Sex Adventures with Alisha Ch. 02

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NOTE: This story is a continuation of “Sex Adventures with Alisha One.” If you have not read the first part of this story yet, then I would recommend that you go read that story to see how we got to this point, and then come back to this one.

This story features anal sex and a man eating a cream pie from a woman’s pussy.


As I lay on my back making small talk with Alisha, my ass was feeling a little bit sore from the pounding that she had just given it with her strap on. I didn’t mind though. The orgasm that she had given me was incredible. I knew that I would allow her to do that again in the future.

As we talked, she was stroking my cock softly with her hand. It felt good, and I started to feel my erection returning. Alisha must have noticed it too, because she moved down and took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her warm mouth engulfing my manhood. She had one hand gently rubbing my balls as her mouth provided the right amount of suction to bring my cock back to life. She removed her mouth, and flicked her tongue over my pee hole to scoop up the little pool of pre-cum that was forming there. She bathed the head of my cock with her tongue, and then engulfed my shaft again in her expert way. Before I knew it, I was hard again and ready for round two.

Alisha and I must have really been in tune. As soon as the thought that I was ready to go again entered my head, she pulled her mouth off of my cock and said, “Okay, Big Boy. You kept your end of the bargain. Now it’s time for me to keep mine.”

With that, she got up on all fours and pointed her firm, sexy ass towards me. My cock was hard enough that I could have gone ahead and fucked her ass right then, but I decided against that. I wanted to take my time and enjoy this moment. But, more importantly, I wanted to get Alisha’s ass ready for what I was about to do to it.

I lowered my face to her rounded, elevated ass. Like before, I put my tongue on her pussy and started eating it. That familiar scent and flavor kept my cock rock hard. Then, I moved up, running my tongue along her gash, flicked it over her taint a couple of times, and them pressed my flattened tongue up against her puckered hole. I moved my head up and down to massage her little starfish. Alisha moaned in approval.

I hardened my tongue and stuck it straight out. I tried to press it into her asshole, but it was just too tight.

“Use a finger,” Alisha said.

I spit a big glob of saliva onto Alisha’s asshole, then lubricated my finger illegal bahis by sucking on it a little bit. I placed my finger onto her anal opening, and gently pushed forward. The saliva was perfect lube, and my finger slid in to the knuckle. Alisha moaned in approval.

I slid my finger in and out slowly, working her tightest hole to loosen it. When I felt it relax, I removed my finger. Alisha moaned a bit until I replaced my finger with my tongue. This time, there was a little give, and I was able to penetrate her with it.

“Oh yes,” Alisha moaned.

I worked my tongue in and out of the tiny gape of her asshole slowly at first, but as she started humping her ass towards me, I picked up the pace.

Alisha looked over her shoulder at me wiggled her ass a little, and said, “fuck me in the ass.”

I couldn’t turn down an invitation like that. I stood up, grabbed the bottle of lube that she had used on me, and coated my cock with it. I then poured some on Alisha’s back door, and started working one finger in. By now, one finger was no problem, so I stuck in a second finger. It took a little work, but eventually, I was able to work two fingers in and out of her asshole. I removed them and lined my cock up with her asshole.

“Are you ready?” I asked.


I pushed forward a bit. Even though Alisha’s asshole was lubed up, the tightness of it still made working the head of my cock into it a little challenging. I heard Alisha inhale deeply.

“Push it in,” she said.

I applied a little more pressure. I heard Alisha exhale deeply as she pushed her ass towards me.

Suddenly, the head of my cock popped past her sphincter. The moment I had been waiting for ever since I first saw Alisha wearing those spandex shorts at the race that first morning had finally arrived. I was in Alisha’s ass.

Remembering how gentle Alisha had been on me, I stayed still for a moment to allow her to get used to the intrusion in her tightest hole. Once she had relaxed a bit, I noticed that she was trying to fuck herself on my cock. At that point, I started fucking her.

The sight as I looked down was just as beautiful as I had always imagined it would be. There, in my hands, were two of the most beautiful ass cheeks I had ever seen. And they were being split apart by my rock hard cock.

But if the sight was beautiful, the way that fucking Alisha’s ass felt was even better. I was glad that I had cum earlier, because I would not have lasted more than ten seconds in that tight hole if I hadn’t. I picked up the pace, and Alisha and I got into a good illegal bahis siteleri rhythm. There was nowhere in the world I would rather have been at that moment than in my bed fucking Alisha’s ass.

