Summer of ’88: Pt. 03

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For the next few days grandma Rosie and I ended each day in her bed, masturbating each other, ending with both of us having bed shaking orgasms. If we went out during the day, we acted like a normal grandson/doting grandmother, but once back inside the confines of her house we were more like horny teenagers (technically I still was one, but that’s not the point), constantly groping or flashing each other before hopping into bed at night and having our nightly sessions. But I wanted more, and (as I found out later) so did she. I took the initiative.

About a week after our first time bringing each other off I decided to make my move. I heard grandma go into the bathroom to take her shower. I waited a couple of minutes before stripping off my shorts and heading to the bathroom. I peeked in the door like I had a couple weeks back, but instead of rubbing one out while peeking in on her, I pushed the door open, pulled the shower curtain back and stepped in behind her.

“Alex!” she exclaimed when I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her huge tits and pressed my hard cock into her back, just above her firm ass.

“What?” I asked innocently while nuzzling her neck.

“What are you… oh that feels good…”

I had taken the soap from her and started lathering up her tits. She pushed back into me, squeezing my hard dick between her back and my stomach.

“I’m going to have the cleanest tits in the world if you keep that up, young man.” she moaned, putting her hands over mine. I slowly moved my hands down, over her flat stomach, my hands being drawn like a magnet to her pussy. Like she had shown me, I gently parted her lips, found her clit and slowly massaged it. She moaned in pleasure and reached behind her to take my cock in hand, matching my slow pace as she stroked me. I slipped a finger inside her and she almost jumped.

Grandma’s head was tilted back, her eyes were half closed and she was moaning as the combination of the warm water on her body, my hands on her pussy, and my hard cock in her hand were all working together to get her more and more worked up. Within just a couple of minutes, she was whipping her head back and forth as she came all over my hand.

“Couldn’t wait could you?” she asked as she leaned back into me trying to catch her breath. “Not tonight.” I said wrapping my arms around her.

She turned around in my arms and smiled up at me. “Then let’s not waste anymore time. After all, you haven’t cum yet.”

We quickly got out of the shower and dried each other off before practically running to the bedroom. We hopped into bed and grandma lay down while I knelt next to her, slipping my fingers inside her while she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. We looked into each others eyes as we masturbated each other, smiling at our new bond.

“This is wonderful, but I need more.” she moaned as I started rubbing my thumb over her clit in time with the fingers I was sliding in and out of her.

“What do you mean, grandma?” knowing full well what she meant, but wanting to hear her say it.

“Well… like I told you before, it’s been a while since I’ve been with a man… not since your grandfather…” she trailed off and stopped stroking me, although she didn’t let go of my cock. “Alex…?”

“What is it grandma?”

“Do you want to fuck me?”

Those were canlı bahis the words I had been waiting to hear. “More than anything else in the world right now.”

She looked me in the eyes and smiled, “Then fuck me, sweetie. Fuck your grandmother.”

I didn’t need any further urging. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy, moved in between her legs and guided my cock in.

“I love you sweetie.” Grandma said as the head of my cock penetrated her pussy.

“I love you too, grandma.” I said as I slid the rest of my cock into her.

Once I was all the way in I didn’t move. I just wanted to feel the warmth of her pussy wrapped around my cock. Not even my first time with Susan felt this good. Grandma looked at me. “Is everything okay, sweetie?”

“It’s perfect.” I said, “It just feels so good.”

“It does feel good.” she said, “Now, fuck me.”

I obliged and started slowly pumping my cock in and out of my grandmother’s soaking wet pussy. She threw her head back and groaned in pleasure as she got fucked for the first time in over a decade. I picked up the pace as we worked up a rhythm, and grandma wrapped her legs around my hips. “That’s it,” she moaned “Fuck me, Alex. Just like that.”

The few times I had fucked my girlfriend hadn’t been anything like this. It was quick, and kind of sloppy, but with grandma it was different. She was calling the shots and was squeezing my cock with her pussy, telling me when to slow it down and when to speed it up. She was keeping me on the edge, and making it last just as long as she could. Every time I felt like I was going to explode inside her she slowed me down, and I was just enjoying the feeling of being inside her. I was pretty sure I had already lasted longer than all the times I’d fucked my girlfriend.

Grandma and I were covered in a thin sheen of sweat as we locked eyes again. She grabbed my head and pulled me into a very un-grandmotherly kiss. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. When we broke the kiss grandma whispered “On your back, young man.”

We disengaged long enough for me to flip over onto my back, and grandma mounted me and impaled herself on my cock, sliding down until every inch of me was inside her. She started bouncing up and down, her huge tits inches away from my face. I reached up and grabbed her tits as she continued to ride me. She looked down at me, a wild untamed look in her eyes. “You wanna suck on grandma’s titites baby?” She leaned down, still bouncing up and down on my stiff pole, so her tits were in reach of my mouth.

I sucked one hard nipple into my mouth, running my tongue over it, gently taking the nub between my teeth and flicking my tongue back and forth over it before sucking as much as her tit into my mouth as I could before moving over to her other tit and repeating the process.

Grandma Rosie leaned down and kissed me again, not once letting up on the pace she was fucking me with. “What a wonderful grandson I have.” she moaned as she sat up again and I looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her as she bounced up and down on me.

I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. As long as grandma had kept me on the edge there was no more holding back. “Grandma… oh fuck… I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum inside me sweetie.” she moaned, “I want to feel that hot cum of yours bahis siteleri inside me. Don’t hold back, Alex. Cum inside grandma.”

