Size Does Mother Ch. 03

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Ariana Marie

In an alternate reality, caring sizequeen mother tries to find help for her underdeveloped son. Well, underdeveloped… According to the mother and his doctor, his penis is small at 11″ when erect. Is there a cure for him? Let’s find out.

The story, its characters and their sizes are pure fiction.


“Mom?! What the… This was supposed to be my private time!”

“I said personal, not private. I respected your privacy for 18 years and it only put me to shame. From now on I am going to oversee everything you do and I’m going to use it in your therapy. You need to get better and this is going to help. Now please, continue,” she said and pointed finger at my cock.

The sight of her just staying there, in the blouse ready to burst from her ginormous breasts and with fake cock twice my size, only enraged my erection.

“You, uh… You are going to watch me?” I asked.


“Would you mind to… To help me?”


“Have you lost your mind? That is disgusting! I am your mother! I’m supposed to raise you and talk some sense into you, not giving you handjobs!”

“I’m sorry… It’s just… This is all really weird to me. I’m really sorry for what I said.”

“No, I’m sorry I yelled at you… Come here, honey,” she invited me for a hug. It was all so bizarre. There was lesbian porn playing on my computer and my mother is hugging me and we both have boners…

“Mom, our… Dongs… Are touching.”

“Oh,” she let go off me, “that is not appropriate. Now, what are we looking at here?” she went closer to my computer. “Girl on girl? That is hot and both of those ladies are beautiful, but may I suggest something more… Educational?”

My mom is going to search for porn for me to masturbate to… Incredible.

“Please, be my guest,” I said curiously. Then she started tapping the keyboard.

“Huge tits, big cocks… There you go. Our first lesson can start. See any favourite faces?”

“Not many faces, but these are my favourite… Breasts.”

“Tommy, don’t worry about sexmex porno the language. There should be no barriers between us. I am not going to hold back when talking about your size and you shouldn’t hold back when talking about dirty stuff. Fair enough?”

“Okay. In that case, I love the tits on this one.”

“Pretty big, huh?”

“Yeah, definitely…”

“Now,” she pushed the play button “do you see how big her partner is?”

“He’s huge…”

“Let’s check the description… He is… Exactly… 21″ long. They don’t mention the soft size, but I bet he is like 16 or 17 inches. Even his limp dick is much bigger than your hard one. Even mine can’t compare with his. You see? That’s why mine is average and his is huge. You know what? Let’s pause the video.”

She stood up, tapped the screen and paused it at the moment the girl grabbed his shaft.

“Let’s see how big it really is. How many hands can you put on yours? I can put…” she put her left hand at the replica, her right hand next to it. Then she put the left next to the right and continued this way until she counted the length, “three pairs. And the head sticks out. How about you?”

I counted three hands and the head was covered.

“Remember this: women are entitled to any size they want. And the bigger their breasts are, the bigger penis they deserve. They have every right to ask for the perfect size.”

I looked at my mom’s voluptuous tits and said:

“Well, for you the guy better have a third leg…”

She giggled. “Oh, stop it you… Let’s continue watching the video. Shall we?”

I tapped the play button and the porn continued. We both continued jerking our cocks. Mom was taking the slow approach. She was slowly stroking her cock all the way from the base to the head, caressing her testicles. I am more of a fast jerker, apparently.

“Tommy, slow down a bit! Look at you, stroking that little 11 incher of yours. If you are going to be small AND fast, then you are lost completely. Enjoy yourself, give it some time… Yeah, that’s stranded teens porno right… Slow down… You see? How does it feel? Better, huh? Now tell me, where do you usually, uh… Finish?”

“I go to my bathroom and jizz in the sink,” I replied stroking slowly.

“Okay, when you’re close, just tell me and we will go together.”

“I think I kinda am…”

“Okay Tommy, let’s go.”

We both went to my bathroom. Mom said: “I am ready whenever you are. Okay?”

“Okay mom,” I said, breathing heavily, “here it goes!”

Woah… Thick streams of semen spurted out of me. The orgasm was huge, I felt the waves of pleasure and all, but… That was nothing compared to mom’s replica. She just pushed a button and even though my cum takes some time to come out, she stood there twice the time.

She noticed me watching her…

“Oh, dear… This is how much a real penis cums. You see? Those thick streams? That’s what a grown woman wants from her lover. Another one! Yeah… This is what the doctor was talking about. I’m really sorry for you… You see, it’s not easy even for the doctor. She is used to making big penises even bigger, not making small ones at least average.”

I gasped…

“Honey… I know listening to these hurtful things isn’t easy for you, but it’s supposed to hurt.” The white streams finally stopped. Then she clicked a button and her penis got soft.

“Why… Why would anyone want to make big penis even bigger?”

“Well, women are entitled to their preferences. And, generally speaking, bigger is better. There are many men that undergo penis enlarging procedures proactively, without their partner asking them to. Some even make it a birthday surprise or a christmas gift… I don’t know a woman that wouldn’t love this kind of surprise. No matter the size, making it bigger makes a woman happy. Every time.”

“And what about the testicles? Your replica has huge ones, and it cums buckets, too.”

“Of course, there are some women who enjoy being drenched in semen. But, street blowjobs porno while the penis size is mainly about woman’s pleasure, big testicles are sign of a healthy man. Evolution programmed women to seek big testicles for quality genetic material and big penises for their pleasure. Men adapted by growing satisfactory equipment.”

“What about men like me? Or like dad?”

“Most of men like you stay in therapy their whole life. The first step is getting to terms with your inferior size. Second step is trying as hard as possible to make it bigger. Even after years, most of the times the results aren’t very satisfactory… If that is the case, then the third step comes.”

“And the third step is…?”

“The third step is to cope with the fact your partner gets her pleasure with bigger men.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Woman who finds her man lacking in size has every right to engage in intimate activities with other men. Even during his therapy. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her husband. She just needs her sexual fullfillment.”

Something crossed my mind…

“Did you do it?”


“Were you engaging in intimacies with other men?”

“Your father and I had and arrangement…”

Suddenly I felt waves of anger going through my body.

“Answer the question!”

“He was so small, Tommy!”

“So small? I am smaller than him!” I shouted.

Mom sighed. “Yes darling… You are smaller than him…”

“Oh my god… You said he was 17″ after his therapy. That wasn’t enough for you?! Jesus!”

“It took him years to get there. His penis was only 10″ soft when we first met! And even 17″ isn’t that much! What was I supposed to do? Live a life without orgasm? Honey… This is why I was so horrified when I found about your problem. This is going to be painful for both of us, but I’m going to get you cured.”

“Oh, painful for both of us, huh? Tell me again, how do you suffer while telling me about how is my dick small, huh? Because to me, it looks like you pretty much enjoy it.”

I saw a bit of sadness on moms face: “Trust me, I feel really bad about not being able to raise you into a fully grown man. And besides that, words aren’t the only way I am going to have to hurt you. And trust me, I am NOT going to enjoy that…”


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