Sister’s Home Movies

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“Hi Geek!” Maryanne’s voice came through the speakerphone, using the nickname that she had affectionately called me for years. “I’m having trouble e-mailing a video file.”

“That’s because of the blonde filter on your computer,” I teased, using a running joke between me and my older sister.

“Blondes have more fun and geeks don’t have a social life,” she said, which was her standard reply to any blonde joke. I don’t mind the nickname. After all, I was a serious computer gamer and, yeah, I guess, I was a geek.

“The only reason blondes have more fun is because they are more easily amused,” I answered. “I’d rather be a geek.” Actually, I’d rather be a jock, but that’s never going to happen.

“Yeah, but geeks don’t get laid,” she teased with unintended accuracy, and I changed the subject.

“What do you need to e-mail?” I asked.

“How come it says the file is too large?” she responded, ignoring my question.

“Because your ISP has restrictions on how big an e-mail file can be,” I answered, wondering how a former cheerleader-turned-high school English teacher gets by without knowing basic stuff like this. Every eighteen-year-old high school student like me knows how to e-mail video files. “Do you want me to come over and condense the file for you?” I offered.

“No!” she said, quickly enough to make me wonder what she was sending. “That’s alright. Can you just tell me how to do it?” Perhaps realizing she piqued my curiosity, she continued. “I have to learn sometime.” Now, I was really curious. My sister’s husband was in Iraq, so I assumed she wanted to send him a video file. If she didn’t want me to see it, it could only mean one thing: I’ve got to see it!

My sister is twenty-two years old and she and Mark got married last year, just before he left for Iraq. Their house is about ten minutes away from us and I frequently stop off on my way home from school to do my homework and have dinner with my sister. I have a key because I maintain her lawn and fix things around the house since her husband left. I was definitely going to have to go by tomorrow and look at her video, but that’s not what I said now.

“What program are you using to import and edit the video?” I asked.

“I never said I recorded it!” Maryanne snapped.

“Okay. Sorry, Sis,” I answered, knowing she must have recorded it or she’d be telling me what it was. “What program are you using to compress the video?” I tried again.

“Windows Media Center,” she replied, “but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.” She sighed resignedly as I tried to think of a way to help her without looking at her video.

“How about if I come over after school tomorrow? We can shoot some new video and then I can show you what to do with it,” I said, knowing that I would have already seen her mystery video by the time she got home from work.

“That’d be great, Ron,” she replied, approving of my idea. “I’m such a dunce at this stuff.” What an understatement.

“You’re just blonde,” I teased. “See you tomorrow, Sis.” I hung up, wondering what was on the video that she didn’t want me to see. Throughout the conversation I had been trying to think of another kind of video Maryanne wouldn’t want me to see, but nothing came to mind. There could only be one thing, and I was anxious to see it.

It’s hard to describe my sister without sounding biased. She is absolutely gorgeous; a beautiful face, long blonde hair, great tits, and a head-turning ass. Sure, she’s my sister, but as she pointed out, geeks don’t get laid, and when she lived at home, I was constantly trying to sneak peeks at her naked body. In my mind, it was the only hope I had of seeing tits and ass anytime soon.

When I pulled my car into her driveway the next afternoon, I figured that I had about two hours before she got home. Letting myself in with my key, I headed right for her computer, located in the office. My cock was already stirring inside my jeans as I waited for Windows to boot up.

Come on, what’s taking so long? I impatiently drummed my fingers on her desk. The anticipation was killing me. I was starting to wonder if it was all just wishful thinking. Maybe it was just some innocuous video that she didn’t want me to see for some stupid reason.

I searched for “.wma” files and find one called “Iluvu,” dated two days ago. That had to be it. I held my breath and double-clicked the file. Could this actually be what I hoped it was?

The movie started and, as I suspected, it’s a really amateurish video of Maryanne doing a strip tease. The camera was obviously on a tripod and she was standing in front of it pulling a white tank top over her head. Her braless tits got my cock’s attention, as I stared at her swaying back and forth on the screen.

Goddamn! I was looking right at my sister’s bare tits! She tossed the tank top aside and brought her hands up around her firm globes, squeezing them together. Running her palms over her nipples, I watched the thick nubs respond, as she pinched them between her thumbs and index fingers. I realized cumlouder porno she was saying something and I turned the sound up.

