip in here for a sec.”

He steps back enough for me to bend at the waist, giving a nice view of my rear. I wickedly maltepe escort bayan smile as I do this.

As I stand up we both say “Thank you” at the same time. I turn and leave to the next isle over.

Being short really sucks sometimes, especially when there are no step stools around. I stretch to my limit just barely putting the last book away. Suddenly, I am being pushed against the book case from behind, hands pinning my hands. I begin to breathe harder as I get noticeably wet. A man is breathing on the back of my neck. He whispers in my ear, “don’t move.” Slowly, he slides his hands from mine, down my arms to my breasts. He squeezes me firmly, pinching my nipples through my bra. I bite my lip to keep from making any sounds. One hand goes down to cup my sopping cunt to press me to him and I can feel his length against my ass. As he reaches up my skirt he bites the back of my neck, hard, and I gasp. He chuckles as he removes my panties and runs a finger along my slit.

“Someone wants to be fucked pretty badly,” he says in a low voice, a hint of amusement in his voice.

He removes the pins holding my hair in place, letting it fall to my shoulders. With one hand he grabs my hair, using the other he yanks my blouse open. As he pulls back on my hair I arch my back and moan lightly. He rips my bra off and plays with my tits some more. I rub my ass against his cock. He slips three fingers into my soaked pussy making sure to rub escort pendik my clit with his thumb. I bite my lip as my thighs quake at his touch. More of this and I will be begging him to fuck me.

I sigh in disappointment as he removes his fingers only to bring them to my mouth. I suck my juices off them greedily. Just as I am thinking I can’t take anymore he spins me around, unzips his pants and picks me up by the backs of my legs, pinning me against the bookshelf. Slowly he rubs his hard throbbing cock against my pussy and my pulsating clit. I can’t take this teasing any longer! I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him towards me. He resists with an evil grin on his face and spanks me, “ah ah ah, not so fast.” I moan loudly as his continues to tease me, not caring if anyone might hear.

He kisses my neck, and then bites my collar bone as he slowly slips just the head of his cock in me. He pulls out, and then enters a little further. Finally, he rams his length into me, pulls mostly out then does it again, gaining speed. Every thrust is ecstasy, my breasts bouncing and books falling from the shelf. I lean my head back as I feel my orgasm building. I cup his face in my hands and bring it to mine. We kiss passionately and just as I cum I bite his lip. He finishes and gently sets me on the floor. I smooth out my skirt and begin to button his shirt. Still smiling, we kiss again. I button my own shirt and pin up my hair again. I search for a few seconds and find my panties on the floor and slip them in his pocket.

I grin as I lean up and whisper in his ear, “Thanks, somehow you always know what I need. It’s your house tonight.”

I squeeze his lovely ass and walk back to my desk. I can’t wait for tonight!

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