Spying on the Neighbor

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“Don’t you think this one is a little too revealing?”

Rhonda held a skimpy white bikini at arms length and was looking at her husband Pat with a skeptical, raised eyebrow.

“Babe, it’s in our backyard. If we can’t unwind a little here, then what’s the point of having this fancy house?”

He made a good point. Rhonda and Pat had been in their house for nearly a year now. It was located in an upper-middle class neighbourhood in South Florida, a half-hour drive from Miami. The couple, who were in their late 20s, had managed to put a down payment on the home thanks to some parental help.

Rhonda and Pat were getting ready to enjoy a day around the pool in their backyard. Most of the residents around them were a little older and kept to themselves. Even though their house was surrounded by other houses, the layout of the neighbourhood and high fences made it so things were rather private.

In her early 20s, the naturally outgoing and adventurous Rhonda had learned to be a little more conservative in her swimwear choice. A nudist at heart, she had the type of assets that drew a lot of attention from the opposite sex and, to be honest, from the same sex as well.

She was slim with an athletic butt and had large, natural breasts that would have been considered huge on a 6′ frame, so on her 5’4″ they were simply massive. While a little attention was nice, she had had too many experiences of guys walking up to her and saying the most inappropriate, gross things as though she would enjoy hearing them. She had come to accept that a more conservative swimsuit made the beach much more enjoyable on the whole.

But now things were different, this was their backyard! Rhonda’s face lit up with a smile as she tossed her one-piece aside and undressed to change into her bathing suit. Seeing his wife undress was one of Pat’s favourite moments. He never got tired of watching her bounce around in the nude. It was impossible for Rhonda not to bounce, her beautiful curvy body seemed to amplify any small movement. Pat loved every sway and, as a breast man through and through, internally thanked the Gods that the girl he fell in love with also had the most enticing rack he had ever seen.

Pat moved in close and put his arms around her. Rhonda welcomed his embrace and they exchanged a few sensuous kisses. Their hands began to slowly explore each other, his moving down to her breasts and ass and hers gently massaging his cock over his board shorts.

As things we’re beginning to heat up, Rhonda avoided one of his kisses in a teasing way and said: “Let’s keep some of this sexy energy bottled up for the day, I’m feeling a little playful.”

She was out of the room with a wink before Pat could stop her. He looked at his erection, an achingly hard six inches attempting to burst through the sturdy fabric of his swimsuit. He smiled. Today was going to be a good day.

They spent the day enjoying their pool, some BBQ, and a generous amount of rum-based drinks. What started with Rum and Cokes soon became variations that were really just rum and a few drops of whatever was close-by.

They were both horny drunks and, when the sun set, they began making out in the pool. Their kissing was heavy and passionate, and the alcohol made them a little more uninhibited. Pat untied Rhonda’s bikini top, unleashing her massive breasts, and quickly took one of them in his mouth.

Rhonda let her head drop back, her long hair dropping down into the water, as he sucked and explored her with his mouth. She enjoyed the sensation for a moment, then squeezed ataşehir escort her hands into his back to bring herself upright and to find his mouth with hers in a deep kiss. The day of flirting and drinking had made her horny, and right now she didn’t want to make love, she wanted dick.

Rhonda forced Pat’s board shorts down and had him sit on the side of the pool. His penis was up in a satisfying erection and she brought her lips to its head, spreading them by pushing her mouth down on his shaft. Soon she was moving her tongue around the tip of Pat’s cock and licking up and down the sides of his dick. She then created some suction around his glans as she slowly but firmly stroked the shaft with one of her hands, with the other squeezing his thigh.

The sensation was bliss for Pat. When he looked down he saw his brown-haired wife devouring his dick with gusto, her beautiful tits bouncing on his thighs as she stroked him.

Rhonda lifted her huge breasts around his dick. They were so big they completely buried it, with the exception of the tip, peaking out of her crack as though calling for help. She kept sucking on it as she squeezed her breasts around his manhood.

Pat was thankful for all the drinks they had had that day as it helped him last a little longer in the face of this sexy onslaught. His balls tightened up.

