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Lisa was home from college for the summer. Home was an apartment in Chicago in which she lived with her mother, stepfather, an older sister and a younger stepbrother. Although she’d managed to find a part-time job, there was still lots of time with nothing to do besides surf the Internet, watch television, read or go for walks. Her favorite of the four was to surf the ‘net, but unfortunately, she had to share her laptop with others in the family.

One morning she awoke about an hour before everyone else and made use of the time to get on the Internet and look for porn. She hadn’t had a lot of sexual experiences with men and the few she’d had were one-on-one with a guy about her age. For some reason, watching videos of threesomes was one of her favorite categories. She especially liked seeing two older men penetrating a younger woman, but two bi-women and one man also made her get extremely wet.

On this particular morning she stumbled upon an erotica web site that also had a personals section. She had a new boyfriend in town but was curious to see who might be available for some extra fun. If nothing else, she thought she might be able to start an online roleplay and let her inhibitions run wild. After registering for the site she immediately went to the personals section to post her ad. She decided to make the ad somewhat vague in hopes that she’d get a lot of responses and then she could choose a few to whom she’d reply. Her ad read, “Petite blonde college girl, 20, toned body with 32b breasts, seeks attention from older men and/or women. Please send PM for more information.” Even though the text was brief and non-specific, she felt the growing dampness in the crotch of her thong panties as she thought about the kinds of responses she might receive.

From the personals she browsed through several photo threads. It took a while but she finally found one that featured photos of threesomes and even larger groups. After only a few minutes of viewing she slipped her hand inside her thong to rub her clit. Thinking she’d smear a little of her wetness over her clit, she dipped her middle finger in between her pussy lips. She was surprised to discover how wet she’d become. Taking her eyes away from the laptop she looked down at her crotch and saw that it had become nearly transparent from her wetness.

From down the hall she heard her mother call out. “Lisa? Lisa! If you want to be first in the shower, you’d better get moving!”

“Okay, Mom! Be there in a minute!”

She signed out of the web site, cleared the browser history and then emptied the browser cache and emptied the recycle bin to cover her tracks. Upon getting up from her bed she stopped and looked at herself in the full length mirror on the back of her door. Her long, hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer camisole and the crotch of her thong was completely soaked. After removing the cami she cupped her breasts and gave them a squeeze as she slowly turned to admire her toned body. As she viewed her butt cheeks protruding from the thong she started wondering if she’d ever enjoy the pleasure of anal sex or if she’d find two men who’d want to share her for a double penetration. She pulled the waistband of her thong up high, drawing the crotch material up snugly between her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Even though it was her own body she was viewing, she grew hornier by the second.

“Lisa? Lisa! Better hurry!” her mother called out.

She pulled her robe out of the closet and slipped it on. She decided to leave on her thong and enjoy its pressure against her pussy and ass hole as she walked to the bathroom for her shower. Looking towards the bathroom door she saw her older, bustier sister approaching and quickened her stride. Lisa envied her sister’s bigger breasts. She always thought they were the reason she’d had so many boyfriends. Reaching for the door at the same time as her sister, Lisa elbowed her sister’s breasts and shouted, “I was here first!”

Pushing back, her sister Laura shouted, “So what? I have to be at work before you do, so I’m taking my shower first!”

“No way! I’m getting in first today!”

The two sisters pushed and pulled at each other until their robes both fell open. Laura was completely naked under the robe and her shaved pussy appeared to have been played with roughly just moments ago.

From their parents’ bedroom they heard the deep voice of their stepfather. “You two settle it quietly or I’ll come out there and settle it for you!”

Laura pushed Lisa into the bathroom and followed behind her, quickly closing the door. Lisa turned around to confront her sister and asked, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Laura placed her hand over Lisa’s mouth to keep her quiet. “Listen up, sis. I could hear Mom and Dad going at it earlier and I think Dad is still fired up. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to waste finding out how he intends to settle this. Let’s just take our showers together and family stroke porno be done with it. Okay?”

After Laura removed her hand from over her mouth, Lisa replied, “Okay, okay, but only if you’ll shave my pussy. I have a hard time getting to some of the awkward places… and I’ll touch up yours if you want.”

