Stepping Out

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All story characters are 18 years old or older. This is the second in the Periwinkle Series which began with “The New Girl.”


September 4, 1992, Somewhere in Southern California

**FRIDAY 6 to 9 a.m.**

The alarm clock buzzed angrily when its digital flags dropped from 5:59 to 6:00. Dr. Carter woke and pulled his nose back from nuzzling Peri’s neck. As he turned over to stop the noise, his left hand naturally trailed across her lavender satin teddy from where it had been cupping her full right breast, half-squashed against the mattress. It slid over her slightly fuller left breast, and beneath her left arm to freedom. His new personal assistant, faced away on her right side, right leg extended with her left bent up, heel against her right knee, remained immobile and unaware.

After switching the alarm off, Carter rolled back, pulled the top sheet away and stared at the beautiful 18-year old girl he had ravished seven times, in as many different ways, in the last twelve hours. Her light-brown hair was arrayed on the pillow, exposing a perfectly shaped ear shell. He ran the back side of his left forefinger along its edge. He paused at her earlobe, pressed his fingertip against its hidden hollow and traced slowly down her neck to her collarbone before backtracking. Carter’s finger continued along Peri’s jaw to her delicate chin and then up to his favorite facial feature. He bounced his fingertip lightly on her lower lip, pulled it back and bent his head to her ear. “TOURMALINE,” he whispered, planting a small kiss on her round, spongy lobe.

Peri’s eyes fluttered and then opened wide. She blinked rapidly several times, raised her left hand and quickly cleared away the tiny bits of matter collected overnight in the corners of her eyes. Stretching her legs and rolling over to her left, she lay on her back and sent Carter a small smile. “MMM,” she hummed quietly, “Good morning, Uncle. What time is it?” she asked, still adjusting to the half-light in the master bedroom.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” Carter replied. “It’s just past 6. Did you sleep well?”

“Oh, yes, very well, thanks” Peri answered, showing greater alertness and raising her right arm to rest her open hand on Dr. Carter’s left shoulder point. Surveying his lounging form, facing her and propped on his right elbow and forearm, she rolled further left onto her hip and mirrored Carter’s position, moving her hand flat from his shoulder across his chest. “My goodness, Uncle,” she observed, toying her fingers and thumb in the jersey over his sternum, plucking an invisible button, “you are still wearing your sweatsuit!”

Carter adjusted his body closer to hers. “I am glad you slept well, Peri. I was pretty tired, myself, last night and didn’t have the energy to do anything but get in bed. Next thing I knew the alarm was going off.” Carter chuckled and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. “Is that better, honey?” he asked. “I’m no ‘Tarzan’, you know.” To himself he thought, “but you are sure some ‘Jane’ and we were swinging yesterday!”

Peri’s smile broadened and her coral tongue peeked between her gleaming white teeth. “Ooh, Uncle, that is much better,” she cooed, twisting his sparse chest hair and pinching his left nipple in the process. Her hand worked its way down to his stomach, overhanging his sweatpants’ waistband by about an inch. Digging her index finger deep into his navel, she scratched him with her nail and insinuated her thumb under the elasticized barrier protecting her ultimate target. “But what am I going to do with this?” She sweetly asked, stretching his waistband and letting it snap back onto his gut. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and her mouth opened. Its capital “O” shape quickly transformed into a “Q” as she stabbed the air with her quivering tongue.

Carter, pleased by Peri behavioral progress and, in particular, her pause for confirmation and guidance, thought to himself, “The spanking seems to have worked.” He twisted onto his back, hiked his ass, pushed his sweatpants down and kicked them off the end the bed. “Hello, pal!” he said to himself, as his purple-headed erection rose from the ash-grey foliage of his pubic hair, like the proverbial phoenix. His hard-on had been his faithful friend every morning for 54 years, but on this morning it seemed more eager for attention than usual. “There, you go, Sweetie,” Carter said aloud, “Problem solved! Do what you like.”

Peri was ecstatic. She quickly sat up, inverted herself and crawled onto Carter’s stomach facing his plum puppet. She licked her lips and bowed her head. Peri’s tongue raced lightly over the dick’s small slit, gathering the pre-cum as it appeared.

Carter raised his upper body, propping the pillows between his shoulder blades and resting on his elbows and forearms. He studied Peri’s shiny lavender bottom, wiggling and bouncing as she applied herself to his stiff cock. Her knees and shins, straddling his waist, spread the deep purple lace seam of her crotch-less tap-pants. Peri’s pubic fuzz trimmed its edges, disappearing between illegal bahis her thighs. Her opening pink crescent sliced up its center, imitating her dimpled smile, as it pointed to her puckered rosebud at the seam’s other end.

