Stretched Panties

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I stood looking in the mirror admiring my almost naked body, examining it with my hands. As soon as I had walked through the door after work – everything came off – jewelry first, then my jacket, blouse, shoes, skirt and finally bra.

As was my custom, I left my panties on. They are simple white panties, similar to what a young schoolgirl might wear. Except my panties are soaking wet.

I love the way they cling to my sex – I can see the outline of my vaginal lips and the crevice between that leads up into my body. During my working day the silky material pushes ever so softly against my sleeping clitoris – occasionally an unexpected twist of fabric sending a small jolt through me and making my pussy suddenly leak with desire. My clitoris has felt a lot of activity today and my panties show the result.

God they are so wet – I can see a shadow on them where my cunt juice has soaked through – and a slightly darker tinge where my heavier female musk has gathered. If I could bottle that musk – that perfume – I could have any man, anytime. It is the smell of invitation – it is my body saying “Consume me – take me, use me – I am hot and I demand attention”. It is my vagina wanting to be filled, my clitoris waiting to be teased.

I slip my thumbs into the floral waistband of my underwear and drag them down so they are caught around my knees. They don’t slide willingly, as my leaking cunt has made them ataşehir escort bayan stick to my body with wetness. The feeling of them being peeled away increases my current arousal even more. The image of a 45-year-old woman, naked, white panties hanging caught around her legs stares back at me from the mirror. A small tattoo on my mid-rift shows the Chinese character for peace. My face is pretty but my eyes are definitely my best feature. They are expressive and can signal a man “come fuck me” in a flash. My breasts are not large – but they are firm. My nipples are tiny and pale, but SO sensitive.

I squash my breasts together and then quickly tweak each nipple and roll them between thumb and forefinger – the tiny sparks of pain run straight through my body and immediately connect with my clitoris. I moan and my head swims. My breathing is starting to speed up. I’m going to have to make myself come soon.

My pubes are shaved into a short narrow landing strip, trailing down and encapsulating my puffy red lips. My cunt is absolutely soaked. I guide my middle finger through my pussy, just slipping inside myself slightly and using the finger tip to stretch the entrance of my vagina – working my finger around the circumference of the opening. I can feel the short tight band of muscle embedded in the sheath that grips and milks any cock, any finger, any toy, any tongue that I care to allow access escort kadıköy here. It feels good. So good.

My thumb gently caresses my clitoris while I explore myself. It slides easily around my still buried clit as my sweet, sweet juice is running everywhere now.

I’m getting really turned on now. My middle finger is now buried deep inside my twat, pushing against my pubic bone – massaging that spot in my vagina that will make my oncoming orgasm feel even better – my girl friends call it the g-spot, but I just think of it like a second clitoris.

My cunt juice is prolific now. It is running down the inside of my legs – I can feel it. In my minds eye I can see a tongue working slowly up my inner thigh catching this delicate nectar – flicking slowly – just the tip making contact – slowly rising until my pussy is engulfed by my lovers mouth – teeth dragging over my clit and tongue plunging deep into my sex.

Everything is happening quickly now. I’m thinking about a cock fucking into me now. I’m still managing to stand but my legs are starting to shake and I’m starting to work my body up and down now – fucking my own fingers like I was straddling a lover. I imagine the head of my lovers cock slamming into my vagina, the slapping noise of his body repeatedly forcing its way into mine – knowing that he’ll come inside me like a flood.

The panties around my knees are stretching as I squat bostancı escort to the ground grinding my fingers inside of myself – faster now – faster still. My thumb is dancing over my erect clitoris now – it has popped out from its hood and I’m applying more pressure to it – rubbing hard now, the juice from inside me keeping my thumb gliding.

I can’t believe the sounds I’m making – the liquid squelching noises coming from my cunt, my ragged breathing is loud and erotic. My fingers dance faster and faster, my hips continue bucking up and down, up and down, up and down oh fuck, Oh FUCK – FUCK – FUUUCCK the orgasm rips through my body making my stomach contract violently. My legs give way and I fall to the floor as spasm after spasm ripples through me. I can’t make a sound; my breath is ripped away from me. Liquid fire shoots from my clitoris up through my body. I’m lying on my back, legs splayed as wide as possible and yet still bound by the panties below my knees – my cunt on display to the world – a flood of my pussy juice leaking from me, staining the carpet like a pool of man sperm. My thigh muscles are completely useless at the moment – I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. A sheen of perspiration has formed over me. I smell of satisfaction.

My simple white panties are now useless – stretched between my legs too much to be used again. My recovery is gradual – I sleep for a short time without moving

Awake again, I stand and remove the white undergarment, placing it in a bag for disposal. There are 2 other pairs in the bag – all stretched, all useless now, all still damp with my juice and impregnated with my perfume.

It’s been a good week so far…

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