Laura smiled and answered, “You can touch mine all you want, little sister.”

“Not ’til you’ve shaved mine! I mean it – not like last time when you made me eat you ’til there wasn’t any hot water left.”

Laura slipped off her robe, hung it on the back of the door and reached to the knobs to turn on the water. She made sure Lisa got an eyeful of all her curves and intimate places. As Lisa removed her robe to hang it up, Laura tilted her hips forward and spread open her pussy lips. “I’ve already cum twice this morning, sis. You sure you don’t want to get in a few licks before we get into the shower?”

Lisa loved the taste of her sister’s pussy, especially after she’d had an orgasm. She looked into her sister’s eyes and said, “You know I can’t refuse that offer, but I mean it – just long enough for me to get a good taste and then you’re shaving me.” Lisa removed her soaked thong, tossed it to the floor and then knelt at Laura’s feet. Using both hands, she spread her sister’s pussy open wide and quickly buried her tongue inside. After darting her tongue in and out several times, she flicked it over Laura’s clit before sucking the little nub into her mouth.

“Dammit, Lisa! If you had a cock I swear I’d never have sex with anybody else! Oh, fuck – you know what to do with that mouth of yours!”

Lisa sucked hard on Laura’s clit while she pulled her head back until it popped out of her mouth. She pushed two fingers up into Laura’s dripping pussy and told her, “No more ’til you shave me.” She withdrew her fingers, licked them clean and then stood up and stepped into the shower. “Come on in, sis. The water’s just right.”

Somewhat frustrated because of the very brief play, Laura got into the shower with her sister and slapped her hand sharply across Lisa’s butt. “Tease! Get me hot and then quit. That’s just mean!”

Lisa laughed and reminded her that after she got her pussy shaved, they could continue if there was time. “Do a good job or no more licking for you!”

Laura grabbed the razor off the shelf in the corner, knelt in front of her sister and started to work. She actually enjoyed doing this because it gave her more time to touch and pull on her sister’s lips. Unlike her own very small, very plain lips, Lisa’s folds resembled the delicate petals of a rose. She may have been blessed with a bigger bust, but she was jealous of Lisa’s prettier pussy. It was for this reason that she spent extra time and extra care making sure she removed every hair from just above her mound, all the way down and around her ass hole. When she was finished, she gave Lisa’s clit a delicate kiss and then stood up and kissed Lisa on the mouth. With the steady shower of warm water cascading over their naked bodies, they hugged each other tightly and kissed passionately.

From the hallway they heard their stepbrother’s voice. “Hey! Let’s go, will ya? I need a shower, too!” Jack called out.

Lisa and Laura smiled at each other briefly before Laura said, “We’d better hurry up. You wash me and I’ll wash you, and then I have to get ready for work. Dammit, I wish we had more time!”

Lisa agreed as she lathered up her sister’s body. “If you didn’t go out every night, there would be plenty of time.”

“Yeah, well, there’s that cock thing. You really ought to get a good boyfriend or two and try it for yourself.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve had a cock or two. Maybe the guy I’m seeing now will know what to do with his.”

After they’d washed each other’s bodies, they rinsed quickly and got out. Quickly toweling themselves dry, Laura opened the door slightly and peeked down the hall. “Okay, I’ll go first. You wait a bit and then come out. Maybe nobody will know.”

Lisa waited while Laura hurried quietly to her room. After she saw Laura’s bedroom door close, she stepped out of the bathroom and headed to her own bedroom. A couple of minutes after she’d entered her room, she heard a knock on her door. “Yes?” she asked.

“Hey, sis! I think you left something in the bathroom!” The door opened and Jack tossed her thong into the room. He opened the door a little more, peered around it and said, “Since it wasn’t wet all over, I guess that means you’ve been playing with yourself again. I keep offering, you know.” He laughed and left quickly.

Lisa had thought about taking him up on those offers many times. She’d caught glimpses of his cock and wondered how it’d feel inside her, but had never gotten up enough nerve to let him fuck her. Still, the thought of a cock that was practically always available was tempting. If nothing else, she could practice for the future.

