Spit Ch. 03

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My dad, Dan asked me to tell this part of our story. I read what he wrote, and I hope I can do half as well. I mean, I was there, well, except for the stuff with Jan. and I still masturbated all over the place reading it. Dan and Jan —sounds like a band or a really dumb cable show.

Anyway, pretty soon after they started dating, and fucking like crazy, yes, I can hear them through the walls and yes, I’m a little jealous, but I know it’s for the best and I will get my dad’s cock back in me soon.

So, dad left me a text, he’s doing stuff for his buddy today. Jan left a bag at the house and she’s gonna come by and pick it up. She’s really nice, I like her. Better than I like my mother, but that’s a story that sucks so you don’t need to hear it.

I’m out on the deck in front of the house on one of the lounges. It’s the only place dad and I haven’t had sex, yet. I’ve got a pretty conservative swimsuit on, not rockin the g-string today, and reading a really good book about two girls in World War Two. I love historical fiction and fantasy, which of course, the men I choose know nothing about. Sports, that’s pretty much it, oh, and fucking, they seem to know something about fucking, if you ask them. I don’t recommend getting a second opinion.

“Excuse me?”

I look over the book. He’s tall, about my age, and handsome. Wearing board shorts and a tank top. One of those guys who doesn’t have to work at looking like he works out. Brown wavy hair in a state of rebellion. Warm, brown eyes, looking mostly at the beach or the deck. Not my type, but I’m thinking my type have been a bunch of disappointments.


He’s standing on the sand, looking at the step and the deck like they are electrified. Shy? Hunky guy is shy?

“Um, my mom said she left a bag here. She’s working and asked me if I’d get it for her.”

As I’m silently cursing my father’s girlfriend for this now obvious set-up, shy man speaks again.

“Oh, I’m Travis. My mom is Jan. But I guess you know that.”

Still thinks the deck is acid, makes no move to get closer than the ten feet he currently is. Makes weak eye contact, but at least he isn’t laser beaming his eyes to my camel toe. I said conservative on that swimsuit, not granny. So, there’s that.

“I’m Zoe, Dan’s daughter. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think my dad had two hot girls.”

He blushes, hard. My attempt to lighten the mood fails.

“No, I wouldn’t think that at all.”

Sigh, no opening to keep the conversation going.

It looks like I’m going to be running into Travis the hunky introvert a lot. Might as well get to know him. I’m not sure I could take another meeting like this.

“Oh, yeah, dad mentioned that. It’s in the house.”

I get up to go in and he just stands there, not looking at my nice curvy ass which is dying to have hands on it. This is a lot like work.

“Come on in.”

Travis follows me into the house. I see his reflection in the glass. He is looking at my ass. There’s hope for the boy yet. However, he uses words like he’s paying for them. Now I’m feeling a challenge. I stop and we’re face-to-face. He backs up till at least six feet separate us. I must be radioactive and just not know it.

“Travis, our parents set this up so we could meet. They’re getting along pretty well, so this could end up permanent. You wanna hang out today? Don’t get any ideas, no pressure. Just two people hanging out.”

The look on his face. You’d think I’d asked him if he wanted to skydive with discount parachutes. But, I had him. He wanted to say no, but he was too polite. Thank you, Jan for raising a dweeby, but polite, son.

“Yeah, I guess, sure?”

If this guy was in charge of the army, we’d lose the war.

“Great, go back to your place and get whatever you want on the beach. We’re gonna be there a while. I’ll be here.”

This is taking forever to get to the good stuff, sorry. Dad’s better at this.

So, Travis the hot dweeb, and I are under my beach shelter. The boy is pale, so we opted for factory shade. I pull out my book, then remember my manners.

“So, what’s up in the playoffs?”

All of my ‘men’ have been sports freaks. It’s a safe conversation starter.

“I don’t know. Don’t really follow sports.”

I look at him. Did I miss the signs?

“Travis, are you gay? I mean I’m super cool and supportive an all. Just askin.”

Surprised look, “No, I’m not. A lot of people say that when I tell them I’m not into sports. I like sports, the strategy and stuff. But not all the drama about the teams.”

“So, what are you into?”

He reaches into his bag and my world changes. A book. The man reads. And more. It’s the third book in the current bestselling sword and fantasy series. He holds the book half our of the bag like it smells bad.

“This right now.”

My pulse quickens. Suddenly, Travis, the dweeb became a much more promising project.

“You read fantasy?”

He’s checking my face, waiting for the mocking.


I take the book from his hand.

“How is it? http://www.izmirlitv.com This is my next project.”

He opened like a flower. The words pouring out. The next hour flew by. The sun was higher now and I was hot.

