One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 05

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After the basketball incident, I tried avoiding the girls as much as I could, especially Sarah. I made an exception for Tiffany. Any time I saw her, I’d stop and talk to her. Of course, that led to this next incident…

I was coming home at around midnight after hanging out with some other friends when I ran into Tiffany on the sidewalk in front of the house. She and I got to talking for a while. She’d obviously been drinking and had just gotten a ride from some club a few blocks away because she didn’t like the scene. She’d been hanging out with Sarah, who had been acting like a bitch all night. That’s no surprise. Sarah was always being a bitch. I think she gets off on it.

Tiffany was still as hot as ever. Standing there in a little skirt and a tiny top that barely covered her ample breasts, I could tell she still had as much of a crush on me as ever. Of course, I was too much of a pussy to hit on her, even though I knew how much she liked me.

After we’d been talking for a few minutes, her cell phone rang. It was Sarah. She was still at the club, drunk, and wanted a ride home.

“I’m not driving over there,” Tiffany complained. “I got a ride home myself. Hang on, let me see if I can get Stevie to come and pick you up.”

“Sure, why not?” I didn’t want to do it. If it was anybody else, I wouldn’t hesitate to go pick her up. The club was really close by and I was sober, but this was Sarah. She’s the bitch who was constantly humiliating me and making fun of my little cock. Plus, she was completely unpredictable. One minute, she might be nice, then turn on you the next. I liked my friends to be a little more stable and predictable. “Are you going to ride with me?”

“I would, but I’m really tired,” Tiffany explained. “I’d rather just go in and go to bed, if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure, I’ll go pick her up,” I said.

Tiffany went in the house. I got back in my car and went to pick up Sarah.

When I got to the club, Sarah was standing outside with April and some guy. I didn’t park, but left my car running in front of the club.

Sarah was really drunk. April and the guy were holding her up. Without their help, she wouldn’t have been able to stand on her own.

April and the guy (Aprils boyfriend?) helped me put Sarah in the front seat of the car. It wasn’t until Sarah was seated in the car that she realized that I was there.

“Is that Little Stevie?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s Stevie,” April answered. “He’s taking you home.”

“You know why we call him little Stevie?” Sarah asked. I assumed she was talking to the guy. April already knew.

“Yeah, because he’s our friend,” April answered.

“No, silly,” Sarah giggle. “It’s because he has a itty-bitty, little dick.”

“That’s nice,” April said. “Just get your fucking foot in the car and let me close the door so he can take you home.”

Even drunk, Sarah was still a bitch. April finally managed to get Sarah’s foot in the door and got the door closed.

I walked around, climbed in the car, and drove off. Sarah put the seat down and sprawled out in a very unladylike position next to me, her black skirt rising up enough that I could get the slightest glimpse of her pink panties beneath.

Sarah was quiet. I wondered if she had passed out. Traffic was light, but there are several traffic signals between that club and my house, and they always seem to turn red as I approach. When I stopped at the first red light, my attention was drawn to Sarah’s crotch. By now, she’d sprawled out in the seat with her legs spread wide and I could see a little more of the panties beneath the skirt. I quietly wished she’d wiggle in her seat a bit more to make her skirt come up some more.

At that time, I noticed Sarah had unbuckled her seatbelt. I guess I’m a big dork, but I take safety precautions pretty serious and you never know when you’re going to be in an accident. Besides, I felt like her safety was my responsibility with her in this condition. Sarah wasn’t exactly in a position where she could be considered responsible enough to make decisions on her own.

“Hey, I need to buckle you back up,” I said loudly. Sarah didn’t respond. She didn’t even flinch. I reached across her to grab the seatbelt, then pulled it snugly across her lap. She still didn’t move.

When I clicked the belt into place, I got a wicked thought. Sarah appeared to be passed out and with her sprawled out in the seat like that, I was tempted to pull her skirt up a little more to get a better view of her panties. My heart started beating faster at the thought of it.

