Something to Remember Me By

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Guy opened the door to his office and immediately noticed that his office-mate’s laptop was brightly lit, meaning that Kamana was here and logged in. However, the rest of the office was completely dark. That was odd. Only a few strips of light coming through the slits in the blind in the tall skinny window beside the door that he had just entered gave any hint at the furniture, but Guy knew the layout well. He spent at least eight hours a day, often more, in this small cubicle. In order to be completely dark like this, she would have had to have manually turned the lights off because they were automatically triggered by a motion sensor. That was not like her, she usually liked it very bright. Not that Guy knew the intricacies of Kamana’s personality yet, he had only known her for a few weeks. Nonetheless, this didn’t seem like something she would do.

Kamana was of Punjabi descent, but had been born and raised here in Seattle. Her parents had immigrated to the US before she was born and settled in the Sodo area, where they operated a chain of mini-marts. It was a little cliché, but it worked well for their growing family. Kamana had recently scored an intern position at this east-side software company, and landed in Guy’s office, replacing the previous intern, Chris, that had recently finished his contract.

Guy was about to turn the lights on in the small office he shared when a disembodied voice, female but husky, said, “Don’t turn the lights on.”

He squinted to look under Kamana’s desk as there was really nowhere else to hide in this eight-by-ten-foot space that was originally meant for one person before the massive growth of their employer led to two or more people in almost every available office. However, squint as he might, he could not see her under her desk. “Where are you?” he asked of the disembodied female voice.

“I’m under your desk.”

He jumped, surprised. She was just at his feet.

Guy asked, “Why are you under my desk? What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to sleep.”

“Oh. OK. But why are you under MY desk? Why not yours?”

“I didn’t want Norm to walk in and catch me sleeping.”

Norm was their boss, an immigrant from Japan who spoke fluent English, though he had a noticeable accent. “I see.” Guy said. “Did you not sleep well last night, at home?” he asked.

“No. I tossed and turned all night. Finally I started texting with my boyfriend, Bobby.”

“In other words, you were texting all night and didn’t go to bed, right?” he asked playfully. He was in his mid-forties and she was approaching twenty, but they got along well and she didn’t take offense at a gentle ribbing. She teased him almost as much as he poked fun at her young lifestyle.

“OK. You caught me.” She admitted. “Now sit down and get to work, and wake me up if we get an email from Norm.” Kamana was an intern and was paid very little. In contrast, Guy was a seasoned professional and recently reached his long-term goal of a six-figure salary. The two of them worked for the same boss, but Guy had responsibility, while Kamana was just a tool that Guy and Norm were able to use to save time and effort on certain tasks. As such, Kamana had little to lose, and played a little fast and loose with the proprieties of the modern working world. Guy didn’t really mind as she was easy to get along with and even easier on the eyes.

One of the less professional habits of Kamana was to come into the office and spend the first hour of the day working on her makeup. She was truly an artist, and could take her already pretty face and paint it to look like a goddess. However, she was fond of light colored foundation that made her look almost Caucasian. Whereas Guy thought she looked much prettier in her natural caramel skin tone. It is an Indian thing. The Hindi culture values lighter skin. However, Guy was quite attracted to more exotic looking women with darker skin.

After glancing under his desk to see Kamana curled into the fetal position with her balled up coat under her head, Guy tucked into his large desk, much larger than Kamana’s, and flipped open his laptop. Checking his schedule, he noted that he didn’t have any meetings planned until the afternoon, and looking through his email, there was nothing really pressing to worry about. He made a few brief responses to casual queries, and then went to work on a procedure he was developing. His bread and butter was writing white papers, tip sheets, and help files describing how to use software or software related products.

He tried to concentrate, but his mind kept returning to the fact that one of his fantasy girls was currently sleeping under his desk. He imagined briefly what would happen if Norm walked in and Kamana came out from under his desk. He would probably be fired, even though it was Kamana that was slacking on her job. However, in corporate America, appearances are everything, and Guy would have the appearance of a dirty old man.

Fortunately, there were no pressing matters on Guy’s desk at the moment, because he got very little güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri done. It was very difficult to concentrate on such dry material when such a gorgeously fine thing was so very near. It was hard enough with her at the next desk. It was much harder knowing that she was only inches away.

