Sherrie’s Birthday Party Ch. 4

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I love feedback from my stories! Please though, keep in mind my intent is not to just write another wham-bam sex tale. So, please spare me feedback such as “Get to the sex!” Anyone can write those and they are boring. This story is written with the intent to try to TEASE and stir the reader’s imagination! If you have feedback along those lines, please send it and Ill eagerly read it! Thank you!

Ch. 4: Caught!

As Paul stood up in the knee deep water he took in the sight of his sister’s gorgeous naked body in the pale glow of the underwater pool lights. He loved the way her skin glistened as water rolled down her firm full tits onto her flat toned stomach.

Paul hesitated as he slid his hands into the waistband of his tiny swimsuit…he was awaiting a final approval from his sister before he took the last step across that forbidden line!

Mirc stood frozen on his perch with his mouth hanging open in shock as he listened to his son and daughter only a few feet away from where he was hiding. His hand gripped his rock hard cock as it pulsed and throbbed in time with his heartbeat.

Mirc shook his head in silent protest when he heard Sherrie speak to her brother staring at his crotch as if talking to his cock. Mirc’s cock throbbed when he heard his daughter ask with a nervous quiver in her voice, “Do you need some help with those?”

Paul shook his head nodding “Yes” as he glanced around the pool area. It hit him hard that he was about to take off his bikini briefs revealing his engorged cock to his own sister! Sister and brother totally naked in the pool while an entire house full of guests were partying up at the main house!

Paul swallowed nervously as he pushed his bikini trunks down his legs stretching the thin fabric out over his mighty cock shaft before pushing them down along his muscular thighs into the water. His cock pulsed hard when he felt the night air on his skin.

Sherrie gasped a deep breath as her brother’s cock waved free from the confines of his tiny suit and swung out away from his body like a thick tube. Sherrie’s eyes widened as she took in the sight of her brother’s cock, admiring the veins along the shaft capped by a fat plum sized head. Paul stood still letting his sister stare at his crotch before getting up the nerve and handing her the tiny suit.

Sherrie’s eyes never left Paul’s cock as she watched it waving gently in the night air pointing directly at her. Sherrie could see the shaft pulse and the head lift with her brother’s heart beat. Sherrie reached her hand out toward her brother’s to take the suit. As she did she let her hand move very close to his cock as if to grab his massive shaft. Sherrie knew right then that she wanted to get her hands on that huge cock! Even though she knew it belonged to own her brother!

Sherrie glanced nervously toward the pool gate and then back at her brother as she took a step closer. Licking her lips she stared down at his huge cock waving at her in the night air. Paul took a deep breath and growing bolder grasped the heavy shaft of his cock and began to stroke it watching his sister’s reaction.

Staring eyes wide, Sherrie moaned a whisper “Oh my! You are huge! Jenny was right!”. Sherrie moaned as she knelt down in the pool onto her knees right in front of her brother her face only inches from his huge cock head as he stroked his shaft. Paul took a deep breath as he watched his gorgeous naked sister’s tits float in the warm water as she knelt so close to the huge head of his bobbing cock.

Paul swallowed hard as he admired the curves of her tits breaking the surface of the water. Stroking his cock for his sisters gaze Paul moaned a deep throaty moan. Pointing the cock shaft directly at Sherrie’s face Paul began to stroke his cock harder from the base to the tip with very slow motions…back and forth stroking while watching his sister’s every reaction!

A thick drop of precum appeared at the tip of his cock head as Paul stroked his thick shaft. He imagined shooting thick ropes of hot cum all over Sherrie’s face and tits right here in the pool!

Licking her lips and biting her bottom lip with obvious tension Sherrie cupped her ripe tits in her soft hands pinching the hard nipples for her brother’s gaze. Watching her naked body both men could see that she was getting very turned on by the erotic scene of her own brother jacking off his huge cock in her face.

Hiding in the shadows just out of sight, Mirc stroked his fat cock not believing his own eyes! His head pounded and he knew he should run out and stop this forbidden act right now, before it went too far!! Fuck NO he thought!!

His feet frozen as his cock pulsed Mirc imaged joining his son and daughter in the pool. Mirc’s cock throbbed as he imagined standing naked right next to his son pointing his own thick cock at his daughters gorgeous face…jacking the thick shaft…pointing the head at her face…looking down at her naked luscious body and face only inches away from the czech couples porno dripping head of his cock!! Both father and son naked in the pool stroking their cocks and rubbing them all over Sherrie’s face…each taking turns tit fucking her between those firm soft ripe tits!

