Playing Fair is Over-rated

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It was Mike’s first weekend back from college. He’d been away for nearly six months, and things had changed a great deal. He’d left Bayonne as an immature boy, and now he was returning a man, somewhat wizened in the ways of the world. A lot of that he owed to Debbie, wild, passionate Debbie, with her almond eyes, tight frame, and insatiable love of life. She had this sort of ‘fuck me’ gleam in her smile that he never could resist. He loved her from the moment she first cast that smile in his direction, and over the next four months, he learned what love meant, with all the passion and pain it entails. She’d taken him for a wild ride, loved him and left him, in that short span. He’d truly lived a lifetime in that four months, and now, coming home, he remembered her fondly, with hardly a touch of bitterness.

His family had moved away shortly after Mike went to college, but he wasn’t here for them. Home was where his friends were, the friends he’d shared all his life with up until he left, they were who his missed most and he he’d come home to see. Mike was staying on his friend John’s couch in the meantime, and paying his way by buying the beer. It was a good arrangement.

He went the one place he knew he’d see the old gang, the Broadway Billiards, where he’d always shot pool with his friends. It was like a second home to him, and as he and John walked in the door, he let out a slight sigh of relief, nothing had changed in the least. As if by prior arrangement, there were many of the people he’d hoped to see. Tommy still hustling quarters, Joe still flirting w/ anyone and everyone, and Annie, still being a slut (word was, she’d gone down on more men in the bathroom then even she could count). It was good to be back.

Hours passed and Mike shot game after game (even after all this time, he still didn’t have to pay), and more of the old gang came in, maybe cause they heard he’d be back this weekend. Mike was lining up a particularly hard shot, sighting down the stick to and preparing to sink the eight, when just as he took the third stroke w/ his cue, he felt someone reach in and grab his ass. He jumped, miscued and flung the cue ball off the table and past John’s head, barely missing him. Mike angrily turned around to discover a beautiful petite girl looking up at him w/ pouting lips and hard eyes.

“you never called” she said.

At first it took Mike a second to register who this was and why she was grabbing his ass. Standing before him was a prettier version of his ex, Nicole. Nicole had always had potential, but she was always too inhibited for Mike, his leaving for college had ended their relationship, but he had no regrets. She had been a little chubby, with glasses, and less-then-perfect skin. Always too smart for her own good, and never willing to show off what she had. This women was entirely different, she must have lost weight, and gotten contacts, because this 5ft. beauty had the perfect build. Her pert C cup breasts stood out from a tight, low cut blouse, demonstrating just enough cleavage to pull your eyes down, where the fabric just hinted at the hard nipples underneath. Her long hair had been cut short and died black so that it feel just to her shoulders, and those hard eyes were now a vibrant green, and they not-so-patiently demanded an answer.


“Oh, you jerk, come here”…and she jumped into Mike’s arms and gave him a big hug.

It was good to see her again, and Mike couldn’t help feeling her nipples press into his chest as she hugged him or her warm breath on his neck. His body responded accordingly, and he quickly disengaged from the hug before Nicole could feel his growing erection.

“Nicole, what the hell, eryaman escort you’ve changed”, to which she just smiled. “Let me introduce you to my boyfriend” she said “Mike, this is Jim, Jim, Mike.”

Mike’s heart sank into his chest. Jim was easily a foot taller then him, and twice as wide. He had tattoos that looked like he got them in prison, and he looked at Mike like he was a piece of trash. ‘so much for that’ thought Mike.

Nicole was oblivious to his distress, or else relishing in it, Mike couldn’t tell which, but she suggested a game and he could only agree. John opted out, he was visibly enjoying the whole situation (the jerk) and Jim just sat on the side lines and glowered. So Nicole racked up, and as she bent over the table Mike caught a glimpse of her breasts hanging low in her blouse, and then caught a glimpse of Jim watching him. Mike prepared himself mentally for a difficult night and began the game.

