Stoned Submission Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Chapter 2: … There’s Fire


Coming home to find Annika stoned, malleable, always makes my belly jump, my cock twitch. She loses all her hang-ups: the necessity to play up the Type A aspects of her personality at work, the insecurities about the softness of her belly and strength of her thighs, that deep down, she’s an insatiable slut.

She hides it well. Meeting her, you’d think of her as vanilla. A ‘straighty one-eighty’, if you will. And because of this surface judgement, you’d miss the way her skin flushes when she’s finally, finally, let you in on a deviant secret; you’d miss the way she bites her lip when trying to suppress a smile; the way her eyes brighten blue when impassioned, or cloud to steel grey when aroused. The dopey glaze of them when she’s high.

You may think I’m a bastard for ‘encouraging’ her recreational habit. But I don’t; I just accept it for what it is, her for who she is. She rarely drinks, never misses a day of work, practices yoga, maintains a pretty admirable diet (though, I do have to hide the sweets, especially when she’s stoned), is respected in her field. Who am I to dictate how she unwinds? Especially when she invites me to unwind with her. On the balcony. With my mouth.

We staggered inside, arms drunkenly wound around each other. My head was fluffy around the edges from our shared joint, from Nika. I licked my lips, savouring her taste. Sweet and smoky. Gripping Annika’s naked hips, I mould her soft curves to my more angular lines, dip my head and kiss her fully, my tongue invading her full, pouty mouth. She gasps, allowing me more access. My hands move around to cup her ass, squeeze once, twice, before moving up her back, pushing her shirt up. She broke our kiss, stripping away the thin barrier, naked now but for a bra. I reached back to unclasp it. She bit my bottom lip.

“Leave it,” she whispered huskily. “I want to grind and ride you, to make you as crazed as you’ve made me. You know I get into it much more when the girls are strapped down.” She laughed, making my chest tight, and reversed our standing position, overbalancing so I fell to the couch with her straddling my lap. My hands again hold her thick, tight ass, helping her wriggle comfortably against me. My cock strained against my lose sweatpants, searching for his mate.

She slowly, but firmly, gyrated against my crotch, rubbing her pussy against my erection. My abdomen tightened and my fingers dug into her flesh, hard enough to leave bruises, pulling her to me, signalling my desire. But I’m not going to give in just yet.

She breathed heavily into my neck and bit my earlobe, sending shivers down my side, shivers that made my groin tingle. Her fingers spread across the back of my scalp and gripped my hair by the root, angling my head so her tongue can find a deeper angle, exploit my every need. She leaned back, her forehead resting on mine, heavy breath fluttering across my lips.

“I love how I can taste Nika at the back of your throat, baby,” she teased, her lips journeying across my cheeks, the tip of my nose. “You just love waking up the slut in me, don’t you?”

My dick was so tight hearing her, feeling her grind against me. I needed to take my pants off, to feel her silken wet flesh surround me. I nodded, unable to form words. She smirked at me, knowing I was on the verge of snapping and just taking.

“Take those pants off, Gray baby. I’ll be back in a minute.” I hear her rooting around in the kitchen, and in my mind’s eye, I see her, naked but for her white lace bra – starkly innocent compared to her honey gold skin, compared to the Jezebel within – her gorgeous D-cups spilling over, as she packed a cone. I lifted my hips, removing my sweatpants as the musical metallic click of the lighter and hiss of smoke being sucked in reached me. I idly stroked my dick listening to her.

“You want?” she asked, and I can hear she’s packing a second. I rub a thumb over my sensitive bellend, declined her offer. If I smoke too much, my buddy here ataşehir escort bayan wouldn’t be good for much, no matter how determined Annika was. The gentle buzz still swimming between my ears pleasantly heightened the itch in my groin, deep inside, right behind the base of my cock. An itch that could only be scratched by one thing.

She wandered back in, her blue eyes glazed, her lips swollen both from the pipe and my mouth. She smirked seeing my dick in hand, probably thinking to herself that I was making her job easier. No way, baby. I stripped my shirt off, grabbed her hips and settled her back where I want her.

“Feeling good, Nika baby?” I tease, guiding her pelvis so I could feel her gash split around my erection. She bit her full bottom lip and nodded, not wanting to give anything away.

“Heart pounding, is it?” I continued, hearing her breath catch as the tip of my cock bumped over her clit. “Oh, baby, you’re just swelling for me, aren’t you?”

Her nails dug into my shoulders, no doubt leaving crescent moon dents. I didn’t care. The pain at least distracted me from the tingling spreading from my cock, down to my balls and taint.

She pressed a hot, open-mouthed kiss to my lips, rocking her hips and grinding along the underside of my cock. My hands split her ass cheeks, my right palm making a crack of contact with her skin as I pulled her tighter to me.

