Simon Says Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This story is meant to be a fantasy. As such, many points of reality are put to the side, such as safety and pregnancy, as well as others. Additionally, this series will cover a wide range of sexual activities. I will try to cover them in the into, but please be aware. Topics: mind control, incest, oral, anal, bdsm, watersports, rimming, MF, MFF, FF

Thanks to LindsayMurray for editing!


Chapter 1

Getting electrocuted is not something that I can recommend. Take it from someone who had it happen to them. It sucks. That being said, sometimes good things come out of sucky things.

We had a family tradition of summer DIY projects at home. Every year my parents would pick some part of the house that needed to be worked on and my two older sisters and myself were required to help out. It started when we were toddlers, and the fact that we had all moved out changed nothing in my parents eyes. Of course being the only male child meant that a lot of the physical labor ended up falling on me, with my sisters helping out.

In the summer of 2015, I had just finished my second year of college and I was back home getting ready for the summer project. I wasn’t so happy about missing out on the summer happenings around campus, but both of my sisters were pissed at my parents. Tiffany, the oldest at 23, had a new boyfriend who she would rather be spending her time with. Andrea, the 19 year old baby of the family who worked out obsessively, kept complaining about missing out on her training regimen with her group. Over the years I had learned that it wasn’t worth my time to argue with either of them about the fact that if they spent less time complaining, the work would be done faster.

This year’s project was to change out the light fixtures, which meant redoing a lot of the wiring, which hadn’t been touched in years. All of the complaining got worse as the heat of the summer built up. Redoing the wiring meant that the electricity had to be turned off, which meant no AC, which in turn meant that we were all sweating.

Normally I ignore the fact that my mother, while in her late forties, is still pretty in shape, has curly red hair, pale skin, and c-cup breasts, which look large on her sight five-foot frame. However, with her wearing as little as possible in the heat, I found myself forced to admit that she was really quite sexy, and it was clear where my sisters got their looks. But even so, it was my sisters who were the biggest distraction. Given the heat they had both decided that decency took a back seat to comfort and were wearing daisy dukes and bras. The outfits were a distraction, both for me and my father, who asked them repeatedly to put on more clothing, and was ignored.

I tried to just ignore them, but eventually gave into the temptation. During one of the many water breaks, I marveled at the study in contrasts that they provided. Looking at them, it was obvious that they were sisters, but everything else was different.

Tiffany was a pale skinned redhead like our mother, with the same small frame, but where our mother worked out regularly, Tiffany would never consider doing any as crass as that. That didn’t mean that she didn’t take care of herself, but she was definitely not skinny. The best way to describe her would probably be voluptuous, especially with the way her body fat seemed to migrate to her ass and chest. Her D-cup bra barely contained her pillowy looking mounds which threatened to fall out every time she bent over. I’m still not sure how she managed to pull up her shorts with the way they molded tight against her ass, which stretched them out almost obscenely.

Andrea, on the other hand, had coloring similar to our father, dark hair and skin that tanned without issue. She was obsessed with working out, and had the body to show for it. Her abs were tight and her ass and thighs were pure muscle. And while she had the smallest tits in the family, the lack of any other body fat made them stand out nicely, especially given how perky they were.

By the time we were two weeks into the process, everyone was on edge. The heat had taken it’s toll, and even my father and I were working shirtless and in shorts. My father finally declared that we were at the point that we could turn the electricity back on, but we would need to be careful. We all cheered as he powered the house back on. We got back to work while the AC did its best to slowly bring down the temperature.

I moved into the living room to install the next fixture and called out to Tiffany to make sure that the power was off in there. She responded that it was off already and I climbed up the ladder. As I reached for the wires, I found out that apparently she was wrong.

The next thing that I remember is waking up on the floor surrounded by my family members calling my name in a panic. My entire body hurt and my limbs were moving randomly of their own accord. By the time the ambulance showed canlı bahis up the spasms had mostly stopped, and after being scanned every way possible, I was declared to have been lucky to be alive, and with no apparent long term effects. They kept me overnight, and I joked with my dad that I got electrocuted just so that I could sleep in an air conditioned room for a night.

