Shadow Man

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I started to mess with the silk top Marisol made me wear. It was so flimsy. Barely a handkerchief worth of fabric held on by two braided straps. It flew to the sides as I moved and couldn’t help but wonder if it was going to fly off.

Marisol squeezed my hand and I snapped out of my clothing quandary. It seemed that she had charmed the bouncer while I was spacing out, though, seeing how his eyes traversed my barely covered form I would say her fashion sense did the trick.

We walked into the club and I couldn’t help but relax as we reached the smoky dim interior. It reminded me of being in Sara’s bedroom as she smoked in the dark.

I pushed the thought away as Marisol guided me to the bar. The music was rhythmic and pulsing. I knew that I would soon be amongst the crowd letting it move them.

“Four shots of Patron Silver.”

“What? Mari, that’s too…”

“Don’t question me. I want you drunk and hooked up tonight. Plus we both know that I’m not going to let you pay for booze.”

I swallowed my protests as she divided up the shots. I took one of the cool shooters in my hand and stared at the crystal liquid within. If this would erase Sara from my head I would gladly die of indulgence.

We each licked salt off our hands and downed the first shot. The burning liquid was almost too much for me and I relished the stinging lime. I wasted no time on the second shot, not wanting to push it away in disgust. Mari laughed under her breath.

“Good start. Now two tequila sunrises and we can scope the place out.”

. . .

We rounded the club as I felt the alcohol start to over take my body. My face became heated and my limbs became loose. I barely glanced at the people she pointed out. I couldn’t care less. I hadn’t felt a stirring in six months. A cute club rat wasn’t going to entice me.

“Mari, please, can we go dance now?”

I could tell she wasn’t happy with that idea but I didn’t care. I needed to move. The tequila made the music feel like it was inside me and I had to embrace it.

She nodded and we made our way to the center of the floor to dance. Mari hates the crush of the center but I relish it. All the bodies so close together that you feel like you are part of everything, Sara had taught me that. As I remembered I stopped for a moment.

God where had that come from?

Then I looked up, and saw him.

My eyes were drawn to the end of the bar and this perfect figure of a man. I was at least twenty feet away but I swear I could see the muscles in his face move as he spoke and the creases in his button up shirt as he turned on his stool toward the dance floor. His eyes flashed and he held me there in his gaze.

I could see him pushing me against a wall, lifting me so our bodies were more securely pressed together as he kissed me hard, invading my mouth, his hands lifting and spreading my legs before he pushed aside my thong, and speared me with his hard cock.

Then in a flash the picture was gone.

I looked away thanking the Goddess that Marisol couldn’t read my mind or she would have marched me over to him and told him to fuck me before I lost the urge.

It had been six months since someone touched me, since I wanted someone to touch me. The second I had stopped hearing the click of Sara’s stilettos I had became numb; the space between my legs becoming a black hole, not to be found or entered. I hadn’t even masturbated since she left.

Sex had died, and now this shadowy man had me burning with need.

I pushed the awakened feelings into dancing. I became fluid and insistent, adding to the music, my eyes closing to push the transformation further. I was steam, light, anything but flesh.

Then I felt those hands, large and calloused, on my bare hips. The thin material of my skirt let me feel the large bulge pressing against my ass and I reached back to link my fingers behind his head.

I don’t know when Marisol left us and I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t care. I knew who was behind me.

We moved together swaying to the insistent beat; his hands everywhere and nowhere. His very presence stoking a fire I thought had died.

I pushed back against him and I heard him grunt at the added pressure on his manhood. He stopped dancing and turned me. With out time for breath he pulled me to him claiming my mouth with his. My body melted in his arms.

As suddenly as it began the kiss ended and he broke away leaving me dazed. His hands on my hips kept me upright as he stared into my eyes. He walked away and I knew to follow.

I didn’t canlı bahis question my actions; I was past the point of stopping. I was going to follow him wherever he led me.

I followed him past the back of the bar to a hallway I hadn’t noticed. It was dark and I could barely see him ahead of me. When my sight finally failed me he pushed me against the wall.

My head slammed against the plaster but I didn’t care. His mouth was hard against mine and I locked my right leg around him as he bit my lower lip. I moaned into his mouth as he grinded his straining enclosed cock against my abdomen.

I hadn’t been with a man in two years but all the things I had forgotten where coming back. The soft feel of a dick in my mouth; the salty sweet taste of seamen; the feel of a warm thick cock pulsating inside me; feeling his heart beat between my legs; the gruff sound of a man’s moans; strong hands holding and directing me…

He moved away from me again and I groaned at the loss of his heat and pressure. I heard him turn a knob and yellow light suddenly blinded me.


My mind flashed to Sara’s face between my thighs. Her piercing green eyes staring up at me with her mouth poised above my clit and her light brown hair sticking to my legs before she finished me.

The memory must have paralyzed me because her face was ripped from my mind by a bruising grasping kiss. I opened my eyes focusing on the light stubble on his jaw. I looked up at him and saw the question in his eyes.

