Strange Interlude

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Jamie and I pulled our SUV into the small dirt parking area adjacent to the Winsome Trailhead. Our selected hike was an 86-mile meandering track through a variety of topographies, including rocky canyons, grasslands and a river valley. In addition, there were multiple side trails that projected to interesting sites that could be explored. We were not novices to hiking, but this was by far our most challenging endeavor, and while we thought we could finish it easily in four to five days, we had taken a full week off of work so we could take our time and not feel rushed.

“You sure you can trust that guy to pick us up?” Jamie asked for the twentieth time as we prepped.

She was referring to the arrangement I had made with a man from a local outdoor store to pick us up when we reached the other end. He was located in a small town about forty-five minutes away, and was adamant he could break away on short notice to collect us for the small fee he had quoted. We were soon ready, and other than exchanging smiles, there was no fanfare as we started walking side-by-side down the generous path. However, about a half-mile further the track narrowed, so I took the lead and Jamie fell in behind.

Jamie and I are both in our mid-twenties, and have been married for almost two years, having met through a group of friends that enjoyed the outdoors. Besides hiking, we were also active cyclists and occasional canoeists. The hike we were on had started out as a group idea, but the others had backed out along the way.

My wife is a very attractive woman and her active lifestyle is evident in her body. She is right at 5’7″ tall, and weighs 126 lbs., with shoulder length blonde hair that she will often pull into a small ponytail. She has a Scandinavian heritage with a peaches and cream complexion, and deep violet eyes that seem to draw you in. In addition, she has long shapely legs that end at a well-toned butt, and C-cup breasts that are positioned high on her chest. Because of her body-type, her breasts are quite pronounced, which I love, but often make her feel a little self-conscious. Like my wife, I’m in good shape as a result of our activities. I’m just a shade over 6′ tall and weigh right at 175 lbs., and while my hair is dark brown, I am just beginning to see evidence of a receding front.

We continued forward on an easy trail through rolling, grassy hills until we hit the two-hour mark, then stopped for a break. We had scheduled our hike for late September when the maximum temperature was in the low 80s, although with the equipment we carried we were still working up a sweat and needed to stay hydrated.

“I can’t believe we haven’t seen any animals,” Jamie stated after we both had several drinks of water.

I had to agree that it seemed a bit strange as the area we were in was known for an abundance of wildlife.

“Honey, we just got started. I’m sure we’ll see plenty,” I responded, wanting to stay positive.

We made it to our planned camping location by late afternoon, exhausted, although pleased with our start. However, other than a flock of turkey that we watched and photographed for a bit, we were left to ourselves. It took just a few minutes to set up our tent, and then we started looking for the spring that created the small brook that we were next to. It was just thirty-yards upstream, and once found, I had Jamie sit on the grassy bank and take off her shoes while I took a small cloth, wetted it in the cold water, and started to wash the dust from her legs.

“That feels so good,” she sighed, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back.

Encouraged by her words, I progressed with the cloth bath on all her exposed body parts, and when I had finished, it only took a little encouragement from me for her to peel off her clothes so I could get to the rest. Soft purrs came from her mouth as I moved from her legs to her waist, then up to her chest where I was delighted to find her tiny pink nipples already fully erect. I constantly refreshed the cloth with the cool water and every time it touched a new area more contented sounds emerged. She was sitting up, leaning slightly forward, so I could clean the back of her neck and shoulders, when I felt her hand on the bulge in my khaki shorts. Seconds later, she was fumbling with the buttons and then I was free, but only for a moment before she inhaled my dick it into her mouth. Now, it was me that was emitting sighs of contentment as she worked her tongue all around.

Jamie had been with five other men when we met, and in truth, I somewhat stole her from a guy who had been dating her for about a year. Fortunately, she still came across as being innocent, although her oral skills were amazing. I never delved into whether it was a natural gift or if she had a good teacher, deciding instead to just enjoy her talents.

“I need you inside me,” she declared a minute later.

Suddenly, her hands were pulling at my butt and seconds later, still fully dressed except for my shorts and underwear pushed to my knees, I was over her with my dick hovering at her entrance.

