Strangers or Lovers?

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One of the first stories written by LAGirl about meeting SeattleBoy. Fiction or true-life? You be the judge :). Edited by SeattleBoy. Hope you enjoy our story, please leave us feedback – we love to hear what you think of our stories!


I guess I didn’t really know what I was doing here. When I turn the corner, he’s going to be right there, probably just as nervous as I am. Well I know we’ve been pretty open with each other and you would think that would make things easier, but that’s not the case. Just the thought of him showing himself off to me, sharing such intimate moments with me… someone who isn’t even his girlfriend is so mind-blowing! The first time I met David… he didn’t try to engage me in the obvious cyber sex-capades. Instead, he told me about himself and that he liked to write erotic stories, much like myself. From there on, it seemed to naturally progress into a very steamy affair, not so much physical, but emotionally and sexually enticing. If I go through with this and walk through that door, it will be the first time he will see me in the flesh…well you know what I mean.

I sipped my water and waited, my foot unconsciously tapping against my seat. That familiar aroma of fresh ground coffee wasn’t really helping – I could feel my heart racing at a hundred miles a minute! Relax, breathe deep and slow…nothing to be nervous about. I watched people file thru the coffee shop for their morning fix, no sign of her yet. Suddenly it just hit me like a ton of bricks – we will be meeting in any minute now, perfect strangers in a sense. I nervously ran my fingers through my hair and looked up. The way the door swung open slowly, I knew it was her. It was a relief knowing she actually showed up, but immediately I felt my stomach tighten as the realization set in that I was about to talk to her face-to-face. This woman I had never met, that I’d shared my most intimate fantasies with – I was about to meet her in the flesh. I took a deep breath before lifting my head to meet her gaze..

I saw the door, but I hesitated to open it. Instead, I sat down on one of the tables outside and pulled out my compact out of my Louis Vuitton bag. I know, I know… I shouldn’t have brought this bag – I didn’t want his first impression of me to be that of a snooty-LA-type gal. But at least I wore jeans and a regular black wife-beater that I got from Macy’s, hardly anything fancy. I checked my hair and make up, I looked fine, but now I had to see him face to face. I don’t know if we we’re going to hit it off. I mean he is nearly thirty, I just turned twenty one – what could we even talk about? I smiled to myself…well, other than about his pictures. I closed the compact and took a deep breath. Yeah, I definitely want to follow thru with this.

There she was, even more breathtakingly beautiful than her pictures suggested. She gingerly made her way thru the doorway, her dark hair framing a delicate face, her large brown eyes trying to scan the room inconspicuously. I swallowed nervously…I could even feel that familiar stirring in my groin already – but I needed to control myself. She waved and came closer and I stood up and brought her close for a hug. Wow, she smelt so lovely, in that rare fresh-out-of-the-shower kind of way that very few girls could pull off. Her body against me as we hugged felt warm and familiar, her lithe figure a snug fit against my chest. I pulled out a chair for her and we sat in the corner of the coffee shop beginning to talk for the first time in person, and so far it was thrilling and exciting – I hadn’t even noticed the nervousness depart…

My first impression of him – he looked like a really sweet guy, who would have known he had a real naughty side? It’s kind of weird knowing so much about him already, after just meeting for the first time. He flashed his familiar, friendly smile and asked me what I wanted to drink…

“It’s so good to finally meet, you look more stunning in person! Why are you here again? Oh I know why…” David laughed.

“Yeah well thank you… you aren’t too bad yourself ha-ha,” Melissa laughed along.

“So honestly… you enjoyed my pictures that much??” David inquired.

“Yes… I really did, I think it’s really hot when a guy does that, and it’s pretty cool to meet someone who isn’t afraid to be adventurous in that way,” Melissa blushed.

“Wow, I guess you are real! So exactly what kind of things are you into, besides watching a guy…” David joked.

“Well, I love R surprisingly enough, hitting it off wasn’t hard to do.

“Well… let’s see do you want to go back to my place?” David asked Melissa sheepishly.

“That’s fine, this place is getting kind of crowded anyway. And I can finally see where the magic happens,” Melissa grinned.