It went badly from the start. Every chance she got Nicole would brush against him or lean provocatively on the edge of the table, showing off her supple tight little ass or the perfect curves of her body. She had changed, the old Nicole was never such as tease, and she never showed off her body like this. Mike had the advantage of being able to picture her naked, as they’d had sex before. It was always pretty basic, missionary style, and since he was so inexperienced and she so inhibited, it never amounted to much. She had always been self-conscious about her body, and never got on top or let him go down on her. And now that same women was silently screaming ‘fuck me’ with every move she made.

Jim got up to hit the head and send Mike one last “I’ll kill you if you touch her look.” As he left, Nicole sent him a parting glance and leaned closer to Mike, moving her lips close to his ear and whispering “I’ll make you a bet”. Her hot breath on his neck and her tongue less then an inch from his ear was driving Mike all kinds of wild and his erection was bulging from his pants.

“If you win, you get to take me home” she whispered softly as her hand gently grazed the edge of his crotch.

Mike knew he should have said ‘no way ‘, but could only respond “and if you win?” (he was four balls down after all), but she just smiled and floated away, allowing her hand to stroke his cock through his pants as she left. Mike looked at John for help, but the jerk only smirked and looked pointedly in the direction Jim had gone. Mike looked back to Nicole who was running her fingers absently through her hair, then resolutely looked back at his shot. Before he could even line it up, Nicole grabbed the eight ball and swept it into the corner pocket. “Whoops, you win”, she said, as she jumped off the table and ran for the door.

Mike threw the cue down and bolted after her, stopping just long enough to catch the apartment keys John threw at him. He caught her outside and slammed her into the brick wall, greedily grabbing her lips with his. She responded in kind, snaking her tongue into his mouth and pulling him against her. Mike’s knee came up into her crouch, spreading her legs and pushing into her. She softly moaned into his mouth and pulled away, “we’ve got to hurry”, she said with a mixture of lust and fear. Mike pulled away and they rushed to her car.

Back in the pool hall, Jim returned from the bathroom to find John alone, smiling, “What’d you think of my performance?” he asked. “Awesome” John responded, “let’s go get a beer, my place’ll be occupied for a while.”

Mike and Nicole arrived in record time. They had trouble keeping their hands off each other on the way over, and Mike figured he was lucky he didn’t crash into a tree, with sincan escort Nicole fondling his balls and whispering to him how wet she was into his ear. They pulled up to the complex and raced to John’s apartment, Mike fumbling with the keys until he found the right one and they practically fell inside.

Nicole shut the door behind her and reached for Mike, but he got to her first, driving her back into the door and kissing her deeply. She ran both her hands up his shirt, and ran her nails down his back. Mike took her hair in his hand and pulled her head back, giving him access to her neck. He ran his tongue along the curve of her neck up to her earlobe, then gently bit it and ran his lips back down her neck blowing cool air onto her.

He’d picked up a few tricks from Debbie and he was determined to show Nicole just how much he’d changed. She tilted her head back to give him better access and sighed…as he lifted her shirt off over her head and tossed it on the nearby futon. She then lifted his shirt up and took a moment to admire his firm chest before leaning in to kiss his nipples and run her tongue down his abs. She got on her knees and began to unbutton his fly, eager to taste his nine inch cock again after all these months.

Mike leaned against the wall, ready to enjoy every second of this, but then changed his mind, just as Nicole freed his cock from it’s prison (he never wore underwear). “No” he whispered, and pulled her up from her knees, throwing her back into the wall. She had a slighted confused expression on her face, but it turned to shock, as Mike raised her hands over her head and held them their one hand while the other cupped her breast, the thumb circling her throbbing nipple through her bra’s fabric. He leaned towards her, but as she moved to kiss him, he pulled away just out of reach and smiled. “you’re mine tonight” he said, and then he reached his hand under the strap of her bra and ripped it off her chest, freeing one breast and falling limply around the other.

“Wha…” she began, but he stopped her words with a kiss. Mike spun her around to land sharply on the living room futon where he’d been sleeping. Before she could move or protest, Mike was on top of her again, pinning her hands over her head, and she could only wonder at what point she’d lost control of the situation. He pulled off what remained of her bra and used it to tie her hands to the head of the futon, securing her wrists so they were suspended over her head. And he began to take his time, exploring her body anew. Touching and tasting every inch of her chest, running his tongue in slow torturous circles around her nipples, before gently biting them. As much as Mike wanted her, he was enjoying turning this game around, and watching her distress mingled w/ lust was as exciting as anything.