“You sure it’s safe?” I escort ataşehir asked.

“Yes,” she fired back and pulled me forward.

Jamie, wasn’t on birth control, so we practiced a combination of cycle following and condoms. Fortunately, she had informed me that her period had stopped yesterday which meant we would be able to enjoy condom free sex for the whole trip. With her hand guiding, my head was soon inside and with just a gentle push of my hips, my dick was treated to the amazing feeling of her pussy as it tunneled inside. Jamie only has a downy smattering of fine blonde hair at her opening that is so sparse that she doesn’t bother to shave. I think it makes her look even more sexy, and I love the feeling when we are fully connected.

“Damn, you are amazing,” I groaned as we began to move.

“Here we are again,” she giggled.

She was referring to the fact that we seemed to always find a way to make love when we were in the outdoors. Often, there were others around and we had to be sneaky, but now we didn’t have any constraints. We had laughed about it on the drive to the trailhead and she had made half-hearted vows that this time was going to be different, although deep down I knew she was looking forward to it.

It took about three strokes to spread her lubrication, and then we started to move with a slow but deliberate pace. I made sure that with each movement I came almost completely out before letting my hips drop, sinking my shaft until it hit bottom. Each time, it brought a little gasp and a whimper from my lovely wife that made me feel powerful. When I started to hear the sound of her wetness, it encouraged me to go faster, and soon I was hammering into her rapidly as her moans became more pronounced and urgent.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh baby…please…please don’t stop…” she grunted loudly in rhythm to our mating.

“Damn, I love fucking you,” I declared, being intentionally forceful.

“I know…I know…,” she gasped, and the tone of her voice let me know she was losing control.

“Cum for me Jamie…let it out,” I demanded.

“I’m going to…I’m…ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…don’t stop…oh my God,” she cried out as she climaxed beneath me on the grassy bank.

Hearing her and feeling her legs kicking the air as she released set me off and seconds later my erotic sounds joined hers.

“Fuck baby…yes…oh yes…God, I’m cumming hard,” I let out as my juices exited my shaft at what felt like light speed.

Then, with just a few final movements, we were done, lying together with our chest’s heaving against each other enjoying a contented afterglow.

“I love you,” I declared, and rather than reply her lips found mine and we connected in a kiss.

“You need to wash me again,” Jamie giggled, when we finally came down.

I was happy to oblige and sponged her entire body with a smile coming to my face when I reached her pussy and saw my semen leaking out. Our eyes met and she gave me a knowing, impish look before I moved on. When I was done, I helped her dress, and with a little spank of her bottom sent her back to the tent while I washed.

The next morning, we were up with the sun, quickly packed and set off. The air was chilly starting out, but by noon it had reached the 80s and we began to drag a little. We had stopped for a break and were sitting on a fallen tree when a sound from the direction we had come caught our attention. Faint at first, it was impossible to discern the source, and just when I realized it sounded like footsteps, over a rise in the trail a man appeared.

Both Jamie and I were startled by his sudden appearance, but he showed no signs of surprise. I could see he was a tall man, at least several inches more than me, and appeared to be around forty. He was lean, but rangy rather than skinny, and had long red hair that emerged from beneath a beat-up straw hat and spread over his shoulders in a broad swath. He had a large pack on his back and in his right hand was a six-foot long walking stick that was hewn from some fallen branch. He covered the remaining distance to us with strides that seemed too long, even for a man of his height.

Hello, hello!” he said in a booming voice that shattered the quiet.

“Hi,” I replied, while Jamie looked on silently.

“I’ve been expecting to catch up with you. Been following your trail most of the day,” he said, undeterred by our less enthusiastic response.

“Did you start from the trailhead this morning,” I asked, finding it hard to believe even a very experienced hiker could cover that much ground.

“No, for heaven’s sake. I was up in Snake Bend Canyon,” he explained.

Snake Ben Canyon was an up and back side trail that we had passed late yesterday. I knew from studying the map that it was about five miles long which meant he had probably been ahead of us the previous day. The trail we were on was noted for being quiet this time of year and we thought there was a good chance we wouldn’t see anyone. So, running into this man on our second day was somewhat surprising.

