Rekindling An Old Flame

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As it sometimes happens after a death, my sister and I closed her big house and Barbara moved in with me. I am positive that I didn’t have any thoughts of intimacy with my middle aged sister and if Barbara’s had any thoughts Barbara didn’t give me any hint. Perhaps we should have considered the possibility, because the both of us had, had many years of good active sex with our now cold partners, but there was no indication that the old flames still flickered.

Nothing happened for more than six months. We kept to our rooms, did our own things, enjoyed the companionship at meals and other activities, but our touches were not meant to be stimulating. Probably not that we didn’t think about it! Barbara often caught me studying her ample boobs and I guess she didn’t miss a chance to estimate the size of my cock.

We have always blamed – or – credited the cold winter for bringing us together. In mid winter a widespread blackout sent us to bed with extra blankets. For Barbara it wasn’t enough she couldn’t stop shivering. After about an hour of misery, she came running into my bedroom.

“I’m freezing. Can I climb in with you?” she asked

It must have been a relief because she had the warmth of my body plus the extra cover she had carried. First, we cuddled face to face until her shivering slowed. Then, conscious that her big tits were jammed into my chest, she turned her cold back to me. I snuggled to her, making her grateful for my body heat but, a second later, she felt my hard cock poking into her butt. I guess she had no choice of being turned on by my warm body or going back to her frozen bed!. She turned toward me and reached down between us.

“If we’re going to keep warm this way,” she said. “You’ll have canlı bahis to keep this…..”

But what she brushed away wasn’t hard at all. It was my cock, but it was soft and limp. Maybe because we were in bed and holding each other, was making her think sex, she had probably imagined a big cock trying to get between the cheeks of her ass.

“What are you doing, Barbara? You want to play with my cock?” I asked. She knew I was kidding and she had to keep up with me.

“Well,” she said, “You were feeling my boobs so…”

I grabbed her left tit, loose and soft under her flannel nightie. “You mean like this?” I said. Suddenly, everything was silent. I took a deep breath but I didn’t move my hand. “My god, you’re so soft and…Oo, that feels good!” I said.

It was my first titty feel in many months. And I’m sure it was the first time in more than a year that a man’s hand had been on Barbara’s bulging nightie. I felt a tremor roll through her body. I think she was telling herself that she needed my warmth. She reached for me and moved closer, pushing the full width of her boobs onto my chest. “I’m sorry, I really thought that your cock was poking my butt. I didn’t mean to…” But I smothered her words with a kiss-not our usual brother-sister peck but, with our arms pulling us tighter, a full-mouthed loving kiss.

We broke our kiss and pulled away slowly. I patted her butt. “That’s OK, Barb. Thanks for the compliment. I haven’t had a…an erection for three years! Thanks for the kiss, too. Let’s do that again!” I said.

As we squirmed the freezing night was forgotten. She put her arm under my neck and pulled us closer. My hand was still on her big boob, rubbing and squeezing. As our lips touched, my cock bahis siteleri moved against her thigh. She reached for it and there it was! It wasn’t the biggest or hardest cock she had ever touched but neither was it the soft drooping cock she’d held a few minutes earlier.

“You fibber!” she said. “You do have an erection! Are you being sneaky or should I be flattered/”

My hand shot to my crotch to check for myself. “Jeez! I don’t believe it. You did more for me with a kiss than Alice could.. Well you Know.” I said.

She pulled up her nightie, grabbed my ass and pulled until my cock head was on her thinning pussy hair. “Well,” she said. “Now that you’ve got it, let’s not waste it!”

I hesitated for a moment thinking, “This horny woman is my sister, for christsake and she wants me to fuck her” Well…what the hell.. she’s not a shrinking virgin in danger of getting knocked up. Why the hell not?”

I rolled on top, still squeezing and kneading her tit. We squirmed until my cock was right on target-the arro2w on a bull’s-eye-but it didn’t go in! She was too dry and I wasn’t fully hard.

“Hey I know what we need.” she said. As she scooted under the covers, found my cock and pulled it into her mouth. My hips pushed as her head bobbed. I was working saliva drooled down my shaft as it swelled. We rolled again; she arched her back; I humped and my cock slid into her! She lifted her hips and I pushed. I withdrew a little and pushed again. She had it all! My sister and I were fucking!

Barb and I were thinking the same thing. There had been no sex for many months and, just then we were deeply coupled with our favourite person, panting and gently fucking. Was this going to happen again? Might this be our bahis şirketleri final fucking session? Just in case we would have be sure that this one was memorable!

Without letting my excited cock lose contact with her slippery gash, I lifted her butt, pushed her nightgown to her shoulders and buried my face between her giant tits. My cock throbbed when I pulled an inch-long nipple between my lips and juice leaked from her oily cunt. She lifted her head to mine and gave me a wet kiss. “Jeez,” she said. “Your cock is bumping my belly button. Fuck me with it! You’ve got me so hot I’ll come when you do.” That turned me on and started my engine. Slur-rp…slur-rp bump. I stroked my long rod in and out of her grasping hole as if there had been no holiday. With every thrust, her heavy boobs bounced to her chin and the long forgotten rumblings of my orgasm rippled through my cock.

My sister was coming too. With every thrust of my cock, its swollen head hit bottom bringing yelps of delight from her. I was going to make it, my rusty load was boiling over with my jerking hips. Her thighs began trembling uncontrollably, then our explosions hit…Her come seemed to take complete control of her entire body, she was shaking, bouncing, and jerking, with each thrust of my cock. Lifting her hips she met my downward thrust and screamed out loudly, “I’m coming, Oh! My God.” I was right behind her. My cock exploded deep inside her. In the old days I’d felt stronger ejaculations but our simultaneous eruptions were completely satisfying, just the same.

We snuggled and kissed as our gasping slowed and our hearts stopped pounding. “My God, Barb! I think you raped me…but thank you. Until you attacked me, I knew that I’d had my last erection.” I said. My squeezes on her boobs were getting weaker.

“You did great, Old Man.” she said. “I came like crazy.”

We fell asleep in each others arms. We have never slept in separate beds since that night.

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