I threw back my head and groaned as I exploded inside her. Jet after jet of cum shot from my balls deep inside her as she ground down on me. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” she moaned. All I could muster was a wordless groan of pleasure as I grabbed her hips, and held her in place as I emptied my balls into her. She collapsed against me, her huge tits crushed against my chest as the both of us tried to catch our breath. My cock slowly went limp and slipped out of her, and she slowly rolled off of me. We both lay there for a long moment staring at the ceiling.

“I haven’t been fucked like that since my honeymoon.” she said.

“I haven’t been fucked like that, well… ever.” I said, looking over at her.

“Well, now you know what to do.” she said, smiling and trying in vain to brush her hair off her sweat soaked face. “God, I’ve wanted to do that ever since I caught you masturbating.”

“I have a confession to make.” I said, and told her about my spying on her in the shower a couple weeks back.

“You little pervert.” she said smiling and jokingly slapping me on my arm.

“I even started jerking off right there in the hallway.” I said.

“What made you stop?”

“You were about to get out of the shower, and since you had already caught me the night before, I didn’t want to get caught peeping at you. If I had known then what I know now…” I said.

“Hindsight being 20/20 and all that?” she asked reaching over to turn off the light.

“Something like that.” I mumbled as I snuggled up against her before falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and felt the warmth of grandma’s body next to me. I looked over to see she had turned on her side at some point during the night. I turned over to snuggle up behind her, and my cock jumped to life as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Mmmm….” she moaned as I pressed my dick against her ass crack. “Good morning, sweetie.” she said.

“Morning grandma.” I said taking a tit in my hand and gently pinching the nipple.

“Feels like you’re ready for more.” she said, pressing her ass into my cock.

“Are you?”

She answered by reaching behind her and grabbing my cock. “I’ll always be ready for more of this.”

I kept one hand on her tit while I slipped the other between her legs. She was already wet. “And I’ll always be ready for more of this.”

Grandma Rosie rolled over to face me, “Then fuck me again, Alex.”

I obliged grandma by rolling her onto her back and got between her legs, slid my cock inside her and started fucking her like I did the night before. For a long time the only sound was flesh on flesh as I slammed my cock into her. “Such a good boy.” she moaned. “Have you ever fucked a girl from behind?” she asked as I continued to drill my cock into her.

“No. I’ve always wanted to though.”

We stopped long enough for grandma to get on her hands and knees. I guided my cock into her from behind and within seconds I was pounding away at grandma from behind. My eyes glued to her firm ass, and my cock sliding in and out of her warm, juicy pussy. It wasn’t long until I felt the familiar sensation in my balls and exploded inside her with her encouragement. As we lay bahis şirketleri there in the afterglow I said “How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Alex Marshall”, holding up my hands as if I was reading from a paper. “I spent all summer fucking my fine ass grandmother.” Grandma could only laugh and added on “After I caught you playing with your dick.”

One night grandma asked me if I’d ever gone down on a woman or had one go down on me.

“Unfortunately not.” I said, “I don’t know if Susan is into that, and I never bothered to ask. I told you before most of our sex has been kind of quick and vanilla.”

“Well there’s no time like the present.” grandma said, “I’ve been dying to suck that dick of yours. So lay back and let grandma be your first.”

I did as she asked and as soon as her tongue touched my cock my eyes rolled back in my head. If I thought being in her pussy was heaven, her mouth was like heaven and then some. Much like when she fucked me, she kept bringing me to the edge and slowing down. Her tongue constantly teased the sensitive head of my cock, and her lips worked my shaft like they were made for it.

“Holy fuck, grandma. I’m gonna cum…oh fuck… ahhhh!” Instead of stopping grandma kept my dick in her mouth as I exploded. I looked down as she struggled to swallow as much as she could, but some leaked out of her mouth and dripped down my shaft. Finally she disengaged and swallowed what was in her mouth as I fired off one final jet of cum onto my stomach. She casually leaned down and licked it off, before cleaning off my cock with her tongue.

“Holy shit grandma. That was fucking amazing.” I gasped, trying in vain to make the room stop spinning.

“Good.” she smiled laying down next to me. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now let me teach you how to eat pussy.”

I got between her legs and following her instructions I used my tongue on her clit like I had my fingers, licked all along her inner and outer lips and even used my tongue to fuck her. It tasted even sweeter than when I had licked my fingers clean after masturbating her, because this time I was drinking directly from the source. Grandma screamed in pleasure and held my head in place as she came in my mouth (well mostly in my mouth).

And that was pretty much how the rest of the summer went. Like I said before, any time we went out, we acted like a typical grandmother and grandson, but behind closed doors we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Every night before we went to sleep my 66 year old grandmother and I fucked each other silly.

“It’s gonna be a shame when I go home in a couple of weeks.” I said one night. “I don’t want to stop this.”

“Well, who says you have to go?”

“I’m already registered for college.” I said, “It’s all paid for. Mom would kill me if I didn’t go.”

“You can always transfer.” she said, “Your grandfather made sure I would have plenty of money if he died before I did. Plus I have a couple of friends on the admissions board of the local college, which by the way is only 20 minutes away.”

“But what about mom? She’s going to wonder why I’m suddenly switching schools.”

Grandma sat up and leaned over me giving me a kiss. “Don’t you worry about your mother. I’ve been able to talk her into anything her whole life. If need be, I’ll guilt her into it, saying I need you around to help me out. After all, I’m not getting any younger. Now, you think you have one more in you tonight?”

I kissed grandma again and rolled her over onto her back and guided my cock into her. “For you grandma, always.”

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