“My name’s Dan Rafferty, I’ll join kadıköy escort bayan you for a while if you don’t mind,” he stated rather than asked.

Although I didn’t care for his brusque manner, I just nodded and accepted his words. There followed a brief introduction where we shook hands, and a minute or so later we set off, with me in the lead and Dan bringing up the rear. He was the talkative type and soon he was asking questions about us while also providing some details about himself. It didn’t take long for us to learn that he was twice divorced and had fathered a child, but it was when the subject of careers came up and he told us he was a non-practicing MD in psychiatry that Jamie suddenly became engaged in the discussion.

You see, Jamie had gone to college to be a clinical psychologist, but found after several years of practice that she could make more money and be less stressed leasing commercial real estate. Still, she maintained a keen interest in the subject matter and had tried to engage me in discussions countless times. In truth, I found most of it to be nonsense, and although I tried to hide my feelings for the sake of our relationship, I rarely was able to pull it off. After a while, we both just accepted it was an area to stay away from.

Now, she had a highly trained person, in something of a captive situation, who seemed more than happy to discuss her areas of interest. So, for the next several hours, that’s exactly what they did. I stayed in front and sporadically listened to their conversation when things on the trail became disinteresting. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Dan decided it was time to leave us.

“Well that was a good chat. I’m going to get moving. Hope to see y’all again,” he announced, and using his long strides, he shot past us and within several minutes had disappeared from our view.

“Weird guy,” I said as we slowed then stopped.

“Smart guy,” my wife countered.

“Honey, that was part of my plan for you to enjoy yourself. I arranged for him to meet us on the trail so you could discuss…” I started to tease before I was cut-off.

“Stop,” she said with some disdain.

“Why? I didn’t…” I tried again, but was once more interrupted.

“Stop. You’re not funny,” she said flatly.

With a look at me that showed some disgust, she started walking, and after a deep sigh, knowing I was going to pay once again for my smartass ways, I fell in behind. It was when I drew close that it hit me why Dan had been content to hike with us. Jamie was wearing walking shorts that came to mid-thigh and hugged her ass beautifully. On top of that, the clear outline of her thong could be seen through the material. I had to stifle a laugh as I thought about their conversation that was likely just an indulgence to Jamie to pass the time while he focused on her rear.

We reached the campsite we had mapped at four o’clock, on schedule, although quite exhausted from the day. The exhilaration of the start had faded, and now the muscles that we only occasionally used screamed for relief. We set up camp, popped some Advil and took several long drinks of water. We were on the bank of a river, and during my research, I had found an obscure reference to a large boulder, just in the water, that was great for sunning. It was several hundred yards downstream, so with some eagerness, we set off to see if we could find it.

We wandered through a dense Cottonwood grove, staying as close to the water as possible, and after about five minutes we spotted a boulder with a sloping surface, that appeared to be what we were seeking. To reach it, we had to circle some underbrush and it was when it came back into view that we received a shock as there, lying naked on the smooth surface, was Dan. There was not a stich of clothing in sight, and a dark spot beneath him was no doubt the remaining water from his short swim over. However, the aspect that was impossible to ignore was his large, thick cock that was flopped lazily over his right thigh. I realized it must be at least 8″ long and was quite heavy looking with a bulbous head. Turning, I saw that Jamie’s eyes were locked on his appendage, and it took her a moment to recognize that she was being observed. I nodded my head to indicate that we should leave just as a look of guilt swept across her face. We had moved about ten feet when Dan’s voice let us know we had been discovered.

“Hello there! Care to join me? This is the best spot on the river,” he shouted.

“No thanks. Sorry we interrupted,” I replied, as I took my wife’s elbow and guided her away.

“No worries. Come back later if you like. There’s plenty of room,” he called after us.

With Jamie in front, we moved towards our camp and had gone about fifty yards when I heard her begin to giggle. Her snickers made me start too, and soon we were laughing together, stumbling as we moved. It was when she lifted her right leg to step over a fallen tree and her shorts tightened on her butt that I recalled Dan’s view. It caused something to flash in my head that was part tease and part provocation. Before I escort bostancı knew it, I was speaking, saying words I would never have guessed would come from me.