“Wanna swim?’


“I need sun stuff on my back.”

I hand him the spray and turn away, waiting for the cold blast. I hear the spray then feel his hands on me spreading it. The guy has promise. He touches me like I’ll break or slap him, but it’s nice.

“Get under the strap, please. If I move it’s exposed.”

Gently he slides his fingers under. It feels good and I wish he’d follow that around and cup my tits, which are dying for hands. I lean forward.

“My lower back. Don’t be shy, get under the waistband a little. I really don’t want to burn.”

I feel his fingers carefully slip under the elastic. My pussy is getting wet. He’s so careful and so awkward. I love it. He doesn’t hurry but keeps his fingers just barely in there.

“Looks good.”

“Let me do your back. You’re so pasty, you’ll fry.”

As he moves, he tries to cover but I see it. He’s got a boner. No, definitely not gay.

I let my hands massage his back. He likes it. Fights moaning but let a sigh escape. Progress.

In the surf, we talk about Game of Thrones. He’s a big fan of Emilia Clark. She played Daenerys Targaryen.

“You just like her because she’s so hot looking.”

“No, she does a great job with her character.”

I move close. The waves push me into him.

“Don’t bullshit me. You liked watching her getting it. She has a nice ass.”

As the waves shove us around, I feel it again. Travis has a nice cock.

“Well, okay, maybe a little.’

“I think you like strong women, with hot bodies.”

Big wave. Travis sees it, I don’t, he grabs me and turns his back. Letting it crash over us.

“Thank you.”

“You didn’t see it. It would have knocked you over.”

I move closer, “Then you could save me like Jon Snow.”

The nervous boy is back, “Oh, I’d never be like him.”

I can’t resist. I move to him, mold to him. He stays. His arms sort of fall around me. I hold him, look up into those blue eyes.

“You don’t have to be.”

As our lips meet, a huge wave buries us. The moment is lost.

Back under the shelter, we lay on the towel, no conversation.

I wake up. Didn’t even know I fell asleep. Travis is molded to my back. Asleep. His cock is hard and buried in my cloth-covered crease. It feels really nice, but I know he’ll freak if he wakes up like that. His hand is on my belly, just at the edge of my top. As I try to gently disengage, his hand moves, covering my breast over my swimsuit.

“Ohhhh, mom.”

I freeze. What the fuck? Did he just say mom? Is my new book buddy and possible boyfriend having lusty thoughts about a family member? Or more?

As I untangled myself, he wakes up. He didn’t notice how close we were. It was getting late.

At the house, Jan was there. I like her, but I said that already. She and dad were on the deck.

“I see you two have met.”

I laughed. Travis laughed too.

“Mom, you set this up.”

Jan looks at dad, he blushes. I glare at him.

“Your idea?”

He shrugs. I laugh. Travis goes inside to pee and dad follows to get us all a drink. I sit next to Jan.

“You’re not mad at your father and I, are you?”

I put my hand over hers, “No, it was very awkward at first but we both love books, so it was a great day.

“I’m glad to hear that. Travis is a good son, just a bit shy.”

I squeeze her hand, just a little.

“Yes, it must be very satisfying to have such a handsome son.”

Blushes right from her cleavage to her forehead. Yup, she’s fucking her son, or wants to.

“Well, yes, I’m very proud of him.”

Dad and Travis came back, and we were standing around. Jan said, “Well, I need to get home and make dinner. You coming, Travis?”

“Yeah, mom.”

Jan turned to dad and they kissed. First time in front of me. Travis stood next to me and I felt his hand brush my ass. I turned and smiled at him. Next time we meet, that boy’s gonna be inside me. As he turned to follow his mom I let my hand graze over the bulge in his shorts. He sighed.

As they walked away, dad took my hand.

“So, did I fuck up?”

I laughed, “Never knew you had it in you. Fixing me up.”

We walked into the house, I stopped and turned to him.

“It worked out well. I like him, a lot. With your permission, I’d like to have him over.”

Dad moved to me. We held each other, “What you mean is you want to fuck him.”

I pressed my cloth-covered pussy into dad’s fat bulge, “Yes, daddy. I want to fuck that boy. But before that, we have a score to settle.”

Dad and I moved back and forth, rubbing our sexes, “Oh?”

“Yes, father. You set me up with that boy without my permission. You must atone.”

Dad’s hands moved behind my back, releasing the top. I moved and let it fall away. My father’s hands cupped my breasts, teasing my hard nipples.

“What can I do?”

I pulled his shirt over his head and started unbuttoning his shorts.

“You owe me a fuck, lots of them. I like Jan, but I need you now. I’m drenched.”

I turned and leaned over the back of the couch.

