Park Life Ch. 1

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Chanel had for the first time in ages been out all night, just enjoying the people, the music, the wine and the dancing for no apparent reason. She hadn’t been out in a while simply because she had been preoccupied with other things in her life to bother missing the bars and clubs. She had a rich life, and couldn’t complain about the luxury she lived in, being able to afford what she wanted to buy, take vacations and treat herself to whatever she wanted. But in all honesty, there were reasons to why she had been out all night, and it was directly related to what she had become: A woman with cravings for sex, with a burning desire to fuck and suck.

Some would call what she had become a slut, but she knew better than that. It was as if she was an erupting volcano, the desire for sex had always been there, it had just reached a point where the pressure had become to high. It had come to her in a dream, that she wasn’t getting enough attention or the sex that she rightfully deserved. In that moment, being a woman of class that craved excitement) she had made the spontaneous decision to change that. She was going to have all that she had been missing out on over the years, and she was going to enjoy it fully to take it anywhere she could.

At the breakfast table that morning, she had prepared the usual things for her husband, but as he sat down to eat, she had slipped underneath the table, and picked out his soft penis, smothered it with marmalade and begun to lick it all up. She hadn’t stopped to answer his questions, nor did she stop when the marmalade was gone, but instead made sure that she got what she wanted. She had always loved to suck cock, but she hadn’t been getting enough chances in the recent years, so she made the opportunity happen, and she made him serve her his cum on her tongue with a long moan on the side. Low on fat and sugar, yet deliciously tasteful and filling, something that she could get used to having each morning.

She had stood up and wiped the cum off her face, only to lay down on the table and demand him to lick is hot cunt. The shock in his face had made her impatient and she reached out and pulled his hair forcefully until she felt his nose rubbing against her clit. Screaming like the horny bitch she was, she’d commanded him to lick her, and reluctantly he did. She simply enjoyed having his tongue in her generously wet pussy, and rubbing his face in it only made her want more and more. She hadn’t been satisfied with his intensity, so pushing him back she had planted her ass in his lap, devouring his cock inside her. Hissing at him, she had told him that she would beat him black and blue if he said anything. She begun riding his cock, which was still standing straight up deep into her pussy like solid rock. She had felt the signs of her own orgasm, and she welcomed it with open arms, loving every moment. She had continued to ride him until he came a second time, this time flushing her womb with his cum, only stopping when she had felt him going soft.

That was how the day had begun, but her body had been craving for more, and she had sent his man to work only to go shopping, finding a store that had her brands in slutty outfits. A nice short black leather skirt, fishnet stockings and a white blouse with lace. A push-up bra for her nicely shaped and not oversized tits, and she had found a booth to try them on. She had been admiring herself in the mirror when she noticed the clerk eyeing her up and down until she had signed for him to come over. As soon as he was within reach, she had pulled him into a booth and opened up his pants. Even though he had been fighting her, she still managed to get his semi-hard cock out of his pants, and into her mouth, letting her tongue slide all over, offered him a wonderful treat. But when he threatened to scream, she sunk her teeth into his cock, showing that she had ways to threaten him too.

She had continued to suck his cock while looking into his eyes, hearing how he involuntarily began to moan from the expertise she had in the field, and she kept treating him to her joys of her mouth until he was throbbing sending wonderful vibrations into her lips. She had then stood up, and grabbed his cock with her warm hand, generously offered her service to jerk him vigorously. She had reached with her free hand between his legs and scratch his sack with her long unpainted nail until he had pumped out his cum all over the mirror in the booth. She had made sure to pump his cock and hold him up even when his body seemed to loose strength, making sure she had squeezed out all of his cum before letting go of his cock. She made sure her clothes and hair was in order before she looked down at the pile of clothes that contained a completely drained man. She had left him without looking back, simply walking out of the store with her new clothes, fully paid through her actions.