Mirc felt the cum boiling in his balls as his mind raced with thoughts of them both fucking Sherrie in the pool, taking her body any way they wanted. Cuming all over her face and tits then helping her wash the cum off her body in the pool, caressing and rubbing every inch of her body for their pleasure.

Mirc imagined his daughter being their “fuck-toy” for the entire summer!! He shook his head in disbelief as he watched Paul, his own son…stepping even closer to his sister’s face as he stroked his hard long cock shaft.

Looking down at his sister’s naked body as he moved closer, Paul grew bolder and rubbed his throbbing cock head onto her soft cheek and across her nose. Gripping his shaft tightly Paul squeezed a thick drop of precum from his cock head and smeared a thick string of pre cum onto his sisters beautiful face leaving it dangling from her cheek like a tiny rope.

As she felt the searing heat of Paul’s cock head touch her cheek Sherrie gasped as if it burned her skin. Staring at his cock and moaning Sherrie felt the plum size head drag across her cheek and nose leaving a wet hot thick string of cum connecting her face to the piss slit of her brother’s massive cock.

Sherrie stared at the thick rope of precum dangling from her brother’s cock for only a second before twisting her head, sticking out her tongue and curling it under the massive cock head to catch the thick rope of precum on her hot tongue! Before her brother could even think of stopping her she dipped her head to curl her luscious lips around the fat head of his massive cock and with a quick movement of her head she took several inches of the thick meat into her sweet face!!

Paul’s body shuddered hard as he felt his sister’s buttery soft lips curl around his cock head and slide down his thick shaft into her sweet mouth. Paul’s cock throbbed as he felt the wet heat of her sweet mouth surround his cock head. He could feel her soft lips tightening around the shaft as she began to bob her head back and forth taking more of his cock deep in her mouth with each slurping motion.

Looking directly into her brother’s eyes, Sherrie pushed her face back and forth sliding her sweet soft lips tightly up and down his thick cock shaft. Moaning as she sucked for all she was worth on her brother’s massive cock, Sherrie almost came right there.

She loved sucking cock and the feeling of a thick shaft sliding between her lips across her tongue and into her throat. The fact that it was her own brother’s massive cock she was sucking made it so naughty Sherrie was ready to cum! Placing her hands on her brother’s tight ass cheeks she guided more of his massive shaft between her sweet lips.

Mirc gasped as he watched Sherrie take Paul’s cock into her beautiful face bobbing her head as she twisted her lips moaning around the massive cock shaft. Mirc knew he should rush out and stop this horrible sin but his feet were frozen as he stroked his own throbbing cock shaft.

If his daughter would suck her own brother’s cock then surely she would suck his too! Maybe even fuck her own father on some late hot summer night. Mirc shook his head with disgust at the evil thoughts he had for his daughter’s luscious body. He knew it was so wrong but his mind was filled with naughty thoughts of dragging his daughter into his bedroom late one night while everyone was gone…drilling her naked ass in the middle of the very bed he shared every night with her mother! He could almost feel her hot breath on his neck and hear her moans of passion in his ear urging him faster as her tight wet pussy milked his cock shaft!!

Mirc listened as Paul moaned loudly urging his sister’s sucking. “OOhhhh Sherrie your such a sweet cock teaser!!” Paul moaned moving his hips back and forth working more of his cock into his sister’s tight wet mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssss I want more” Paul moaned loudly working his cock into his sister’s sweet face.

Leaning in closer Sherrie steadied herself with her hands on Paul’s thighs and took a deep breath before sliding over half her brother’s cock shaft into her throat. Paul moaned loudly loosing control as he felt her tight lips crawling down his thick shaft.

With a deep moan Sherrie slowly took the rest of her brother’s massive prick down her tight throat. When his balls came to rest on her chin, he realized she’d had taken ALL of his cock into her mouth! His own sister was “deep throating” his huge shaft!

Mirc couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched the shine of spit on Paul’s cock as Sherrie pulled her head back and forth working her sweet wet lips back and forth on Paul’s cock. Griping the thick shaft, Sherrie pulled her mouth off czech estrogenolit porno the fat head with a loud popping sound. Mirc could hear his teasing daughter whisper… “Is this ok big brother? Am I doing it right?” as she looked up at her brother with a mouthful of cock!

