Saturday Morning Sex

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Saturday morning. The notion gradually dawns on me as I wake and sense the sun outside, the curtains swaying in the breeze. I remember the previous night and smile. It was a nice party and even nicer to get back to your place. We hadn’t seen each other for ten days because of work, classes and family obligations, so that made our re-uniting even sweeter. It felt so good to be inside you. Sooooo damn good. The truth, though, was that I was tired and I came quickly. Too quickly. The wine had made me sleepy and a long day had taken its toll. And though you came, too, sweetly filling the air with those little feminine squeals of delight, you deserved more.

I turned in the bed to find you, but you weren’t there. Then I realized the steady drum of the shower coming from the bathroom. You were already up. I threw the covers back and rose, heading for the downstairs bathroom. By the time I had downed a glass of orange juice and made coffee, you were done. The water had stopped and I heard the blow drier on “Low” (You were trying not to wake me?). I poured a mug of coffee and went back upstairs with another for you.

You were standing at the sink in a tank top and panties when I opened the door, fussing with your hair. You jumped when you saw me and then smiled. I love that smile! I love knowing you’re happy. I came forward and took your body in my arms as you melted back against me and smiled. “I didn’t want to wake you,” you said, snuggling your shower-fresh body against me.

“I know. You always put me first, Jane, and I will always love you for it.”

I wrap my arms around your stomach and lay my head on your neck, inhaling a faint perfume and the smell of your clean skin. I kiss your neck and nip you with my lips and teeth. I feel your body stiffen in delight, so I continue more of the same with the other side of your neck, blowing lightly in your ear, sucking your earlobe.

You arch your back in pleasure, so I slip my hands beneath your tank top and slide then up and down your sides getting closer and closer to your breasts. You reach out and steady yourself on the sink as my hands come slowly up to your breasts and caress them, catching and pulling one nipple, then the other between my open fingers. You shiver in delight, so I do it again, magnifying the effect by a gentle sucking of your neck.

“I’ll give you an hour to cut that out!” you say.

“Don’t rush me,” I reply with a smile.

My dick is now hard, so I push it against your rear. You feel yourself melting a little, and squeeze your vagina muscles and spread your legs a little to steady yourself. I reach down with one hand and slide it across the front of your panties. I tease and caress you, taking satisfaction in every little twitch and moan…trailing my fingertips along the leg band of your panties, feeling the ridge of your outer labia and the soft furrow between them.

Making you moan becomes my goal, and my fingers rotate on your soft pussy lips until I hear a drawn out “ummm–nnnnnnnnh” accompanied by a deep breath. I can feel the texture of your pubic hair through the thin material, and I toy with the strands at the edge of your panty crotch. I can feel the heat from your pussy now, and I feel the dampness in your crotch from the first precious drops of moisture deep within you.

“Can’t you just take my panties off?” you ask plaintively.

I resist that request and slip one finger under the fabric. I am fully awake now and not tired at all. This time you will get the lovemaking you deserve. I want to see how slow I can go, how much I can tease you, so I rub back and forth in the same spot again and again, advance a millimeter and repeat the process. Your pubic hair is starting to dampen and I can smell your sweet essence in the air.

I’d love to pull your panties down quickly, spread your legs wide and bury my tongue in your wet folds, but I resist. I’d rather tease you and hear more of those sexy moans; I’d rather tease you and see just how wet you can get. We have nothing but time, no place to go and nothing to do but enjoy each other.

I hear you groan in frustration as my teasing fingers slip back and forth at the edge of those swollen lips. You jerk involuntarily again and complain at the slowness of my progress, pendik escort but my only answer is to kiss your back and sides and trail my tongue across your delicious skin.

I have to steady you now because your strength has flowed away, so I do, dropping down slowly. I wrap my arms around your body and press my face into your back. I kiss every exposed spot of skin on your lower back and slowly peel more of your panties down, repeating the process until my tongue trails up and down the crack of your trembling ass.

“Be merciful, speed it up a little!”

“Unnnnnh-unnnnh,” I taunt through closed lips. “I’ve got nothing but time…”

I resume my slow and “heartless” kisses on your backside and slip your panties a little lower so that my fingers can tease your delectable ass. I kiss my way up to your lower back then down to where the swell at the top of your thighs becomes the bottom of your butt. I ease your legs a little wider and alternately kiss and trail my fingers through the valley between your cheeks. I feel your clenching buttocks and smile at the sight of your tightly closed anus, which I tickle and tease with the barest of pressure from my fingertip.

I feel you drop down slightly to increase the pressure, but I decline for several minutes, then wet my finger and slowly plunge it up your rear, wiggling it and rotating as I go. Your delighted “Uh-uh-ohhhhhhs” are music to my ears, as is the sharp intake of breath. I pump you slowly while I kiss and suck the soft flesh of your rear, which starts another round of moaning. You’re so aroused that I can see a couple wet lines trailing down the inside of your thighs to soak your panties. And I am as hard as I’ve ever been and as hard as I’m ever likely to be. Your trembling, swaying body is alive and I smile to see you ease up to the sink and push against it, just to do SOMETHING with your body…anything to ease the tension you feel inside.