“Just wish you were here to do this yourself,” her sultry voice came through the speakers, as I unsnapped my jeans and started stroking my hard cock. “I miss you so much, Mark,” she said, moving her hard nipples towards the camera, trying to give him a close-up view, but instead all she accomplished was to make them go in and out of focus.

“Do you want to see my pussy?” she asked. Yes! Of course, I realized she wasn’t talking to me. “Do you want to see my pussy, Mark?” she teased, unzipping her jeans and pealing them off her legs, revealing a skimpy black thong. She looked like she’d had a few drinks.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she continued, turning around and wiggling her bare ass cheeks as she stepped out of her jeans. “You better not ever show this to anyone, Mark!” She smiled, looking over her shoulder at the camera.

Fuck! My sister’s ass was perfect! I’d seen her in a swimsuit before, but nothing like this, with just a thin strip of material wedged between her firm cheeks. My cock was about to blow. I found a box of tissues and grabbed a couple as I pumped my cock. Maryanne had turned back around and, to my elation, was rolling her thong down her thighs. Fuck me! Her blonde pussy hair was cut into a neat triangle and the sight of it triggered my release. Jacking my cock faster, I shot a puddle of cum into the tissues. The video ended with her standing naked in front of the camera, her pussy lips barely visible through her blonde bush. Damn!

After flushing the tissues, I returned to the computer to explore her e-mail history. Fortunately, Maryanne chose to have Windows remember her log-in and password, so I could easily read all her messages. She’d been sending nude pictures of herself to her husband every day for about a month. That’s when his tour unexpectedly got extended and he sent an e-mail begging her for more intimate pictures.

“With me stuck here for another few months, please think again about sending pictures. Just some shots of your best attributes… I love you and miss you and want to see you… all of you! LOL

Love, Mark”

There were at least thirty pictures and as I clicked through them, I got hard again. Picking out my favorites, I used Windows Viewer to place them side-by-side on the desktop. I started with a close-up of Maryanne’s exquisite tits and two of her ass, in one of which she was bent away from the camera and pulling her ass cheeks apart. I positioned these side by side across the top of the screen. Directly beneath them I lined up three more pictures: one was a full frontal view of Maryanne smiling at the camera with her hands on her hips. My cock was straining against my jeans as I resized two shots of her pussy, including one standing close to the camera and one lying on the bed with her legs spread and her knees pulled up. I yanked my jeans down and started jacking off again. I made a mental note to bring a flash drive tomorrow so I could download copies for myself.

When I finished jacking off this time, I skimmed through the rest of the e-mails, completely reading the latest one.

“Please try to figure out the video. I really want to watch you move and hear you talk and… I think you know what else. I miss you… love you… you can figure it out!

Love, Mark”

I watched the video again and then checked the clock. Maryanne would be home soon. Shutting down the computer, I went and sat at the kitchen table and started doing my homework like nothing unusual had happened.

“Hey Geek!” Maryanne greeted me, walking in the front door and dropping her purse on an end table.

“Hi Sis!” I replied, getting up and giving her a hug. When you’ve seen someone nude, actually pictures of her nude, you start looking at her differently. My sister was wearing a beige blouse tucked into a dark brown skirt and when I looked at her tits, it was like I had x-ray vision. All I could see were her half-dollar size areolas and her thick rose-colored nipples. Of course, nothing had changed for her; she wrapped her arms around me and pressed those gorgeous tits right up against my chest, without thinking anything of it. I restrained myself from squeezing her ass cheeks, as she brushed a kiss across my cheek.

“How was your day?” I asked, stepping away and sitting down so she didn’t see my hard-on.

“Great!” she sighed. “The kids are challenging, but it could be worse. How about yours?” Great! I jacked off twice to the nude pictures of you on your computer.

“Same old, same old,” I answered, as I returned to my homework. “I have a couple of math problems left and then we can shoot some video,” I told her. “Would you like to do it in the park?” When we were younger, Maryanne used to take me to the park all the time. We’d push each other on the swings, climb the monkey bars and get ice cream from the sidewalk vendor.

