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It was a stormy night; the wind howled through the woods and beat against the house as she stood at the kitchen sink staring out at the tumult of rain and leaves; it wasn’t the storm that bothered her she wasn’t afraid, there was something else out there tonight. The clock in the other room had just finished chiming; it was 8 o’clock and the kids were already in bed and she was just finishing the dishes. Usually babysitting took her mind off of everything else, but all she could seem to think about tonight was him. She shook her head to try and clear her thoughts, trying desperately to think of something else, but her thoughts always drifted back to him and the way his strong hands felt as they roamed her smooth, delicate skin and the weight of his body as it pressed into hers. Out of nowhere, the cat jumped up on the counter and broke the spell that had so pleasantly wove itself around her. Finishing her work, she checked on the kids before she made her way into the playroom to try to find something on TV to occupy her mind.

For a Saturday night, it was a surprise to find a paucity of good shows on. Flipping through channel after channel she couldn’t seem to find anything that peaked her interests; then something caught her eye. The couple was rolling around in the bed, kissing and fucking for all they were worth, all she could hear were gasps, moans and the sweet sounds of their bodies slapping against each other in a frenzy of sweat and lust. It was hard to believe you could find this on public access this early at night but she didn’t care because her pussy was on fire, she yearned to feel his fingers on her, in her and his tongue, god she wanted to feel his tongue dance on her clit; what she wanted most was to feel his large shaft pumping in and out of her.

The storm was picking up a little; she could hear the trees creak as they swayed in the breeze, one flash of lightening, then another. The thunderclaps followed shortly, joining in a powerful explosion of sound that rocked the house to its foundation. With that, the cable cut out, soon followed by the rest of the electricity. She gave up all hope of finding something else to do in the dark and curled up on the couch trying to find sleep and forget how aroused she was. Every time she closed her eyes though, all she could see his body and she ached to touch and taste him. She was so wet just thinking about him; he didn’t have to touch her or even be near her to turn her on; just thinking about him and about having him in her mouth was enough to make her sopping wet. She was past wanting him, she needed him, she needed a release and it was just too tempting to give into her desires and relieve some of her cravings; her hand crept under the waistband of her skirt and panties and she was soon lost in a world of pleasure as she rubbed her clit in little circles. She was wet enough that her finger just slid in; soon she was fucking herself with one then two fingers.

She mimicked the movements his hands had made so many times, all the time pretending they were his hands. escort ataşehir Her hips rocking to the rhythm her fingers set; she pretended it was his cock and not her own hand. Her moans were getting louder she tried to be quiet and ended up tossing from side to side in an effort to be silent and not wake the sleeping children upstairs. She pulled on her lips imagining it was him sucking on them and flicked her clit lightly just like he had done so many times before thrusting her fingers back in her hot little hole.

It all felt so real, she could swear it was his mouth on her and his hard cock filling her. Then she felt hands stroking her thighs, pushing the fabric of the skirt higher and pulling her panties off. Without being told, she knew it was him. Only he knew the contours of her body so well and only his hands could feel like molten velvet on her satiny skin. She could feel his balmy breath on her inner thigh; she fought back a cry as her first orgasm of the night raked through her body leaving her a quivery mass of gasps and moans. “Oh god, oh please, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!” His hand covered her mouth as he replaced her hand with his mouth, hungrily sucking and licking her juices as her body shook with her release. He continued his tender assault on her person determined that she would climax again before he did anything else to her eager, supple body. He buried his face between her legs breathing in her scent, knowing that she was wet because of him. His tongue flicked her already stimulated clit back and forth then side to side, he could hear her gasping for air as one orgasm rolled into another. The flicking of his broad tongue soon turned to little circles; he had to hold onto her hips as she bucked against his mouth and begged him to take her. “All in good time, there’s no need to rush,” he whispered as he sucked one then the other lip into the sweltering heat of his mouth.

His hands traveled up her body to caress her breasts; he could feel her nipples harden at his touch and poke through the thin material of her white shirt and lace bra. He loved how responsive her body was to him; the slightest touch and she was boneless with wanting him. Before she knew it, he had removed her top and bra and was sucking on her pink nipples and cupping the small pert mounds. Her body arches against his; every time he sucked on the responsive nub, it sent a jolt straight to her clit, making her wetter and wetter. “Please, oh god I want you so much, oh please,” she begged but he intended to tease her a little more and really make her want him. Wearing only her little red plaid skirt they tumbled off the couch to the floor as her hands began to wander his firm body. She could feel the outline of his hard-on against her thigh as her hands began to tug at his shirt. Soon he was topless; she ran her hand over his smooth chest, loving the feel of him against her palms, but she was not satisfied until all of him was naked and bare to her touch.