“Bedroom?” dad asked.

“Here, now, please.”

The wall was all glass, but the sun was behind the house. His big fingers shoved my swimsuit down to my thighs. I spread as wide as I could. I heard dad’s shorts hit the floor and then felt his fat cock at my entrance.

“Been a few days, baby. Sorry.”

“We talked about it, it’s okay. Just fuck me, dad, I’m so wet and horny.”

His cock felt so big. Filling me up, slamming me into the couch.

“Oh, baby girl, you feel so good.”

I stretched my arms out, gripping the couch as dad pummeled my needy pussy. It’s so convenient to have a sex partner under the same roof. Dad’s hands gripped my hips and he hit my cervix on every plunge. I came.

As dad fucked me, I caught motion to my side. A mirror hung on the wall. Dad was oblivious, bent over me, fucking me like the first time.

Jan and Travis stood in the open door. Jan did not seem at all surprised. Travis’s mouth hung open. Too late now. I buried my face in the couch and enjoyed dad.

I looked up again. Jan had Travis’s shorts down. Her hand held his very nice cock and his hand rubbed between her legs, over her shorts. As I watched, Jan unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them. No panties. Travis put his hand back. This was not their first time. Jan got on her knees, smiled past me. I think dad noticed what was going on. It was going to get hotter.

Jan took Travis’ cock and slid her mouth over it. I came again, loudly. So fucking hot. I caught Travis’ eye, we smiled, he shrugged, I air-kissed him and gave him thumbs up. Dad stopped and I felt his cock slide out.

“Well, we seem to have broken the ice. Let’s go to the bed.”

I stepped over and pulled Travis’s shirt off. I hugged him. We kissed.

“I had no idea.” He whispered as he pressed his hard cock against my wet sex.

“I had a suspicion. We’ll talk later. Let’s do them and then you’re all mine.”

We kissed again and Travis put one hand on my ass and the other on my pussy.

“You’re so wet.”

I held his cock, “And you’re so hard and big. I want to fuck you while our parents watch. But right now, I want to watch you fuck your mother.”

Dad had one hand up Jan’s pussy and the other with two fingers up her ass. She was trying to jack him but could not concentrate. I slapped dad’s naked ass.

“Hey old man, get your hands off Travis’s sex toy and come and fuck your daughter.”

We left our clothes on the living room floor and headed for dad’s room.

Jan yanked the covers off and climbed on. Moving to one side. I kissed Travis,

“You’ve seen me. It’s my turn.”

Jan put a pillow under her cute firm ass and spread her legs, “Been too long son, come to, no cum IN momma.”

With practiced ease, Travis moved over his mother. She took his incredibly hard cock and, as he slipped his arms under her and cupped her head, put him at her entrance.

“Wanna fuck mom while they watch?”

Travis groaned and slid himself into his mother. She locked her legs behind his.

“Fuck me, baby. Make mommy cum.”

I was so turned on I was quivering. I got on the bed and moved to the end. Travis was pounding Jan. The slap of their bodies fed my lust. I reached out, not thinking, just reacting. I gently held Travis’ balls as they swung. My hand brushed Jan’s pussy. I’d never felt another woman. She was warm and soft and so wet. I massaged the lips of her vagina as I felt Travis’ cock slide in and out. I looked past him, wondering how Jan was reacting. She looked at me, smiled, and came all over my hand. It was way past exciting. Dad just stood to the side, slowly stroking his cock. I lay face-down on the bed. I put my ass up, on my knees.

“Fuck me, dad.”

He was there in a second and we were fucking, right next to Jan and Travis. The most erotic and taboo thing I’ve ever done. I came fast, nearly squirting. Jan noticed.

“Fuck that’s hot.”

“Does it all the time,” Dad said as he plowed me from behind.

As dad hammered me, my face moved closer to Jan’s. She looked at my tits, swinging. Our eyes met, “May I?”

“Please, it’s only fair.”

She came on her son’s cock as her hand moved under me and gently fondled my breast.

“I’ve never done this.”

“Me either,” I panted, “You felt nice.”

Jan’s eyes rolled back as Travis plunged deep, “I liked having you touch me while he fucked me.”

“Pinch my nipples, Jan. I’ll cum like hell.”

“Mmmmm” she said, as I felt her fingers on my nipple.

Pressure, hard pinching pressure went from my nip straight to my pussy.

“Oh fuck! Cumming!”

This time I jetted my juice all over dad and the bed. That set dad off.

“Cumming baby. Take dad’s cum.”

He pounded deep and held himself against me as he came. Jan smiled, “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

I just squeezed her breast, too busy cumming to answer.

Travis, seeing all this, went off.

