Sunday Football

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Aidra Fox

The age old tradition of watching football on Sundays has been a tradition for me since I was a Kid. Sitting in the living room or at my friends house, we would always watch the games. As I got older watching the game with friends or going to a bar was always a great end to a long week. I recently meet Donna, A very attractive Blond with green eyes, about 5’10” with a gorgeous body. Donna and I wanted to set up a date but our busy schedules had kept any plans from working out until she told me she loves to watch football. Now I have never watched football with anyone else besides my friends, ever. So this was a tough decision to make. So I decided to watch football at her house. My friends were out raged. “How are you going to just bail on us, ass?” “Yeah what does she know about football?” they would say. But I didn’t care. She was worth going over to see the game with, my friends will come pick my ass up for Monday night anyway.

So Sunday Rolls around and I pick her up to get some breakfast before the games start. I came early because I escort bostancı want to get back and watch all the pregame analysis. So while at breakfast she tells me about the football pool she is in, her favorite teams and stuff about football that I have never heard a girl talk about before. I was amazed. I was really impressed by it. So we get back to her house and we start to watch the 1st game. Giants and Eagles. Me being a huge Giants Fan I was all fired up for this game. She thought it was funny how I would trash talk the Eagles and criticize the play calls. Half time ended with the Giants up 10-7 on an interception ran back for a touch down by Jason Seahorn.

We started talking about the game and I gave my special John Madden impersonation while commentating. We started laughing and then She slides on top of me and we begin to kiss. This was our 1st kiss so it came to me as a surprise. She slid her tongue in my mouth and it was so seductive that just our kissing turned me on. I now start to run my hands up and down her ümraniye escort body. Tracing my fingers over the curve of her ass out side her jeans. She moaned softly into my mouth as my hands stroked and squeezed her ass cheeks forcing her body even closer to mine. She sits up and strips off her sweater and then her bra. Her voluptuous breast hang down in front of me and I think they are the biggest I’ve had before. (I was in Heaven) I remove my shirt and she leans down to suck on my nipples before moving down towards my jeans. She then removes her jeans and then mine. She was wearing a cherry colored thong that covered her pussy perfectly. She starts removing my boxers and in the same motion catches my cock in her mouth while continuing to remove my underwear. I am at awe at this moment. She is very good and knew just how to please me. I swing her hips towards my upper body and slide her thong to one side while I proceed to slide my finger inside her. She was very wet and warm. Having my finders inside her made her attack my cock with kartal escort bayan more passion. I’m almost ready to explode at this point when I make her slow down and then lay on her back. I remove her thong and then slide my tongue on her clit. With my right hand I slide to fingers inside her tight pussy and begin to work in rhythm with my licking. She was moaning and buckling from what I was doing and the more it turned her on the more I wanted to eat her.

At the point when I felt she has orgasmed from my tongue. I slip on my condom and slide myself in her. WOW it felt soooooo good. I could fuck her for days if it were possible. I stroked deep inside her and she began to move in rhythm with my hips. I was hitting all the right spots because she was moaning and scratching my back. She then flips my over and begins to ride me. Her large tits hang in my face and I cup and suck them to the best of my ability. They were incredible. Filling my whole mouth while she slid up and down on top of me. The more she moved her ass, the more I was going to cum. At the point where she was moving her hips faster and faster I pulled out and BOOM, let the fire works begin. The most intense orgasm I have had in a very long. We both lay there on the floor exhausted and delighted. I didn’t see who won the giants game.

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