“About that,” he said slowly. “It seems like when you got zapped, the AC unit caught some of the overload. It seems like it’s going to be hot for at least another couple of days until we can get someone out to fix it.”

I groaned, glad that I was staying in the cool hospital at least for the night.

The next day I was released, but as far as my mother was concerned, I still needed to be on bed rest, which was fine with me. That meant that I got to watch my sisters do all the work while I laid on the couch. I marveled at the fact that Tiffany had managed to find an even skimpier bra to wear to combat the heat. I watched as she reached above her head to hold up a fixture and saw that the material was struggling to hold her large tits. She should just take it off at this point, I thought. It’s not like it’s really doing much anyways.

I watched as a moment later she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, freeing her giant tits to bounce freely. My jaw dropped open at the sight of her bare breasts, each topped with a large areola and a thick nipple.

Andrea apparently had the same reaction, since Tiffany said to her, “What? Dad and Simon get to go shirtless. It’s hot and it’s not like they haven’t seen tits before. Right Simon?” I just nodded. “See. All good.”

If only she could convince Andrea to join her it would be perfect.

“You should take yours off also,” Tiffany said. “It feels so good to let the girls out.”

Yeah, I thought from the couch, Take it off.

I watched as slowly Andrea reached for her own bra clasp and her own tits can’t into view. As opposed to Tiffany’s, there was no bounce or swing at all. It was as if the two perfectly rounded mounds of flesh defied gravity. I quickly schooled my face as she glanced in my direction, not wanting to do anything to ruin this.

“Don’t look at me,” I said when they both glanced in my direction. “Do whatever you want. I won’t judge. It’s hot.” Seemingly satisfied, they got back to work and I got to enjoy watching them work even more. I loved how Tiffany’s swayed and bounced with every movement and how Andrea’s held their shape no matter what she did.

When they finally took a break, they pulled up chairs close to me. “So, what do you think,” Tiffany asked me.

“About what?” I responded, honestly unsure what she was talking about.

“God you are such an idiot. Our tits. I know that your have been staring at them for the last hour.”

“Um, they’re nice.”

“Of course you would say that. You’re a boy. Any tits are nice. Who’s are better?”

I knew better than to fall for that. “You both have beautiful breasts.”

“Don’t torture him,” Andrea interjected before Tiffany could respond. “I think that he has had enough of a shock to his system already.” I groaned at the pun, and we thankfully moved into safer topics.

While we were talking our parents walked into the room. I started to freak out in my mind, hoping that they would just ignore it or at least not say anything about it, not wanting the fight. Our dad looked like he was about to say something when he just stopped and closed his mouth. He glanced over at our mom and watched her start to react as well before stopping. They each took a deep breath and turned back around to the other room.

“Well that went better than expected,” I said quietly, to which both of my sisters nodded.

The next morning I was happy to see that the dress code for my sisters seemed to stay the same. Our father seemed to have a hard time at breakfast figuring out where to look. I just felt bad for our mom, who was the only one still wearing a shirt in the already stifling heat of the morning. She should just take it off as well, I thought. At least that way dad can have something to stare at and not feel bad.

“Alright,” my mother said suddenly. “I’m not going to be the only one here suffering from this heat.” We all watched as she pulled her shirt over her head and undid her bra. I stared at my mother’s breasts for the first time since I was a child and wondered at how the breasts that had nursed three kids could still look so good. Her nipples were even longer than Tiffany’s. We all stared at her for a moment before going back to eat. Glancing back at her surreptitiously, I saw a blush spread from her cheeks all the way down her chest.

Our parents quickly excused themselves a few minutes later, leaving the cleanup to us. “They are totally going to bang, aren’t they?” Andrea asked as soon as they were out of earshot.

I shrugged. “Probably. Good for them.” I was still on bed rest, so I watched as my sisters started cleaning up from breakfast. I bahis siteleri slowly sipped my coffee and watched as my older sister’s pendulous breasts swung inches from my face as she reached past me to clear the table. My eyes followed her body as she headed to the fridge to put things away. When she bent forward to open the vegetable drawer, her ass was facing me and I wondered why she bothered wearing shorts that short and tight. She might as well take them off before they tear, I thought, watching her shorts stretch around her callipygian rear.