I pull your panties down your thighs and off slowly, admiring the view of the lower half of your body. My hands glide up and down your legs, feeling their smooth contour. You must have shaved very recently, maybe even this morning. Responding to a force as basic as magnetism or gravity, the fingers on my other hand glide between your legs and rub your warm and wet slit with the lightest pressure from my thumb. I kneel down to get a better view of your pussy and smile at the sight. With a slight pressure I separate your beautiful dark labia, which stick together wetly, then open. My forefinger teases your wet fold and I love hearing the quiet almost slurping sounds your pussy lips make.

You whimper as the tip of my finger slips in and out, pushing downward to get more inside you; shivering when I stick my tongue out to lick up your pussy juice. You taste slightly salty. I inhale your sweet smell, which reminds me a little of the early stages of making bread, but it is such a primal smell I can hardly describe it. I don’t spend too much time licking you, though, and move down the insides of your thighs. I hear another groan of frustration as I suck your tender skin between my lips.

I take a moment to savor your wetness and lick it from my index finger before plunging it back inside you, then add another digit. Your pussy lips grab my fingers and your body starts an involuntary hunching action once again as I push into your warmth and pull out…push in and pull out…push in and pull out. Your body starts rocking and your frantic “Ooooohs” and “Aaaaahs” fill the air.

I rise and kiss your neck again, whispering in your ear.

“Would you like me to put some pressure on your clitoris?… I hear a short moaning “mmm-hmm” in answer.

“Would you like me to stroke it and tease it for you?”

Again I hear a short moaning “mmm-hmm” in answer.

“Would you like me to suck it for you and tickle it with my tongue? Would you spread your legs wider for me than any man you’ve ever been with me so I can latch on to your pussy lips and suck them into my mouth?”

This time I hear a long, moaning “mmm-hmm”..mmm-hmm..mmm-hmm”.

I laugh and whisper in your ear “later”, then insert the tip of my cock in between your pussy lips and rock back and forth a mere inch to taunt you with the tip. You wail in escort pendik frustration, but I smile in pleasure. There is nothing I like better than teasing you. Nothing I like better than taking you to the top of our own little ecstasy mountain.

You cry out in lust as the head of my cock creates indescribable sensations against your inner lips. Frustrated moans fill the air because you know you must wait for relief.

“You need me. You need this cock inside of you so badly,” I taunt.

“Oh god, yes. I need you,” you murmur between moans.

There. I pushed in a couple more inches, teasing your g-spot. Your hips find my rhythm and you press your ass back to take me in further, but my hands hold your hips steady. My tongue plays with your ear and I thrust and flick the wet tip in every little crevice before sucking the lobes once again. I feel your neck scrunch in delight and feel your happy pussy twitch at the sensations.

I rest my chin on your shoulder again and look straight ahead into the mirror. Your head is dipped slightly, eyes closed in concentration. I whisper hotly in your ears.

“Look up in the mirror, darling. Look into my eyes.”

Your dark eyes open quickly and we gaze lustfully at each other. I pick up my head to arch back into you, then pull back and thrust again deeply into your pussy. You gasp loudly and bite your bottom lip, returning my hot gaze as I thrust again and again into you, my calm hands holding onto your waist. The sight of your shaking breasts in the mirror becomes too much for me to resist, so I cover your breasts with my hands, massaging your aching globes. You press forward into my hands then pull back when my fingers capture your nipples. You press forward and pull back again, delighting in the sensations that your nipples send your brain and body.

You wiggle when the tip of my dick passes your g-spot and buries itself at the door of your cervix. I love that wiggle. Still holding your eyes, I run my hands down your forearms to weave my fingers with yours, then hold myself tightly against you as I whisper in your ear.

“Can you feel how my cock throbs when it’s inside you?”

I flex my buns to make the blood flow into my cock, making it flex hard within you. Your nostrils flair and you bite the side of your red bottom lip.

“Can you feel how happy my stomach is to press against your trembling ass?”

You press that soft, giving ass back against my abdomen in response and I have to suppress a grunt of pleasure.

“Can you feel my hairy balls tickle the tops of your thighs?”

You nod, wiggle your hips a bit to tickle yourself, and smile that passionate smile of yours.

“Do you know sexy it is to see you standing, your back arched, and know a part of me is a part of you?”

At this last, you whimper and turn your head suddenly to kiss me, our tongues echoing the movements of our lower love muscles. We kiss deeply and rock in silence for a minute, then I recall the wonderful body that lies underneath my fingertips. My hand reaches to caress your stomach. I stay pressed against you and let my hands caress your soft skin. You feel wonderful, but my caresses are drawn inexorably higher, back to your beautiful swaying breasts. The kiss is released and we both watch in the mirror as I caress your breasts.