She had continued her shopping by walking over to the next store, a small exclusive shoe store, finding a pair of incredibly slutty boots in black leather, and had the shoe salesman put them on while showing off that she wasn’t wearing any panties. bakırköy escort She had seen the sweat break out in his forehead, and had let her finger slide inside her pussy, only to feed her juices to him. The price was quite high, but they were perfect for her, so she had asked what she would have to do in order to pay them with a service. He had been looking at her for a while, before asking if she could join him in the back. She had agreed and he had quickly put up a ‘Closed for lunch’ sign on the door and locked it. In the back he had told her that she wouldn’t get the boots for anything less than a fuck, and she had laid down on a table and invited him over. He had already taken out his cock from his pants, eager to fuck her tight pussy, but she wasn’t going to let him do that. She wrapped the heels of the boots around his shaft and told him to fuck. He was startled, but she commented that he had not said where, and it was his choice to do it with or without the boots.

He looked sad, but Chanel didn’t care she simply laid there, intentionally spreading her legs wider than necessary while holding her boots tightly around his shaft. He was enjoying it more than she thought he would, and that pleased her. She wasn’t evil, just didn’t want his cock inside her, so she offered him a release that he was gladly accepting. She could see how he was getting closer, and squeezed her feet together even harder until it was tightly around his cock. At the very second she pushed him away, picked up a wet rag that was laying nearby and wrapped it around his cock, before she placed her right foot between his legs and told him to jerk off. He eyes showed how embarrassed he was about jerking off before her, but moments later he began pumping into the rag as if it was the most juicy pussy he had ever fucked. She left him standing in the middle of the stockroom with a simple ‘Thank you’.

It had all been leading to the perfection of her look, to make her dress and act like the man-eater she had become, and it had continued with a stop in the a small boutique selling make-up and perfumes. She had gone straight in, grabbed a young man servicing a couple, and pulled him close to her face. She had licked his lips, before telling him to come with her, and she had pulled him by the tie to the studio in the back. With the harsh words ‘Make me slutty’ she had made him apply her make-up making her look even more trashy and slutty than she had ever been. She noticed how he was eager to meet her request, sitting in silence she had wondered if she hadn’t fulfilled a secret dream. Amazed to see her own face and hands when the young man was done, loving it to the fullest, she had picked up all of the things he had been using and placed it in a bag.

He had been standing silently as if he felt he needed her permission to do anything, so she kissed him with her ruby red lips, leaving traces of her kiss on his face, before pulling him back into the shop and to the counter he had been standing at when she arrived. The couple was still standing there waiting, and it had been perfect to kiss the man too, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth. She had pulled the woman’s hand and placed it on her man’s groin while tongue kissing him, and then breaking the kiss she had said ‘Go for it’. She felt no regrets leaving the shop, with the make-up and perfume that she was wearing along with the reserves in her bag. She was Lady Chanel, the conqueror of men, jealously admired by women.

She had been hungry, not only for sex, and wanted a greasy hamburger with lots of dressing. She had confidently stepped into the hamburger bar and seen a man with a recently served hamburger. She pulled him up from the chair, taking the hamburger in the other hand, leading them both to the restroom where she had made him sit down on the sink. She was eating the hamburger, holding it in one hand while she got out the man’s penis and began to jerk it. He moaned almost immediately as her hand covered with grease and dressing was sliding up and down his shaft. She had continued to stroke him while eating the entire burger, and then knowing that he was close, turned around so that his cock was aimed at her delicious ass.

Her hand still sliding up and down the messy cock, milking him quickly until she heard him panting, ready to shoot his cum all over her ass, but she wanted it somewhere else. As she had felt his muscles contracting the first time, she turned around and let the thin but long cock slide down her throat knowing he was about to feed her with his cum. She heard the man grunting as she swallowed, knowing that by doing so she would tease his head with the muscles in her throat. He came over and over, and Chanel had sucked and swallowed every drop without spilling anything, grabbing his balls and fondling them slightly to encourage him not to stop before he had given her all. She had then stood up, and left him to wonder. She had never tasted a hamburger that had made her feel so beautiful, but she had it served in a way that had been unique for her.

