Stroking With My Friend

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We were talking online and I was becoming aroused by the direction of our conversation. I told my friend that I needed to take a shower. Yes, that was true I needed to cool my aching pussy all right. My lover wasn’t here and I needed the tension release.

The conversation had begun with an interesting story, erotic of course, I read that we discussed. He and I talked about the content of the story which was two men getting together for some good stroking and oral satisfaction The image of two men stroking each other made me long to watch something I enjoy immensely. Yeah, I have a voyeuristic streak in me. Then the thought of those boys covering my body with all that cum got the better of me. Picturing my self-laying on the floor while they stood over me shooting all their hot jism on me. Yes, I was horny.

We talked about my experience with a woman. I had gone to a dungeon to submit to a woman in bdsm scenario. She stroked me while I was bound tight in rope and then tortured me with escort ataşehir a violet wand for getting wet. My breasts were swollen and red from the tightness of the rope and she started sucking on them and I came right then. I was so aroused that the mere touch of her mouth was all I needed to go over the edge. I want to go again and take the scene further indeed. I want my face buried in her pussy covered with her cum servicing my mistress. Who knows maybe she was thinking the same thing when we talked about doing it again.

Our conversation continued and he told me how he would lick my pussy and make me cum for him. He was very confident that he would have me begging for release. He was right I couldn’t stop fidgeting in my chair and my spouse was across the room watching me. I didn’t want him at me again for playing online so I excused myself and went to the shower. The things I am learning, my spouse has no idea of what my interests really are. I am very lucky to have found kadıköy escort bayan a lover who shares a mutual interest in bondage and creative sex play. Sigh, life is so damn complicated!

I took my purple jelly dildo from the freezer and grabbed a couple of large tie wraps from the drawer I have stashed in the back of. You would amaze at the places I stash toys for extra curricular play. I enjoy playing what can I say. Smiling, I undressed quickly, binding my breasts very tight; I rubbed my nipples till they were so hard and aching then I hopped in the shower drawing very hot water. I reached out and grabbed my frozen jelly and began pumping that cold dildo in to my hot pussy hard and furious as I relived the words between my friend and myself. The water hitting my aching tits and the hard pumping of my dildo I climaxed very quickly. I felt so weak from the orgasm I had to lean against the shower wall briefly to recover. I rubbed my tits for several minutes and then stroked escort bostancı my clit as I thought of the two men story once again. The thought of cocks pumping as I am bound on the floor works for me. Guess I am a cumslut at heart as well then my vivid mind thought of her face as she stroked my pussy I know she was enjoying the power of the situation. I am curious as to how far she will take the scene. I stroked my clit till I was quivering and aching for a good fuck then I inserted my jelly dildo one more time bringing myself to another orgasm. . Hmmm, I felt so much better. I undid my breasts and finished my shower singing to myself.

The next morning I arose feeling quite refreshed. I went to read my messages and the one from my friend was one that made me smile. Fuck you hard for me baby! Yeah baby, I did. I shared the details with him in my response. He enjoyed knowing every detail of me masturbating in the shower.

That’s the best part of online relationships whether they be just friends or strangers you can let yourself go and its safe sex. That’s how I got involved in the extra curricular things that amuse me. I read and sought information before I explored the different groups then I took the next step and entered a bdsm scene.

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