“I’m getting close,” he said.

Rhonda took her mouth of his dick for a moment and stroked a little more vigorously. “Give it to me baby, I want to taste you.”

The enticement and the feeling of her mouth around his dick was all he needed. He exploded in his wife’s mouth and she kept her lips around him, sucking him dry.

As Pat took a moment to enjoy the sensation, Rhonda moved through the water towards the pool steps. She exited the water onto their deck and crawled onto a deck chair, staying on all fours with her ass sticking out at her husband. She turned towards Pat and called out to him.

“Hey, baby? I’ve got something for you here that needs taking care of.”

When he turned towards her, she looked at him in the eye and moved her bikini bottom to the side, revealing her vagina. The sight was incredible and made Pat see red.

He moved towards her like a hunter and grabbed her hips, grinding his pelvis against hers. As horny as he was in the moment, he couldn’t quite manage an erection so soon after orgasm.

Rhonda, sensing his dilemma, began to tease him. “Will I need to ask one of our neighbours to finish me off.”

“Oh, you are one naughty girl. We are going to have to punish you,” said Pat.

This talk sounded more adventurous than anything Rhonda and Pat had actually ever done or thought of doing. It had become a little game of theirs, some light role-play in which they would go up to the second floor of their house and spy on their neighbours from a dark room.

They weren’t actually looking to see anything. Especially Rhonda, who felt a little guilty about the game. But the pretend act of peeping turned them both on and was a fun transition into sexy time.

After drying off, and with Rhonda shedding her bikini bottoms, they headed up to their bedroom and closed the light. Pat retrieved Rhonda’s favourite dildo and began to tease her pussy lips with it as she brought the binoculars to her eyes and began looking out the window. She shooed the dildo away as though he were naughty to have thought of it, but when he actually moved it away, she whimpered sexily to tease him. He grunted at her and squeezed her ass before slapping it softly.

Rhonda kadıköy escort stuck out her butt as she peered around the neighbourhood, Pat placed himself behind her and the began to grind against each other gently. Pat placed his dick and the dildo next to each other in the crack of her ass. He started comparing his dick with the sex toy. They were almost exactly the same length and girth; They had chosen it together for her to use when he was away on business. It made him both horny and a little more in love with her to think about that in that very moment.

“Anything good, darling?” He said in a faux-British accent.

She puffed out air in disappointment and handed him the binoculars. “Nothing my Lord, but, what have we here?” Her hand reached for his dick and started stroking as he looked around through the magnifying lenses.

Just as things were about to lead to sex, he said “What’s this?” with genuine curiosity.

When she asked him what he was looking at, he told her he could see their neighbour Tim in his Jacuzzi. She looked at him sternly. “Tim is off limits, babe. Tim is cool, and he’s our friend. We shouldn’t be doing this!” Tim was indeed their mutual best buddy in the neighbourhood. The trio got along famously and the two twenty somethings enjoyed the company of the older bachelor, who came across as a little awkward, but friendly and easy-going.

“Holy shit, Tim is fit!” Pat had dropped the British accent and spoke in a way he knew would make Rhonda curious.

“What? Oh my god you’re the worst…” Rhonda seemed to be debating the morality of what they were doing with herself. After a moment she shoved him aside and stole the binoculars with a “Give me those!”

“I thought he was off limits. So naughty,” teased Pat.

“Well, you broke the embargo.” she said.

Pat let Rhonda enjoy her little moment of voyeurism as he checked out the scene without magnification. He got a little bored with it and began taking in his wife, on all fours, her large breasts hanging, nipples brushing against their bed, and her little butt perked up in the air.

Pat lied down and relaxed, becoming lost in a daydream as he contemplated the ceiling. After a few minutes, he realized his wife was being startlingly quiet. He turned to her and saw that the fingers of her free hand were gently exploring her vagina. It seemed like an absent-minded action as Rhonda was completely engrossed with what she was looking at. As though in response to his gaze, she muttered “oh my god” under her breath.