I felt her slippery folds slide along the length of my shaft, up and down. With my guidance, she found a rhythm, and rubbed herself vigorously against me. My fingers pressed into her fleshy skin; hers move up to fist in my hair as her breathing became heavier, more erratic, against my lips.

“You love this, don’t you baby? Using my cock to make yourself come? You’re such a fucking slut, aren’t you?” I whispered into her mouth. She moaned and sucked my tongue, as though she were giving a mini blow-job.

I felt her thighs quiver on either side of my hips, and I knew she was building toward an orgasm. Not yet. I wasn’t nearly done with her yet.

She whimpered into my mouth, burying her face in the curve of my neck, her stomach quivering against mine. I wrapped my arms around her and held her still.

“Shhh…” I soothed. “Calm down.” I pressed one hand to the base of her spine, holding her still. I could feel her muscles quiver as she tried to control herself. She let a shaky breath out against my neck, making my whole left side tingle. All the way to the tip of my cock, still warm and wet from her. A small price to pay.

“Shhh…” I said again, moving one hand up her back to grip her hair. I pulled her face back, smirked.

“Bastard,” she whispered, but she smiled and kissed me softly. She slowly rolled her hips before sitting up, inviting me to be at eye level with her cleavage. Making sure I could still feel Nika’s wet, hot pulse against my throbbing erection.

I locked off that part of my brain, the part that just wanted to sink into her and into oblivion, and gently scraped my teeth across the top of her right breast, then the left.

The left I held in my hand, and bit through the fabric of her bra. Her nipple was hard with arousal, and with a barbell. I bit at the jewellery, tugging ever so gently. She gasped, let her head roll back, exposing her throat. I counted the jumping beat at her jugular, loved that it was in response to my mouth. My other hand moved up her side to cup her right breast, kneading it and gently tugging at the nipple straining against the lace.

But my attention was focused on the left, the one that drove her wild.

With my teeth, I exposed her pierced nipple, circling around the stiff nub with the tip of my tongue. I lifted my eyes to see her close her own and grimace slightly as she applied more pressure against my cock. Nika was so goddamn needy. I loved it.

I opened my lips and take her entire nipple and areola into my mouth, thrusting from side to side against the barbell. Her stomach jumped and thighs clenched; escort kadıköy she signed, clering trying to hold herself still, to limit her response to my ministrations. So I used my teeth to pull at her flesh, tugging relentlessly, strumming the tip of my tongue over the peak.

“Ahh,” she moaned, hunching her shoulders a little to pull back, protect herself. I grinned and released her.

“You’re such a bastard,” she said, voice deep with lust, rolling her hips until the tip of my cock pressed against her entrance. She flexed and released her muscles, like she would if wearing a kegel. Our eyes were locked, silently daring the other to give in first.

She reached down between our bodies, rubbed two fingers through her slit and brought her juice covered fingers to her pierced nipple. I crack, tearing my gaze from hers and watch her slick fingers circling around her nipple, the barbell, still wet with my saliva.

“You’re playing dirty, Nika,” I murmured, my voice husky from want. My cock swelled in her folds, and I lifted my hips, trying to tempt her.

“My body is all hot and heavy from those cones earlier,” she whispered, guiding her nipple to rub along my bottom lip. “And Nika is whining for you, Gray. She wants you to fuck her and fill her with your hot come.”

I lifted my gaze back to hers and wrapped my lips around her nipple, sucking her juices away, before pulling her down to kiss her fully, so she could taste herself on my lips. Her nipple and bra tickled against my chest, and I held her tighter, thrusting my hips up, letting her feel my frustration.

She reached between our bodies again, this time gripping my cock firmly in her hand. She guided me to her entrance once more and allowed just the tip of my dick to penetrate her.

Her thighs quivered in effort to hold herself up, to not just sink down onto my entire length. She sucked in a deep breath, gave me an impish grin and contracted her pussy muscles, as though she were practicing pelvic floor exercises. I groaned, my head rolling to the back of the couch. I closed my eyes and breathed through the sensations; the tip of my cock engulfed in heat, the itch deep behind my pelvis, one that spreads up to my belly.

Annika continued to clench and release me, teasing me and I knew I was fast approaching the point of no return.

“Stop,” I pleaded, hands stilling her hips. “I don’t want to finish this way.”

“How do you want to come, Gray baby?” she asked, leaning down to chew softly on my bottom lip.

“I want to come in your mouth.” She smirked. “But first, I need to feel Nika dripping down my cock. I need her to unleash the beast and ride me hard and fast, coating me in her gorgeous stoner slut juices.” Annika’s eyes brightened in arousal and I sneakily sink her halfway down my shaft. She gripped my cock so tight in her silky snatch, my vision frayed at the edges. Again, I breathed in deeply to find the last of my control.