I nodded.

. . .

My body was humming along with the engine. Each nerve ending was alive and in the moment. I didn’t know where we were going and didn’t care as long as we got there fast. If he let me I would have mounted him in the car but he had smiled and said to wait so that’s what I did.

At the first intersection he placed his hand possessively on my knee and it began slowly making it’s way up my thigh. Every inch excited me more and more. I could barely keep my breathing steady. It took all my self-control to let him seduce me at his own pace instead of forcing his fingers inside of me where I ached to have them.

My eyes were glued to his fingers lazily massaging my thigh, slow circles that were all but etched into my skin because of how sensitive I had become. My skin was alive and nerve ending was at attention.

When his fingers finally made it to the hem of my tight skirt I sighed, melting into the seat, as he quickly pulled the thin jersey up my thighs to clear the way. I lifted my ass and pulled the other side of the skirt to make sure it settled bunched up around my waist. Then his fingers returned to where they were and continued their slow assent up my thighs.

As his fingers got closer he began to drag them across my inner thighs every few inches. My fingers started to curl around the edges of the seat and scratched against the leather. My heart beat quickly and I was breathing heavily as I turned to see him smirking; calmly watched the road.

I had to distract him.

At the next light I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his tight jeans with one hand while the other released his hard dick from his cotton boxers and brought my mouth down for a slow suck before he could react.

I could hear him give off a deep moan above my head and sucked him deeper. I could no longer hear the engine or the traffic or even the music that had been softly playing for the last ten minutes; all I could hear were his moans, my heartbeat, and the slurp of my mouth tasting and sucking and devouring his aching cock.

I pulled down his foreskin to get more contact with the head and his tightening abdomen told me that was the right thing to do. Bobbing my mouth quickly over the head and dragging my tongue across the opening I got my first taste of pre cum in over four years, and it was heavenly. The sweet salty liquid was what I craved and I tongued the opening for every last trace.

I didn’t know if we were driving and for the moment I no longer cared. I could have stayed that way until he came but he had other ideas.

Taking a firm grip of the hair at the back of my head he pulled me off his dick and clamed my mouth. We shared the last traces of salt as he pushed me back into the passenger seat.

This time he wasted no time in plunging into my weeping wet hole. I gasped as he pushed inside me and moved my hips to meet his hand; he grinded my clit with his thumb as he moved his fingers inside me. Every movement of his hand caused me to moan into his mouth. He pulled his finger out of my aching vagina bahis siteleri and stared into my eyes as he licked them clean.

For the smallest moment we paused and I watched a thought pass through his mind.

“Five minutes.”

Then he hit the gas and drove like a maniac to our destination. I could barely catch my breath.

. . .

After groping and kissing at almost every turn we made it into what I assumed was his apartment. He slowed down once he got me into his bedroom, much to my chagrin and delight.

The only light was leaking out from his bathroom and I sat in heat on his four-poster bed as I watched him slowly remove his clothing. Taking his time to unfasten each tiny button and leave a neat pile of clothing on the floor. As he walked toward me I couldn’t help but take a moment to take all of him in.

Dark eyes, strong jaw, and thin lips that were driving me crazy; perfectly sculptured shoulders and thin body that wasn’t in the best shape but exactly the way it should be; and his skin, mmm, damn that skin was like cream. I felt like a cat wanting to lap up every inch of him.

When he got to me he slowly pulled off my skimpy excuse for a shirt, letting it fall lightly to the floor and I watched as his eyes drifted down to take in my bare breasts.

I’ve always been very proud of them. Small though they are, they are just enough for a hand and perky to boot. My only complaint being that they never much responded to ministrations of lovers past; except Sara.

Somehow she got them to come alive at her touch and they ached for her lips and her teeth every time she appeared. So I watched him take one breast into his strong hand and did not expect any kind of reaction.

The second his mouth enclosed itself around my hard nipple I had a sharp intake of breathe.

It was wonderful.

I could feel the pressure as he sucked the small bud into the cavern of his mouth and each time his tongue flicked across it I felt the sensation all the way down to my clit. My pussy was throbbing and crying for his dick but he wasn’t going to stop until he had thoroughly explored each tit.

He licked and bit and teased the skin of my breasts making me shudder and twist. My moans became longer and throatier with each minute and as much as I wanted him inside me I couldn’t bring myself to stop the lovely sensations he was creating.

He gently pushed me down onto the bed and I languished in the heat radiating off my skin as he removed my skirt and tiny lace thong. I tried to sit up but he pushed me back down with a hand in the center of my chest.

“Not done yet.”

That’s when I knew I was going to leave his apartment a very happy girl.

Before his mouth even made contact with my clit his breath on my wet lips sent shivers up my spine. He slowly ran his finger up and down my slit giving my clit a flick each time he passed. His mouth was nibbling on my inner thighs and brought a whimper to my lips.

