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He was sitting at his computer, completely focused on the task in front of him. He never heard the knock on the door or the door opening. He knew nothing until he felt someone standing behind him.

He felt her hands on his shoulders just before he looked around. She gently massaged the knots out of his neck and shoulders. It felt good. He closed his eyes and started to relax.

He turned the chair around to face her. She stood there wearing a raincoat and red stilettos. As he watched she undid the belt of the coat. She slowly opened the coat to reveal what was beneath. He could see she was only wearing black stockings, a black garter and black lacy underwear. He could not believe what he was seeing.

She slowly walked towards him. She leant down and kissed him slowly and passionately. He responded fiercely, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He reached for her but she moved out of his reach. He knew that for now he was not allowed to touch.

She returned to stand in front of him. She reached forward to undo the buttons on his shirt. But it was taking too long so she ripped his shirt open. Buttons flew all over the room. She leant forward and kissed his male nipples. Nuzzling and sucking them. His hands itched to move, but he stopped himself from touching her.

She reached for his belt and removed it. She undid his trousers …. he was hard and throbbing! She knelt down in front of him, leaned forward and slowly took his engorged member into her mouth. At first, she rolled her tongue around the already wet head, but then started to take more of it until the head was at the back of her throat. At the same time she slowly stroked the base of the shaft with her left hand while gently slipping her right index finger into his ass. He was so excited that he started to perspire. She wanted to make him cum, but he wanted her bent over his desk. He slowly pulled out of her mouth and kissed her on her beautiful, full lips. He could taste himself on her.

He slid her very wet thong to one side and gently bent her over his desk. She was dripping wet and he got on his knees and roughly took her swollen clit in his lips. She sighed once and bucked as he ran his teeth over her entire bottom. He suddenly stood up and slipped into her. She took a very deep breath as he started to thrust harder and harder. He just couldn’t get deep enough into her! After several minutes, she pushed him onto the carpeted floor etimesgut escort and sat astride him, facing away. She moved up and down on his member while he massaged her clit.

They moved together as thought they were one! He reached down and touched her where their bodies joined. He caressed her clit. She went off like a rocket. She thought it was too much … but was it?? He pumped harder and faster. She couldn’t help herself and she exploded into a thousand pieces. He followed soon after. They lay there replete, exhausted. Or were they??

It was now 7 p.m. and they both decided that the office was no longer the place to be. They dressed .. as best they could. There was no way he could repair the shirt he had been wearing. Luckily he kept a spare shirt at the office. But what was she to do? She was wearing nothing but her underwear and a raincoat.

This was no problem. They decided to continue their liaison at a local motel. There would be no need for more clothing and they could order room service.

They reached the motel and for dinner they ordered champagne, strawberries and cream. When it arrived he poured the champagne. They drank. He suggested a shower and she agreed quite readily. The water was warm and sensual as it ran over their bodies in a smooth stream.

He began to wash her from top to bottom in slow soothing strokes. She began to moan. He moved over her breasts teasing each nipple in turn. He replaced his hands with his mouth, sucking each nipple until it was hard. He turned her around and placed her hands flat against the wall.

He reached around her and move his hands down her belly, feeling it quiver with anticipation. He moved his hands still lower until he reached his goal. Then gently her rubbed her. Her moans grew louder as he slipped a finger inside her. He was getting hard with the sounds she was making.

They came at almost the same time in a series of explosions that made them both shiver.

But they were not finished!! She undressed him fully, shivering at the sight of his still erect member. She removed her shoes and slowly peeled off her stockings. He was breathing hard and it took all of his strength to remain where he was … lying on the floor. She kissed him on the mouth, full and hard. Before he could do anything she moved lower. Kissing and licking as she went. He reached for her breasts. They were heavy and full. He caressed them lovingly. sincan escort She moved lower still and once again took him in her mouth, sucking and licking. He knew he couldn’t take much more. Just before he came again, she stopped, and moved upwards.

She mounted him, accepting all of him inside her. They began to move together, slowly at first then faster and harder ……

He thrust his finger as high and hard as he could. Her knees began to tremble and she could hardly stand upright. He leant against her pinning her to the wall. It was the only thing stopping her from sliding to the floor of the shower. She could feel his erection pressing against her … hard and hot and insistent!

He continued to stroke her and thrust another finger inside her. She screamed with pleasure, then shuddered as she came. But he was not finished yet. He bent her at the waist and in one smooth fluid movement he entered her. He was hard and throbbing inside her. She couldn’t help herself and with one thrust he made her cum again. She screamed again and it was almost his undoing. He stopped and breathed deeply, he didn’t want it to end just yet. After a moment or two he began thrusting again. The tempo increased …. as he thrust forward, she thrust back. They moved faster and faster …. harder and harder. Together they exploded.

Their skin was starting to wrinkle so they decided to leave the shower and dry off. He slowly patted every inch of her dry and they retired to the crisp white sheets of the King Size bed. They drank some more of the champagne then she fed him strawberries dipped in whipped cream.

He had a surprise waiting for her, a bottle of pre-heated massage oil. He slowly massaged every inch of her pretty white feet then up her calves and thighs. Some of the oil seeped between her legs and he expertly her massaged her in the area where the oil had gone.

She was burning up with need. She was on the verge of another orgasm but he wasn’t done yet. He very gently parted her pussy lips and with great care licked her. As she started to cum, he carefully bit down on her engorged clit. She was exploding and wanted him inside her now!

He obliged her by slipping into her from behind, slowly but deeply. She continued to cum … she couldn’t stop. It was a turn on to him. His breathing became harsher and he thrust harder and faster. His orgasm was cataclysmic and it made her orgasm again.

Exhausted escort etimesgut they slept for a time. They lay like two spoons with his arm around her. After a short while she awoke. His hand was gently cupping her left breast and his erection was pushing insistently at her back. She slowly slid from beneath his arm trying not to wake him ….. yet.

She knelt beside him and gently cupped his balls, rolling them in her hand. With her other hand she took hold of his shaft and slid her mouth over the tip. Using her tongue she laved him until she feel it hot and throbbing in her mouth. He was moaning with each swipe of her tongue. Although he was still gripped by sleep his hips started to thrust, driving deeper into her mouth. Just before he cam she stopped. She looked at his face and saw he was awake … staring at her. She turned to face him and then straddled his lap … sliding slowly onto him. His groan of pleasure was loud. He then sat up so they were face to face with her impaled upon him. It was her turn to make sounds of pleasure. The sensation of him inside her was almost too much.

He leaned forward and took one engorged nipple between his lips. He sucked it hard and she could feel it in every part of her body. Her back arched to allow him greater access to her breasts. He changed to her other nipple and repeated his actions. It was driving her wild. She started to rock back and forth creating and unbearable friction between them. She couldn’t help herself and she reached down to rub her clit. He lay back to watch her, he told her not to stop. He held her by her hips as he thrust deeply into her. Within moments they came together amidst much moaning and screaming. She collapsed across his chest once more drained ……..

After a short sleep they awoke and discovered that night was turning into day. It was time for them to part. They dressed in the clothes they had worn and left the motel. They kissed one last time as they parted. She went her way and he went his.

Their brief interlude was over. They had to return home and back to their ordinary lives. They had not even exchanged names.

She arrived at home, took her clothes off and had a shower. She knew her husband would be returning home today. He had been away on an overnight trip. She dressed carefully in her ordinary everyday clothes.

Half an hour later her husband walked through the door. They looked at each other before embracing and sharing a passionate kiss. Before they went to their bedroom, he said “Darling, we should have a liaison like that more often!”

You see the two people who shared the incredible night together were husband and wife.

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