Supply Closet Sex at Work

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If you have read any of my stories before you know I work with a hot little Asian girl named M. She is in her 30’s and is 5’4 and 105lbs with such an amazing body. She has nice firm body because she works out everyday. Her tits are the perfect size and so nice and firm. She actually showed me a picture of them a month back and I immediately went to the bathroom to jackoff. Her and I have always had sexual tension and joke about it non stop. Always talking about how we want to fuck each other or have a threesome with her and my girlfriend. A few months back we did end up having a threesome with her and my girlfriend and it was the greatest night of my life. If you missed that story I would be more than happy to send it out. Ever since then I could not stop thinking about fucking M again..

It was two weeks ago to this day and her and I were both working late. Normally she is out off the office by 5:30 but for some reason she was still there a little after 6:00. Her desk is way in the back so I sent her a message asking her what she was still doing here. She told me that she was finishing up a project and that I should come back and keep her company since no one was back there. I was finishing up anyways so I told her I would be back. After I finished things up I headed back to her desk but could not find her. So I started looking around the office and saw a few people still working but not many people were left. I walked towards the front and heard someone in the supply closet which is no more than 10ft x 10ft. I walk in and see M standing on a little ladder in her tiny little black skirt. I walked in and could almost see up that little skirt of hers. Her legs were amazing and I just followed them up to see if I could get a glimpse. She told me to come on in and help her with something. So I came in and helped grab a box down from the shelf that she was trying to get. After we both got down from the ladder she laughed and asked if I saw up her skirt. I told her no I didn’t have a good enough angle and we both laughed. Then she looked deep in my eyes and asked if I wanted to get a closer look. To my surprise she was serious. M went over the door and closed and locked it. Then she walked closer to me and whispered kartal escort in my ear, “No one has to know”.

At that same time she reached down and started rubbing the outside of my pants right on my dick. It was rock hard because I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She then started to unbutton her shirt exposing her amazing tits. Then she undid her bra and let her firm breasts hang out for me to see. Her tiny nipples were rock hard. She then slowly undid my zipper and reached inside. She pulled out my rock hard thick 9in dick that was throbbing. She started rubbing it harder and harder and I thought I was going to cum right there in her hand. As she was about to get on her knees I bent over to suck on her hard nipples. I started sucking on her right breast and put my other hand under her skirt and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy through her panties. She started to moan harder and harder but not too loud so no one would hear us. She moved my hand and got to her knees.

She knelt right in front of me and pulled down the rest of my pants and boxers. M started licking the shaft of my cock. Up and down up and down before she got to the tip. With one quick motion she took my whole cock in her mouth. Slowly in and then slowly back out. She took her time with it. Then started rubbing my cock harder while she was sucking. She took her other hand and started playing with my balls. I was so horny I thought I was going to cum in her mouth right there. I leaned back to enjoy the view some more then heard someone talking outside the room. I got so nervous because I was sure someone would try and come in and see what we were doing. Then we heard the voices grow silent as they walked away. This did not stop M at all. She kept sucking and sucking. Then she took her hand off of my balls and started rubbing her middle finger around my asshole. I have never had that before and it felt amazing. Then with one push she put her finger in my ass and started to finger and suck faster and harder. She could taste the pre cum dripping out of my dick. I knew I didn’t want to end hear so I pulled out of her mouth and told her it was her turn.

She stood up and I leaned her back up against the wall. maltepe escort bayan I started by kissing her neck then her cheek then her lips. Then stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her deeply as my right hand was pinching and rubbing her nipples. After kissing her soft lips I went lower to her tits. I started to suck the left and rub the right. I would suck on those little nipples and even bite on them a bit which drove her crazy. Then I got down to my knees and slowly unzipped her skirt. As I pulled it down she was wearing this tiny black see through thong. I started to kiss the outside of her panties on her pussy while grabbing that tight ass of hers. Then I slowly pulled down her thong to expose her fully shaven pussy that was dripping wet. I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked up her whole pussy. She let out a huge moan like she was ready to cum right there. So I started to lick harder and harder making her legs tremble. I was licking her clit so hard and even nibbling on it at times. Then I took her pussy lips in my mouth and started to suck on them nice and soft which brought more moans on. At this point I didn’t even care if someone walked in, this was the best experience of my life. I then stuck my tongue deep in her pussy and starred to move it around and around deep in her pussy then pulled out and started licking more. I thought at this point I should return the favor and while I was licking her pussy I took my finger and rubbed in around her tight little asshole. Then I plunged my finger deep in her ass. She was panting so hard and kept saying, “I think I might cum I think I might cum”. I just kept fingering her ass and licking that pussy of hers. Finally she yelled out “Fuck me, fuck me!”

So I immediately laid her on the ground and got on top of her. I wanted to fuck her nice and slow so I started to rub the tip of my cock on the outside of her pussy until she told me to stick it in. I slowly started to push my dick inside her. It was so nice and tight. After putting it in a little I pulled out and brought my dick up to her face so she can taste her own wet pussy. This drove her crazy and took my whole dick in her mouth and licked all of her wetness off of my dick. escort pendik Then I went down and stuck it back in her tight pussy. After a couple thrusts I was completely in and she was moaning uncontrollably. I started to thrust harder and harder. I started to kiss her deeply then moved down to her hard nipples. Every second I thought I was going to cum. She whispered in my ear, “Bend me over and fuck me”. So I pulled out and bent her over the ladder she was using earlier. I hurried up and put my dick back in her because I missed how great it felt. I started fucking her harder and harder from behind. I could see that her asshole was nice and exposed so I stuck my finger in her ass again. I was fucking her so hard in her pussy and her ass that she said she wanted to cum. I told her to cum when she was ready. So after a few more pumps I felt her pussy tighten and I felt this explosion of cum on my hard dick. I kept fucking her harder and harder through her whole orgasm.

She knew I wanted to cum and asked if I would like to cum in her ass. That has always been my greatest fantasy. So she kept her legs nice and spread and I spread her ass cheeks and started to lick her tight asshole and lube it up. She was still so horny and loved every minute of it. I spread her cheeks even wider and buried my tongue in her ass. All the while I was still rubbing on her dripping throbbing pussy. Finally I knew it was ready. She sucked my dick one last time to get it ready and also to taste her own cum in her mouth. She licked my dick clean then bent over. I slowly put the head of my dick on her asshole. Then with a push I entered the head of my dick in her ass. She screamed but said to keep going. With every push it went deeper and deeper. I reached around and grabbed her tits and fucked harder and harder. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. So after a few more thrusts I shot my first load of hot cum in her ass. Then fucked harder and kept shooting more and more cum in her tight ass. There was so much it was starting to come out and drip down her leg. It was the greatest feeling of my life. After I was done cumming I pulled out of that tight ass.

We sat there for a few minutes laughing at how random that was but also how damn hot it was. She looked so good just sitting there naked with her pussy lips hanging out that I wanted to fuck her so bad again. I knew there would be another time to fuck her so I figured I would wait, plus I want to have my girlfriend there again with us.

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