Lisa female taxi porno picked her thong off the floor, held it up just above her head and took a whiff of the crotch. She liked the scent of herself. It made her pussy wet and she enjoyed playing with it when it was wet. She checked the clock beside her bed and decided she had enough time to take advantage of her wetness. She opened the bottom drawer of the bedside table and pulled out one of her favorite dildos. It was made to look like a real cock with balls and it also had a suction cup on the bottom. If she’s been alone in the apartment she would’ve stuck it to the bed frame and fucked herself doggy-style, but knew she’d be heard with her family there. Instead, she plopped back on the bed, spread her legs open wide and pushed it into her pussy. Closing her eyes, she fantasized about being fucked by James Deen, her favorite porn star. She fucked herself hard and deep while rubbing her clit furiously. It didn’t take her long to reach her orgasm because, as she imagined, James had been rough with her. She kept the dildo inside her even after she’d cum, rubbing her clit and shifting the dildo in different directions, applying pressure to various places including her G-spot. She liked teasing herself like that. She often did it to the point of almost cumming before pausing and then starting again, repeating it until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Some of her best orgasms occurred when she did that. The thought of being double penetrated flashed through her mind. She dipped her middle finger in next to the dildo and then moved it down to her ass hole. As her fingertip touched the rim she immediately felt a new charge run through her body. She pushed the tip inside, thinking about the day when she’d actually be fucked by two men at the same time. She felt her already hard nipples become even more taut as if they were urging her to go in deeper.

Just as her second knuckle touched the outer rim she heard her mother’s voice call out, “Lisa! If you want any breakfast you’d better get out here now!”

“Dammit!” she muttered to herself. She didn’t want to miss out on breakfast again, so she withdrew her finger and the dildo, licked both clean and hid the toy cock in the drawer. When she got up off the bed she discovered an obvious wet spot where she’d cum. “Dammit! I hope Mom doesn’t plan to straighten up in here before she leaves for work. I’d better make the bed so she won’t have to,” she said to herself. She quickly smoothed the sheets, fluffed the pillows and pulled up the bedspread. When she was done with the bed, she turned and admired her still naked body in the mirror. Talking to herself again she said, “Dammit! I’ve got to find somebody who wants to fuck this fine body!” She then quickly slipped into a pair of dark blue lounge shorts and pulled on an oversized T-shirt, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

When she arrived at the kitchen table, everyone else in the family was already seated and finishing their meal. Laura pushed her plate towards Lisa and offered her some eggs. “Take it, sis, you earned it.” Jack grinned and winked as if he knew exactly what was meant.

Her stepdad wiped his mouth and got up from the table. As he walked briskly towards the door he reached up under the bottom of his wife’s short kimono style robe and grabbed her ass, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Sorry, I gotta go. I have an off-site meeting today so I may be late getting home. You guys be good!” And out the door he went.

Mom stood at the door and blushed. She liked the way her husband showed his affection but wished he’d do it in private. All too often he groped her in front of others, and not just the family. As she started walking back towards the table she paused for a moment. She felt cum oozing out of her pussy and trailing down her thighs. She glanced down at her short robe to make sure it concealed what was happening and was shocked to see that it didn’t. She turned around and walked back towards the door, reaching in between her thighs to wipe the cum back up her thigh and also into her fingers so she could lick them. Her husband always shot a huge load and this morning’s was no exception.

Almost in unison, Jack, Lisa and Laura called out, “Mom” Are you okay?”

As she licked her fingers she told them she was. Laura looked at Lisa, grinned and said softly, “I’ll bet she had to clean off some cum again.”

Lisa looked at her sister and replied, “Lucky!”

Jack leaned across the table towards Lisa and said, “I keep offering, ya know!”

Laura glared at him and said, “You’d probably cum before you got it in her.”

Jack answered, “Wanna make a bet?”

By then their mom had returned to clear the table. Looking at their faces and knowing something had been going on, she said, “Laura, Jack… you two need to get moving. Even part-timers need to be at work on time. Lisa, I’ll be gone shortly after they leave, female agent porno so you’ll be on your own a while. Behave yourself!”

