Paid in Full Ch. 02

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Read Paid in Full Ch. 1 to get details of this adventure based on a real-life experience.


I found several of those pads that mechanics use to lay across fenders when they are working under the hood of a car and put them on the desk. Then I put a small pile of clean shop cloths on the desk for a pillow and had Gus lie down. I had gotten a bucket of warm water, soft soap, and several shop cloths from the garage area and proceeded to bathe Gus.

His dick had been in my ass and before it went into my pussy I wanted to be sure it was squeaky clean.

I began tenderly washing his groin and pelvis area and Gus had been right, his penis was sure soft and floppy. When I finished washing this area, I kissed his penis and expanded north – his stomach, chest, arms, and face. Then I head south down his legs. Each time I passed near his penis I gave it a little kiss and, as it began to swell, a little suck.

Now, before we get any further, let me remind you where we are. We are in the front office area of a 1950’s style service station with a glass window covering most of the front wall. Both service bays have their doors open. It has gone from afternoon to dusk and will soon be fully dark outside. Gus did not turn on the outside lights, but the service bay lights and the office lights are fully on. We are on a state highway on the edge of a small town just north of the Everglades in Florida. The temperature has now dropped down into the lower 80’s.

And, kadıköy escort before I forget, there is a bar across the street. Because it is light inside, and dark outside, anyone outside can see us plain as day, but we could see nothing but darkness if we were to look out the window.

Gus and I are both totally naked except for my shoes which I have kept on because of the dirty floor.

As I lean across Gus to give him the “sponge” bath, my DD breasts hang down and brush against his chest or groin or whatever part of him I am leaning across.

Gus is enjoying himself with my breasts and tweaks, rubs and pinches them whenever they are within reach of his hands. He is also making free with my pussy when that is within reach. I am so turned on I am ready to pop, but by the time I finish washing him, Gus is still only partially hard.

I put down my bucket and begin to really work seriously on his cock. From this position, of him on the desk and me beside it, I can suck and lick and tease with everything I have. And I do. He tastes so clean and I am really enjoying sucking on his cock and balls. Running my tongue up and down his length and attempting to take him fully into my mouth.

While I was working on his cock, Gus has been playing with my vaginal lips and my clit. He now has two fingers, maybe three, in my wet slippery hole and is finger fucking me. He better üsküdar escort get hard soon or I am going to climb the wall.

“Honey, why don’t you just climb up her and give me your pussy while you suck on my thing?”

I climb up on the desk and straddle him on my knees with my pussy over his mouth and I go back to loving him with my mouth.

My love honey is flowing and Gus is finally stiff and erect. I move around so his cock is aimed straight at my vaginal opening and I move it up and down my gash several times with my hand to coat it with my slick natural lube before sharing a full mouth kiss with Gus and lowering myself onto his stiff rod. It feels so wonderful going in and touching the sides of my wet warm and slippery love canal. I start slowly moving up and down his shaft. Raising up until only the head of his cock is still in me and then dropping down until the hairs of our pubes twine together. I grind on him when we are fully seated, loving the full feeling as he touches all parts of my vagina.

I pick up the pace and feel an orgasm coming. OH. I feel weak and lay down on him as my vagina surrenders to his tool.

Gus says, “My turn Honey.”

We roll over on the desk so that he is on top and he begins to piston in and out of my vagina with his big man tool. We get into rhythm and I am bucking up to meet his plunges down. I feel another orgasm coming, my legs are wrapped around his waist and I tuzla escort can’t get enough of him. His thumb is in my ass while he plunges his cock in and out of my pussy. Then he exchanges his thumb for what feels like three fingers. I feel so full.

I feel him beginning to swell and I know that he is going to cum. At the last minute I realize that we have no protection and this is my most fertile time of the month.

Suddenly my vagina is empty, but before I can say or do anything, Gus rams his cock up my ass to his balls and within three pumps begins spewing his hot creamy cum deep into my bowels. I cum with him and we just lay there joined together for a few minutes until we recover enough to move. “Honey, I remembered what you said earlier about protection and didn’t want to get you pregnant until you were ready.”

Then we heard some hand clapping. One person at first and then ten or twenty. We look around and do not see anything, but find out later that the entire bar across the street emptied out and the patrons were all standing right outside the plate glass window watching as we made love.

Without worrying about clothes or covering up, I grabbed the bathroom key and with cum running down the inside of my legs, ran around to the side of the station to empty myself and clean myself up again.

Gus told me when I got back to him that the guys from the bar across the street said that anytime I was horny and needed to get off, they would be available either individually or as a group, whatever my desire.

Still totally naked, I gave Gus a full-body hug and a deep soul kiss and began looking around for my clothes. Once dressed, I kissed him again and thanked him for fixing my car before resuming my drive home.

I thought I was sexually satisfied from the first part of the weekend, but now I was euphoric.

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