I watched as Tiffany stood up, unsnapped her shorts and pushed them down, exposing a pair of bright pink lace boyshorts which looked really sexy on her. It was only after a moment when I had the thought that it was too much of a coincidence that as soon as I thought that she should take it off she did. Just like yesterday and with mom at breakfast.

I needed to test this out.

I looked over at Andrea who was washing dishes and hadn’t yet noticed Tiffany without her shorts. Take off your shorts, I thought at her. At first it seemed like nothing had happened, but then she dried her hands and pulled down her shorts. As she bent to pull them completely off, I realized that she had decided to skip underwear completely today, as I was presented with an unobstructed view of my younger sister’s ass and a glimpse of her shaved slit. She went back to doing dishes as if nothing had happened.

At this point I was now convinced that somehow getting electrocuted had given me mind control powers. Everything up until this point could have been coincidence. But there was no reason for her to have dropped her pants like that, especially if she wasn’t wearing underwear. I couldn’t believe that this was happening.

Close your eyes and turn around, I thought at Tiffany as she closed the fridge door, wanting to try out my new power. I watched as she turned to face me with her eyes closed. After a moment she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her.

“What? Did I spill something on me?” She asked, looking down at her mostly naked body. “Or do you just like looking at my body?”

“Well you are mostly naked,” I replied, trying to figure out why she opened her eyes. Tiffany glanced over at Andrea for support and saw that she was completely nude.

“At least I’m wearing underwear, unlike someone else.”

“It’s hot,” Andrea responded looking over at Tiffany. “And besides, it’s not like your panties leave much to the imagination.” She was right. Between the way they hugged her ass from behind and her cleft in the front, most of Tiffany was on display. I could see clearly that her pussy was shaved clean as well.

She’s right. You should take them off, I thought at my older sister.

“Fine,” Tiffany responded, pulling down her panties. “Now are you happy?”

Andrea nodded and went back to the dishes while Tiffany stormed off to work on the next room. I decided to stay and continue playing with my new power, trying to figure out just what the limits were.

Lift your leg, I thought at Andrea. She lifted her leg slightly into the air, not stopping to do dishes. After a few seconds she put it back down. I frowned, unsure why some things seemed to wear off while others didn’t. Lift your leg up and hold it up until I say to put it down. She once more lifted her leg, but this time she didn’t put it down. I waited for a minute before thinking that she should put it down. She complied immediately. Lift your other leg as high as you can and hold it for a minute. I watched as, without stopping her dish washing, my baby sister shifted her stance and raised her other leg, bending forwards, until she was doing a split in mid air. I knew that she was in shape, but this was more impressive that I had imagined. This also had the effect of fully exposing her cunt to my eyes. I drank in the beauty of her exposed like that until she slowly lowered her leg at the end of the minute.

I was about to make her do it again when Tiffany walked back in. “Do you know which fixture goes on the far bathroom wall?”

“I’ll show you,” I said slowly getting up. My speed, or lack thereof was partial do to the fact that I was scared of falling, but also because of the raging hardon that was sticking straight out in my pants. Tiffany attributed my speed entirely to my injury, and hurried to my side to help me walk. This had the unfortunate effect of making the second situation worse as she pressed her naked, voluptuous body against mine. Both of us being bare chested meant that her pillowy tits were pressed against my side and they felt wonderful.

She helped me walk carefully to the bathroom and I showed her which fixture went where and watched as she hooked them up. I realized that there was a new level of sexiness in watching a beautiful woman work naked. As I watched her, I finally admitted to myself something that I had been denying since the summer began. If I got the chance I would fuck both of my sisters. And especially after breakfast this morning, I would bahis şirketleri fuck my mother as well. And given the situation, and not knowing how long my new abilities were going to last, I needed to move fast. The first thing that I needed to do was make sure that I could undo everything in case things went wrong.