“Oh fuck mom!”

Jan groaned her cum as her son filled her.

The men fell off to each side, leaving Jan and I next to each other. I caressed her sweaty body slowly. Her hand moved over to do the same.

“You cum a lot.”

“Yeah, it’s not like I try, it just happens. It’s worse when I’m really horny.”

“Like watching other parents fuck their kid?”

I pinched her nipple. She squealed quietly.

“I’ve never seen other people having sex, for real and then for my first time I watch a mother and son. If dad hadn’t been in me, I would have blasted the wall.”

“I’d like to see that,” Jan replied as her fingers trailed down my belly.

“Keep that up and you will.”

Jan’s fingers paused at the top of my slit, “I’ve never been interested in experimenting with a woman. What changed?”

I gently took her hand and pressed it down over my pussy running with dad’s and my juices, “Because I love you and I’m nearly your step-daughter and my father and your son are watching, and it’s all so wrong. I want to suck your pussy. I’ve never been interested either, but I sure am now.”

Our mouths touched, opened and our tongues danced. The men groaned but kept their hands off us. This was our time. I moved my hand to Jan’s pussy, so wet with their mixed cum. We broke our kiss. Lips brushing, Jan spoke.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?”

“Yes, all the time.”

I brought my hand, wet with Jan’s spend up and pressed my fingers against her mouth, “Try it, you’ll like it. I’m sure you know how dad tastes.”

As she opened her mouth to reply, my fingers slipped in. She froze, then I felt her tongue laving my fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, then released me.

“How do I taste to you?”

I took two fingers and ran them up Jan’s pussy, slipping inside and rubbing her hard clit as I passed over. She groaned.

“Not fair. You stopped.”

Moving my face over her, I slipped my fingers into my mouth. She tasted different than me, a bit more musky. I liked it.

“I like your taste.”

Jan’s hand slid over my pussy, going deep, and rubbing my clit. I groaned.

“Only fair,” Jan said as she put her fingers, covered in my pussy juice, into her mouth.

“Mmmm, different. I like it.”

She moved in and we kissed. Then she whispered, “Can I get it from the source?”

“Only if I can too.”

I climbed on top of my father’s girlfriend and straddled her head. I lay down, moving my face between Jan’s legs. I felt her hands caressing, positioning me. As her tongue touched me for the first time, I placed my mouth against her pussy. We groaned and were off.

I tasted dad’s cum and hers. She was a natural at licking pussy. I plowed my face into her sex, plunging my tongue deep inside her. I loved licking pussy. Not giving up cock, but this is fun.

I felt a male hand move between us and grasp my nipple.

“Thought you might want help,” Dad said as he pinched. He knows me. He knows that’s gonna make me cum like a firehose. I felt Travis move his hand to his mom’s nips. She groaned into my pussy. It felt good.

I had a thought, a brief, out of body vision of four people on a bed engaging in bisexual, incestual, group sex. That was it. I came.

I shoved my pussy down into Jan’s face and unloaded. A gusher. She gulped, choked, gulped, and gave up. I heard it splashing on her face. I gobbled her clit and fingered her G-spot. She came like a waterfall. No squirting, just a lot of warm wetness. I put my mouth to her and drank her joy.

I fell off of Jan, panting. We hugged.

“I want to do that again.”

“Me too, mom.”

She quivered in my arms, “That’s so sick, I love it.”

The men stood next to the bed. We looked at their hard cocks.

“I think we owe them,” Jan said.


“I’d like to try something.”

Curious, I watched as Jan lay on the bed on her back and let her head fall off.

“I want both of you in my mouth at once.”

Well, that was an eye-opener.

Dad and Travis looked at each other like they were porcupines. Jan wasn’t having it.

“Hey, you watched us get it on, now it’s your turn. Get over here and put both your cocks in my mouth.

Dad gave in and grabbed Travis’ shoulder, “Well, let’s make your mom happy.”

With a weak smile, Travis slid up against dad as he stepped up to Jan. She reached out and took their hard cocks, pulling gently until the men rotated in and she could press them together. Travis gave me an embarrassed look. I spread my legs and rubbed my soaked sex, “I’m next. I want you.”

Jan had both cocks in her mouth. It was hot but not very practical. After a few minutes, she gave up.

“Well, that was fun. See boys, you didn’t explode when you touched each other, right?”

The boys smiled. Travis came to me and we started making out. Travis paused.

“Would anybody mind if we went to Zoe’s room? Just the two of us, you know?”

Dad gave the thumbs up and Jan smiled.

I shut the door and turned to him, “That was very romantic.”

“I’m dying to make love to you, but I wanted our first time to be just us.”

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