Summer Time

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It was the first day of the Saunderson sister’s summer vacation. Juliette and Loranna were twins and both very popular, both with the girls and boys of their school and with their instructors. They loved to wear frilly almost see through dresses and either thong or g-string panties. Over the past 3 years of high school the girls have rapidly developed into sexy young women.

“Loranna! Juliette! It’s almost noon, don’t you think you should be getting up to start your day?” Their mother yelled to their closed bedroom doors. Cynthia Saunderson was a beautiful woman in her late 30s and still looked like she just graduated high school a year ago. She stood about 5’6″ tall and had a long slender, but toned and tanned body. Her breasts were perky and though were a 38B, were plump and perfect. Like her daughters, Cynthia would always wear short almost see through dresses. It was hard to keep your attention, when the three of them would go out shopping together.

Loranna, was the first one to come downstairs to start her day. “Good morning mom!” Loranna mumbled in that I just got up tone of voice. She gave her mother a hug and a quick peck on her cheek, before grabbing a bowl and sitting down at the table to begin cutting up fruit. Loranna was a tall girl. She stood at 5’8″ tall and had long sleek tanned legs, and a 38C rack. For her 17th birthday she got her eyebrow, tongue, and belly button pierced, a gift from her father. Lorrana like her Father had blond hair and emerald green eyes. Today was the girls 18th birthday and their parents had promised them a trip to Europe. They were going to be leaving the next day to embark on their tour that would start them in London England.

“Are you girls ready for your trip tomorrow?” Cynthia asked her. “Almost mom. We have to go to the mall to get a few more necessities though.” Loranna answered her. Cynthia loved to go shopping with the girls. They would go to canlı bahis the Coffee house first, to sit and have a couple of Mocha Soy Lattes, then they would start their shopping adventure.

There came a thumping sound then some incoherent swearing. Which could only signal that Juliette had finally got out of bed. She was a true night person. She never could go to bed before 1 in the morning. She came stumbling into the kitchen and half heartedly greeted her mother before grabbing a granola bar and plopping into a chair opposite to her sister. Both girls were wearing baby doll nighties and tap pants. Their hard perky nipples straining against the satiny fabric of their nighties.

“Good morning my 3 lovely women.” Greg, their father said as he came into the kitchen to join them. “Good morning Daddy.” The girls smiled and said in unison. “Good morning my love.” Cynthia greeted him with a quick nibble of his ear and let her hand slip to his ass for a quick grope.

“Ah! Well I never been made to feel so cheap.” Greg said jokingly. He quickly grabbed his lunch out of the refrigerator and then walked out the door to head to work.

“Loranna, tells me you girls need to go to the mall to do more shopping.” Their mother asked Juliette. “Yeah we saw some really cute outfits we have to buy, along with our necessity travel stuff.” Juliette answered her while stuffing her mouth with a piece of the granola bar.

The girls quickly finished eating their breakfast and went to head upstairs to start getting ready to go to the mall, when their mother walked over to them.

” You girls have become so sexy as of late. I mean your breasts are just so firm and perfect. Your bodies are so tight and sculpted that any man in their right mind would not want to drop you to the floor and have sex with you where ever you were at.” Their mother said. This made the girls a little uneasy, and what their mother did next bahis siteleri made them feel really confused.

She reached out and began messaging their tits through the flimsy fabric, and watched as their nipples grew harder than little pebbles. This made the girl’s eyes close and little moans escaped their lips. “Mmmm you like this don’t you girls. You love having your cute perky breasts played with. I bet all the boys have wanted to touch them.” “Some already have. A few girls too Mom” Loranna confessed. ” Oh really! Is this true Juliette you have let some of the boys in school touch these lovely titties?” Cynthia cooed in her daughter’s ear making her lick her lips with excitement.

“Yes momma. They have. And we loved it. We really loved having the girls touch them.” Juliette answered her mother. ” Show me girls what you let the other girls in school do to your lovely bodies.” Their mother asked of them. She ushered them into the den and had them sit on the couch, whilst she sat in one of the cushy arm chairs. She was not wearing any underwear, as the girls soon found out. As their mother raised her right leg over the arm of the chair and began to slowly message and finger her pussy. The girls turned to one another, and feeling really horny and turned on by the fact their mother was watching them, began to kiss each other deeply. Their hands were all over each others bodies. Loranna laid back against the softness of the throw pillows, while Juliette began to kiss down her body. She took each nipple into her mouth and sucked and nibbled on it. While she was licking and playing with her sister’s sensitive nipples, she let her one hand trail the rest of the way down her sister’s body, till it reached her aching pussy. She teased Loranna at first. She rubbed the lips, and the outer part of her now fully arroused slit. She dipped her fingertip into her sister’s hot pussy and played with her engorged clit.

This bahis şirketleri made Loranna begin to moan with pleasure. They started hearing moaning from across the room, and forgot that their mother was still in the room watching them. “Come on my sexy babies make each other cum hard.” Cynthia cried as her first orgasm took control of her body. She was pumping 3 fingers in and out of her pussy so fast and hard that her climax was so intense her body lifted off the chair so that only her head and feet remained where they were.

Seeing this caused Loranna to go over the edge as well. She began to cry out from the intense pleasure she was getting from her sister Juliette.

After the climatic waves subsided, she turned her sister onto her back and it was now Loranna’s turn to make Juliette cum as hard as she had just done.

Loranna reached under the couch and pulled out a shiny purple object, and twisted the base of it. it was a 10″ metalic purple vibrator. She bent down and licked her sister’s pussy, and feeling her squirm, knew she was ready. She inserted the vibrating rod deep into her very wet slit, and turned it up to the maximum speed. Then continued her assault on her sister’s sensitive clit. Juliette pinched and rubbed her nipples and was in heaven. Her climax hit her with such sudden intensity, She screamed and then began to go into convulsions. “That’s it Juliette ride that cum wave you little whore.” Growled her sister, who then bit down on her sister’s clit, just like she knew she liked it. She took her pointer finger of her right hand and slowly pushed it into her sister’s bum hole. She began to work it in and out slowly at first, but then increased in speed. This combined with the vibrator humming intensilly into her sisters sopping wet box, and her sucking and nibbling on her clit had her cumming again within mere seconds of her first one.

They heard climatic cries from their mother as well, and was happy that they were able to help her out.

Please let me know how you liked part one- Part 2 will be written soon, if this part was enjoyed.

Any and all comments are welcomed.

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