I reached toward her with my hand, but stopped before touching her skirt. Should I do it? I knew it was wrong to take advantage of a girl when she’s passed out. Only an asshole would do that, but this wasn’t any ordinary girl. This was Sarah. I’d been on the receiving end of her criticism and humiliation several times, and for no reason other than Sarah wanting to make fun of me. anadolu yakası escort I could understand if I’d done her wrong in some way, but I hadn’t. Sarah just started attacking me for no reason whatsoever. And if that wasn’t enough of a reason, she’d repeatedly made fun of my small cock and even told all her friends about it, well, at least a few of them. Then she’d encouraged them to poke fun at my little cock, too. And if that still wasn’t justification enough, she’d even gone so far as to take pictures of my little cock with a ruler next to it to prove how small it was, then used the pictures to blackmail me into doing things that I would have never done otherwise.

When I’d nearly convinced myself that my actions would be justifiable, of course, the light turned green. I’d stalled just a little too long. I cursed myself for not acting sooner as I sped off to the next intersection. Any other time I’d be driving this road, the light would have been red, but not this time.

At the next intersection, the light was red. A car was already stopped there in the lane next to mine. I could hear the bass from their stereo pounding out some kind of annoying techno beat. Fortunately, they couldn’t see into the car well enough to see Sarah lying there passed out.

“Is your seatbelt still on?” I asked loudly. Sarah didn’t answer, but I hadn’t expected her to. I could see it was still on, but I used that as an excuse to reach across her again, this time, allowing my arm to slide across her body. “Yep, it’s still in place,” I announced, then let my hand slide across her skirt. In a single swift motion, I tugged the skirt up as far as it would go without disturbing her too much. The skirt rested in place on her flat tummy, revealing the entire crotch of her panties.

When the light turned green, the car next to me sped off into the night. I purposely pulled away from the intersection slowly, then clicked on the dome light to get a better view of Sarah’s panties. My cock stiffened in my pants at the thought of what I was doing. For once, I was taking advantage of her instead of the other way around. She had to be unconscious for me to do it, but this time, it wasn’t her taking advantage of me.

When I got to the next intersection, I had to stop again. My heart was pounding and my cock had fully stiffened in my pants. I looked at Sarah’s crotch and was tempted to pull her panties to the side to get a look at her pussy. She’d stripped me naked several times by now and even had my cock in her mouth, but I had yet to see any of her private parts other than her ass, and that had been covered by a thong.

My stiff cock was uncomfortable in my pants, so I unzipped them and pulled my cock out. While I looked down at Sarah’s panties, I stroked my hard little cock for my personal enjoyment. I was too scared to pull her panties open, but I did run my hand up Sarah’s thigh and let it rest on the crotch of her panties. I didn’t want to stimulate her by stroking her, but I did feel the outline of her pussy beneath her panties. By the smooth feel, I was certain she was completely bald. I let my middle finger rest in the top of the slit of her pussy where I was sure her clit was hiding.

The light turned green again and I was faced with the decision of which hand to use for the steering wheel, the one on my cock or the one on Sarah’s pussy. Afraid I might wake Sarah if I kept my hand on her pussy for too long, I opted for removing that hand and used it to steer while I continued to stroke my cock.

About a block from the house, I got another devious idea. There was a stretch of road that was always dark and deserted at this time of night and it was right around the corner from my house. I pulled over in a particularly dark area and turned the engine off, then turned off all the lights.

Now, I was alone with Sarah in my car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and adjusted my seat so I could lay down next to Sarah as I stroked my cock while I looked at her crotch. She was lying there with her legs spread wide and her arms above her head. If only I had the nerve to pull her panties down and spread her pussy open, but the light in the area wasn’t sufficient to get a good look at it anyway.

The thought of it was still very stimulating. Before long, I was ready to cum. I leaned as close to Sarah as I could, aiming my cock at her pussy. I stroked my cock faster, intensifying the sensation as I was taking advantage of Sarah. I could feel my balls tighten. I grunted as I began pumping hot cum through the shaft of my cock and onto Sarah’s legs and thighs. Watching my cum shoot and land on Sarah’s unconscious body only intensified my pleasure. I was moaning loudly and was afraid I might wake Sarah up, but she didn’t move.

When I’d finished cumming, I placed my cock over Sarah’s leg and milked the remaining cum from the shaft of my dick onto Sarah’s leg, then wiped the rest of the cum from ataşehir escort my hand directly onto both of Sarah’s thighs, wiping my hand completely clean and leaving a wet sheen on her beautiful skin.

