Surprise Honey The Sequel Ch. 08

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When I awoke a bit later, it was to a soft wet something wrapped around my cock. Opening my eyes I saw my new bride of only hours, kissing and sucking my now hardening cock. Looking around I saw that we were alone in the great room of the yacht. Where everyone else was I didn’t know and I didn’t care either.

I reached down and began to lightly stroke May’s back and bottom. She moved towards me, and I maneuvered my body directly under hers. In the classic sixty-nine position, we began to make love to each other.

Her pussy was hot and wet. I reveled in the taste and touch of her most private parts. My tongue was darting here and there, my lips caressing her pussy lips. I slipped a finger into her ass, and gently moved it in and out. My other hand was on her hanging breasts, playing with her nipples.

May was by now, worked up and taking my whole cock into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel the head of my hard shaft slipping in and out of her tight throat and her lips crushing against the base of my cock.

I doubled my efforts on her pussy, and soon she was moaning around my shaft. I was about to cum myself, and I didn’t want to be the only one to do that. I looked up from between her legs, admiring May’s pussy lips, and how they opened in such complete acceptance of me.

As I gazed on her, a shadow fell across us. I saw a naked Julie kneel down behind May, right above my head. Soon her tongue was playing with May’s asshole as I kept mine where it was in her pussy. I moved my other hand from May’s bottom to play with Julie.

Just as my fingers found Julie’s warm and juicy pussy, I felt yet another tongue on me. Someone was licking my balls as May sucked on my shaft. Then a finger moved against my asshole and pressed in. Julie leaned back far enough for me to see her smile as she saw who was licking me.

I had three fingers in Julie’s pussy, and she was humping her hips towards them as I pushed them in and out in long deep strokes. I felt her shudder and then heard her moan loudly. She bent back down and began to really lick and suck on May’s asshole, dipping down to shove my face out of her pussy time to time and licking her there as well.

I was on sensory overload and suddenly I felt my hot cum boiling up from my balls. I began to shoot off and May swallowed as much of it as she could. Her lips never left my shaft, but she did pull back when she realized that I was cumming hard.

I felt other lips on my exposed shaft, yet the one’s on my balls remained too. I came for what seemed like an hour, but knew that it was really only a couple of seconds. May had begun to cum too now, since Julie had taken over eating her juicy pussy.

May moaned and then froze hard. Her body shook as her orgasm rolled over her. At one point I saw Julie slip four fingers into May’s pussy, then using her other hand, she pressed two into May’s ass too. I think May’s orgasm lasted longer than mine did as she came and came and came.

May rolled canlı bahis off of me, and as she did I was able to finally see who had been helping her out down there. Sandra and Anne were both there, still sucking and licking my cock. I smiled and put my hands on their heads. I had died and gone to heaven. Having four women licking and sucking you, letting you play with their naked bodies, and just in general, being naked with them like this… was truly heaven for me.

May had taken one of my hands in hers and was just holding it firmly. I looked into her eyes and saw all the love and affection in them and felt a warm feeling deep inside. I had found someone to share my life with. Someone who was pretty unconventional in the sex department

I held her hand and squeezed it as I moved a bit to get just a little closer to her. The others saw we were having a ‘tender moment’ and pulled back. I rolled over and got my head next to May’s, and then we kissed. Hugging each other and kissing, naked on the floor…with an audience…and I or rather, we didn’t care at all.

Julie came over to us and slipped up behind me. As she began to caress both me and May, Sandra and Anne lay down near us and began to lick each other. I felt my cock stir to life again as the sounds and touches got to me.

“Bill…I think Julie needs some time with you. I’m going to go take a shower…I’ll be right back though.”

“Oh. Well, hurry back May. I really want to spend some quality time with you too you know. After all, you are my wife…now.”

“You know I will dear. I’ll expect you to be able to do me some good too. Buster.”

“Yes dear.”

Julie rolled up on top of me and with her hot naked body touching mine, I felt my cock surge to hardness. May gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then she also gave Julie one too. I noticed that Julie got some tongue action with hers. I was going to protest, but May just put a finger on my lips and whispered…

“Later. You’ll get yours later sweetie.”

“Dad…I want you to make love to me.”

“I’m dad now?”

“Yes. You always have been. I just want you, as my dad, to make love to me.”

I felt a sharp pain course through my body hearing her say that. What we were about to do, and had done over the last weeks…well, I knew that conventional wisdom would frown on a father-daughter relationship like we had.

I also knew that Julie, daughter or not, was one of the most intriguing and sexy women I had ever been with. My little head won out over my big head, and I just hugged her in tight to me and began to kiss her, with tongue. Lots of tongue.

Her hard little nipples ground into my chest, her smooth pussy slipping along my shaft as she dry humped me. Dry humped being just the expression since her juices had made that ‘dry’ part quite…wet. I slipped my hands down to her ass cheeks and with a good grip on each one; I began to hump right back at her.