He enthusiastically sucked and flicked her nipples with his tongue as she diligently kadıköy escort bayan worked on his belt buckle and zipper. She took a moment to slip her hand into his pants to grab his hard cock in her hand and feel it get harder as she stroked him. She loved the way he gasped whenever she touched him, and she could never get enough of touching him. Tugging his pants off she felt his hand wandering up her legs and under her skirt to cup her ass before her began to play with her clit once more but with his fingers this time. Once his jeans were off, his boxers quickly followed; his cock stood straight up, begging to feel the searing heat of her mouth on it. She would not disappoint him, besides there was nothing she enjoyed more than having him in her mouth. Well, there was one thing she enjoyed more but she would have that later.

She took his shaft in her hand and licked him balls to head before she sucked the head into her mouth. Working her way down his cock, she bobbed up and down, each time going a little farther until she had fit as much of him in her mouth as she could. He felt huge tonight, larger than before, he filled her, and she was barely able to fit him in her mouth. She began to bob her bead up and down using her hand on what she could not fit in her mouth, slow, firm strokes while she sucked and flicked the underside with her tongue while she used her other hand to play with his balls. Every now and then, she would alternate bobbing up and down on his shaft with sucking the head and twirling her tongue around it and flicking it. She didn’t want him to cum too soon; she wanted more out of him tonight than just a blowjob. He now had his fingers buried in her as she continued to suck his cock with renewed vigor.

Her skirt was wrenched off body as he pushed her back onto the carpet, sweeping toys left and right out of the way. He chucked the Barbie and her dream car across the room as he leaned in to kiss her, the first kiss of the night. Their tongues mated entwining and dancing; their breathing labored as each one drank in the taste of the other. She had her arms wrapped around his neck, savoring the feel of his body on hers and the sweltering heat of his mouth. His hands tangled in her hair before trailing down to caress her body. They had both had enough, “I need to feel you in me, I want to feel you fill me, please, I need you,” she was to the point of desperation; she would do anything to have him in her, and he knew it, but he was beyond caring that he had that control over her because he wanted her just as much, “I know babe, I know, I want you too.”

She was so wet that he easily slid into her hot channel. He could feel the walls of her pussy clutch his cock like a vice grip as he pushed all 8 inches into her; she was so hot, so wet, it was heaven on earth. She clutched at his shoulder as she fought back another orgasm, arching her body and rocking her pelvis into his. She threw her head from side to side in a silent scream as she left the explosion of pleasure shoot through her. Then they escort bostancı froze, for in the midst of their wild tryst they had awakened the little girl who was calling for her babysitter because she had had a bad dream. Gasping for air and trying to catch her breath, she managed to say, “Katie, sweetheart, stay upstairs. Why don’t you get a drink of water and go back to bed? It was just the storm, don’t be worried, just go to sleep!” She waited in silence as she heard the sink turn on then off and the pitter-patter of little feet as Katie made her way back to bed.

All the while, he never missed a beat; he kept pumping in and out of her kissing her neck and telling her how much he wanted her. Fear of being caught was the last thing on her mind now as she began to buck her hips to meet his thrusts. Whenever their bodies joined, pleasure was not far behind and soon another orgasm was rocking her body. She bit her lip and buried her face in the junction of his shoulder and neck trying to silence her cries of ecstasy. She ground her hips into his and continued thrusting knowing that it would lead to more pleasure.

Their eyes met as her orgasm diminished; he was close to finishing too, she could tell by the look in eyes and by the rapid pace he was setting. She tightened her pussy and wrapped her legs around him; his movements became increasingly frantic as he pummeled her. Taking her hands in his, their fingers intertwined they kissed as they fucked each other on the floor of a child’s playroom. They were both on the verge of a massive orgasm. She began to moan as it hit her first, she clutched at him as she moan his name and God’s as he finished; the look on his face as he finished was breathtaking. With one last thrust, she could feel the heat of his cum fill her as he collapsed on top of her. She held him and kissed him, loving the feel of his hot, sweaty skin against hers.

They lay there holding each other as their pulses and breathing returned to normal, lazily kissing and stroking the other’s body. He had to go soon though, she knew that the children’s parents would be home any minute. Reluctantly, they found their clothing and donned them; he was just buckling his belt when they heard the garage door. He grabbed a quick kiss then left while she finished making herself look decent. They made their way inside and found Kim laying on the couch watching TV; at some point the power had come back on.

“Hi, Kim, were the kids ok? Oh you look like you just woke up, were you sleeping?”

“Yeah, there was a storm and the power went out, nothing else to do but sleep.” Nothing else to do she thought with a smile, ‘I certainly found something to do tonight.’

“Did we lose power?”

“Yeah, it came back on sometime, I don’t remember when, I was busy…sleeping. Well, I will should be getting home it’s late.”

They paid her and wished her well as she walked out to her car. She could feel his cum leaking out of her and soaking her panties and even a little running down her leg as she got in her car and drove home. She was a little preoccupied on the way back, her thoughts on all the wonderful dreams she was going to have tonight. When she saw the car behind her flash their lights, she knew that the fun way just beginning for tonight. But that’s another story for another time.

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