Sibling Love

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I was coming home from work very late. It was one of those days where as soon as you wake up you want it to end already. If the average, soul-crushing office routine wasn’t enough, I had to attend an unexpected meeting that lasted way longer than it should have. But pulling up on the garage I was overjoyed, thinking that I could finally sit down for a while watching TV with Emily before going to bed.

I opened the door, hoping to find my wife waiting for me, but as I entered the living room I didn’t see her there, as she usually was. I didn’t think too much of it, I just imagined she was taking a shower or something. I headed to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and walked towards our room to tell her I had arrived. As I got close to the door I started hearing Emily’s voice, whispering to someone. I didn’t remember her saying there was anyone coming over, I wondered who it was and why they were in our bedroom.

I slowly opened the door, coming inside. There, I found Emily half naked on our bed and lying ass up above someone else. From my point of view, I could only see her ass in between some man’s legs but from the slurping noises I knew she was giving him a blowjob.

“Honey, I’m home.” I announced.

She stopped and turned to me, without taking her hands off the dick.

“Oh!” She seemed surprised. She kept stroking as she said with a smile, “I didn’t hear you come in, baby.”

I walked towards a chair we had next to our bed, talking my tie off as I walked. Looking at them from the side, I recognized the man to be Emily’s younger brother, Matt.

“Hey, Gerard,” he said, “Long day at work?”

I sat down on the chair and let out a deep sigh.

“Tell me about it,” I said. Emily, who was still moving her fist up and down Matt’s shaft, lowered her head again to continue her blowjob. Still looking at me, she inserted his dick back into her mouth.

I’ve known about Emily’s relationship with Matt for a while. When we were starting to date I often noticed they had a strange thing going on. Although I never suspected they were fucking, I thought that the way they touched I and talked to each other was a bit off for them to be brother and sister. Despite this, I thought Matt was a great person and I was grateful he had accepted me into his family so easily. Eventually, I came to see him as a close friend.

The day I first saw them getting intimate, we were having drinks at home. We were celebrating that I got promoted. The three of us drank wine for hours, talking about our lives. Eventually, Emily started getting frisky with me, as she usually did when she drank. Although I asked her to stop, out of respect of her brother, she laughed and said he didn’t mind. Matt confirmed this, telling me that if a girl like Emily was doing that to him he wouldn’t care who was watching.

We were al laughing as if it was a game. The more I resisted the more Emily teased. In our drunken stupor, Emily tried to take off my clothes while Matt helped by taking of hers. Eventually I gave up and started kissing her. By that point she had both lost our shirts and I thought that if I just kissed her they would stop and the situation wouldn’t escalate. To my surprise, Emily didn’t think about dropping it off there. She continued trying to turn me on, groping me and kissing me intensely.

I tried fighting it but I didn’t have the will power to resist her. Her bra came off, her pants came off and things were really starting to heat up. I even forgot Matt was in the room with us until I saw him staring with his dick in his hands. Emily kept telling me to ignore him and I tried to. It was especially hard to do once he started getting more involved. She was giving me a handjob when he sneaked up behind her and started kissing her neck.

With her free hand she started stroking him and things took off from there. I wasn’t the type who would normally be okay with a threesome but I was too drunk and horny to object. We stayed up all night, trying different positions.

When I woke up the next morning I had a splitting headache. We were all lying on the living room floor, naked and sweating. Once we were all awake we talked about what had happened. They told me that since they were teenagers they started getting together and they hadn’t stopped since. Apparently they were still hooking up occasionally even after we had started dating.

My knee-jerk reaction was to want to complain. She was cheating on me all this time, I though. And with her own brother, no less. But every time I feel the urge to announce my disapproval, my mind went back to the night before and how much I had enjoyed it. I did something that I wouldn’t normally do and found that I enjoyed it. This kind of situation was not normal in my life, so I decided to make peace with it.

Similar nights kept on happening. Sometimes we were drunk, other times we were completely sober. Sharing Emily with Matt became something casual and it happened every once in a while.

Still, I was surprised glory hole secrets porno to see him that night.