Now, during the early beşiktaş escort morning hours she found herself disappointed not finding a suitable toy to fill her pussy with, and sat down to rest on a park bench. The city was showing off a silence that was unusual to her, and she put her arms up on the back support which made her chest more exposed. She noticed two young men talking on their mobile phones while they were walking down the path. They both began to walk slower as they took notice of her sitting there alone, and ended their phone calls. They approached her and gazed at her before asking:

“Lonely night isn’t it? Want to work a bit?”

She looked at the two, and thought she saw something that might be worth her attention. She closed her eyes and asked in return.

“What would it give me?”

“Come on, she’s not interested.”

She looked at the more nervous man, and replied quickly.

“Sure I’m interested, if you both are capable of delivering your goods. Let me see what you have to offer.”

“Come on, how do we know you’ll show us what you have, and not cheat us?”

Chanel spread her legs apart, lifting up her skirt slowly while she felt the burning eyes of the two friends fixed between her legs. She slowly gave them a show until she was showing off her wet cave, and looked up at the frozen spectators.

“So what do you have to offer me?”

They sat down on opposite sides of her and began to caress her body through her clothes, unbuttoning her blouse until her firm breasts were uncovered. She knew they attracted men for their firm round shape and the medium size, and she enjoyed their tongues licking her nipples. They were like most young men, eager to get a peek or touch a woman’s breasts, it was in their genes. She could feel a hand poking her pussy without any idea how to treat a woman, and she felt sorry for those that had been unfortunate to get this treatment in prior encounters this man had faced. With her talented hands she pulled down the zippers to both right and left and grabbed some young meat in both her hands. They were both soft as if they were disrespectful of her beauty.

“First one to get hard gets to fuck me.”

She could feel how her comment made them both harder and in no time she had two lovely hard cocks to choose from. She pulled the shy man down, making sure he understood that she wanted him to lick her, wrapping her right leg behind his head and pulled him closer to her heat. The other man was leaning back, showing off how egoistic he was as he enjoyed her hand lightly stroking him up and down the entire length of his cock. She wouldn’t allow him to be passive like that and pulled him towards her. His eyes showed off signs of terror and passion as he got pulled up on his knees to let Chanel wrap her lips around the shaft. She was pleased to feel that there was talent in the tongue between her legs, while the bolder, more egoistic, of the two were utterly hopeless. She wouldn’t let him come close to her pussy with his cock, but the other was a completely different case.

She held the thick short bent cock with her lips, feeling how he was getting closer simply by being in her mouth, like a first-timer. She let herself enjoy the soft caressing hands that were sliding across her naked thighs, while the wet tongue was softly caressing her pussy all over and not just around the clit as many others would do. This man really loved pussy, in the right way, and he would get rewarded for that fact, while the other would get his rightfully earned punishment. Feeling how the cock in her mouth was poking for her attention, knowing that if she sucked, licked or even tightened her lips around it, she’d get his cum fired into her throat, a satisfaction she wouldn’t give him yet. She stood up and both men looked surprised, but she knew exactly what she wanted and she would get it. Pointing at the shamelessly egoistic of the two, she said.

“Get naked and lay down.”

She saw the other man smiling in amusement as she commanded his friend to strip, which he did without asking any questions. He laid down on the bench on his back, cock standing straight out like an antenna.

“On your belly.”

He seemed very surprised but turned around, forcing his cock down between his legs, and Chanel was pleased. She sat down on his naked back, and looked at the more talented man with a smile.

“Come and fuck me, stud.”

He was paralyzed, not knowing what to do, but Chanel reached out her hand towards him and took his hand in hers, pulling him closer until she could raise her legs up on his shoulders. His still pole was aiming straight against her longing pussy, taking it in her left hand, she guided it into her gate to heaven. She felt him slide in just a bit, and he was making a face, so she let him slide out again. He was hard in her hand and began to sink into her again, this time a bit longer, and withdrew. She looked down, seeing how her juices were coating the top of his cock, the fluids making it shine in the streetlight, and she parted her lips as he slid in beylikdüzü escort again, this time not stopping until their hips met. His eyes were kept closed all the time, and he was making faces as if her talented and demanding pussy was to much for his sensitive cock to handle.

“What are you doing?” she heard from below.