“You want to join him?” I asked, with a little chuckle.

“Yeah, right,” she laughed back.

“I’m serious,” I answered, forcing myself to say it in a steady voice.

“Do you?” she replied, much faster than I expected, in a voice that showed some interest.

“Sure why not,” I responded, and after a second where our eyes locked, I continued while taking her hand, “Come on.”

I expected her to get cold feet, but she let me turn her, and with her in front we retraced our steps. It seemed like it was only seconds later when we arrived back in the same spot and saw Dan still in place.

“That offer still open?” I called out with a very dry mouth, still expecting Jamie to chicken out.

“Of course,” he answered without even looking up.

Jamie and I stared at each other for a moment, then I started to work on the buttons on my shirt and when it was off she started to do the same. I was standing in my boxers, waiting for her to catch-up, when she reached her sports bra and thong.

“I think this is all I can do,” she declared.

Rather than speak, I nodded my concurrence and together we moved into the water, finding it to be cold, but only waist deep. I helped her up onto the boulder, and seconds later we were moving into a place on the warm rock bathed by the late evening sun. Dan had turned towards us when he heard us in the water, and if he had any disappointment in Jamie’s dress, it didn’t show. He motioned her towards a flat spot, and quickly we were on our back with my wife between me and our new acquaintance.

“Jamie, wars have been fought over women less beautiful than you,” he stated in a sincere voice.

My wife stayed silent, but his words prickled me. Not because this naked man paid her a compliment, but rather for the fact that his words were so perfect. I was jealous I wasn’t so witty.

Finally, after a minute or so of silence, my wife spoke, asking Dan a question about the technical subject matter they had discussed on the trail. I could tell she was very nervous, but he answered her without hesitation, and they started a conversation that moved from stilted to flowing within seconds. Glancing over, I could see she was staring straight up at the sky while talking, evidently too nervous to look at Dan’s naked body. There was just a hint of her tiny nipples through the material of her bra, however her wet thong offered a full outline of her vagina and several blonde hairs poked from under the sides.

The older man was turned in her direction, casually taking in her beauty, with his large cock even more apparent as it hung to his side. Up close, it seemed even fatter and there were several prominent veins showing. Without his hat, his hair seemed even more full and messy and there was a similar hairy covering over his body, from head to toe, with a heavy thatch at his groin.

It was surreal to be in this predicament, especially given how rapidly it had occurred, and now that my thoughts began to catch up with our actions, I started to consider how Jamie would react when it was over. I certainly hadn’t pushed her, at least not much, but I wondered if she would try to direct some blame my way.

The conversation Jamie had started to break the tension had become very interactive and lively. It would be what one might expect two people to have over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but certainly not in this situation. Still, it seemed to have a calming effect on my wife, so I stayed silent and contented myself by just taking it all in.

“The sun would feel better if you’d take those things off,” Dan suddenly stated.

His words had come out of the blue, right in the middle of their psychological discussion, and it momentarily confused Jamie, which I thought might be his intent. Her head turned, and she shot a quick look my way, then rolled back.

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” she answered.

Dan was undaunted and returned to their conversation, although it took her a bit to reengage. When they were fully into it, I relaxed some and took in the beauty of our setting, letting their words drift to the back of my mind. It was several minutes before I looked over to check on things and I was stunned to see that Dan’s cock had become partially erect and was now pointed towards his flat abdomen. My wife was still looking up at the sky, so I was fairly certain she was oblivious to the excitement she was causing in the man. However, even more surprising, I now felt my own dick begin to stiffen.

My reaction made my mind reel as I considered the cause. Certainly, it was a unique situation for us, and there was a sexual element, although Jamie had never shown even a tiny interest in play involving others. I realized I didn’t find Dan threatening, and that in a strange way I enjoyed having him see my wife in her bra and panties. So, I wondered if my response might be a result of being able to manipulate Jamie outside her comfort zone. Strangely, I found it wickedly appealing, and I decided that if Dan brought up the subject again, I would press my wife to remove her remaining things. Unfortunately, that opportunity never arrived as just a few minutes later the tall man stood and announced he needed to go.

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