“I guess you’ll see the ‘magic’ soon enough…”

With that, they left the coffee shop which was ataşehir escort bayan now packed with the Saturday morning regulars..

“Okay, here it is…” David said opening the door to his apartment. Melissa walked in and sat her bag and coat down.

“Nice…” She exclaimed, pulling her hair back in a messy ponytail. David’s place was a bit like she’d imagined it would be –tastefully decorated yet not overdone. Overlooking the room was a large, framed Hendrix poster.

“So this is the living room area, and then my room is back that way, and if you keep going down the hall the bathroom… and there’s my kitchen, it’s a nice fit for one person.”

“Yeah… it’s pretty neat though, my apartment in L.A is about the same too,” Melissa smiled.

“Well I am ready if you are, I’ll just go get ready…and look in that drawer of the desk …there’s something in there that you might like.”

“Okay… thanks.” Melissa got up as David shut the bathroom door behind him, and looked in the drawer to see what was in there.

Inside the drawer was a small camcorder.

“Oh sweet, I can’t believe he got one…” Melissa laughed to herself.

She turned it on. I can’t believe I am about to tape this guy… I feel like I am watching live porno! She saw a chair facing the couch and knew that was where she was going to capture him from. She went over and sat in her ‘Directors chair’ and checked the settings on the camera to see if it was ready.

“Yep… this is most certainly going to be interesting, hot, and exciting at the same time,” She thought to herself.

She saw David come back with blue boxers and a black t-shirt.

“So, are you ready? No second thoughts?” David quizzed.

“No… this is going to be interesting…” Melissa assured him.

He sat on the couch. “You’re going to make this very easy.”

Melissa blushed and focused the camera on him. She gestured with her free hand to let him know the camera was recording everything.

“Can you rub it for me?” Melissa talked from behind the camera.

“Anything you want me to do… just say the word,” David said slipping his t-shirt off and then slipping his right hand down his boxers and massaging his stiffening cock. He closed his eyes as he kept his hand in his boxers. Melissa could see him making circular movements inside his boxers and it looked very sexy.

“How does it feel?” Melissa continued to question him.

“Great… just by you being here is making me so hard” He said with his eyes still closed, massaging away at his hardening cock. His left hand was caressing his hard thighs, sometimes wandering between his legs to squeeze his balls thru his thin cotton boxers.

“Hmmm nicee…” Melissa remarked as she heard David let out a soft groan, both his hands working his cock and balls in a slow rhythm.

“Hmmm I think he’s ready to come out…” Melissa said. He slowly began to lower his boxers and his cock sprang up to attention as the cotton material disappeared down his thighs..

Wow, the head of his cock is huge – god that’s so hot…Melissa thought to herself.

“Grab it for me …” Melissa asked in a lusty voice.

David grabbed the base and ran his fingers up and down his shaft.

“Pull down your foreskin so I can see your cock head,” She commanded.

David slowly slipped his foreskin back, the dark purple head appearing as he rubbed it up and down with his pre-cum before exposing it fully.

“Mmm it’s so sensitive…” David moaned.

“Squeeze your balls for me…” Melissa continued to order.

He did what he was told and squeezed his shaved balls, alternating between massaging them slowly and squeezing hard enough to make himself groan out loud in pleasure..

“I can’t believe you’re doing this in front of me… this is really, really hot.”

“I know, god I’m so turned on.” He continued to work his cock and balls, rubbing the newly appeared pre-cum all over the head which was now glistening with the soft, sticky looking wetness. .

“Your smell is so strong too. You’re a pro at this huh?” Melissa couldn’t keep her eyes off the thick, hard cock jutting out from between his strong hands.

“Yeah…” He said with a devilish grin, looking at straight at her with complete lust in his eyes.

“Are you getting wet?” he moaned

“Umm… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t,” Melissa said bluntly.

“It would be hot if you could come over and feel how hard I am. I mean…only if you want to.”

“Okay…” Melissa said getting up from the chair and kneeling down still keeping the camera on him. A table was near the couch David sat on. She put the camera down on the table where it could still capture him and his hard cock. She checked the viewfinder to make sure that he was still in focus.

Melissa smiled and put her hand on his warm throbbing cock.