“It’s undescribable.” the friend replied.

She smiled and felt movements inside of her. His cock wasn’t large or thick, but felt good as he began to fuck her, sliding in from different angles and poking her differently all the time. This man was a natural talent, and she would really enjoy it.

“That’s a good boy, fuck my tight pussy, give it all you got. Take your time, nothing else is important right now. Yes, that’s it.”

She could hear the man below her letting out a heavy sigh as he heard her voice. He had probably thought he would be the one to fuck her and then brag about it to all of his friends, but instead he wouldn’t get to feel her satin walls wrapped around his cock. She reached down with her right hand between his legs, and found the head of his cock. She pinched it with her fingers, enjoying the sound of his moan as she did so, but enjoying more the talents of this gem of a man who was pleasing her so eagerly. She wanted to knead her tits, to enhance the feeling that was singing in her body. With a slight push, she forced the cock in her hand down between the boards in the bench. She moved both her hands to her tits, pinching the nipples with her warm fingers. She had been waiting all night to find her pleasure, and she had found it. Two young men to choose from, both eager to please her, this was very good indeed.

“Oh oh, you fucking, oh, bitch.”

Each pumping movement into her pussy was also enough to make the bench stimulate the man underneath her. It gave her enormous pleasure to know just how good she was making him feel by making him fuck the boards, while she could take full advantage of the worthy one. However hearing him call her a bitch was nothing she would tolerate, and her left hand reached out and pulled him by the hair. She was pleased not to hear him anymore as the rhythm of her body became increasingly enjoyable. The other man opened his eyes to see her, and she licked her lips and kneaded her right tit just for him. He moaned out loud and buried his cock to the hilt over and over, and she couldn’t help panting. She didn’t care if someone would see or hear them, so she leaned back.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck me harder, it feels so good. Deeper, faster, harder.”

She was about to come, she knew it, she was longing for it, and moved her left hand from one hairy skull to her perfectly trimmed pussy. She could feel him sliding in and out of her as her fingers found the hard knob, and she rubbed it while he continued to fuck her. She felt the spasms in her legs, the warmth spreading throughout her body and how she was tightening around his wonderful shaft. Oh God, I’m going to die if I don’t come soon, she thought to herself, and screamed out in ecstatic pleasure as the barriers were broken.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Each concentric spasm of her body make her scream out while she felt the pumping continuing. She knew how her muscles were milking his cock, she could feel them sucking his cock. He was screaming too, pulling out before her as to show that he couldn’t handle her pussy. She continued to tap her clit with her finger, while she heard him grunt before her. Opening her eyes she saw him jerking off quickly aiming at her pussy, and she opened up her lips to show him all of her wet pink slit. She knew he was close, but she wanted more.


He was panting like a dog before her with a wide open mouth as she stood up. She could see how the man still laying down was reaching for his cock around the boards of the bench and jerking himself off. She was very amused.

“Turn around.”

As soon as he was able to get his cock loose from the bench, the man turned around to lay on his back. She stood by his head and lowered her pussy to his mouth, leaning forward to find his cock before she looked at the other man who was still in shock.

“Come fuck me, let me feel your cum deep inside my pussy. I want to hear you cry out when you come for me.”

She saw him walk behind her, finally loving the feeling as her pussy was treated to the best cock and tongue treatment. She lowered her face to the cock before her, and held it against her face as she let herself be fucked again, knowing that every second would be precious until she would be saluted by the strength of youth. She had not expected anything else than a clit job by the man below her, but she could feel his hands finding her tits and pinching the nipples. She rested like a fuck toy on his body while they both eagerly gave her all they knew how to give, and she couldn’t hold back as she once again felt the overwhelming sensations of her orgasm rock her body again. Her body was shaking like a leaf in the wind, and she found it impossible to breath, she tried to get away, but both men were holding her fixed in her position, and she could hear the moans in chorus behind her. Her hand had a life of it’s own, jerking the pole next to her cheek, and while still trying to find air, she felt the cock in her pussy being shoved into the deepest depth, the fingers holding her ass almost digging in painfully. She knew it would come and she exhaled.

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