“And then what? Say it, Gray baby.”

“And then I want you to suck my cock clean of your juices. To keep sucking until you gag on my seed, until you taste our sex dripping down your throat.”

She moaned and slowly lowered herself to the hilt. I felt my tight balls nestled between her ass and the soft fabric of the sofa. She held my cock snug inside her warmth, clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing.

I snarled and lifted my hips, pressing against her G-spot, and it was like flicking a switch. She gripped the back of the couch and started riding the length of me, from base to tip, building momentum. My hands moved around to hold her ass, fingers digging into the flesh as I pull her harder and harder onto me. I heard the squelching noise of her pussy, smelt Nika flooding the room. I smacked her ass cheek once, hard, as her thighs and stomach slapped against me.

My chest was hot and tight, my entire groin on fire. Annika’s inner thighs gripped my hips and I felt her pussy spasm deep within. I knew she was close, so redouble my bostancı escort efforts and lift my hips, forcing her to take all of me.

“Fuck, fucking fuck, Grady. I’m close, I’m close, I’m close,” she panted, each word growing louder, more hysterical.

“Fucking come for me, cover my cock in your hot slut juices, Annika. Fucking come!” I demanded, her face pinched in a tight grimace, and I felt her pussy pulse and flood over my cock and inner-thighs.

I kept thrusting hard into her, making her ride me through her orgasm. Her cunt was hot and released an abundance of juices, her inner most private muscles clenching me hard. I reached up to pinch and twist her pierced nipple, heightening her pleasure. She made a strangled noise – caught between a squeal and a moan – before her cunt released its grip of my shaft. She melted down onto me, her head on my shoulder.

My cock was still stiff – almost painfully so – and throbbing inside her, its pulsating throbs matching those of Nika. I needed to join in her bliss.

Despite the perspiration on her chest, the molten mess her body was clearly in, I lifted Annika and withdrew. She whimpered a soft protest.

“I need to come, baby.”

She rubbed her face into the curve of my neck, rolled her hips so our sex touches again. She sucked in a breath then sank to the floor. Eyes heavy, glazed, she looked at me as she shook out her hair and retied it in a high top-knot. The ‘blow-job bun’, we called it. I gave her a shit-eating grin.

“Good girl,” I murmured, knowing she secretly loved it when I call her that.

One hand gripped the base of my sloppy cock and she rested her other arm on the couch. She lowered her head and inhaled deeply.

“Fuck, you are a mess Gray baby. Whatever should I do?”

I lifted my hips, and she traced the shape of her lips with just the tip of my cock, making them glisten. Driving me insane.

“You fucking know what you should do.” I took hold of her bun and guided her face down. She licked her lips before wrapping them around the tip of my cock. A million tiny nerve endings went into overdrive; I released a heavy breath in relief knowing I could finally let go.

Annika moaned.

“I taste so fucking good on your cock, Gray baby.” And she deep-throated me, her tongue extending to tickle my balls.

“Yes, that’s it. Suck me clean. Fucking make me come,” I hoarsely whispered, my voice all but gone, every fibre of my being focused on liberation. She looked up, blue eyes smoking to grey as she released her throat, her hand fisting around the base of my cock again as she dragged her mouth up the length of my shaft.

And back down again, corkscrewing her hand as she built momentum. Her other arm pushed my knee up, foot resting on the couch, giving the nimble fingers of her free hand access to my balls. They were tight under her touch and she traced her thumb around them as she sucked and stroked me, making me sloppier with her saliva. Her eyes were transfixed leave my face. My uncontrollable reaction.

My hand gripped her bun tighter as I felt myself a tingle at the tips of my toes shoot up to my pelvis. They curl in defence; my balls swell and tighten. I felt that deep-sated itch behind the base of my shaft spread, the hot ache moving up my belly.

She knew my body so well, read me so well, and could tell I was close. She became relentless, moving her hand and mouth up and down my dick, while her other hand reached back and massaged her juices against my taint.

My grunt of release turned to a strangled groan, her name caught on my lips, my fingers tangled in her hair as I held her firmly to my crotch and I finally let go, shooting my hot seed down her throat. She gagged – I felt the contraction of her throat – but she didn’t lose me. She thrusted her tongue against the underside of my shaft, making me gasp for breath. I released her hair and she shifted her attention to the tip of my cock, her hand gently stroking me as the sucked me dry.

She finally released my cock, but continued to stroke me gently and kissed the tip of my penis, smiling.

“That,” she purred, “was perfect.” She pressed one final kiss to my cock before climbing back up into my arms, where we remained, a tangled mess, the rest of the night.

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