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Britney was a redhead, well, partially and for the moment. She had a bold streak of auburn splashed from her part down her rippling hair, cascading over her left shoulder. In the picture Carla had shown her, she was totally a brunette. Ana was nervous, Britney was wary and Carla was about to explode with attentiveness. She could’ve been an auctioneer, as fast as she was speaking, trying to find some topic – any topic – of enough mutual interest to pique both Britney and Ana’s interest.

It didn’t help that the waiter was taking forever with their tapas plates or their drinks. Sure, Friday is a busy night, but he seemed extra inept. Since Ana was “only” twenty, the plan was to order two regular margaritas and a virgin, then rotate them around as they drank. Share and share alike, as Carla said. She had a coy little smile when she said it, hoping that would set a tone for the evening, with plenty of sharing later.

By the time the food and drink hit the table, they had started on all the usual ‘first date’ questions, though they felt to Ana more like she was on an episode of CSI, getting grilled along with the tapas.

“So, cousins, huh? I guess y’all have always been close?”

“Yeah – we actually lived down the street from each other until her family moved to ~ “


“~ and we used to ~”

“So what are you majoring in?”

“Kind of an odd mix. My major is Psychology, but my minor is Film Studies. What I’d like to do when I graduate is ~”

“Film studies? Bet there’s lots of cute lez chicks in your film studies class – ever party down with them?”

“No, really, I … with Carla it was my first … and I’m not sure I’m one way or another, I just ~”

“So, you’re like bi? Having trouble making up your mind?”

Ana kept glancing over to Carla, who looked continually like she wanted to jump in and referee, but Ana kept subtly waving her down. “Not yet” her hand would say “stay cool” and “I’ve got this …” Carla would pull back and wait for a moment, only to be waved down again.

“I’m just doing some exploring right now.”

“Exploring other people? Making some kind of game of us?”

“No, me. I’m exploring my own feelings toward men and women.”

“Well, I don’t know, Miss Day Tripper. I’m not sure I ~”

“Hang on there, Britney. Just step down off your bitchstand for a minute.” Both Britney and Carla drew back at that. “I’m not here selling anything or expecting you to do anything you don’t want. I’m not here so I can ‘have an experience’ to blog about or scrapbook about or whatever. From what Carla has told me, you don’t give every potential playmate the third degree, so there must be something …” Carla tried to taboo heat porno jump in, but Ana gave her a big stop sign. She was going to hold the floor until she’d had her say. “… there must be something special bothering you. It’s not that Carla and I are cousins, cause I know that hasn’t been a problem for you in the past, trust me. You don’t owe me anything but a little respect. I can leave any time I want and be out of your hair. You do owe Carla some grownup behavior, though.”

That was it. Ball was back in her court. Britney fidgeted with her tongue in her cheek, watching the condiment tray in the center of the table as though it were about to levitate or sprout dancing bunnies. Carla sat bolt upright, eyes shooting back and forth between Ana and Britney. Ana munched down on the albondigas and chorizo con vino she’d scraped onto her plate as she lectured. She washed her bites down with generous gulps from the non-virginal margarita she had just appropriated as her own.

“Well, you know, Ana, I’m sure Britney wasn’t …” but then Carla wasn’t very sure about what she was trying to reassure Ana about.

“That’s okay, Carla.” Britney placed her hand on Carla’s to stop it waving nervously. “I was being a bitch and Ana called me on it. Fair enough. I’ve been in a mood today that has nothing to do with anything, and maybe I was also being a little over-protective. Is it okay if we start again?”

Ana held up one finger – no not that one – just to say “gimme a moment” as she tried to chew and swallow the food in her mouth. She knew better than to stuff her mouth with food, but she was starving, and after her speech, a little more nervous. Then she had an idea – she slid the margarita back over to Britney and gestured back and forth with her finger. “Share?” Britney asked. Ana nodded. They were starting again.

Starting again went very well. Their tapas tasted much better, their margaritas were just plain delicious, and when they got outside, prowling the parking lot for the car they were sure they brought with them, they all laughed and giggled as old friends. “Whoever finds it gets a kiss!” Britney called out. “Turn on the strobe on your cell when you find it!” They all scattered. It did dawn on Ana that she hadn’t noticed at all what it looked like. Wait – there was a bumper sticker on it! Obama … or whales … or women’s soccer? Fortunately, before she wandered too far off, she caught a strobe in the corner of her eye. When she caught up with it, Britney was already giving Carla her reward. She was standing back to give them space when Britney waved her in, and the kiss became a three-way. Lips and lips and tongues and tongues, and hands sliding down teach that bitch porno soft round butts. What had started off rough was progressing very smoothly now.