Julie slid down my chest, kissing and licking me as she went. bahis siteleri Soon her hot wet lips were around my shaft as she sucked me so perfectly. It was as if she actually had a cock of her own and knew exactly what would make a man feel the best. I soon forgot all about the ‘father-daughter’ thing and just went with the sexual nirvana that was ‘us’.

As Julie sucked me, Anne and Sandra came up along side of us and began to tongue not only my body, but Julie’s as well. I pulled Sandra up over my head and started to lick her very wet pussy. She humped against my face, rubbing her pussy lips up and over my nose as well.

I suddenly realized that Julie had moved away from my cock, and as she repositioned herself, Anne licked and sucked on my cock. I next had that intense feeling of complete touch as I felt Julie’s hot and tight pussy slipping down around my shaft. Anne moved down to lick my balls as Julie rode me.

I had both of Sandra’s breasts in my hands, playing with her nipples as she almost smothered me. I had discovered, without realizing it, that each of these women had a distinct flavor and taste. I couldn’t tell them apart quite yet, but I could tell subtle differences between them, and I loved those differences too.

I noticed that Sandra’s movements had changed quite a bit suddenly. At one point I was able to look up and see her sucking on a long hard cock. I soon realized that Jake had put in an appearance. Our little group had just become an orgy of the day.

Jake had Sandra’s head in his hands and he was literally fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. His hands controlled the movement, and he was not sparing her any of his length either. Sandra was obviously enjoying the somewhat rougher treatment he was giving her.

As Jake began to fuck Sandra harder and harder, she slowed down her movements on my face. I had a hand free and pressed two fingers into her asshole as Jake began to pound his cock in and out of her mouth. Her pussy lips grasped at my face, sucking my tongue into her. I could feel her muscles working around it wanting more and more.

Her belly began to roll with the little wave-like motion of a woman in orgasm. I tasted her juices as they flooded my mouth. She came and came and Jake never let up on her. His cock was driving in and out of her mouth, full long strokes. Her hands were on his ass helping to pull him into her too.

Julie meanwhile, was riding me like fire. Her movements were causing me to drive into Sandra from time to time and each time I did, she would moan around Jake’s cock. Jake began to shoot off and Sandra had her time occupied swallowing his copious load.

Julie was approaching her orgasm now, as was I. Anne’s tongue on my balls, her soft lips sucking from time to time combined with Julie’s hot and tight pussy wrapped around my shaft was all I could take. Adding into that mix Sandra’s pussy juicing up my face…I just lost it.

As I came I heard Julie moan loudly, and increase her pace even bahis şirketleri faster. Sandra was cumming hard on my tongue and almost smothering me as she bore down. Anne’s tactics changed just a bit and I felt her tongue on my asshole. That was it for me and I began to shoot off deep inside Julie.

Julie cried out as her orgasm hit her hard. I could feel her muscles working my shaft and her body shaking as she straddled me. Sandra fell off to one side, freeing my head. I was licking up her juices that had gotten all over my chin and upper lip as Julie fell on top of me and began licking my face as well.

Kissing her, I realized that she was one of the hottest women I had ever known. My daughter…one of the hottest women I had ever fucked. I had a moment of regret…mostly of lost time spent with her as she grew up. Would things have been different had I been there for her all those years? What would have been different? Would we have…had sex together, and liked it like this?

Twisting emotionally, I laid back and fell asleep. Julie lying on top of me, still caressing my face and body as I drifted off. Dreaming of guilt, pleasure and the ocean…I got little rest. Waking I found two young women licking and sucking my cock trying to bring me to a state where I could be of use to them. Anne and Sandra were working very hard at getting me hard.

For an instant I wanted to stop them. Then the work they had been putting in got to me. With one mouth over your shaft and one set of lips sucking gently on your balls it is very hard to not get into the mood. I hardened up and soon Anne was straddled my body and plunging up and down on my now hard shaft. Sandra moved up and kissed me on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth.

I pressed a finger into her pussy, and found it wet as it had been just a while ago. Her moan told me that she was hot again too. I worked in four fingers, and worked them around, using them like a cock. My thumb was rubbing across her clit, and with each stroke my fingers made into her, her moans slowly became cries of need.

Anne was grinding down on my cock, rolling her hips back and forth as she clutched my chest. With both of my hands busy with Sandra, I couldn’t touch her at all. She didn’t seem to mind though. I could feel her approaching orgasm as her pussy tightened up more and more. Sandra started to cum and as she did she pulled back from me just enough so I could free up one hand and use it to caress Anne.

I touched Anne’s hip with my hand and then slipped my fingers down to rub her clit. She went off at my touch. Her scream was one of deep passion and a woman released. That scream also set off a cry from Sandra and together they came hard.

I was drained. I wondered where May was having not seen her for a bit now. When the young ladies had gotten over their orgasms and were beginning to come around, I got out from under Anne and then went in search of May.

In our bedroom I found her, alone, naked and sleeping. I took a short shower and as I dried off I decided to stay naked and crawl into bed with my new wife. As I did she woke a little and snuggled in close to me. Together we drifted off into sleep, satisfied and happy.

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