As my cock softened, I pulled my underwear and pants back up and buttoned them again. Sarah had no Idea I’d just used her to jack off on.

I pulled back onto the street, then turned the corner and pulled into my driveway. When I’d parked the car, I got out and rang Sarah’s doorbell. Surely, Tiffany or Melissa would have to be home, but no one answered the door.

After giving it a little thought, I fished through Sarah’s purse to find her key. If no one was going to answer the door, I’d let her in myself and carry her, if I had to. I found the keys.

When I opened the car door to get Sarah out, the dome light came on. I was glad I hadn’t gotten anyone to answer the door. My cum was still on both of Sarah’s legs and thighs. If one of the girls had come out of the house to see Sarah in my car, they would have known what I did. The way the cum was spread out on Sarah’s legs, it was obvious that it was cum. What else could it have been?

Sarah was facing the open door. Her eyes were closed, but her lips were open enough that I could see her top front teeth. I came up with another evil idea. I was going to have to dry the cum off her legs before I carried her in anyway, and there she was with her mouth open a little.

I reached down with my index finger and wiped a thick clump of my cum from Sarah’s inner thigh onto my finger. It was a thick, sticky strand of cum that I was able to scoop from her skin. I looked at it for a second, then placed my finger on Sarah’s bottom lip, spreading my cum across her lip, then sinking my finger into her mouth until I felt her top teeth with the tip of my finger.

She’d sucked my cock before, but had not only refused to swallow it, but she’d spat my cum out and back onto my cock, then left me to clean it up. While she was awake, she wouldn’t eat my cum, but while she was passed out, she couldn’t refuse.

I pulled my finger from her mouth. Again, Sarah didn’t move. I could now see my cum glistening on her bottom lip and when I looked really closely, I could see the gob of cum resting on her tongue. I repeated the process, pushing a little more cum into Sarah’s mouth. On the third delivery, Sarah licked her lip and appeared to swallow.

After I’d finished cleaning the cum from Sarah’s legs, she still had some smeared on her lips as I unbuckled her seatbelt and scooped her up. I lifted her by placing one hand behind her knees and the other behind her upper back. Carrying her up the sidewalk, I was glad she was in good physical condition, for more reasons than one. As light as she was, carrying her was easy. Even opening the front door with her in my arms wasn’t very difficult.

When I got her inside, I pushed the door shut with my foot. The living room light was on. I got a good look at Sarah’s body in the large mirror on the wall across from the front door. I could see right up her skirt from that position, giving me a great view of her little ass and the crotch of her panties.

I closed the front door and carried Sarah into her bedroom where I placed her on her bed. I shut her bedroom door, then clicked on the lamp on the end table. She hadn’t moved from the position I had placed her in. In fact, she’d hardly moved at all since she’d been placed in my car. Her skirt had flipped up again, too. Once again, I was staring at the crotch of her panties.

I decided to leave. Reaching for the bedroom door, I knew anything I did from this point forward just wouldn’t be right. I’d already gone too far by pulling her skirt up and checking out her panties. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’d also emptied a load of cum on her while she was unconscious. That was bad enough, but anything else would be taking things way too far.

I knew what I was doing was wrong, but something had gotten a hold on me. I just couldn’t stop myself now. I couldn’t force myself to leave. I wanted to do more to Sarah. She was there on her bed, passed out, and completely defenseless. After all that she’d done to me, the decision to continue was easy. I quickly justified taking advantage of her in this way. I told myself that I was doing it for revenge, even though I know that was only partially true. I just wanted to take advantage of her and I used vengeance as an excuse to have my way with her unconscious body.

With my mind made up, instead of opening the door and leaving, I quietly turned the latch on the doorknob, locking it so no one could walk in and discover what I was doing. I even turned the knob from side to side, making absolutely certain the door was locked.

When I turned back to Sarah, my imagination went wild. What should I do to her? I could already think of so many things, but first, I wanted to find her camera. Whatever I did, I was certain ümraniye escort I was going to take lots of pictures for my own enjoyment, and maybe some blackmail of my own. The search for the camera didn’t take long. It was on her dresser along with a few blank storage cards.