Carter angled his torso further, grabbed Peri’s thighs just above the knees, and buried his face in her beckoning pussy. He ran his nose tip, followed immediately with his trailing tongue, the full length of her slit from clitoris to her waiting, winking tunnel. He kissed and sucked her juicing twat while Peri licked and squeezed his throbbing dick. She pushed and squirmed her ass. He flexed and jerked his hips. She stroked his staff and tickled him under his scrotum with her fingernails. He stabbed her gash with his tongue and latched onto her pulsing nubbin.

Peri remembered, and was very conscious of, Carter’s seismic warnings. She was not unprepared when his cock bounced in her mouth, shooting its seed as it jumped. Sealing her lips tightly around the head, she kept her throat angled. The deluge, no less than before, was, this time, completely controlled. She sucked, slurped and swallowed with confident gusto as she, herself, orgasmed. Carter, likewise hermetically sealed to Peri’s cunt, relished her tremulous flood without breaking contact.

When the storms finally subsided Carter smacked Peri’s bottom and said with a small laugh, “That was a nice breakfast, how about going into the kitchen and making us coffee, please?”

“Right away!” Peri agreed, happily. She got off the bed, found her kimono on the floor, pulled it around her teddy and left. Carter got up, too, reclaimed his sweatsuit, slipped on his moccasins and walked around the bed to the other end table. Picking up the phone he dialed the Counseling Center. When Ms. Cohen’s voice finished telling him the office was closed for another hour and a half, the voicemail clicked and he said, ” Good Morning, Rita, this is Dr. Carter. PRESTO! Ms. Halstead was a no-show yesterday, please delete her from my calendar and forget you ever saw her. PRESTO! I am going to work from home today and then head out for the long week-end. I’ll see you Tuesday. Have a great and safe Labor Day!.” Carter re-cradled the receiver, rubbed his palms together and walked out of the bedroom with a self-satisfied smirk.

Peri glanced up as Carter walked into the kitchen. “Coffee’s 5 minutes away. Here’s some OJ I found in the fridge. You want me to make toast, or anything else?” she asked, cheerily.

“No, Sweetie,” Carter said, “Seriously, I am not a ‘Big Breakfast’

kind of guy. Coffee and juice will do nicely.” He stepped forward and slipped his hands inside the folds of her kimono and wrapped Peri in a warm hug, rubbing the satin teddy in small circles around her back. She sighed and relaxed in his arms. Dropping her hands to his buttocks, she squeezed and rubbed him through his sweatpants.

“OK, Uncle,” she whispered into his neck. “What’s the plan for today?”

“That’s a good question, my pet,” he replied. “Those old clothes of yours will hardly do. I have a couple of things you can wear but we really need to go shopping. Do you like to shop for clothes?” Carter inquired.

“That’s sounds like a really fun idea, Uncle!” She let go of his ass and stood on tiptoe and kissed him quickly. “What’s not to like when I am with you!” she countered.

Carter just grinned and said, “Good. We’ll make that a priority on our agenda. Right now, come with me and let’s see what’s on hand, eh?” Peri followed him back to the master bedroom walk-in closet.

Opening drawers in a highboy, Carter pulled out a pair of basic white briefs, a 35C soft-cup white bra, a checked blue plaid flannel man’s shirt and a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Handing them to the girl, he said, “Try these on. I think they will fit but let’s see.”

Peri pulled on the underwear and squeezed into the jeans. These were a little tight across the seat but Carter didn’t object and, after she wiggled her ass around a little, they stretched and felt OK to her, too. The shirt hung a bit long and was loose enough that it minimized, without denying, her breasts. “That looks great, Peri,” Carter complimented her. “Find a pair of slingbacks that fit, if you can, and we’ll be set.” Checking his watch, he continued, “I have to make a phone call. Come out to the living room when you are ready.”

He left her to look over an array of sandals and pumps in different styles and sizes. In the living room, Carter picked up the phone and dialed. “Good Morning, Dr. English’s office,” said a pleasant feminine voice.

“Good morning, Jenny,” Dr. Carter said, “This is Dr. Carter. I want to introduce a new patient to Dr. English. Does he have any openings today?”

“Hi, Dr. Carter,” Jenny replied. “He’s trying to get out early for the weekend so I left his afternoon open. You’ll have to arrange it with him. He’ll be in in a few minutes, may I have him call you?” she asked.

“Yes, Jenny, that will be fine. I am at home. He has my number.” Carter said and hung up.

Ten illegal bahis siteleri minutes later Carter’s phone rang. “Hello,” he said.

“Hey, Bill, Chad English here. Jenny said you called. What’s up?”

