Sex Cult – 4 Women , 1 Male

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I was on-line one night, desperately horny, a white heterosexual man looking through profile after profile of available ladies and determined to find someone to meet – that night, if I possibly could – did I say I was HORNY!

I long ago realised that in order to get what you want, you have to be ready to give, and then to give some more … and I wanted to give whatever I could to a woman who might in anyway appreciate it.

To this point, at differing times I’d put up differing profiles on-line myself that reflected the range and intensity of my interest in most things BDSM … it fascinated me what people were into. I think I was searching for who I was. I masturbated heaps, and had attached all manner of things to my privates to accentuate my organisms and express and feel my need to give.

At one point I was a Dom paddling and clamping every tasty piece of erect tissue my willing female sub could offer up to me, and in another scenario, I was a kneeling naked pet licking my stern older German Mistress’ toes … amongst other things.

To my surprise on this night, I started to chat to a woman named Dana and after expressing some understandable misgivings on my urging to meet ASAP, agreed into allowing me to come over in as little as an hour’s time.

I dashed in the shower, had a long puff or two on the medicinal stuff and got motoring to her place. “Wow, maybe she was feeling overwhelmed and horny as well? Why else would she risk allowing a complete stranger into her house?”, I thought. I wasn’t concerned though, as I only had lust on my mind which I dearly needed to share.

Maybe canlı bahis to assure herself that she wasn’t dreaming, she rang whilst I was driving … or maybe it was really to prep me and give me a chance to change my mind by telling me that she was a “larger” lady … and that she was walking around with no knickers on.

Ok, I do love women wearing no undies when horny, but I did start to wonder just how large she was…

Pushing through my own doubts when I arrived outside her place, I was greeted by a very large woman, not unattractive, just big. Her hands and arms were big and they seemed strong more than fat. I was also sure I could smell her musky cunt juices throughout the place. It was a strong smell, and strangely aroused me.

Ok, at this stage I was totally unaware of what she was into, but her aroma around her dining table that night left me in little doubt that she was into something very sexual, and I think it safe to say it involved my presence. It was kind of awkward for a while, who was going to take the first move?

I didn’t have to wait long, after some usual chitchat over a coffee she presented me, she hesitantly asked, “I’d love to see your cock” before wryly smiling.

My cock had been hard most of the night, and in this situation it was quite apprehensive, not knowing if it was cuming or going and certainly not 100% hard.

I’m not exhibitionist by nature, but felt I had no choice but to stand and ease down my pants. Well, you could see the blood flushing back into her face after having it just drain out in getting the nerve to ask what she had of me. She seemed bahis siteleri to be emboldened by my compliance.

Frankly, I don’t think she would have much interest from guys, yes she was fat. I got the sense that this hadn’t happened before, and that she was somewhat desperate…but, hey so was I.

As she stared at my cock, she held out her hand and motioned me around to her side of the table.

Well … she lashed on with that strong and large left hand squeezing on my cock until it hardened and grew out of her tight grip. It turned me on so much, my knob grew large, taut, and took on a purple hue the harder and longer she squeezed. She snarled with delight and gave me a knowing look like there is so much more to do now … now that we’d “broken the ice”.

We were sharing an intensely sexual moment and I felt my breathing become shallow and faster and my heart racing. If we shared nothing more that night, this would have been enough. I was giving her something she strenuously needed. The fact that she appeared to then take it so strongly made my gift feel more appreciated.

Sensing she had some power over me, she tugged me by my cock closer to her side and then cupped my balls with her other hand – lightly at first and then squeezing tighter and tighter… all the while discovering that despite some obvious discomfort, this was all fine with me. She was just horny and she clearly wanted to possess a hard cock, for what, I didn’t know at this stage.

With her strong left hand stretching my cock in an upward direction, she then pulled my balls in a downwards direction, stretching the bahis şirketleri skin in between in a type of tug of war between my cock and my balls.

Instantly, I felt vulnerability and total submission, I felt she ‘owned’ me … and she knew it. I was defiantly giving her it all, and strenuously she was taking.

She released my balls momentarily and deftly put a slip cord loop around them with the slip point under my balls. She pulled the cord downwards whilst still pulled my cock upwards. The cord squeezed and pushed my balls hard into my scrotum until it was fully stretched over them and they rapidly turned red under the tug of war tension that’s was still going on.

Attaching a 2 KG bottle of water to the cord and easing it down to apply its full weight to my balls, she then attached another slip cord to my cock just behind the still swollen head and stood up slowly pulling my cock, balls – and me – up with her.

She led me around the room a bit with the weight bouncing around between my legs and jarring heavily as it bore down on my balls and on the taut skin between them and my cock.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“I feel that you have total power over me and that I will do whatever you want. I feel somehow free” At that, she pulled my cock cord up higher so I was forced onto my toes.

“Good, you are ready … I want you to meet three other women tonight. As you’ll soon see, two are large like me, and the other one is our beloved Mistress who is perfectly proportioned. You will learn of our group and how we have been searching for one special male to be part of it. Are you interested in knowing more?”.

“Oh yes Dana.” feeling helpless love and commitment wave over me.

Just as I said that, as if on cue, the front door opened and three women filed into the room.

To be continued…

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