The trip to Britney’s apartment took … a minute? Twenty? Ana was buzzed, but less from the alcohol than from the tingling between her legs and in her head. They made a quick stop for Carla to run in and grab some wine, and Carla got into the back seat with her for … however long the rest of the trip took. It could’ve been a week for all Ana noticed. Deep wet kisses, fingers tangled passionately in her hair, hands scooping her boobs out of her bra for kisses and nibbles from Carla, fingers sliding down between moist thighs. She gave as good as she got. Anyone behind them might have thought Britney had a costumed octopus in her back seat. By the time they hit Britney’s parking spot, Ana had cum once, and Carla had probably cum twice.

As soon as the car came to a stop, Britney burst out her door, “Come on sluts, we’ve got some fucking to do.” Ana and Carla sprinted to catch up with her, then pinned her between them, mouths and hands trying to make up a little for lost time. Britney’s boobs were fuller than Carla and Ana’s put together, and with lips on both sides of her neck, her knees almost gave way on the sidewalk. “Let’s get her inside before we all collapse right here and give the neighbors a show.”

They tumbled through the door and careened toward the bedroom. Carla stopped to light some candles, Britney pulled back the duvet, and Ana went straight to getting naked. The other two quickly caught up. Britney flung herself on the bed like a leaping dolphin, calling out “Middle!” as she sailed through the air. Ana and Carla sandwiched her, one leg apiece over each of hers. They both started up high, nibbling on her neck and ears, kissing her breasts and rolling their tongues over her nipples, then Ana felt pressure on her shoulder. Britney wanted her down lower. She kissed her way there, leaving Carla up top. Kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss down to the start of Britney’s V. So smooth, except for a little tuft right above her clit. Before gliding down the tender slope right to her lips, though, she paused at her pelvic bone. Ana’s was very sensitive. Maybe Britney’s was, too. She found the knob at the front of the bone with her tongue, then covered it with her mouth, sucking gently. “Holygodfuckingchrist” was a good sign. Britney knotted her fingers into her hair and shuddered. Yeah, very sensitive. She nibbled more gently and reached down to slide two fingers between Britney’s very moist lips. Ana was not at all surprised when they simply glided in. She pumped slow and easy, fingers curved to stroke teem skeet porno Britney’s g-spot, caressing hip bone with her lips.

Carla reached a hand down to roll over and over against Britney’s clit, her fingers brushing intimately against her cousin’s. The wet sounds of Britney’s pussy in one ear blended with the wet sounds of kissing in her other ear, and Ana could feel her clit burning, ready to explode as soon as anyone touched it. From her bucking, Britney had to have cum several times already, so Ana shifted. She turned so she straddled one of Britney’s legs. Her fingers kept stroking in and out of Britney’s pussy, now joined by a third, and Ana ground her clit down hard on Britney’s shin, sitting upright to watch her cousin and Britney. It took one grind before rockets went off in her clit, and she shuddered and gasped. Both Carla and Britney turned to watch, eyes big, with growing smiles. Carla turned to straddle Britney’s face, now riding Britney’s tongue and lips, and seeking her own bliss. She leaned in and kissed Ana deeply, cupping her breast with the hand not keeping her upright.

Ana wasn’t sure Britney’s orgasms had ever really stopped, but soon all three were cumming together. No longer gentle, she was driving her fingers into Britney’s dripping pussy, riding her shin hard. She and Carla locked free arms onto each other, and just gasped and shuddered their way through the next five … minutes, hours, something …

Somehow, Ana became aware of gasping beneath her, and realized it was coming from Britney. “Up” was all she said to Carla, and they both unstraddled at the same time, their eyes down at Britney’s face. Deep gasps, and violent shudders. Ana had never seen this. Was she having a seizure? Carla saw her alarm and said, “No, no, it’s okay. Just hold her.”

They laid back down either side of Britney and snuggled as tightly as they could against her, their legs again overlapping hers. Britney’s rasped gasps turned to deep breaths, and her shivering slowly eased to little tremors. Through it all, Ana could hear Carla’s soothing whispers, “Shhhh … it’s okay, baby, I have you. Shhhh ….. we’re gonna rest now, love … just come back down with us …”

This was all new to Ana. Could someone overdose on orgasms? It scared her and intrigued her at the same time. There was a space she sometimes went when the orgasms just kept coming, but she’d never been to a place where she needed help in stopping them. Plus, the gentle cloud of love and tenderness billowing from Carla and covering Britney … she was only tasting a sample, like the tapas that had started the evening, but she was already developing a craving for both sensations. For now, she just stroked Britney’s forehead and felt the warmth radiating off Carla’s leg, so close to her own.

With one slow breath, Britney relaxed enough to drift into sleep, followed seconds later by Carla, and then by Ana.

The night was done, but it was Friday and Ana was there through Sunday morning.

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