Guy’s imagination got the better of him, and his thoughts led to some excitement in his nether regions. He kept thinking about her long and wavy black hair, her giant brown eyes, and her ample and shapely ass. Oh, what an ass! He was sporting a raging chubby, but he was confident enough that in the complete darkness, broken only by the glow of two laptops, Kamana would never notice the bulge in his pants. He even flexed a few times, relishing the pleasure of his erection being constrained by his pants.

Nearing lunchtime, he rose to go to the printer, and must have woken Kamana, because when he came back to the office, the lights were on and Kamana was sitting at her desk.

“Feeling better?” Guy asked politely, with only the faintest hint of mirth in his tone.

“Much.” Kamana responded. She presently finished reading the few emails that had accumulated in the morning and began taking out her makeup supplies. “Have you heard anything from Norm today?”

“Not yet.” Norm was a good boss, easy to work for, easy to please. He was considerate and didn’t ask for more than was reasonable, despite the fact that his boss, Chip, was very dominant and overbearing. Norm protected his workers from the pressures of higher management. Those that reported to him were well aware of the pressures he faced and were not envious. “I’m sure he is off fighting fires with one of the dev teams. We’ll probably hear all about it this afternoon. For now just be happy that Chip isn’t yelling at anyone.” When Chip yelled, everyone knew all about it.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and that night Guy lay in bed and thought back on the oddity of the morning. As he drifted off to sleep, his thoughts fed his dreams and he had an erotic adventure with Kamana. It was not his first, and it was pleasant, as always. However, as always in his dreams, just about the time he was going to penetrate the object of his desire he awoke with a raging hard-on, and also as usual, he had no time to do anything about it. This morning was no different than any other and he quickly showered, dressed, and jumped into traffic so that he could be at work by 9:00 AM.

Arriving at work, Kamana was already well into her morning ritual of painting her face, and Guy discreetly admired her features while remembering smatterings of his dream from the night before.

“Got some sleep last night?” he asked her pleasantly.

“Yeah. Bobby’s a tool. I told him to leave me alone.”

“Uh huh.” Guy had already learned that the best thing to do when Kamana talked about relationships was to nod and go along with it. Anything he said could be misinterpreted, and she would retreat into her headphones. Guy enjoyed talking to her, so he just played along when it was prudent to do so.

“My dog curled up on my feet, and I slept like a baby.”

“Were you sucking your thumb?” Guy ribbed her.

“Screw you.” Kamana responded amiably. “You know what I mean.”

“I’m going to go grab some juice from the kitchen. Do you need anything?” Guy asked.

“Could you grab me some milk? I’m going to have a bowl of cereal.” And she pulled a box of Rice Chex down from the shelf above her desk. Guy admired her shape as she stretched to reach the box of cereal.

“Sure thing.”

The next Monday, Guy came into the office and noticed that once again, Kamana’s laptop was glowing brightly in the unnatural darkness of the pitch-black office. Not needing to confirm her presence, Guy still looked under his desk to observe Kamana sleeping. Today, she was sleeping on her belly, and her nicely shaped hindquarters were displayed prominently in tight blue jeans. After admiring her raging hiney for more than a few moments, Guy quietly tucked into his desk and got to work. He had some pressing deadlines today, and was so intent on his work that he forgot that Kamana was even there until she shifted and bumped one of his ankles with her leg. He jumped, startled, but she didn’t seem to have noticed it as she continued to sleep. Half an hour later, Guy was again reminded of her presence when he felt her brush his calf. This time he was not as surprised and continued to work. Moments later, she brushed against him again, and so he began to back up, thinking that she was awake and probably wanted out.

“Don’t.” he heard from under his desk.

“Don’t what?” he asked, freezing in place.

“Don’t move.” She said.


“I noticed you watching me earlier.” her disembodied voice rose from beneath his desk.

“What?” he asked, a little alarmed.

“I noticed you watching me earlier.” She said again. “I couldn’t see because I was face down, but I heard you come in and then you stood very still for a few minutes before sitting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down, and your breathing got noticeably quicker while you stood there. I could hear you breathing.”

“It did? You could?” he asked, even more alarmed.