Mike kissed his way down her flat stomach and deftly unzipped her trousers, pulling them and her panties off in one smooth motion. Nicole struggled half heartedly with her bonds.

“Mike, what happened to you…?” she breathed, surprised at his new attitude.

He used to be such a cautious lover, almost afraid to touch her. But now, he seemed to be a new man, and this thrilled her as much as it frightened her.

She was now completely exposed, naked for him to do with as he will, tied down with her own bra, with no control over anything. Mike stepped back to admire her beautiful body, her pert breasts heaved in anticipation and her alabaster skin, delicate as a snowflake and as soft as rose petals had goose-bumps all over. Mike could see the moisture glistening on dark curls of her mound, and he could smell her desire, all musty and sweet. She still batıkent escort looked at him with those hard demanding eyes and he climbed onto the bed to set himself between her legs.

They parted like the gates of paradise, and her moist slit revealed itself. Mike spread her folds as delicately as if he was opening a flower and with two fingers began stroking her lips, allowing his fingers to glaze her erect clit. Nicole could feel her heart quicken and it became harder and harder to catch her breath, as Mike’s expert touch send wave after wave of pleasure through her body. She could feel his warm breath on her swollen clit, could feel his mouth less then an inch from her lips, could feel his fingers parting her with the most excruciating slowness

…”please…” she whispered.

And then she could feel a spike of ecstasy as his tongue flicked her clit, followed by waves of tingling warmth as that same tongue traced slow circles around her swollen clit. Lancing in to tease it whenever she’d nearly caught her breath. Her back arched and her hips reached out for his mouth, driving her mound into his face. But, Mike just reached his hands under her ass to support her and continued his agonizing pace, slowly circling her clit and running his fingers along her lips.

Then, with deliberate ease, he slid his two fingers inside her and began stroking her g spot, while lapping the juices flowing from her cunt, pausing to flick her clit, or just occasionally pausing just to torture her. Her legs shuttered, her breath came in gasps, her whole body tensed, and her pelvis drove into Mike waiting lips. He expertly rode her cunt, never loosing pace for a second, always in control. Nicole had never had a man with this much skill, every time she approached climax, he could sense it and would slow down, torturing her to no end.

“Please” she whimpered “please, Mike, make me cum…Oh, God”

Mike took this as his cue….he took her swollen clit into his mouth and began sucking on it, flicking his tongue across it inside his mouth. This send Nicole over the top, and a barely restrained scream forced it’s way from her lips. Her pussy clutched Mike’s fingers and she shook violently, once, twice before her pussy exploded, covering Mike’s face in her love juices and soaking her thighs. Her whole body shook with the violence of her climax and each breath was a squeal.

Waves of orgasm washed over her, followed by hot spikes of pleasure as Mike continued to suck on her throbbing clit, riding her like he was breaking a stallion. After a seeming eternity her arched back collapsed and she fell back on the bed breathing heavily. Her whole body was more sensitive, and in that first moment of post-orgasmic bliss she felt fully alive and she could sense everything, the cool breeze caressing her hard nipples, the musty scent of sex, the sound of her heart beating out of her chest, pain from unconsciously pulling on her bonds for so long, the wetness of her juices staining the blanket and moistening her legs….. and when she opened her eyes, there was Mike, leaning over her and smiling, his jaw still wet from her flood of passion. She must have blacked out for a second, because he’d somehow found time to remove the rest of his clothes.

Mike looked down at this vibrant beauty who he’d only begun to tame. Sweat glistening on her breasts, chest rising softly with each breath, and looking at him with just a trace of awe. He bent in to kiss her, swirling his tongue with hers and letting her taste the fruits of her passion. She greedily licked the cum from his face, and reached her head up to kiss him, but he pulled away. Moving down instead, he blew softly on her nipples, chilling her sweat and causing them to grow even harder. Nicole shivered, knowing that her torture was just beginning…..

To Be Continued…

(This is my first posting ever, so any feedback of any kind would be appreciated, hope you liked it)

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