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Fingering Pussy

He sees her from across the room. She’s smiling and flirting with everyone around her. She’s a very beautiful woman. He starts walking towards her, and stays careful to keep out of her sight. He stands behind her, watching and listening to the sound of her voice, waiting for her to realize he’s there.

While he watches, he knows just when she feels him behind her. She tries to turn around to greet him, but he lays a hand on her shoulder, keeping her turned away. As the rest of people around them start to filter out, he steps closer to her. She can feel his body heat penetrating through her clothes, and his breath on her neck. She shivers, despite the heat.

He gently tugs on the back of her dress, to get her attention, then walks down the front hall. She turns to follow him, carefully watching the man who was behind her. Stopping at a door he opens it and walks in, still not facing her.

She follows, shutting the door behind her and reaching for the light switch. In the darkness, he grabs her hand, reaches out and locks the door. She tries to speak, but he covers her mouth gently and whispers, “Don’t think and don’t question. Just go with it”

She has no idea where they are. Being the house of a friend, she is lucky to know where the front door is. For all she knows, they were in a broom closet. Being here with him feels so right. Who cares that she hasn’t seen his face. He is right here, right now, and that is all that matters.

She leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his waist, and tilting her head toward him. Noting her submission, he takes full advantage. He leans his head down and deliberately avoids her lips to forge a gentle assault on her neck. His hands grasp her body, and search for openings in her clothes. Getting impatient, canlı bahis şirketleri he bunches up her skirt and plunges underneath.

He feels only hot skin beneath her skirt. This tells him how daring she was not to wear any underclothes. She gasps and clutches to his shirt when his fingers find her. She’s never done anything like this before, and it frightens her, as well as excites her.

She then decides to stop playing the timid mouse. While his fingers are busy plunging in and out of her body, hers are preoccupied with ripping the clothes from his body. She pulls at his shirt, only intending to free some of the buttons, but they hear several of them hit the floor of the darkened room. She can feel his body shaking with silent laughter.

She’s shocked at her forcefulness, but never one to quit when faced with intimidation, continues on. Running her hands up his now bare chest, and wrapping arms around his neck, she pulls him down to her hungry mouth. She now surprises him with the fierceness of her kiss. She leans into him, pressing her entire body against him. Holding him close, she explores his mouth with her tongue.

Finally stepping back, she begins unbuttoning his pants. She pushes them down to his ankles and kneels before him. She rubs her hands up and down his exposed body, feeling the hard muscles. Placing one hand on either hip, she pulls herself up against him. Now standing before him in the darkness, she pulls her dress up over her head, and kicks her shoes off. She presses against him again, rubbing her breasts against his chest.

Enjoying her little game, but tiring of her teasing, he grabs her arms above the elbows and hauls her against him. Turning slightly to the right, he backs her up a few steps until she comes canlı kaçak iddaa up against a chair, and pushes her into it. His hands move down her arms on to her legs, to rest on her knees. Gently, he pushes her legs apart, and settles himself between them. He touches her again. Soaking his fingers with her hot arousal. Her body starts to move against his hands, the sweet torture seemingly never-ending.

With intensity so fierce and sudden, she comes in his hands. He continues his ministrations as if nothing happened, bringing her to the crest of another orgasm, and then pushing her over again. He slows down now, giving her time to breathe and regain her composure.

When she is breathing normally again, he stands up and lifts her to her feet. He changes positions with her and sits himself in the chair. He keeps her facing away from him and pulls her onto his lap. He circles his left arm around her middle to keep her still, and rubs his right hand all over her body. Starting with her back, he gently caresses her shoulder and neck. He trails down her spine and up again, causing shivers of pleasure to skyrocket through her body.

His left hand moves up slightly to grasp her breast. He gently measures the globe of her breast, weighing it slightly in his hand before squeezing it. His fingers spread to see how much of her breast he can hold in his hand. He then takes the nipple between his fingers and squeezes until he hears her breath catch. She moans softly, and leans back against him. In doing so, she has forced his other hand around to the front of her body. Both hands are now squeezing and pulling on her hard nipples. She’s moaning softly, and is squirming noticeably on his lap. He feels the wetness dropping from her body to pool on his legs. Deciding canlı kaçak bahis he’s prolonged their pleasure enough, he gently lifts her body up to position her.

He eases her onto him, sliding into her burning core until she is fully impales. She’s moaning more audibly now, not really caring if anyone at the party can hear. His hands go back to torturing her nipples, adding to the stimulation. She rides him, controlling the pace, enjoying the feeling. Her hands are braced on the arms of the chair, helping her movements as she holds herself against him.

After a while she rests her head on his shoulder. His breathing has gotten erratic and the feel of it against her neck is driving her crazy. That small bit of extra stimulation is enough to bring her to yet another orgasm. Her moans turn to heavy pants, as she tries to keep quiet. She finally screams, losing the battle.

He now feels his orgasm begin to build. He knows she can’t take much more, so he takes over the control of the pace. He grasps her hips and holding her slightly above him, pushes his body in and out of her. He continues this action, gradually increasing in speed. Finally, with a firm hold of her hips, his body clenches, and he comes.

They sit there for a few minutes, catching their breath and basking in the feel. She thinks for a few minutes, wondering how to handle this situation now. She still has no idea who he is, and isn’t sure she wants to yet.

He lifts her a little and slides out from under her. Sitting in the chair she feels her shoes hit against her feet. Her dress drifts into her lap. Taking the hint, she dresses quickly.

“Who are you?” she whispers in the darkness.

Coming up to her, he hauls her into his arms and kisses her gently on the mouth.

“You’ll know soon enough”, he whispers back.

He steps away from her and opens the door. The light from the hall blinds her as he steps from the room and shuts the door. She never saw his face.

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