“I have a new girl I’d like you to look over for me. Any chance I could get in today?” Carter asked.

“For you? Sure thing. My calendar was clear for the afternoon. Can you bring her in at 12:30?” English answered.

“No problem, Chad. Much obliged. We’ll see you then.” Carter said. He hung up with a smile just as Peri strutted in looking fine. “Wow!” Carter said. “Too wow!” Carter thought, looking at the tight fitting jeans and the red 3″ spike-heel slip-ons. She had also found a western-styled belt with a turquoise buckle, which Carter had forgotten. Peri had tied the loose tails of her shirt into a bow just below her breasts, baring her midriff. Her bra didn’t show, but her nipples sure did, combining with her exposed navel and the rope cinch for a ‘happy face’ effect.

“Unh-unh, Sweetie,” Carter stated flatly, shaking his head. “You are extremely sexy, we know that, but today you need to look more like the girl next door.” He crossed over and stepped behind Peri, placing his hands on her hips and kissing her neck so she would know he wasn’t angry. “I like this a lot, honey,” he continued, sweeping his hands up and cruising her breasts under the soft flannel before untying the knot and smoothing the wrinkled tails.

He couldn’t resist patting her ass and her pussy as he brought the shirt tails down. Unbuckling and unbuttoning the jeans, he peeled them down past her hips and carefully tucked the plaid flannel in as he pulled them up again. “OK,” he acknowledged, as he found it difficult to re-fasten her denims over the minimal bulk of the shirt, “I get it. Well, let’s leave it out, then.” he agreed, pulling the shirttails up, “but don’t tie them, please.”

“OK, Uncle,” Peri agreed, with the tiniest little pout.

“Don’t fret, baby,” Carter assured her. “You are going to get plenty of sexy things, but we also need to have regular-looking clothes. You would look good in a gunny-sack, just trust your Uncle.”

“Oh, I do, Uncle, I do. I love you so much!” Peri underscored this by spinning in he arms and lifting her face to crush her mouth to his. Carter felt his cock harden in his sweatpants and looked at his watch. “No,” he told himself, “no time for a quickie if we are going to get to Chad’s office on time.”

“Mmmm. Stop it, sweetie!” he said, breaking her lip-lock. “I have to get real clothes on myself so we can get going. I love you, too, now let me go change!” Smiling broadly he pecked her forehead and swatted her bottom. “I’ll be back in a jiffy!” he said over his shoulder, heading to his bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, they were in the Taurus in traffic heading to the City of Commerce where an old tire factory had been converted to brand-name factory outlet stores in a huge mall called “The Citadel.”

**FRIDAY 9 a.m. to Noon**

It was nearly 9 o’clock by the time Carter negotiated the roads and pulled into The Citadel parking area. Between early weekenders and unlucky laborers who had to get to work, all the freeways, main arterials and, even, the side streets were clogged. There were no ‘Sig Alerts’ on their route but it was a tough drive all the same.

Still, they hadn’t missed any shopping time. Carter walked proudly beside his trophy pet toward the stores. He planned to dress her inside out, so their first stop was the Hanes Hosiery store for basic foundation garments. A half-dozen simple bra-and-panty sets were quickly selected. Peri favored the boy-cut style briefs and didn’t need either underwire construction for support or push-up bras for shape enhancement. More time was spent on nylons and tights. The available shadings kept Peri hemming and hawing for longer than Carter could stand and he finally required her to choose eight pair of pantyhose in nude, sand, light-brown and taupe, along with three heavier pair of tights in opaque white, true black, medium blue with a darker large diamond pattern, and a thinner pair in pale pink with small coral and rose dots.

Moving on to the Carol Little store, Peri immediately saw a black-and-green cotton halter dress with a key-hole bodice and a splash of red in the print. She grabbed it and scooted to the dressing room. “Uncle! Come see this dress!” she called. “It is fantastic!” Moments later, she stepped out, turning for inspection. Carter agreed it looked great. Although the maxi-hem hid her terrific lower legs, the cut of the hips and waist showed her ass and thighs to perfection. Carter pushed her back into the booth and closed the door. Like lightning, he slipped his left hand into the key-hole, grabbing her left tit through her bra and lifted it with a squeeze. Pressing her back to the stall wall, he kissed her hard, hissing, “OK, let’s get it.”

Peri moaned into his mouth and squirmed, pulling the dress’ hem up until it bunched around her waist. Her left hand searched for canlı bahis siteleri his right hand and pulled it into her crotch. Carter kept squeezing her tit while he drug his right fingers to the top of her panties.

Forcing them down, his hand pushed through her fuzzy curls and he shoved his first three fingers fully into her cunt, rubbing his thumb against her fat clit. “OHHH!” she gasped, biting his lip. “Uuncle!” Peri came faster than she thought possible as Carter repeatedly plunged his fingers, keeping his thumb on the doorbell.