My fingers slide across one slowly, your distended nipple slipping between my fingers. I pull it lightly, then more firmly with thumb and forefinger. I feel your pussy jerk in response, so I pull your nipple again. Same response. I love the feel of your brown tips, love the sight of them sitting on your shapely mounds.

Now it’s my turn to moan a little in delight. I lift a nipple and pull your breast up slightly then let it drop. Lift your nipple between thumb and forefinger and let it drop. You squeal and wiggle your ass against me. I can feel the wetness between our bodies; feel my wet pubic hair against the bottom of your soft rear. I love the contrast and grind against you.

Our bodies are in sync now, swaying left and right with each other, rising slightly when I pull up on your nipples. It’s hard not to cum. It’s hard not to give in to the sweet sensations my dick is being treated to by the enveloping folds of your grasping pendik escort bayan pussy. If I’m going to come, you’re going to come with me, so I drop my right hand down slowly across your stomach and let my searching fingers insinuate themselves in your dark pubic curls. You make little animal sounds as my fingertips probe and massage the fleshy mound around your clitoris.

Part in pleasure and part in anticipation of pleasure to come, your breath has become a series of little gasps. Those gasps are linked to my probing fingertips, which have now cradled the pink bud of your clitoris. I stretch wide the folds that surround it, taking pleasure in your cry of delight, then cradle the sensitive nub between my two longest fingers, timing my downward caress with the forward thrust of my hardened rod. You moan in response, a moan that builds in intensity.

I speed up the thrusts of my cock and fingers until I hear you start to scream in ecstasy. Your cries of pleasure are so sexy to hear that they carry me over the top of my own orgasm, and each thrust of my cock now empties a hot little stream of sperm deep in your folds. You grab the counter and push your ass against my thrusting manhood as we yell and slam against each other wetly in a final moment of bliss. We gasp for air and slow our frenzied pumping. I put my cheek against your sweating back and feel your heaving breaths as our gyrations grind to a stop.

A minute passes, then two. I pull out and reach for my robe.

“Not so fast” you hiss breathlessly. “You’ve been in the driver’s seat long enough. It’s my turn”.

I can only summon a pathetic “Hunnh?” in reply.

“It’s my turn to be in charge,” you say and run your hand up my thigh. You guide me as I fall to the mat and spread my knees unconsciously. Soon you have my balls in your velvet grip. Your fingers touch me feather light, stroking, pulling, massaging my balls and ball sac with the lightest of touches. My legs are spread and there’s nothing I can do, so I just relax and enjoy the ride. Soon I feel your hot breath on my balls, then your wet tongue, then kisses. It is sublime. One hand encircles my hardening cock and strokes lightly while you suck one ball into your mouth. With anyone else it would be too much, too sensitive, but not with you. You know just the right thing to do. One ball pops out of your mouth then the other goes in.

You tease me, going back and forth slowly until I feel your lips nibbling their way up my shaft, kissing me, licking my warm and taut skin. I suck in a breath at the sensation, opening my eyes to see you looking at me. Smiling that evil grin.

It comes as no surprise when I feel your lips close around the tip of my dick. You like to torment me. You like to be in charge. You like to suck me and make me squirm in anticipation just as much as I do you. And it’s wonderful. Amazingly, I’m getting hard again. Your smiling eyes and talented mouth make me harder each minute. But then you back off.

You go back to sucking my balls, teasing my anus with a manicured finger, brushing your soft and dangling breasts across my shaft and stomach. I reach down and hold one breast, fingering your nipple for just one moment before you brush my hand away. Nothing will come between you and me but your mouth. Nothing will complicate the moment. It is basic. Animalistic.

You return to sucking the dark pink knob of my manhood deep in your mouth and exquisitely swirling your tongue around all the sensitive parts. You pull back and I hear the wet popping sound of my cock leaving your mouth, but you slide the tip back in, sucking with passion on that soft, yet hard flesh. Your lips form an “O” and you go faster now, holding my shaft with your hand, pumping me with the aid of the wet saliva that drips from your mouth, making me come sooner and more powerfully. And come I do.

It’s not even another minute before I feel my insides tighten and a hot spurt dribble out. Against all odds I have found a woman who loves the taste, loves to swallow, loves to be in control over the man. I come again, crying out in lust. It’s not near the volume of an hour ago, but still you take it all in stride. Take ME all in stride, bobbing your head up and down, milking me for all I’m worth, smiling inside at the man momentarily paralyzed by lust beneath you, sucking the tip of my cock to get the last dribble of precious fluid from me.

You crawl up my body and lightly kiss my grinning face. It’s good to be alive.

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