Road Trip Ch. 03

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I become a circus performer in more ways than one


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. For those who haven’t yet read the previous chapters, I suggest you read them to provide context before continuing with this chapter. I am open to suggestions about where you would like this story to go, if you wish to comment. Thanks.


I watched as I saw the grey trunk slide between Celeste’s bare thighs and then curl up her back, before lifting her off the ground. Celeste let out a screech of surprise, then settled comfortably into the crook of Nimah’s trunk.

“How’s it feel?” I called.

“It’s really cool. It felt freaky being lifted but she’s so gentle. It feels quite secure here, so long as I hold on, not like I’m going to fall off or anything.”

“Ok, she’ll let you down now,” said Nev, giving Nimah a signal. Se lowered her trunk and placed Celeste back on the ground. “Would you like to ride her?”

“Yes, please.”

Nev unfastened Nimah’s ankle from the chain and led her over to the rear of a truck.

“Climb onto the tray,” he told Celeste.

She did, then Nimah stood alongside the tray and Celeste was able to easily climb aboard and take up her position straddling Nimah’s neck with her knees behind Nimah’s ears.

“You ready to go for a walk?” called Nev.

“Oh, yes please.”

Nev gave another command and Nimah started walking slowly as Nev walked alongside her head. Nimah had obviously been trained very well and walked docilely alongside him, stopping if he stopped, walking again when he started. Celeste was grinning from ear to ear, holding onto the tops of Nimah’s ears as she balanced easily on her neck. I stood and watched as Nev took her for a short walk along the foreshore area before turning back and returning to the truck, where Celeste was able to slide off her back and jump down onto the ground. Celeste patted Nimah, telling her what a great elephant she was, and feeding her a handful of hay from the bales close by.

“She’s so obedient,” Celeste commented to Nev.

“Yes, she’s been very well trained. She belonged to another circus before we bought her a few years ago. I think she’s about 12 years old and her name means devotion in Arabic, so she’s been very aptly named. We’ve never had any problems with her and she obviously likes you.”

Nimah was using the fingers on the end of her trunk to stroke Celeste’s shoulder as Nev was speaking, possibly showing affection but more likely trying to earn another handful of hay. We both watched as Nimah’s explorations with her trunk became more interesting, to us at least. The fingers at the end began gripping the fabric of Celeste’s top, pulling it gently away from her skin and down over her left breast. Celeste giggled but did not move to replace the fabric, probably interested to see where this would lead, as were we. Nimah then used the fingers of her trunk to cover and gently squeeze Celeste’s bare left breast, causing Celeste to give a squeal and pull away out of range, covering her breast again as she moved away.

“I wonder who taught her that trick,” she said.

“Well, she may have learnt it from her previous handler or she may have just thought it a good idea now. In any case, how do you feel about training with Nimah to be part of the main act?” asked Nev.

“Oh yes, that would be wonderful,” she enthused, hugging him and planting a kiss on his lips.

“Right, done. Now, we need to see if you fit into the costume. Your cutoffs and top, while great for knocking about, are definitely not for show in the main act.”

He made sure that Nimah was firmly attached to her peg and had a supply of food and water, then we headed to a truck where Nev sorted out some costumes, holding various items against Celeste. Finally, he handed her a top and bottom and asked her to try them on.

If we were expecting Celeste to use a changing room or anything, we were quickly disillusioned. She simply untied her top and slipped into the skimpy, glittering top provided, then did the same with her cutoffs, sliding then down her legs, showing that she was not wearing panties, then sliding the glittering bikini bottoms on. Both top and bottom were elasticized and they fit like tight gloves. Suddenly Celeste was transformed from a sexy beach bum to an even sexier circus performer. She twirled around with a grin then asked how she looked.

“You look awesome,” said Nev, “And it fits really well. What do you think, Hank?”

Yeah, I agree, awesome is a good description. You’ll certainly sincan escort attract all the guys for miles and I guess they’ll bring their families as well, so regardless of how well the circus performs, you’ll get crowds just to see Celeste.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right and guys will undoubtedly return with families as well on the excuse that the kids want to see the circus again. We need to get some photos and make up a few posters. How about now?”