Paul moaned approval loudly as he reached out and gently pulled his sister’s head back onto his wet cock. Watching the two siblings Mirc stroked his cock faster hearing them whisper to each other knowing they might get caught if someone came down from the house. Mirc couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

Tonguing the slit in the fat cock head Sherrie giggled as she felt her brother’s body shudder to her touch. She loved the feeling of control she had over men…especially her own brother!! Cupping his heavy balls she stroked the thick shaft holding it gently in her hands.

Sherrie dropped Paul’s cock letting it waive in the cool night air as she slowly backed away and stood up. The head and shaft of Paul’s cock were shiny with spit as it throbbed. Mirc strained to hear the words whispered by the two naked teenagers in the pool.

Looking back at her brother Sherrie slowly climbed out of the pool unknowingly giving both men a long look at her ripe ass cheeks as she bent over to climb from the pool.

Paul looked up at the house and Mirc could see his look of disappointment as he stroked his wet cock shaft, his balls ready to explode!

“Please come back and finish what you started!” Paul begged, “Oh God you are so good!”

With a knowing look, teasing her brother, Sherrie slowly wrapped a towel around her gorgeous tight body hiding it from view. “Who do you think taught Jenny all her talents?” Sherrie giggled.

Paul gasped as he remembered his old girlfriend Jenny. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve shared more than one cock together.” Sherrie whispered to her brother with a naughty grin. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it the way you guys all talk.”

Paul’s cock throbbed with the thoughts of Jenny but what he really wanted was both Sherrie AND Jenny in his bed for a night!

Smiling at his look of disappointment, Sherrie bent over and grabbed her bikini and Paul’s trunks from the edge of the pool. Walking to the pool house doorway, as both Mirc and Paul stared; she turned slightly in the doorway before slowly letting the towel slide from her body revealing her gorgeous tight ass cheeks in the dim light of the pool.

With a lustful look on her face Sherrie disappeared into the darkness of the pool house…

Mirc s cock throbbed as he watched his daughter’s ass cheeks in the shadow of the doorway. Wondering what the two teenagers would do next he shook his head as he realized he had to stop them from going into the pool house!!

FUCK NO!! he thought as he watched her drop the towel from her luscious body revealing the ripe globes of her heart shaped ass and the curves of her heavy breasts before disappearing into the darkened doorway.

Mirc mouthed the words “NO FUCKING Way!!” in silent protests unable to speak as he watched his son wade to the shallow end of the pool and climb out. Mirc knew what his son and daughter must have in mind!! FUCK NO!! Paul stopped to look and listen for sounds from the party before walking slowly through the darkened pool house door.

Staring in disbelief as he watched the door shut behind the two naked teenagers, Mirc gasped as he realized that the two horny siblings were not done with their illicit rendezvous!! “I have to stop this shit right NOW!” Mirc thought as he took a deep breath before pulling up his shorts and climbing down from his perch behind the wall.

His head pounded like a siren…Mirc knew he had to stop Paul from taking further advantage of his sister! “This isn’t right!” Mirc thought as he fought to take his mind off the throbbing of his own rock hard prick.

Moving quietly to the door of the pool house…Mirc wanted to barge in but hesitated at the windows edge. Peering through the window to look inside Mirc gripped his cock shaft as he watched the forbidden erotic scene unfolding inside the little house. He could see Sherrie’s naked firm curves as she lit a candle on each side of the big bed bathing the room in a warm glow. Paul climbed onto the bed rolling onto his back.

Mirc stared as his son fisted his huge boner holding the heavy thick shaft straight up for his sister’s inspection. His cock looked huge pointing up from the thick hair of his crotch…over half of the shaft visible above his tight fist. The long meat capped by a huge fat purple head.

Sherrie’s eyes raked her brother’s muscular frame as she watched him lay back against the mound of pillows on the bed waiving his fat cock in the air. Admiring his muscular body and huge chest she dropped her bikini and Paul’s trunks on the floor and stared as her brother waived his thick cock in her direction.

Reaching quietly for the doorknob…not taking czech first video porno his eyes off his daughter’s naked ass… .Mirc slowly turned the door knob…Damn!! It’s fucking locked! Damn!! he thought as he remembered the other door on the side of the tiny house.

