Sex with a Stranger

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When I arrive at the bar I spot you straight away, waiting at a table in the corner. There’s a beer in front of you, and you’ve taken the liberty of buying me a gin and tonic. Double, I hope. I’ll certainly need some Dutch courage for this liaison.

Trying to hide my nerves, I stroll over to the table and greet you. You smile, your eyes creasing attractively as you do. Maybe this won’t be so difficult after all. I sit down on the bench next to you, as close as I can without touching. Even so, I can feel the heat from your thigh radiating towards me, making my pussy tingle in anticipation.

You start talking, telling me about the journey, the weather, your job. The words wash over my head as I watch your sensuous lips move. I imagine kissing them, sucking them into my mouth, teasing them with the tip of my tongue. They stop moving, and I realise you’ve asked me a question.

In answer, I place my hand on your thigh, then slowly move my hand up towards your bulging crotch. I feel your cock twitch as I squeeze it gently. I ask you to repeat the question and as you do, I can’t take my eyes off your face as I imagine it buried between my legs, your tongue licking my clit as I moan in ecstasy. Breaking the moment, I knock back the gin and ask you to come with me. I can’t wait for you any longer. I need to feel you inside me.

You’ve already booked a hotel room and you put your hands up my top the moment the lift door closes. Your eyes widen with surprise as you realise I’m wearing a peep hole bra. Squeezing my nipples, you lower your mouth to them and begin to suck hungrily. Your teeth pinch at my hard canlı bahis nipples and with every bite, my cunt contracts, sending hot juice down my thighs.

I push your head up away from my breasts and begin to kiss you passionately. Your tongue forces its way into my mouth and I can taste the beer on your lips. I press myself up against you and feel your cock nudging against my pussy. I can hardly wait to unleash the beast and take you in my mouth.

The lift stops with a jolt and the door opens. We stumble out, arms around each other and mouths pressed together, and find our room. You unlock the door and before we’re even in the room you’ve removed my top and undone my bra.

You push me onto the edge of the bed and start to knead my large breasts while I undo your zip and push down your jeans. Commando – hey, nice touch. Your dick is magnificent, a bead of moisture shimmering on the shiny head.

As you continue squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples, I lower my head towards your cock and lick the hole, tasting the salt of your pre-cum. I probe the hole gently with my tongue before taking your cock into my mouth, an inch at a time. You moan as you watch your cocky disappear into my warm wet mouth.

Sliding your cock in and out of my mouth I move my hands round to your arse and start massaging your bum cheeks as I push you further into me. I can feel you buckling and straining against me as I suck your dick and roll my tongue around the pulsating head.

You push me back on the bed, undo my jeans and dive between my legs. I see you smile as you spot the crotchless panties. You bury yourself bahis siteleri into my pussy and start licking at my clit. Your tongue feels so warm and wet as you draw circles around my clit, flicking your tongue into my pussy now and then.

I wriggle on the bed, so close to coming but I want this feeling to go on and on. I feel one of your fingers enter my cunt, then another. You start thrusting in and out of me while you continue to eat my pussy, licking up and down the length of my slit.

Taking your fingers out of my wet cunt, you taste my juice and then push a finger against my butthole, first gently but then more firmly. As my hole gives way you slide a finger in, and fill my pussy with your thumb. You start to move your hand, finger and thumb thrusting in and out of me, both holes greedily welcoming you. With your other hand you start to press on my clit, circling your finger round and round, making me wetter and wetter.

I grab at your head and pull you towards me and your tongue joins your thumb in my slippery slit, searching around for my sweet spot, making me writhe in ecstasy. I can’t wait any longer I need your cock inside me. I need you to fill me up.

Rolling away from you I retrieve a condom from my handbag and pass it to you. Much as I love bareback I’m not willing to do it with a stranger. You seem to feel the same way, and you quickly unwrap it and roll it down your cock, the head straining against the rubber.

I grab your strong shoulders and pull you towards me. You lie on top of me and force my legs apart with your knee. You take one of my breasts in your mouth and squeeze the bahis şirketleri other hard, pulling at my swollen nipple between your fingers.

Suddenly I feel your cock pressing against the entry to my cunt. I am so wet and sticky that the enormous head of your cock slides in easily, and you slowly push your entire cock in, filling me up completely. You thrust into me, first hard, then slowly and gently, then hard and fast again, all the while biting at my breasts with your sharp teeth.

I tense the muscles of my pussy around your cock and push my pelvis forwards so I can feel your pubes rubbing against my clit. With a shudder, I cry out as I come, my pussy pulsing around your cock, tightening and releasing you in a frenzied rhythm.

But you’re not finished yet. You let go of my breasts and turn me onto my stomach, then pull me up onto my knees. I feel your cock again, pressing against my slit, and you thrust into me quickly and start pumping away.

Your hand moves down to my clit and you start rubbing rhythmically, making me moan. I feel pressure on my butt and suddenly your finger is inside me, two fingers, three fingers in my asshole, kneading away at me, pumping away at my ass while your cock slides in and out of my gaping wet pussy.

I feel an orgasm start to take me over and I buckle and push back against your cock. With an enormous shudder you come inside me, grunting as the spunk pours out of your cock. We collapse onto the bed together and sleep for a while.

At some point your cock slides out of me and I feel the condom slip off and your warm spunk drip over my ass. You massage it into my butt cheeks, give them a quick slap and then kiss me.

Eventually we get up and get dressed. We leave the hotel together, but part company outside. I doubt I’ll ever see you again, but I’ll never forget you.

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