“Wow, escort kadıköy you are really hard,” she swallowed nervously. This wasn’t part of the plan. This is crazy…but its hot..

“Goddamn, Melissa you are so beautiful, you look so hot doing this…” David moaned loudly.

“Well thank you…I love seeing how excited you’re getting,” Melissa blushed.

David placed his hand over hers so that he could guide her as she stroked his hard cock.

“Just like that Melissa… god this feels so good, you stroking me, this is better than what I fantasized about.”

“Keep going babe… god this is wonderful,” David squirmed as Melissa continued to stoke him, her fingers now slippery with his precum.

Melissa leaned in whispered for him to cum. He arched his body as he could feel his balls tightening up. He knew he was close….

David couldn’t take her just stroking him off anymore; he needed to feel her too. He grabbed her by the waist to bring her closer and began unbuttoning her jeans. Melissa was surprised but didn’t want to stop him.

He yanked her jeans down hard, dropping them around her bare thighs, revealing her black satin panties. He glanced at her and when he saw she didn’t protest, he slipped his hand in between the satin material to feel her soft, shaven pussy that he had often thought about while masturbating. It was so unreal to finally be touching her. He moved his hand in even more to confirm his suspicions… she was totally soaked. He ran his fingers down over her swollen pussy lips, and up between her wet slit before pulling his hand out. Melissa whimpered as she felt his fingers leave..

Melissa kept her hand around him tight, pumping his stiff cock. He pulled her panties down exposing her shaven pussy and beginning to smell her arousal. The smell of his sex was already strong in the air, and her scent was just going to heighten the sensation.

Melissa watched as he got off the couch and then knelt down to face her wet pussy.

“Hey, you don’t have to do anything – this is about you babe,” Melissa explained. He didn’t listen and began to run his finger down her dripping slit.

“Ohh.” Melissa moaned feeling his fingers begin to slide into her hot center.

“Turn around I want to see your gorgeous pussy from behind,” he instructed her.

She complied and bent down to give him a nice view. He rubbed his strong hands over her cute butt, his fingers firmly massaging each of her cheeks before running over her back, slipping her black tank top higher to reveal her smooth back. He slid his fingers into her from behind causing her to grunt softly, slowing moving them in and out as she started getting audibly wetter.

He motioned her toward the adjacent desk and bent her over it, almost having her pinned against it so she couldn’t move. He bent her over and started licking up her slit and while sliding two fingers in her.

“Oh yess” She moaned feeling the simultaneous sensations from his tongue and fingers. His mouth probing her pussy and his sexy hands fingering her was going to send her over the edge. Her body shuddered as an abrupt orgasm washed over her, his fingers continuing to explore her as she felt his tongue pressed against her.

He pulled her down to him before she could recover from her orgasm so she was facing his stiff cock. Instinctively, she started stroking him again, this time with both her hands – her hand occasionally slipping under him to squeeze his balls causing him to moan even louder.

She stroked him off harder and faster, herself getting turned on again as she watched his pre-cum leaking out on her fingers and down his shaft. She couldn’t resist leaning forward to suckle on the hard, wet tip of his cock in between furiously jacking him off, her mouth sometimes slipping all the way down his shaft till she felt him hit the back of her throat.

“Oh god Melissa….yes!!!!” She could tell he was going to explode.

She continued to pump him as the first spurts of cum erupted, landing on her rosy lips and some on her neck and the rest oozed down on her fingers. She continued to pump him until he couldn’t squirt anymore. When he finished ejaculating, she spread his creamy cum all over his balls, shaft, and thighs. The room was filled with the musky smell of sex.

He pulled her up and kissed her, the taste of their sex on each other’s lips; it was nothing short of amazing.

“Damn, this was more than I was expecting!!!!” David blurted between kisses.

“Same here. But that was great!” she replied.

They moved to the couch and he pushed her lightly onto the couch. He slipped her top off, so now they were fully naked in front of each other.

“This is so hot…” He said leaning her back. He spread her firm, long legs apart kissing and licking her inner thighs. She had such nice, tanned skin.