As if she could detect his internal alarm in the tone of his voice she said, “Don’t worry. I don’t mind. Lots of guys like to look at me. No pun intended… Guy…” she giggled.

“I’m sure they do.” he felt slightly less alarmed. After all, she was joking about his name.

“Yes. They do.” She said. “But I don’t always like when they do. Sometimes it’s a little creepy. Like when they are old.”

“Uh huh.” He agreed, reminded of just how old he was, more than twice her age.

“But I don’t mind when you look at me. You’re nice. Not like those perverts.”

“Well… I wouldn’t be entirely sure about that!” Guy ribbed her a little. Even though she was saying alarming things that should have had him worried about the future of his career, he was feeling remarkably comfortable with her complete nonchalance.

“Oh really?” she asked suggestively. “In that case…” As her voice trailed off, she placed a hand on Guy’s thigh, well above his knee. Guy flinched.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” and she slid her hand all the way up to his crotch.

Guy had not been thinking about Kamana in a sexual way just then and so did not presently have an erection. However, the pressure she put on his groin rapidly changed that. He tried to roll his chair back but Kamana wrapped her other hand around one of his legs and firmly held him in place. He was easily strong enough to break free, but he didn’t want to hurt her, and didn’t really, in his heart of hearts, want to back away at all. In fact, if he was true to himself, he was really turned on by the idea that she was under his desk and touching his junk.

Oh, you like that, huh?” Kamana asked suggestively.

“How could I not?” he asked.

“Exactly.” She purred. “How could you not?” And she reached up with her other hand and unzipped his fly. With amazing skill and ease, Kamana extracted Guy’s erect member from his slacks without the slightest hitch and began stroking his cock with her tiny brown hands.

“Do you think we should be doing this?”

“Why not? I know you like it.”

“Well, sure, but you’re less than half my age. My daughter is older than you.”

“She’s not here, is she? What are you, ageist?” And she slipped her mouth onto his shaft.

“Holy shit!” Guy cried as her warm and wet mouth slid onto his cock. “Wow! I guess you’ve done this before.”

“Mmm hmm.” Kamana confirmed without breaking her rhythm. The vibrations of her husky voice felt incredible on his meat. She kept the rhythm slow and steady, and Guy was thankful because it felt so good and if she went any faster he was likely to pop. And he didn’t want to pop. Not yet. He wanted this delicious feeling to continue forever.

Kamana moved a little too far, too fast, and bumped her head on the bottom of Guy’s desk, which made her unintentionally clench briefly. The sound scared Guy momentarily, and made him think of someone walking in on them. The feeling of her flinching her jaw scared him for a whole different reason. It was, however, distracting and allowed him to back down a little from the edge, He put his hands under the desk and on the top of Kamana’s head, to prevent her from bumping it again. But he didn’t push down. She was way too good at this to interfere.

He was just along for the ride, and what a ride it was. Kamana had wrapped her lips around her teeth and was providing a marvelous bit of pressure as she bobbed up and down, steady as a metronome. For a moment, she totally relaxed the pressure and the resulting softness of her touch nearly sent him over the edge. Sometimes less is more and she was proving it.

Then she clamped down hard again and stretched his meat longer than it had ever been before, pulling with her lips while pressing with her hands against his lower belly. Guy felt her tug, and it was almost painful, but in a really good way. She couldn’t get her hands into his pants, but rubbed his balls through the stretched fabric. Resuming her relentless pace, she stroked with her mouth and hands until he was about to burst. The pressure was building and he knew he wasn’t going to last long.

Just then, Matt LeFevre, one of the lead developers on their team, decided to start a loud conversation just outside their office door. Startled, Guy looked up through the slim openings in the slats of the blind and could see Matt standing there, facing an unknown conversationalist hidden behind the door. It could be anybody. It could be Norm!

Guy felt an immense sense of alarm welling up inside of him. He was going to be discovered, being a dirty old man, and was going to lose his job. Hell, he’d probably never get another job in this field again. Maybe this whole industry.

“Stop!” he hissed under his breath.

“Wha…?” a muffled inquiry güvenilir bahis şirketleri came from under his desk.

“I said STOP!” he hissed louder, and outside of his door, Matt turned to glance into their office.

Under the desk, Kamana lifted her lips from his pulsing member to say, “Why? Don’t you like it?” and she giggled.

