Sex on the Beach

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It was a beautiful warm summer night and my boy friend suggested we go for a walk by the beach. We took off our shoes and walked along the surf allowing the water to touch our feet. The sun was setting and the sky looked like a scene from out of a movie, it was red, orange and purple all the colors blending together, it was the most beautiful sight, and I was sharing it with the most beautiful person. We stopped walking as we watched. My boyfriend wrapped his arms around me which made me feel so warm and safe. Standing there feeling the water at my feet the breeze in my hair and watching the day slip away I felt a need to feel my boyfriend in every possible way.

I turned in his arms and looked up into his eyes, his eyes were saying the same thing, he wanted me right here, right now. We kept each other’s stare for a moment and the next thing I knew we were on the sand, his lips were on mine probing, teasing, and biting making me push my body into canlı bahis his. Our hands were all over each other, mine were traveling up his shorts touching his thigh lightly making him shiver and beg for me to keep moving up towards his hard cock. At the same time he had opened all the snaps of my short summer dress exposing my body. I was so hot for him my legs were spread slightly apart and my back was arched up begging him to take his warm mouth and suck my hard inviting nipples. At that moment he did just that…he put his mouth over my nipple and lightly moved his tongue over it. I arched my back even more pushing my breasts up towards him. He felt my want and started sucking my nipple and biting it lightly while his other hand was on my other nipple teasing it.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt my pussy becoming so wet… it wanted to feel his hard cock in side of it. I pulled off his shorts and started teasing him. I waned to drive him as bahis siteleri wild as he was driving me. I took my tongue and started licking his thigh moving up in the direction of his balls. As I moved in closer to his balls his breath became short, almost little gasps. I teased him for a while enjoying the effect I was having on him…..I then started licking his balls…as I was licking he was moving his body into me telling me he wanted me to lick and keep going. My pussy by now was so ready to feel his hard cock but I waited and moved my mouth from his balls to his cock. As my lips wrapped around his big hard cock he started to say how fucking hot he was for me and how much he needed me to keep doing what I was doing. While I was sucking him, he started touching my dripping wet pussy, tickling my pussy. When he felt how wet I was for him he inhaled letting me know he was being driven crazy by me. I continued sucking his cock taking him all the way in bahis şirketleri my mouth. I moved my mouth along the whole length of him licking as I went, licking the big head bursting for me. I then took him back in deep into my throat. I could taste his precum sweet and salty. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to feel his cock inside of me so I sat up over him and straddled my legs across him. I then took his cock into my wet hot craving pussy….as he entered me I started to moan so loud…I needed to feel every inch of him. I moved up and down, enjoying him completely….fucking him so hard.

As I did this he was pinching my nipples lightly and I was moving faster and harder. I started screaming “yes babe yes…I’m going to cum…yes, I’m going to cum….ooh, ooh, yes”….I moved faster, harder and then my body started shaking wildly. With that he rolled me on my back and pushed me into the sand and started fucking me so hard. With each thrust I started screaming out for him…”yes oh yes…fuck me….please, fuck me harder…harder”…and he did and again I felt my self cumming and as I started screaming he yelled out too….”cum with me babe , cum with me….”

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