He bostancı escort spread her pussy lips apart with his fingers to reveal her swollen clit. He licked around the sensitive area before licking against it.

“Oh god, your tongue feels so good…” Melissa moaned.

Melissa could feel his fingers at the entrance of her ass, touching and feeling it as he licked her swollen clit.

“Ohh I’m gonna …” Melissa’s voice trailed off as she bucked her hips upward, thrusting her pussy hard into David’s face.

He devoured her soaking wet pussy as she came hard, against his face. David loved that taste of her as she came..

“Yess mmm” She moaned trying to recover from her orgasm.

He kissed and moved up her body before standing up in front of her with his semi-hard cock at her face level. Melissa kissed his cum covered cock before rolling down his foreskin and taking his head and shaft into her mouth. She began to suck hard while moving her hand underneath him to massage his balls, his shaft getting hard immediately. He pulled her hair back and thrust more of himself in her mouth, causing her to gag a little as she got used to his thick cock in her mouth. She held on to his hips and then grabbed his ass squeezing it as she moved her full lips back and forth along his dark shaft..

“Yes Melissa..” he moaned feeling her tongue flick over his cock head, and against the sensitive spot right under the head. She held his stiff cock up against his stomach as she ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, before going lower and giving equal attention to his shaved balls, sucking on them before gently taking each one into her mouth. She returned her attention to his thick shaft as she swallowed the length of him once again. This time, he pushed deeper into her mouth calling her his little slut with each thrust he could feel his hot, creamy seed building up to be released. He pulled it out momentarily slapping it on her cheeks before forcing his hard cock back in her eager mouth. He moved her hair out of her face as he continued grinding his hips as he felt his orgasm. He pulled out of her mouth and leaned down to kiss her hard. It drove Melissa wild to know that he loved to taste his own cock in her kisses..

He got off the couch to grab the familiar little foil packet from his pant pocket. Melissa watched as he rolled the condom down over his hard, dark cock. He sat on the couch and pulled Melissa down onto his lap. He wanted to feel himself in her now..

“Oh yess” She moaned finally feeling inside what she had been looking at for months. David’s firm hands were around her slender waist as he brought her down fully, his cock filling her up completely.

She moved up and down on him, fucking him and looking right into his eyes as she did.

“Oh yes Melissa take this cock you love so much!”

She rode him slow at first, then worked up into a faster rhythm as his hands slipped behind her, kneading her brown asscheeks while thrusting up into her as deep as he could go. His mouth licking and kissing her earlobes as she rode him hard was driving her wild.

David pulled her off the couch, and in between his passionate kisses he pushed her up against the wall, the condom slipping off in the process.

He entered her bare, taking her leg so it could wrap around his waist. He thrust in and out of her, while licking and biting at her smooth neck as she arched her body against him…

“Oh shit yesss,” he could hear Melissa’s moans fill the room. He grabbed her ass cheeks and slapped them as he thrust in and out of her harder. He lifted her off the ground as she wrapped her legs around him, as he held her and took her to his bedroom and pushed her face-down on the bed. He grabbed a t-shirt that was lying there and tied one hand to his bead post, and then grabbed the band out of her hair, causing her hair to fall on her back and tied her other hand with it.

He got behind her on the bed and spread her legs far apart before entering her from behind, his hands getting a really good grip on her butt and waist. He slapped her asscheeks hard, causing her to moan in pleasure and pain.

He thrust in and out of her watching her hips jerking like crazy. The contrast between her tanned backside and his dark cock drove him wild. She was so goddamn hot, and David knew that she liked that he was giving her every inch of his cock that she’d adored in the pictures.

He moved in and out of her, his balls slapping against her dripping pussy as he felt his orgasm beginning to envelope him…

“Yesss mmmm yesss baby,” she moaned, getting closer to cumming all over his beautiful cock.

She moaned loudly as she felt her pussy contract and cum all over his dick. Her whole body began to shake; she almost couldn’t stay up on all fours as he continued to pump her through her orgasms.

She continued to moan as he felt his hot creamy cum shoot out into her. He cried out loudly, feeling his hot sticky spurts going into her and running out of her wet cunt as they kept fucking each other, both of their juices running down his cock and down her thighs.

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