Sliding quietly around the side of the pool house Mirc looked through the glass doorway at the two teenagers. Mirc found his feet frozen to the floor as he peered through the glass door to the dimly lit room.

Staring at his naked daughter as she climbed onto the big bed, Mirc groaned aloud when he saw Sherrie’s beautiful heart shaped ass pointing back at him…her smooth round hips and tight ass cheeks wiggling as she crawled on her hands and knees up between her brother’s outstretched legs.

Mirc gasped as he watched the tiny slit of her smooth tight pussy lips and the tight budding circle of his daughter’s asshole. Her tits looked even bigger as she slowly crawled on the bed on all fours before dropping her head low between Paul’s outstretched legs. Her face only inches away from his pulsing cock shaft.

Pushing her brother’s thighs apart as she crawled on the bed Sherrie mashed her tits around her brother’s cock shaft. Mirc’s cock throbbed painfully as he watched Sherrie’s drag her hard nipples back and forth on her own brother’s cock and balls teasing him mercilessly.

Mirc could hear Paul shudder and moan with pleasure as his sister teased his cock with her ripe hard nipples.

Mirc shivered as he watched Sherrie trap Paul’s cock shaft between her tits with his huge cock head rubbing wetly on her face and chin. Hearing his son moan as Sherrie worked the cock shaft back and forth between her tits was almost too much for Mirc! He was ready to blow his load right there!!

Stroking his prick through his pants as he thought how much Sherrie looked like some young porn star kneeling naked on the bed, Mirc was shocked at how aggressive his daughter was in taking control of Paul teasing him with her naked body!

“God Damn!” Mirc thought as his head pounded!! If only this was some teenage girl from the party Mirc could be proud of his son and what he was about to experience! In fact, if it wasn’t his very own daughter Mirc would go in and join his son in a split second!

“Fuck! She was so damn hot!” His mind flashed to images of Sherrie’s body sandwiched between their two massive bodies as the room filled with her moans and deep throaty gasps. Mirc imagined both he and his son taking turns fucking this young nymph giving her all the cock she could handle!

Shaking his head with that last thought he stared through the glass door realizing that those moans were not in his mind but coming from his own son. Mirc peered through the glass door straining to see every movement as he watched his daughter wrap her hand around the thick base of her brother’s cock shaft jacking it slowly up and down.

Mirc watched Sherrie take control of her brother’s cock working her hand up and down the smooth skin of the thick cock shaft. Sherrie stared into her brother’s face watching him tremble with her touch. She loved being in such control over men.

Like a little sex kitten she crouched low and raised her ass wiggling her hips as she dropped her head and shoulders to her brother’s cock before sliding her wet tongue around the base of the massive shaft. Paul shuddered and moaned as his sister’s wet tongue wrapped around his cock.

Tightening her grip on Paul’s shaft as it pulsed and throbbed Sherrie licked the thick shaft up and down with her wet tongue. Sherrie’s eyes glazed over with lust as she tasted her brothers cock flesh. Her pussy was so wet as she realized she could never stop with just sucking her older brother’s prick! Oh what a summer this could be!!

She knew it was wrong but Sherrie couldn’t stop herself as she took one long teasing wet lick from the base up the shaft to the fat cock head…letting her lips slide wetly up the thick shaft…paying special attention to the thick veins as she stared into her brother’s eyes.

Her tongue reached the crown of the fat cock head as the moans of the two teenagers filled the room. Both totally unaware that their own father was watching through the nearby glass door while he stroked his own massive cock, his shorts around his ankles.

As he watched, Mirc was very close to shooting his thick load of cum all over the glass.

Reaching the swollen straining purple head of her brother’s hard cock Sherrie opened wide and wrapped her wet lips around the fat cock head. Moaning loudly she slid the cock into her beautiful face, her delicate innocent features weren’t so innocent anymore as she strained to stretch her lips taking the cock head past her buttery soft lips.

Paul shivered and moaned loudly watching his sister look directly into his eyes as his thick shaft disappeared again and again into her beautiful face.

Mirc so wished he could trade places with his son and have his hot slut daughter sucking and deep throating his massive 9 inch cock! “Oh God” Mirc moaned as he thought what he wouldn’t give to be in bed with his daughter! To have one night with her as his own! To have her young firm flesh pressed against his and her long legs straddling his waist as she bounced up and down on his cock!

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