“Emily,” I told her, “you didn’t tell me Matt was coming over.”

“I wish I knew!” she said, taking breaks from sucking, “Matt just stopped by for a surprise visit. We were going to wait for you but you took so long.”

“Yeah,” I said, “work was a bit of a bitch today.”

“Sounds rough,” Matt told me, “why don’t you come join us?”

“Nah,” I replied. “I was actually just thinking about taking it easy tonight.”

“Suit yourself,” Matt said, putting all of his focus on Emily.

I sat there drinking my beer, watching how Emily’s head slowly bobbed up and down, and letting out soft moans. Matt put his hands on one of her face, gently pulling her up towards his face. They started kissing lightly, making sure I saw their tongues dancing together. They were trying to get me to join.

Matt grabber her and pushed her to the side, getting on top of her and while he took off her panties Emily took off her bra. Even after all the years we had been together, her naked body never stopped making and impression on me. I started feeling myself getting hard as Matt took his cock and slid it inside of her.

Emily started moaning louder now and wrapped her legs around his waist. My eyes were drawn to her breasts and the way they moved with the rhythm of Matt’s thrusting. I lowered my pants and started masturbating; taking occasional sips from my beer.

“Gerard,” Emily said sensually, “give me some of that beer.”

I got up and got closer to them. Matt was still working away as I leaned over and handed Emily the bottle. Instead of taking it, however, she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her.

“Give me your dick, baby,” she said.

I really wasn’t feeling it that night, I just wanted to watch them and jack off, but I wasn’t about to disappoint my wife. I positioned myself next to her and placed my dick next to her face so she could suck it. Eventually we came. I came inside her mouth and Matt, not wanting to impregnate his sister, finished outside of her vagina.

When we regained our strength Matt said he had to get going and wished us a good night. Once we were alone at bed, Emily cuddled my closely. Her naked body was still warm from the sex. She asked me if anything as wrong and I told her about my day. I explained that my job wasn’t making me happy anymore. I remembered being so happy the day I got that promotion but now it felt as if I wasting my life in the office.

“You need something new in your life,” she said, “something exciting!”

Maybe I did. But I didn’t know where to start. A couple of days passed and I was still mildly depressed over everything. Emily started worrying about me, and it made me even sadder. I couldn’t even bring myself to get horny enough to fuck her.

One weekend we were showering together and she was trying to get me horny. She kissed me and she touched me but nothing got me hard. Eventually she stopped to think of how she could break me out of this state I was in.

“Hey…” she said, “I never really thanked you for being so cool about Matt and me.”

“Oh,” I said. That comment caught me off guard. “I mean… It’s nothing.”

“But think about it,” she continued, “he’s my brother. I’ve been fucking him for ever so I’m used to the idea, but you accepted it so easily.”

“I guess…” I said. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. She knew I was okay with him and she knew I liked sharing her with him. Why this, all of a sudden? “So?”

“So…” her mind wandered off. She was choosing the correct words to say. “You have a sister. Don’t you ever think about…”

“No!” I said. I pushed the thought away and turned my back to Emily and continued bathing. “Look, I respect you and Matt do it but me and Ashley don’t have that kind of relationship…”

“I’m just saying,” she continued, “she is kind of hot.”

I tried to ignore her when I felt her hand land on my flaccid dick. She started stroking it slowly while she talked.

“The first time I saw her in a bikini I could barely keep my eyes off her chest. Haven’t you noticed she has really nice boobs? I swear, at one point she must have gotten cold because her nipples were clearly visible through her top and everyone at the beach kept staring. I can only imagine all the guys that day dreamed about putting their faces between them…”

She got closer to me and started whispering in my ear.

“Didn’t you feel that way too? All those years, being so close to her, you must have caught her coming out of the shower, dripping wet with nothing but a towel covering her. You can’t possibly deny that you never wished her towel would accidentally drop, can you?”

I surprised myself when I noticed I was starting to get erect.

“Oh,” she said, reactive to my erection, “I guess you have… Maybe you wished worse things. Maybe you wished that once grup sex that once her towel dropped she wouldn’t mind. She’d just stare at you, completely naked, waiting for you to bend her over and fuck her crazy.”