“Sure, whenever you like,” agreed Celeste.

“Right, so Hank, can you give Tiny a hand with what he’s doing and we’ll get Celeste’s hair done and take some photos for the publicity.”

I headed off to help Tiny and the others erect the big top while Celeste and Nev headed to his trailer. A short time later, after I’d finished with Tiny, Celeste returned to show off her hairdo.

“Trish did it for me. Do you like it?”

Her hair was done up high in ringlets and it looked amazing, especially when paired with her glittering outfit.

“Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful.”

“Pleased you like it. Now I’m off to be photographed with Nimah. I doubt they’ll do much with her hair; a bit too sparse,” she chuckled.

She ran off leaving me with the tinkling of her laughter.

During the afternoon the crew erected the main big top marquee and the tents required by the other people associated with the circus. The crew were obviously well experienced in this rigmarole, but I learnt quickly and I like to think I was of some help. In the late afternoon Celeste reappeared with Nev, who was carrying a large roll of posters, all of which had Celeste in various poses both with and without Nimah. Despite having little experience with marketing, these posters looked excellent to me and I could imagine many men visiting the circus just to see Celeste.

After dinner, while the twilight colored the horizon orange, I walked around the circus site, noticing how the chaos from earlier in the day had miraculously, and with hard work, morphed into an orderly line of tents and vehicles as well as an area for Nimah to eat and watch the proceedings. I also noticed that Celeste was patting and talking to Nimah so I sat in a shadow and watched.

She seemed to be training her, giving quiet commands and occasionally rewarding her with a handful of hay. I looked closer at what she was trying to get Nimah to do and saw the fingers on Nimah’s trunk clasp Celeste’s top and pull it down on one side, then release it and pull down the other side, leaving Celeste’s breasts completely uncovered. For this Nimah received a handful of hay while Celeste covered up again, then gave her command once more. This was repeated several times, each time with the reward, then she used a different command and Nimah reached her trunk further down, gripped her unfastened cutoff shorts and pushed them downwards, leaving Celeste bare below the waist. Again, Nimah received a reward, Celeste pulled up her shorts and repeated the commands. Elephant striptease, amazing, I thought as I stood silently and returned to our wagon to await Celeste’s arrival.

I must have slept because the next thing I know is that someone was crawling into bed with me; a naked body.

“Is that you, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Yes, darling, it’s me,” replied a voice that I knew did not belong to Celeste.

“Is that you, Ali?”

“Yes, honey, Ali at your service. Celeste won’t be here for a while so I figured you’d need company.”

I couldn’t answer as my mouth was full of Ali kiss, just as her hand was full of my erection. She quickly straddled me and leant forwards to rub her breasts over my face. I managed to catch one of them and began sucking and nibbling at her hard nipple, which produced several low, hungry sounding moans. She moved her hand behind her and clutched my balls, gripping the base tightly with her finger and thumb, then pulling downwards, stretching them away from my body.

“Owwww, gentle,” I protested.

“Oh, so you like that then,” she said with a chuckle.

I resigned myself to the pain, to which I rapidly became accustomed, and gripped her breasts with my hands, squeezing them hard before crushing her nipples between fingers and thumbs.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “Hurt me, darling, like that.”

Ali was most definitely into pain, or else she was putting on a good act. I pulled her breasts downwards, causing her to lean forwards, and then pushed her down my body until my cock was pressed against her crotch. I wriggled slightly, moving the head to line up with her wet hole, then thrust myself inside her, pushing her body further down by using her breasts as handles.

Once she was fully impaled on me, she began tilting her hips back and forth, stimulating herself on my cock as she stimulated me inside her. Her pace was quite frenetic and neither of us lasted long. She came first, rocking backwards, forcing herself further onto my spike as she shuddered in her release, causing me to spurt my seed deep inside her ankara escort sucking cunt. Once she had finished, she lay down on me, holding me inside her as she kissed me, then settled down to sleep. I listened to her breathing slow and deepen as she slept.