“Great idea!” Maryanne beamed, as she pulled her blouse out of her skirt czech amateurs porno and started unbuttoning it. “It’ll be just like old times.” As she undid the last button I saw the inside curves of her tits as they disappeared into her beige colored bra.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” I said, except I don’t ever remember having had a hard-on for my sister at the park. Of course, I’ve never jacked off to nude pictures of her before either.

“Just let me change,” she said, turning towards the hallway, as she pulled her blouse off her shoulders. I watched her start unzipping her skirt just before she turned into her bedroom. Fuck!

I know it’s wrong, and I felt like a twelve-year-old as I snuck down the hallway, trying to catch a glimpse of my naked sister.

“What do you think we should shoot?” Maryanne shouted from the bedroom, obviously assuming I was still in the kitchen. I ran back as quietly as I could, before I answered her.

“We can shoot anything you want,” I answered. How about video of you giving me a blowjob? I crept silently down the hallway again and took a quick peek into Maryanne’s bedroom. She was in front of her dresser across the room with her back to me. I took another look, knowing there was a mirror over the dresser and hoping she wasn’t looking in it. As luck would have it, she wasn’t.

My eyes took in her form bending over in front of her dresser in just her bra and a beige thong! Fuck! I could see her bare ass cheeks and the thin strip of material wedged between them. Her ass looked even better than in the videos. I glanced over her head, into the mirror, and saw a mouthful of tit hanging down into the cups of her bra. My cock was bulging the front of my jeans as I scooted back into the kitchen and packed up my homework. I definitely needed those pictures from her computer!

“Let’s go to the park and mess around like we used to,” Maryanne said, coming out of her bedroom wearing tight white shorts and a light blue tank top. Her bra straps were visible next to her tank top straps.

“Sure,” I said, turning away from her so she couldn’t see the bulge in my jeans. “Where’s your video camera?” I asked.

She grabbed her camera bag and we headed off to the park. It really was like old times and if I didn’t keep thinking about her naked, perhaps my cock would’ve returned to normal. Or maybe hard was the new normal.

I shot Maryanne on the swings, zooming in as she swung away, and zooming out as she swung close, laughing when she tried to kick me. I resisted focusing on her tits or her ass while I was recording, but I used the zoom feature to check out her ass cheeks when the camera was on pause. Her tight white shorts, stretched across her ass, looked sexy, but all I could see in my mind was the beige thong under it. X-ray vision, again.

“My turn,” Maryanne said, taking the camera as I ran for the monkey bars. Swinging across the bars and exerting a little energy calmed down my libido and I was less self-conscious about what might show up on the video. We stopped for an ice cream bar before heading back to her house to learn how to edit video.

“That was fun!” Maryanne said, wrapping her arm around my waist as we walked to the car, eating our ice cream.

“It was,” I agreed. “We should do this more often.” Maybe next time we can shoot some video in your bedroom while you’re changing your clothes.

“Definitely!” Maryanne said, squeezing me tighter. I was glad my sister couldn’t read my mind.

Maryanne made dinner while I booted up her computer for the second time that day. Loading the video from the park, I looked for editing software and realized that what she had wouldn’t compress the video sufficiently to allow her to e-mail it. As we ate dinner, I offered to take whatever video she wanted edited back to my computer and condense it for her. I’m such a good brother.

“No, that’s okay,” she said quickly. “What software do I need?”

I gave her the name of a program that’s easy to use and would do what she wanted. I again offered to do it for her, but she declined, so I offered to buy the right software, load it on her computer and teach her how to use it. She gave me a credit card and I told her I would do it after school tomorrow, right after I copied all of her pictures to my flash drive! I didn’t actually tell her that last part obviously.

I found the best software deal online, and the next day, after copying Maryanne’s pictures to my flash drive, I jacked off again while the software downloaded and installed. There were four new pictures that she must have taken last night: two where she was pinching her nipples and two with her fingers in her pussy. She sent Mark an e-mail saying she was getting new video software and maybe those pictures would tide him over. They certainly were tiding me over!

The nipple shots were pretty close up, with her tits completely filling the screen. In one, she was holding her nipples between her thumb and her index finger, not really pinching them, but I was surprised czech casting porno to see the tips extending beyond the width of her fingers. She was obviously teasing them to full arousal. In the other one, she was definitely pinching them and pulling them out from her tits.