I picked up the camera, changed the storage card out for the blank one, and got ready to take some pictures. Just the thought of it made my cock so hard it was throbbing inside my pants. With the door locked, there was no fear of having someone walk in on me while I took advantage of Sarah or to catch me with my cock out, so I unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them, and pulled my hard, little cock free, the tip of it barely sticking out over the waistband of my pants.

Sarah was flat on her back on the bed. One leg jutted out to the side, displaying just a hint of her panties. I took the first picture with her in her natural state. The flash from the camera didn’t seem to bother her at all.

Then, I grabbed her by one knee and pulled it to the side, opening her legs more, forcing her skirt to raise up, and gave me another good view of her panties. I quickly positioned myself at the end of the bed again and snapped another picture of her.

I continued to move her body into different positions for my viewing and photographic pleasure. I pushed her feet together with her knees up, snapped a few more pictures, then flipped her over onto her stomach, raised her skirt, and took a few more.

When I was positioning her for the next shot, I heard the door creek and open. I was startled and horrified. I know I’d locked it.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Linda’s familiar form was standing in the darkened doorway. She was wearing her usual evening-out wear, a short skirt and a shirt that showcased her magnificent breasts. The shirt had a split that ran right up the middle, threatening to expose her ample breasts as she moved.

“I was just…” I started to explain, realizing my cock was sticking out of my pants. I dropped the camera onto the bed and moved to get my cock back in my pants.

“Don’t bother putting that little thing away just because I’m here,” Linda grinned, first looking down at my cock, then looking at Sarah sprawled out on the bed. “This has got to be the strangest sight I’ve seen all week. I’m not saying I agree with you taking advantage of an evil bitch like Sarah, but if you were going to carry out whatever sick, perverted plan you had, why didn’t you at least lock the door?”

“I thought I did,” I didn’t try to deny what I was up to. Linda was smarter than that.

Linda entered the room, turned, and closed the door behind her, then pushed hard on the door until a dull thump could be heard.

“You have to push it all the way shut,” she explained. “Sometimes, you have to push really hard like I just did.” She crossed the room and sat on the bed beside Sarah. Running her fingers through Sarah’s hair, she asked, “Did you drug her?”

“No way,” I shook my head. “She just had too much to drink.”

“That’s not too hard to believe. She does drink very often. When she does, she always drinks too much.” Linda looked at me. “What were you going to do with her?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I hadn’t quite decided just yet.”

“Well, you were already taking pictures. Were you going to take any clothes off of her or just take a few panty shots?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” I said reluctantly. “I was just getting started.”

“You really are a big pussy, aren’t you?” I knew Linda wasn’t trying to be mean. She was just someone who spoke her mind. I didn’t answer. “You were at least going to get her naked, right?” I shrugged my shoulders again. “Jesus Christ, Stevie. Do I have to show you how to do everything?”

“Well,” I started to explain, “I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, you know?”

“The right thing? For Christ’s sake, this bitch abuses you every chance she gets and all for her own enjoyment. What’s there to think about? If it was me, I’d be getting her buck-ass naked and stick all kinds of things up that pussy of hers, but then again, I wouldn’t need to do something like that. I’d just confront her while she was awake, but that’s just me.”

We stared at each other until Linda broke the silence, “Were you looking to get back at her?” I shrugged my shoulders in response. “You should be. I know you have a pair of balls. I’ve sucked on them. Remember? You should use them and do something to her for a change.”

“Like what?” I asked. Linda wasn’t mean, but she sure knew how to take control.

“You’re worried she’s going to spread those pictures of you around, right? Especially to Tiffany?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay, then let’s start by getting some pictures she might not want to have people see. And don’t start getting all moral on me about how it’s wrong. This bitch takes all kinds of pictures of all kinds of people, sometimes, in situations exactly like this.”

“I know,” I said. “I’ve seen them.” I didn’t explain to Linda, but I had seen pictures of several people being undressed on Sarah’s camera. All the people, guys and girls, looked like they were passed out the same way Sarah was now.

“Then what’s your problem? You aren’t very confident, are you?”

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