Moving on to The Gap, L. Bates, and Leon Max stores, Carter loaded Peri’s wardrobe with both sexy and serviceable stylings from jumpers and blouses to light knits. He preferred hemlines just above the knee but allowed for a couple of shorter styles, eschewing actual mini-skirts. “You don’t want just anyone to see your pussy, sweetie,” he told her with a wink, giving her bottom little pinch. Her face flushed. She nodded agreement with a shy smile.

At the Perry Ellis Shoes store they selected a nice strappy sandal and a black-and-white tuxedo low heel. They also found a fancy black alligator pump with 4-inch tapered heels and another pair of wedgies to replace the pair in Carter’s safe.

It was going on 11:30 when they had all their packages loaded in the Taurus. “Let’s grab a burger and fries at In-N-Out,” Carter suggested, pointing the car to an exit.

“That sounds good,” nodded Peri. “Can I get a shake, too?”

“Absolutely!” Carter chuckled.

**FRIDAY Noon to 2 PM**

Dr. Carter parked in a tree-shaded slot in the parking lot outside Dr. English’s offices. “What’s this?” Peri asked, surveying the professional building and its suites. “I don’t see any stores.”

“No, no shopping, this stop,” Carter concurred. “I managed to get you a check-up appointment with my physician, Dr. English.”

“But I’m…not sick or anything,” Peri said, thoughtfully, “In fact, I feel fine”

“You feel amazingly fine,” Carter silently agreed. Aloud, he replied, “It’s mostly a ‘get-acquainted’ visit, Sweetie. You want to have a doctor lined up before you need one, right?”

“Oh, yes…of course, you are right, Uncle.”

“Of course, indeed,” he said quietly. He looked at her profile and smiled. “Let’s go meet the doctor, shall we?”

They walked into the medical offices, down a corridor and through a dark wood paneled door with a brass name plate announcing: Charles O. English, M.D. General Practice. Peri saw a receptionist at the desk and noticed the waiting room was empty.

Carter directed her to a bank of chairs. “Have a seat, honey, while I check us in.”

Stepping up to the thin young woman, he said, “Hi Jenny, we are here.”

“Hi Dr. Carter,” Jenny Adams responded. “On time as always!” She smiled, handed him a clipboard and said, “it is nice to see you again. You and your niece can fill out this history and I will let Dr. English know you are here.”

“Thanks, Jenny,” Carter replied.

Taking the clipboard he crossed the room to the corner where Peri sat. “Here,” he said, handing it to her, “PRESTO!” Peri’s head dipped and her eyes shut. In a discreet but clear voice, Carter commanded, “I want you to remember and record your medical history on this form. Do you understand, Peri?”


“Good. Be truthful and complete but leave the name space blank. do you understand?”


“Good girl,” Carter concluded, “PRESTO!”

Peri’s eyes opened and she began filling in the spaces on the form. Carter left her and returned to Jenny Adams. “So, are you still smoking?” he asked casually.

“Oh, Dr. Carter!” She laughed. “You are so funny! You know I have never smoked.”

Winking, Carter said, “GINGER!” Leaning over her desk, he said softly, “Who’s your Daddy, baby-girl?”

“You are,” Jenny answered dreamily, fidgeting with her blouse button.

“That’s right, sweetie,” he smiled. “Do you want me to give you a little rub?” he asked.

“Oh, Daddy, yes! I love how…you…rub,” she purred.

“OK, you keep it warm, sweetie. I’ll be back to you soon. GINGER” he promised and stepped back to Peri.

Just then an interior door opened. “Hey Bill,” said the tall, dark-haired man who entering the waiting room.

“Hi, Chad,” answered Carter, changing direction to shake his friend’s hand. “Thanks again for seeing us on short notice. This is my niece, Peri Carter…My brother’s daughter…just moved in to help me with a project.” Moving to Peri, Carter said, “Peri, this is Dr. English. He is not just my doctor, he is a good friend.”

“Hello, Dr. English,” Peri said, sticking out her hand.

English took the proffered hand, shook it briefly, and said “Very nice to meet you, Peri. Let’s go in and get started, eh?” He led them back through the inner door and down a hallway to an examining room. “Take off your heels and step up on the scale, please, Peri” he requested.

Peri complied and English adjusted the height bar and slid the counterweights. “66 1/2 inches; 109 pounds” he said, recording the result on a card. “Nice. Very trim. OK, Peri, I want to talk a minute with your Uncle Bill. While we are out of the room, undress completely, put on this smock, and sit on the exam table, won’t you?”

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