By that point her descriptions made me harder than I’ve been in days. I didn’t want to let this chance go to waste, so I turned around and started kissing Emily passionately. Not wanting to waste a moment going to our bed, we left the shower and I bent her over the sink. Looking at the mirror, I saw her smile, as if she’d somehow won a contest I wasn’t aware of.

After we were done we brushed our teeth, put on our pajamas and went to bed. I started thinking about what had happened. The only thing that managed to get me hard in days was the thought of my sister, half naked. The following day I felt much better; I hardly thought about how depressing my work life had become. Emily tried to turn me on and it didn’t take her long to get me inside of her, like it did the night before.

I actually thought that it had just been a temporary thing until I went back to work the next day. All the progress Emily made came undone as soon as I sat at my desk and stared at my computer. That week Emily and I didn’t get intimate. Every time I got home I wondered if she would try talking to me about Ashley again to cheer me up but she never tried anything.

When Friday arrived I came home and found her in the kitchen, finishing up dinner. Once we sat down to eat she asked me about my day and I told her it was as crappy as usual.

“Listen,” she told me in a very serious tone, “I don’t like to see you like this.” She grabbed my hand and let out a smile. “I talked with your sister.”

“What? What about?” I asked immediately. She started laughing.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she continued, “I didn’t tell her that you’re a pervert or anything.” I managed to calm down a bit but I was still curious about what they talked about. “I told her you weren’t feeling well and she suggested a great idea. Next weekend she is going to her beach house and wanted us to go there with her. She thinks a bit of sun and relaxation might cheer you up.”

It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought. I agreed that it could help me and she said she would call Ashley again tomorrow to tell her we were going. I asked for Friday off so we could leave early that day and waited in anticipation. The thought of finally being able to relax made the week much more bearable.

Once Friday arrived I woke up early and started packing for the weekend. My called my phone and told me she was waiting in her car outside our house. I told Emily that Ashley came to pick us up and asked her if she was done getting ready. She was still in her pajamas, having breakfast.

“Ready for what?” she asked.

“For our weekend at Ashley’s beach house…” I responded quizzically.

“I’m not going to that,” she said chuckling.

“But you told me you were,” I told her, “why aren’t you going?”

“I just thought that you could enjoy yourself more if I wasn’t around,” she responded. “Have fun! And don’t worry about me. I told Matt he could come by to take care of me whenever he wanted.”

The ride to Ashley’s beach house was long. All I could think about how mad I was at Emily. I knew what her intentions were, but I was decided I wasn’t going to try anything with Ashley. She was my sister! Once we were getting close I managed to calm myself down thinking Emily not being with us doesn’t change the fact that I agreed to do this so I could relax.

When we finally got there it was too late in the afternoon to go to the beach. Instead, we stayed in the house and ate. Neither of us brought up the subject of why I needed to relax. Before going to bed we made plans for the following day.

“Ok,” she said, “here’s the plan. We get up early and we hit the beach. After we’re tired of the sun, we go to the resort and get some massages.”

It sounded good to me. I agreed and headed to my room to sleep.

When we got up me quickly made breakfast, got dressed and went to the beach. It was particularly crowded that day, mostly with teenagers and their parents. I dropped our cooler on the sand, laid down our towels and sat down to watch the waves come in and out. Next to me, Ashley was taking off her beach dress, revealing a cute pink bikini.

“Ah…” she said, “this is the life, isn’t it Gerard?” She opened the cooler and took out two beers.

It definitely was. Being here reminded me of the times we used to go to the beach together as a family. Reminiscing about simpler times really helped me forget about work.

We took out the sunscreen and helped each other put it on our backs. Spreading some on Ashley’s back, I caught a couple of kids staring at her from afar. It really wasn’t such a strange thing. Back when we were teenagers that type of thing happened all the time. It was hard for me to admit but she really was a beautiful woman. Daydreaming about old times I hd porno lost track of the time. If Ashley hadn’t interrupted me I would probably have relived my youth in its entirety.