In just a little while, Laura and Jack left the apartment to go to their jobs and their mom left shortly thereafter. Lisa had another hour or so before she had to get ready for her job and decided to get the laptop to see if she’d received any responses to her personals ad. Just the thought of getting a few replies was getting her excited. She sat down on her bed with the laptop placed between her legs and got onto the Internet. She typed in the URL of the site and then logged in. To her surprise and delight, the number “47” appeared beside the word “Messages.” With great anticipation, she clicked there and opened her Inbox. “Wow!” she thought. “47 replies in about an hour! Not bad.”

She clicked to open the first one and started reading. “Loser,” she thought as she deleted it. She clicked to open the next one and read what it had to say. “Don’t these people read? I said older men. Dammit!” She deleted that one, and the next, and the next several messages. Upon opening the next message, she paused to read a rather lengthy message from a much older man. “Finally!” she thought. “Somebody who understands what I meant.” She continued reading, feeling her nipples harden and her pussy getting damp. “I think this one’s a keeper!” She closed it and opened the next one, then closed that and went back to the previous message. She read it again and got even wetter. “This guy knows what he wants and it happens to be what I want, too. I’d better reply right now.” She typed her response and sent it back. Before opening any more of the messages, she slipped off the T-shirt and played with her nipples, squeezing and tugging them and imagining the older man was doing that to her. Just as she was about to slip off her shorts she noticed there was another new message. She refreshed her Inbox and there was the reply from the older man. She quickly opened it and started reading. She sighed as she read. “I’ve got to find out where this guy lives. I hope it’s nearby.” She typed her question and sent it to him, then slipped out of her shorts and toyed with her clit as she waited for the response. In a minute, she received his response, opened it and read it. “Dammit! He’s too far away! I guess that’s it for him. Guess I’ll tell him I want somebody close to me.” She typed the bad news and sent it. She continued playing with her pussy and her nipples, wishing he’d been a lot closer to her. About the time she decided she’d better log off and get ready for her job, she noticed there was a new message from him. She opened it and read. “Hmmm… an offer to direct me via PMs to do slutty things. That could work.” She typed out her new response, asking what he had in mind, sent it and then logged out of the site. After clearing all her tracks she turned off the laptop and carried it back to the den, forgetting for the moment that she was nude. When she walked past the glass door to the balcony, she suddenly realized it and jumped to the side. She looked out the glass door to see if it was possible to see into the other apartments and was relieved that she couldn’t.

She went back to her room to get dressed, still thinking about the things she read in the PMs from the older man, imagining what he might have in mind for her. “I wonder what he meant by anal training… how is he going to direct me to do slutty things?” Many thoughts ran through her head as she dressed for her job.

That evening when she returned home from work, she asked if she could use the computer for a while. Nobody else wanted it so she got it and carried it to her room. Even before she’d taken off her work clothes, she got online and logged into the web site. She went directly to her Inbox, found his message, opened it and read what he had to say. Talking quietly to herself, she said, “He wants me to start stretching my ass for him… oh, gawd – he wants to use all of my holes… Oh, I could be a total slut for this guy.” She read on a little further. “He wants me to sit at the window and masturbate in the nude with the lights on? I don’t know about that!” She typed out a quick response and sent it back to him. Within a few minutes his reply appeared in her Inbox. She opened it right away and started reading it. “Well, I could do that… a thin tank top and my panties… a table lamp, uh-huh, and the sheers pulled… I can do that.” Lisa wrote back telling him she’d try that before she went to bed that night. Aroused as she was, she went through the remaining messages she received, deleting most without responding. The few she thought were possibilities were still fairly far away, but she didn’t want to pass up any opportunities, so she kept them.

Before she logged out of the site she decided to look at the group sex thread. She quickly became engrossed in the photos, especially the ones of several men fucking one woman all at the same time. She was shocked when she saw photos of two cocks in one pussy, two cocks in one ass, two cocks in one ass with one cock in the girl’s pussy and another one in her mouth! She may have been shocked, but she was getting more and more turned-on. “Look at all those huge cocks! And cum everywhere. Maybe someday,” she thought.

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