Pat felt something in his gut tighten. He was a little shocked by the sight, but he also felt strong arousal. “What’s happening?” he asked her. When she didn’t answer, he gently pried the lenses out of her hands and looked down at their neighbour.

What he saw was shocking. Tim was standing in the Jacuzzi, his legs still in the water up to his knees, and was masturbating. Vigorously. In Tim’s right right hand Pat saw what was the biggest dick he had ever seen. It immediately made him think of a foot-long at Subway. It was a strangely accurate comparison as it not only seemed that long, but also that large in girth.

“He’s masturbating!” Was the only thing he could bring himself to say as he watched his neighbour hunched over himself and stroking away with abandon. When he put down the binoculars and looked at Rhonda, she had both hands together at her nose and looked guilty.

“I’m so sorry, babe. He got out of the water and the fact he was nude kind of surprised me and I couldn’t look away and then, before I bostancı escort bayan knew it, he was stroking himself… and… and, I’m sorry for looking! I feel so bad, we shouldn’t have been doing this!”

Pat felt bad for teasing her and consoled his wife, telling her not to be too hard on herself. They were just having fun and they would put the binoculars away and take a break from spying on neighbours. He didn’t want her to feel bad.

When he returned to the bed and cuddled up with her, she still seemed to be feeling guilty. “It’s just nudity, babe. We caught him being human and horny, that’s all. We’ll just have to find a way to forget it and move on the next time we’re at his place for dinner.”

She turned to him and what he saw in her gaze wasn’t guilt, it was something else. As though in reflex, one of his hands moved down to her legs. When they reached her inner thigh it felt as though it was covered in a sheen of sweat. When he got to her vagina, he felt how wet she was.

“I need to feel you inside me right now,” said Rhonda.

Hearing these words out of her mouth, combined with the intensity of her gaze and her quick breathing, had the immediate effect of giving Pat one of the strongest erections he had ever felt.

Her hand reached for his cock and brought it straight for her opening, enticing him to push inside. Pat didn’t need to be asked twice and pushed his whole length inside of her. Her wetness accepted with ease. They both groaned at the feeling and her hands reached for his ass, squeezing him into her, asking to be taken strongly.

Pat obliged and that began one of the wildest sex sessions Rhonda and Pat had ever had together. He couldn’t remember his wife being this turned on and aggressive during sex. It felt like everything he did to her, she wanted it to be harder and more intense. It was incredibly erotic and exciting.

He wasn’t sure if it was because he wanted to be in control, or if he wanted to push her even further over this edge of excitement, but as he pounded into her, sending tremors through her body with every thrust, catching one of her giggling breasts in his mouth, he decided to do something he had never done before.

In fact, he had never really thought of trying this, it just happened. He moved his head to her ear and whispered: “Did seeing his huge dick turn you on?”

Rhonda squealed in response to his whisper, and his dick nearly gasped in pain has he felt her vagina squeeze around his penis. The tightening heat in Pat’s gut returned, and he was more turned on than ever.

“Did you like seeing him stroke himself? Did you wonder how it would feel to hold a dick that size in your hands?”

Rhonda continued to squeal and arched her head and back as though possessed. Pat had never seen her like this and could feel her orgasm building as the intensity of the sex continued to increase. He felt possessed and wanted to fuck her as hard as he could. He also knew that he would only only last a few more seconds. Before he could regret saying the words, they were out of him: “Are you imagining his dick was his dick inside of you right now? Coming inside of you?”

The sound that came out of Rhonda at that moment was deep and primordial, like some kind of animal wail. He felt her whole body seize up in orgasm and at the same moment he came as strongly as he ever had, shooting what felt like his soul inside of her

Their mutual orgasm felt like it lasted forever, and Pat kept pushing his hips against hers reflexively, as though trying to shoot his seed even deeper. Every few moments, Rhonda’s body would seize up with in a kind of orgasmic aftershock.

The air was so charged with intense sexuality that they spent the next few minutes making out passionately before falling into a deep sleep.

To be continued…

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