He took his time playing with me, bringing his mouth closer and closer to where I wanted him; lightly licking and nibbling the lips around my hot core, delving into my juicy center but never quite getting to my clit.

It had always been so hard for me to get off. Sara and I worked hard toward each slight peak; I didn’t find it important though. As great as an orgasm could be it was unnecessary in the greatness that was sex. This man was something else though. I could feel something building and could think of nothing better than having an orgasm after Goddess knows how long.

I could barely stand the sensations as it was when he finally took my clit between his teeth and slowly pulled while thrusting two fingers into my dripping cavern. I squealed loudly and arched on the bed. I couldn’t think straight. The world was centered around my vagina and I was caught in the pleasure.

Tugging and twisting his sheets in my hands I was barely aware of how loud I was. When my mind wasn’t taken by his mouth and fingers I was taken aback by the high-pitched squeaking and guttural moans I was emitting. I had never made noises like that before.

When he stopped devouring me my mind paused. I did not know how to react or what was happening. Then I screamed in ecstasy a second later when he speared me with one hard thrust, and a mind shattering orgasm starting from where his cock hit my cervix and rippled through my entire body.

He continued to thrust through my orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. When my mind started to clear I could hear him starting to feel it.

I bahis şirketleri opened my eyes and saw him staring down at me, my knees framing his head which kept him perfectly centered above me and I swear the air between us was thick with heat. He rammed into me perfectly starting yet another ache within me and I could barely fathom that another orgasm was beginning.

Lifting my hips the head of his cock made hard contact with my G spot and the exquisite pressure caused my hips to buck as I swore heavily.

“Fuck, again!”

I almost lifted off the bed with the force of my second orgasm; making noises that I didn’t know could be produced by a human throat. That was when he surprised me.

Now I am ashamed to say that in my experience guys were the least creative of lovers, mostly due to that fact that girls used more toys; but a toy appearing from a place unseen had not taken me aback like being flipped with a dick still inside me and suddenly being taken from behind.

Having his dick even deeper inside me almost sent me over the edge but I held on wanting to give him as much as he was giving me. Griping his cock with every bit of focus I had left I could hear him getting pulled over the edge. Pushing back against him I once again felt an orgasm building and had never felt more capable of letting it flow.

As I broke through another wall of pleasure he pushed my shoulders down and started pumping into me slowly; almost fully pulling out with every thrust and then burying himself completely into my core.

As my pussy rippled around him I could feel every inch of him inside me. After letting me come down from my high he pulled out of me with an audible pop.

“Get on top.”

He lay down on the bed and I straddled his cock. Rubbing it against my pussy lips I had him moaning. I slowly pushed myself down onto him taking his cock inch by inch. I ground into him causing us both to moan before I started bouncing on his cock.

Using my hands behind me on his thighs I raised my self almost off his cock each time, pounding my cunt with his hard meat. Every moan that sprang from his lips made me ride him faster.

He started to grab my hips and force his cock even deeper into me that made me cry out in ecstasy. When I looked down at him he grunted and pulled my body tight to him, claiming my mouth with a bruising kiss. Grabbing my hips again he began roughly thrusting up into me with renewed vigor; fucking me without mercy.

I could feel my orgasm starting from the fire in my loins and arched, crying out as I came. He took grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled up as his cock erupted inside of me.

His hips pumping every last drop of cum into me as we came down together. I collapsed over him as we gasped for breath and I could feel his heartbeat racing against my front.

After dismounted him I was reminded of a few things I had forgotten.

One, cum leakage.

Cleaning my self off after straight sex has never been the most pleasant thing. I have always wished that cum could just soak into the vaginal walls and be forgotten. No such luck.

Two was lack of condom.

Now I wasn’t worried about pregnancy as Mari had convinced me to get the three-month shot when she started her “get my friend laid” project but STI’s were different.

Surprisingly though, I wasn’t that worried. I normally over think things and over react but after that delightful tryst I could not properly worry. I resolved to get tested the day after but that was as far as I could think.

Flushing the soiled paper I felt his hands on my hips once again. I leaned back against his naked body and completely relaxed into him. His fingers lightly tracing my sides sent new shivers down my spine and oh Goddess I was ready to enjoy him again. My libido when interested has always been merciless and I was interested.

Though I was on fire I did not push anything; he had guided the night in ways I could not have been more pleased about and I was more than willing to let him lead me further.

I watched in the vanity mirror as he nuzzled my neck with his face and started to slowly kiss from my shoulders to the sensitive skin behind my right ear. Stopping only to lightly nibble on my ear he followed this path three times excruciatingly slowly.

I bit my lower lip in pleasure and closed my eyes to block out all but what he was doing to me. Taking my right hand in his he brought it back to his face and kissed from my inside wrist back to my shoulder; dragging his lips over my skin between each moment of slight pressure.

I laced my fingers into the hair at the back of his head and moaned as he used his fingers to explore the curves of my body, each pad going over every square inch.

“Back to bed?”


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