Eventually, though, Alisha wanted to switch things up. She said that she wanted to be on her back so that I could fuck her ass in the missionary position. As much as I was enjoying the sight and the feeling of doing her in the doggy position, I agreed to her request.

Once Alisha was on her back, she pulled her knees up to her chest. I put some more lube on my cock, and then lined it up with her now gaping asshole. Once the tip of my cock touched her ass, I gazed into her eyes and pushed forward. This time, I slid right in without any trouble.

Once again, we got into a good rhythm. I leaned into Alisha and kissed her fully on the mouth. We made out while I slid my cock in and out of her. I noticed that Alisha was rubbing her pussy with one hand while I was pumping her ass. That’s when it occurred to me that she wanted to be in that position to make fingering her pussy easier.

“Fuck my pussy,” Alisha said.

I was a little disappointed. I was really enjoying fucking Alisha’s ass. I really wanted to cum in it. But she was insistent. She wanted me to fuck her pussy for some reason. So, I pulled out of her ass and plunged my cock into her tight pussy in one fell swoop.

Alisha moaned, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

And I did. I fucked her hard. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was popping throughout the room. We grunted with every thrust. This was no love making session. This was raw, animalistic sex. I was fucking Alisha as hard as I could. She was humping up against me with every thrust—determined to reach her next orgasm no matter what. We were both racing towards our goal, and I was very close to cumming again.

Alisha’s face contorted into that beautiful expression that she makes when she’s having an orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and I could feel her orgasmic juices squirting out of her pussy. They coated my cock, my balls, and the bed sheets.

Alisha’s orgasm triggered mine. Alisha wrapped her legs around my waist and held me inside of her so that all of my cum went deep into her pussy. I blacked out for a few seconds. I was completely lost in the sensation of my cock firing a big load of cum into Alisha’s tight pussy while she drenched my cock with her pussy squirt. I never get tired of those orgasms.

When we both came back down from our orgasmic highs, we kissed and made out while I left my canlı bahis siteleri cock inside of her. Eventually, it softened enough to fall out. At that point, I rolled off of Alisha to the side. I thought that we were done for the evening, but Alisha had one more trick up her sleeve.

She went down on me again. The feeling of her mouth on my cock was very nice. I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and just enjoyed what she was doing. The next thing I heard was Alisha saying, “Mmmmm. Our cum tastes really good mixed together.”

I opened my eyes, and was greeted by the sight of Alisha’s cum filled pussy hovering above my face. She must have straddled my face while my eyes were closed. I also noticed that she was lowering it towards my mouth. My first inclination was to pull back, but then I remembered that I had already eaten my own cum earlier that night, so I opened my mouth. Alisha saw that as an invitation to keep going, and she planted her cream filled pussy right on my mouth.

The taste of my cum when Alisha fed it to me out of her mouth was okay. To be honest with you, I’d be okay if that never happened again. But the mixture of my salty cum mixed with the sugar water taste of her pussy juices was amazing! I’ve eaten some salty/sweet candy that didn’t taste as good as the cum cocktail that Alisha was using her pussy muscles to squeeze into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow it,” Alisha said. “I want some.”

Well, I thought. It’s only fair that she gets some since she helped make it.

I just lay there, savoring the tasty gooeyness that was dripping out of Alisha’s pussy. When our cum mixture stopped dripping out of her pussy, I started sucking on it, trying to draw more cream pie out. I also used my tongue to lick her pussy clean.

Once Alisha was sure that I had gotten it all, she got off of me. She lay on her back, and I leaned my face over hers. I opened my mouth, and we started making out. Alisha clearly liked the taste of our combined juices as much as I did because she moaned in approval. We continued kissing, our tongues jousting with each other—swapping our cum back and forth. Eventually, I pulled back, and we swallowed at the same time.

I lay on my back. Alisha cuddled up next to me in the now familiar way that she does when we sleep together.

As she drifted off to sleep, I lay and pondered what had happened that night. Alisha had pushed my sexual boundaries in ways that no other woman ever had. That night, for the first time, I had been fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strapon, I had my own cum fed to me from a woman’s mouth, and I had eaten my first ever cream pie. Those were three things that I never thought I would ever do in my lifetime.

What I didn’t know was that in the future, Alisha was going to push my sexual boundaries even further!

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