I must have slept also because I when I awoke it was early dawn, just the glimmer of light from the pre-dawn filtering into our bedroom. I heard the door close softly and knew someone had arrived or left. I felt for Ali, but she had gone and then I felt a cool body lie down next to me. I waited until she had settled, then suddenly pounced on her. She let out a muted shriek before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me hard.

“You startled me,” she said.

“Yes, I meant to. You’re rather late to bed tonight.”

“No, darling, early, not late. Did you have fun with Ali?”

“Ali? When was she here?”

“Oh, don’t give me that. I sent her here to keep you company while I spent some time with Tiny. I guess a change is as good as a holiday for both of us, eh. And I know you two made love because you smell of her just as she smelt of you when she arrived in bed with us earlier this morning.”

“Yeah, well you smell of sex too, so do you want to add to that scent?”

She did, and we made love together as the sky slowly lightened until I could see her clearly as she came for the second time, her beautiful face screwing up in ecstasy as her talented vaginal muscles clasped and unclasped on my cock until I filled her love hole with a dose of sperm. We lay together, stroking each other, loving each other, kissing each other.

“What were you training Nimah to do last night?”

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Oh, so teaching an elephant to strip you is nothing, eh? By the sound of it we’ll need a R18 circus show.”

“Well, yes, I have taught her to strip me and I think an adults-only show would be great. I want to ride her naked as well, and also ride her with a vibrator in my cunt so I can cum with my legs astride her neck. I got the idea when I first rode her; just the movement was very stimulating, even with my cutoffs on.”

“That would certainly make an interesting addition to the program. I guess Ali could perform naked as well. What about Tiny, would he lift weights naked?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll suggest an adults-only evening show and see what response I get. But right now, it’s time for breakfast before rehearsals. It’s Ok for you, your work’s basically finished until we move on, but mine’s just starting.”

Celeste gave me a kiss, lifted her pussy off my softened cock, then dressed in her usual attire. I watched her do this, then climbed out of bed and dressed, arriving at breakfast a few minutes after her. I was greeted by Tiny.

“I hear you had fun with my daughter last night,” he said, “Your missus was great fun too.”

“Yeah, I heard all about it from her this morning.”

“I guessed she returned to you. Ali came in at some stage and I think Celeste thought things were a bit cramped.”

The first matinee was to be held in the afternoon, so Celeste and all the performers were rehearsing all morning. Celeste had to be very firm with Nimah when she tried to remove her clothes, which was not permitted during a matinee, of course. Nev noticed and asked Celeste about Nimah’s strange behaviour, so Celeste told her about the training and made the suggestion of an adults-only session. Nev said he’d think on it and let her know.

The afternoon matinee was filled with children and usually mothers as it was a work day, second to last before the holiday weekend. I sat at the back with the other non—performers and watched the first full performance of the circus. Ali appeared in a brief, sparking outfit and climbed nearly to the top of the marquee before doing some apparently death-defying high wire acts, sliding down a rope at the end to land on the back of the Shetland pony, that was trotting around the ring. She rode the pony for a few circuits then directed him out the back. There were clowns, who doubled as jugglers, and Tiny doing his strong man act. The finale was Celeste, with her hair piled high and her sparkling, skimpy outfit as she first rode Nimah around the ring, then did several handstands on her back, something she’d obviously been taught and practised just that morning. She then stopped Nimah, who bent her front leg allowing Celeste to use it as a step to dismount. Celeste then put Nimah through her paces, sitting back on her hind legs before rolling over on the sawdust covered floor. Then Celeste remounted, Nimah, who reared backwards as she held on, then they left the ring to great applause. I was amazed how professional Celeste’s act appeared after so little time to train.

Once the circus was over, everyone gathered for a debrief and worked out how it could be improved for subsequent sessions. At the end of that discussion, Nev floated the idea of an adults only show in which nudity would be permitted. There were several queries about etimegut escort the legality of such a show but Nev had apparently contacted a law firm and had been assured that in this state such a show as he was proposing was legal so long as nobody under the age of 18 was present either as a performer or audience, and so long as no sexual acts between performers or audience occurred. Nev said he’d think on it some more and possibly put together the acts for such a show later in the program.