“What do you say if we go for a swim?” She asked, getting up before I could even respond. “I’m bored all the attention I’m getting here.”

I agreed, and we spent some time in the water. We talked about the memories we had of growing up together. I was really enjoying being able to talk with her after so long. Before this trip, we only talked briefly over the phone about things that were happening in our lives.

Heading back to our stuff, people kept staring. By this point the cold water had made Ashley’s nipples erect.

“Not you too!” She said jokingly, noticing I was staring as well.

“Consider it a compliment!” I said. I was finally feeling comfortable enough to joke around.

After a while we picked up our things and headed to the spa. She went up to the counter and started talking with the man on the other side. It sounded as if she went there often because they were being very familiar with each other.

“So,” he finally said, “what will it be today, Ashley? The usual?”

“Not today,” she responded while laughing nervously. I’m with my brother today. Just give us the regular package.”

Ashley paid and the man told us to follow him to another room. We were told to get undressed and to lay down at the two massage tables in the middle. We turned our backs to each other and started taking off our clothes. I wrapped a towel around my waist and saw that Ashley was already lying down in her table. Her towel only covered her ass, leaving her bare back clearly visible and I caught a glimpse of the side of her boob.

Feeling embarrassed, I laid down in my table. Shortly after, the guy from before came back with another female employee. The girl came to me and started the massage. It was my first time getting one and felt somewhat awkward but eventually started enjoying myself. All the while, Ashley and her masseuse talked to each other, laughing and trading stories.

Once it was done we were escorted to the sauna. Once we were left alone, we each closed our eyes and let our minds wander. The combination of the massage I just got and the heat made my mind loosen up a lot. After a while, Ashley brought me back to reality.

“So talk to me, Gerard,” she spoke, “what’s the matter?”

I opened my eyes and I saw her staring at me from the other corner of the small sauna. Maybe it was the effects of the heat but I started admiring how she looked with her towel on. Particularly, how it only barely managed to cover her lower parts. I though that if only she wore it slightly higher anyone could her vagina.

“Oh, nothing’s wrong,” I said.

“Bull shit!” she said. She stood up to sit next to me. “Your wife sent you here for a reason! Spit it out. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

I took a moment to consider what I would say. I was enjoying myself a lot and didn’t want to ruin it by talking about my problems. Eventually I decided to tell her, however. I told her I felt that my life had become mundane. I hated my job but felt that I was wasting most of my life working. I told her that when I was a kid I wanted to do something new every day but lately it felt like every day was a carbon copy of the one before.

Feeling sorry for me, she put her arm around my back and pulled me closer to her.

“You just have to think of the good things you have going on.,” she said, “Your job may not be exciting but they pay you well! And you’re still young. You can do anything you want with your life!”

“I guess so,” I told her. Truth was, her words didn’t make me feel better but I appreciated her good intentions. What was really making me feel better were her fingers slowly running through my hair. I felt protected by my sister, like she used to do before.

“Besides,” she continued, “how can you complain with that super hot wife you have?!”

We both chuckled.

“Yeah!” she continued, ” you can just go home and have sex whenever you can! You don’t need to go to the spa to get laid.”

“Wait,” I said, pulling away from her in shock. She looked like some who had only just realized they said more than they should have. “You and the masseuse?”

“Yeah…” she smiled embarrassingly. “He’s really good with his hands.”

We both laughed for a while.

“You know,” she said, “I’m glad you opened up to me. For such a long time all my conversations with men were a means for them to get inside me. It’s great that I can talk with someone sincerely for once.

It felt really nice that we could open up to each other in this way. Finally, it was time to go. We both stood up to leave as she did, some of her towel got caught up somewhere in the seat. I stared at her for what seemed to be an eternity. I felt embarrassed, watching her naked body so close but it didn’t stop me from doing it.

“Damn it,” she said, picking up her towel and wrapping it around herself again. She didn’t seem fazed about it at all, as if it was completely normal. We got on our car and headed back to the house. On the ride there I couldn’t get Ashley’s image out of my head. When we got inside I felt as if I needed to address it.

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