“Of course I do,” he explained, “but Matt LeFevre is just outside of the office and he’s looking in.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Kamana tried to soothe him, “He can only see your face in the glow of your laptop. He can’t see me down here. He can’t see what I’m doing…” and she giggled again, slowly stroking Guy’s cock with her tiny palms, maintaining the level of his excitement despite his distraction and alarm.

Guy was still worried. He knew that she was right, that Matt could only see his face, but he still didn’t know who he was talking to, or if he would want to talk to Guy next. Matt was a loud and generally uncouth individual that, like many lifelong programmers had little in the way of social skills or manners. He was bossy and boisterous, but in a generally likeable way. It occurred to Guy that if there was anyone that could catch him in this compromising position and not get him fired, Matt might be the one.

But he still didn’t know who Matt was talking to, and whomever it was, he, or maybe she, and Guy’s level of alarm increased at this thought, was standing just outside his door. One loud noise and they would be peeking through the blinds and getting an eyeful of more than he wanted to show.

Thinking that his momentary silence meant that he had been soothed, Kamana resumed her ministrations, sinking her hot mouth onto his firmly erect love muscle. Guy let out an unintentional gasp of pleasure, then a small yelp of pain as Kamana momentarily dragged a tooth.

“Sooorrry.” A muffled apology came from under the desk.

Guy stroked her hair under the desk by way of confirming that he was fine. Her lustrous black tresses were soft under his hands and he curled his fingers into them, grabbing handfuls as he climbed closer to ecstasy.

Guy was still terrified, but it felt so good that he didn’t really want it to stop. He just wish he knew who the person standing behind his door was. Oh well, he thought, there’s not much I can do about it now. Whoever is there, is there, and Kamana is not going to quit, so I’ll just have to deal with it. And with that thought, and a mental note to be as quiet as possible, he relaxed into Kamana’s deft care.

He slouched a little lower in his seat to give Kamana a little more room, and she took the hint and began stroking him even harder, gently bumping her head against the bottom of the desk several times in her zeal. Guy put one of his palms on top of her head again as protection and she doubled her efforts, quickly bringing him to the brink.

“Here it comes…” he tried to warn her.

“Mmm hmm.” She confirmed again, breaking rhythm briefly to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock. This sent him over the top and as he began to spurt, she lowered her mouth all the way to the base of his shaft, pushing the head of his cock deep into her throat. He had never had a woman impale her throat just as he was coming before and the sensation was intense. He bucked a little as he came, and she firmly grabbed his ass and pulled her face down into his lap. The sensation of her swallowing was incredible and he shot jet after jet of semen deep into her throat.

Once he stopped coming, she abruptly pushed his chair back, climbed out from under his desk and said, “I’m going to lunch. See ya.” He began to fumble with his zipper, but she threw open the door with reckless abandon, so he pushed under his desk in alarm and reached over to close the door.

The conversation continued between Matt and Margaret, the office administrator, who would have him canned instantly if she knew anything of what happened here this morning. Had he known it was her behind the door there is absolutely no way he would have allowed Kamana to continue. Ignorance is bliss, he thought to himself, then thought back on what had just happened. Now that the door was closed, he reached under the desk and zipped his fly.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

Just then, the door opened again, and he thought that Kamana must have forgot her wallet, but it was Matt.

“Hey, Guy, where did she come from?”

“What?” Guy asked.

“Where did Kamana come from? I swear I looked in here and you were all alone, working in the dark. Whenever she’s here the lights are on max so everyone can see how beautiful she is.” And Matt rolled his eyes.

“Yeah. I don’t know why, but she chose to work in the dark today. I certainly wasn’t going to question it, you know that I’m a cave dweller. I just took advantage of a perfect situation.”

“…Know what you mean… Later…” Matt closed the door and walked away.

You have no clue, Guy thought to himself, and then thought again of Kamana’s amazing ass. Oh, what an ass! And her amazing smile… and skills…

Arriving at the office the next day, Guy opened the door to pitch blackness. His heart skipped a beat. Then he noticed that it was completely dark. Too dark. Kamana had not arrived yet. As he stepped into the office, the motion detector turned the lights on, burning his fantasy to ashes.

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