That evening I noticed that Celeste spent some time with Nimah, talking to her and putting her through her act again.

“She seems to really like you,” I said, after she’d finally dismounted.

“Yes, we get on well together. Would you like to see her strip me, honey?”

Why would I not? “Yes, darling let’s see what she can do.”

It took only a few seconds for Celeste to give Nimah the command. Nimah appeared almost enthusiastic to comply, using her trunk to adroitly lift each cup of her top off her breasts then slide her trunk beneath the loose garment and lift it over her head. Then, while Celeste held her hands each side of Nimah’s trunk, Nimah placed the end of her trunk over first the left breast, giving it what looked like a massage for a few seconds, then did the same for the right breast.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It feels like nothing else I’ve ever felt,” she replied, “Its sort of hard and soft at the same time, like when you massage my breasts, but different. I love her sucking them as well; I think I could possibly cum just from that alone.”

“Does she do that with your pussy?”

“Watch and learn,” she said with a grin.

At her next command Nimah pushed her sparkling bikini bottoms down from the front, then, after Celeste had turned around, she pushed the back down over her ass. Celeste turned back again to allow Nimah to push the garment to the ground, where Celeste stepped out, now totally naked. I clapped, smiling at the thought of what I wanted to do to her later tonight. But she wasn’t yet finished.

Celeste stood still in front of Nimah and gave yet another command. Nimah placed the end of her trunk between Celeste’s spread legs and used the fingers on the end of her trunk to massage Celeste’s pussy. Celeste giggled and moved her hips slightly to position herself for the best effect. After a few minutes of this, Nimah stopped and seemed to grow bored with pleasuring her new mistress, using her trunk to help herself to a bunch of hay, which she fed into her mouth.

Celest patted Nimah and spoke kindly to her, then picked up her outfit and walked over to me.

“I feel horny, darling, what are you going to do about that?” she asked.

A few moments earlier I’d noticed the Shetland pony, Shelty, staked a short distance away and, as happens with male ponies occasionally, I saw his cock hanging below his belly. I wondered if that could be a novel way for Celeste to satisfy her stated need.

“Feel like a pony fuck?” I asked, nodding in Shelty’s direction.

Celeste looked at Shelty, probably noticing his drooping cock, then back at me.

“You’re joking, right?”

I shook my head. “Why not? He’s only a small pony, not a massive horse, and you’re probably quite capable of taking his horse cock inside you. Like to try?”

“Try and stop me,” she grinned at me, turning to walk purposefully towards Shelty.

I followed her and arrived as Shelty was taking some hay from Celeste’s hand. As Shelty chewed the hay, Celeste held one hand on his back and reached beneath him to stroke his cock. Shelty stopped chewing and let out a soft whinny, looking over his shoulder at the source of this new, apparently pleasurable, experience. As I watched, Shelty’s cock lengthened, thickened and hardened. It certainly now appeared to be fit for purpose.

“He’s ready,” said Celeste, turning her head towards me, “Now what? If I go on all fours on the ground, I’ll be too low for him.”

I looked around for something for Celeste to lie on and decided that hay bales would be ideal. I pulled one out of the stack and positioned it so Shelty would be able to reach without being untethered. Celeste caught on quickly and lay on her stomach on the bale, legs apart and bent over the end. Her pussy was now at the same height as Shelty’s belly. I led Shelty towards the bale, approaching from behind Celeste, and he seemed to get the general idea, giving Celeste’s pussy and ass a sniff before taking control of the situation, sliding his body over Celeste’s until his hard pony cock was pressed against her crotch. She had to lift her ass an inch or so to line up perfectly, after which there was no stopping him.

With a whinny he thrust forward, impaling Celeste quickly on his cock. Fortunately, the whole situation had caused her to become very wet inside, so the long, thick length of pony meat penetrated easily.

“Oooommmphh!” Celeste uttered as her breath was forced from her body by the force of Shelty’s intrusion. Then she held onto the bale as Shelty thrust and withdrew quickly several times, culminating in a harder thrust, after which he held still.

“He’s cumming in me,” squealed Celeste, “I can feel his pony cum filling me up.”

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