My sister seemed to know what a guy wanted to see and that was really evident from the pussy shots. One showed her whole body lying on the bed with her legs spread and two fingers in her pussy. The second one was a close up of her pussy in almost exactly the same position. She obviously had to get up to adjust the camera, but the close up showed two fingers buried to the second knuckle inside her glistening pussy.

I shot my load as the software finished downloading and a box popped up telling me to restart the computer. Perfect timing! I clicked restart and got to the bathroom to flush the cum-filled tissue. When Maryanne got home, I taught her how to use the software, walking her through a couple of simple editing steps and then showed her how to save it as an e-mail ready file. As we edited the video from the park, I realized that Maryanne didn’t feel as restrained as I did when I was the cameraman and there were several close ups of my ass and my crotch.

“What was that about?” I asked, wondering if she was disappointed that I didn’t do the same thing to her.

“That’s your best side!” she laughed, as I edited out the butt shot. “You know, for a geek, you’ve got a great ass,” she teased. “I thought I’d post it online and see if I can get you a date.”

“What about this one?” I asked, highlighting the crotch shot, showing a definite bulge in my jeans.

“I just wondered who you were thinking about.” She smiled, as I pressed the delete button. “Awww, you’re no fun!” she laughed. I could be if you’d like to see the real thing.

“I wasn’t thinking about anyone,” I lied. “That’s my natural relaxed size,” I deadpanned, without looking at her.

“Right!” she smirked. “Stand up!” she said, yanking me out of the chair and staring at my crotch. “I didn’t think so.” Do that for a few more minutes and it may surprise you.

“Stop it, Sis,” I said, sitting back down. Okay, I’m hypocritical. I’ll jack off, thinking about her all day long, but it’s embarrassing if she looks at me that way. I don’t understand it either.

“I’m just kidding, Ronnie,” she said, calling me by my childhood nickname, as she tussled my hair. “I really appreciate your help with this.”

“Okay, now you try it.” I watched her manipulate the video and save it in e-mail ready format.

“Good!” I praised her, surprised at how quickly she picked it up. “You’re all set!” I told her, anxious to see what would be on her computer tomorrow.

“Thank you, Ron,” Maryanne said, standing up and giving me a hug. “I really appreciate this.” Between her tits pushing against my chest and my imagination running wild with erotic videos, my cock responded and I stepped back.

“No worries,” I told her, gathering up my school stuff. “Let me know if you need any more help.” Or if you need a cameraman.

“I will,” she said. “Thanks.”

I visited my sister’s house every day for the next week and I was never disappointed. Some days I was still there when she got home and we would have dinner together. Other days, I jacked off, copying the new video to my flash drive and leaving without her even knowing I was there. I was building up quite a video collection on my laptop and almost wearing my dick out every night.

After a week of watching my sister dance naked, roll around in various poses on the bed, and shake her tits and ass for the camera, I finally got to watch her masturbate. This was the video I had been waiting for. Mark had been hinting, not so subtly, for the past week about what he wanted to see. I didn’t know if Maryanne was resistant or if she just knew the value of good foreplay, but there it was at last!

I copied it to my flash drive and then watched it three times before I opened the latest e-mail from my brother-in-law. After the normal update, he finished with his most impassioned plea yet.

“I know you never imagined that you’d spend the first year of our marriage making videos like these, but you can’t possibly know how much they mean to me. You could never understand how they help me get through the lonely, frustrating, frightening days in this hellhole. I need to see you do more on the video. I’d reciprocate, but besides not having a camera, there’s no privacy in Hell!

Love, Mark”

By this time my cock was rock solid and I pulled it out as I started the video again. Grabbing some tissues to catch my gunk, I stroked up and down, while I watched my sister masturbate.

The video started with Maryanne lying on the bed, with her legs spread towards the camera. She was watching herself on the monitor and got up a couple of times to adjust the camera angle, then pulled her knees up and started fingering her pussy. She should have edited out adjusting the camera; wasn’t she paying attention the other day?

“Hi Hon!” she smiled at the camera. “I wish this was your cock, instead of my finger,” she said, pulling on her nipple with her other hand. “I wish you were here to suck my nipples… eat my pussy… and fuck me!” she panted, pumping two fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

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