“Tiff, can you remember these numbers for me? 5, 37, 12 and 6?” I ask, looking at my phone. She turns and looks at me oddly, but nods and repeats them back to me.

Forget the numbers and that I asked you about them. I waited a moment before asking, “What were those numbers?”

“What numbers?”

“The numbers I just asked you to remember.”

She had a puzzled look on her face. “Are you feeling ok?

Remember the numbers and that I asked about them.

“Oh. Sorry. My mind kinda blanked there. 5, 37, 12 and 6”

“Thanks. You had me worried for a minute.”

Now that I knew that I could clean up any mistakes, I put my next plan into action. You still feel guilty for getting me electrocuted. You should make it up to me. The best way to start making it up would be a blowjob. In fact, it probably makes you horny thinking about going down on your brother.

I watched as the thoughts I sent her way seemed to work through her mind. I saw her nipples tighten and her eyes flashed to the mostly closed door.

“We haven’t really had a chance to talk about what happened the other day,” she started to say, stepping down off the stool she had been standing on. “I know that I apologized already, but I still feel really guilty about you getting hurt because of my mistake. And while I know that the doctors said that you are going to be ok, I feel really bad that you are still not fully better. Besides,” she approached me, standing close enough to lightly graze my skin with hers, “while I know they checked most things, I don’t think they checked to make sure everything was working the way it should.” She laid a hand on my erection through my shorts and ran her hand up and down it. “Well, it seems like at least some of it is working. It seems like my little brother isn’t really so little. Let’s just make sure that everything is still in working order.”

She dropped to her knees and reached for my belt. I made no move to stop her as she undid my shorts and pushed them, along with my boxers, to the floor. Watching her, I figured out that my powers worked better with justification and pointed suggestions, rather than commands. “Mmmm…. Looks like someone appreciates the fact that his sisters have started walking around naked,” she said as she took hold of my cock. “Now, let’s make sure that it still works.”

She started out slow, licking my cockhead, before taking it into her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as she wrapped her lips around my shaft. I resisted the urge to rest a hand on her head or play with her red curls while she started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. Instead, I decided to double down on my previous command. Each time you take it deeper into your mouth it will make you feel hornier. You know that feeling me cum will make you cum also.

“That feels amazing,” I said as I felt her becoming even more enthusiastic and taking me deeper into her mouth with each stroke. I gave up the fight to keep my hands to myself reached down to one of her large tits. It felt as soft and wonderful in my hand as I thought it would. I ran my finger over her nipple, finding it rock hard. Tiffany pulled her mouth off my cock and smiled up at me, her hand now slowly jerking me instead of her mouth.

“It seems like someone like his sister’s tits,” she said with a smile.

“You’re one to talk,” I replied, not letting go. “You are the one that seems to be enjoying giving your brother a blowjob based on how hard your nipples are.”

She laughed. “If I had known just how good it could be, I probably would have done this years ago. But if you aren’t interested in my tits, then maybe I shouldn’t do this.” She pulled her tit out of my hand and proceed to wrap them around my cock. The saliva she had left on it from before provided plenty of lubricating for her to be able to freely slide up and down. Each time the head of my cock popped up, she sucked it into her mouth. It felt heavenly and I sighed in appreciation. “So you don’t want me to stop?” She asked with a wicked grin on her face.

“Don’t stop. It feels amazing.”

“So you do like my tits?”

“Of course I like your tits. They are amazing. And so is your mouth.” I pushed her head back down as I thrust up between her breasts. She sucked me into her mouth and then told me to relax and let her do the work. I settled back as she proceeded to give me the best titjob that I had even had. The only thing that kept me from exploding between her delightful breasts was that before I could, her saliva started to dry out. Taking it as a sign, she shifted back to full on blowing me. She grabbed my hands and placed one on each tit before grabbing my hips and doing her best to inhale my cock. I heard and felt her moaning with pleasure around my dick as it pushed against the back of her throat. I squeezed her boobs as I felt the tip of my cock penetrate her throat and her nose press against the base of my shaft.

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