On the Buses

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It was late, Suzy was on the last bus home and she had had a great night out. Plenty of dancing and drinking. And more than a few admiring glance or two from the men in the bars. All of which had left her very happy indeed and pleased with herself.

Her reverie was shattered as a weight fell into the seat next to her. Some sweaty bulk of a man, smelling of bars and cigarettes and faded aftershave.

She could feel the heat of his body pressed against her and shifted uncomfortably further away, trying to squeeze herself into the side of the bus and stared out of the window as the incredible hulk lolled around to the motion of the journey.

Within no time at all, she could hear snoring and his lolling was making her uncomfortable. She turned towards him with every intention of shoving him away now that he was unconscious and wouldn’t make a big deal about her touching him.

She’d tensed her body to shove and for some reason glanced down into his lap. She didn’t know why and she didn’t know why the rest of the journey unfolded the way it did either.

His trousers were tight against his thighs and she could make out the outline of his penis down his right leg. It wasn’t small and it wasn’t huge but it looked so perfect nestled in his trouser leg. Not only was it beautiful to look at but there were distinct signs of twitching. Judging by the shape and performance, he couldn’t have any underwear on and he must be feeling randy or having a dream that was turning him on.

As the journey progressed, more of the other passengers were getting off but she didn’t know any of this. All she could do was stare at his twitching rippling manhood as it danced and wriggled in his lap.

Whatever he was thinking about was really getting him going. She couldn’t be sure but she thought that she could see something that looked like suspiciously wet was forming at the head of his shaft. He was getting so turned on that he was dribbling!

She would never know why she did what she did next but he was fast asleep right? What would be the harm? Her hand reached out and the tip of her finger touched the damp spot. Hmm, felt good.

Of course, she only touched it for a moment and brought her hand back to her lap. Which incidentally was getting a little tingly. She wasn’t getting turned on by this lump of sweaty, stinky machismo was she?

She rubbed the lace of her thong though her skirt and was surprised at how good it felt. She rubbed a little more and got a little more excited, so she kept on rubbing and got more excited and bolder.

She now had one hand rubbing herself and the other reached out to him again and stroked him again. She didn’t recoil this time, but circled the head of his penis and rubbed the spreading wet spot. Luxuriating in the feel of the hot flesh beneath her palm.

The more she rubbed herself the bolder she got and the more she wanted to rub this lump of twitching manhood.

Suzy shifted in her seat again. Not further away from him this time but closer to squash herself against him as she picked up the pace with both hands. She was really really turned on by this and didn’t care what happened anymore. She had to see this cock that felt so good and was getting her so wet.

A glance around the top deck of the bus and she knew they were alone. She grasped his fly and pulled down.

The sound ricocheted around and she was sure he would wake. She froze but he didn’t wake. He was either a really heavy sleeper or smashed out of his brain but at that moment, she didn’t care, she just thanked whichever God was looking out for her that night and carried on.

Wow, she was right, NO underwear. There beside her was a sleeping hulk with a not so sleeping stiffie! She cupped his balls through his trousers and felt their weight. They felt good and tight too. And what was that? Her little moisture maker was at it again, another drop of clear pre cum was bubbling out of the top. God she thought that was pendik escort sexy and even more so because this lump of man meat was attached to a sleeping beast who had no idea that he was being exploited like this. He was probably having a horny dream – no doubt he thought he was a sex God who could make his girlfriend orgasm just by looking at her. Let’s face it that was probably his idea of foreplay. A glance in his girl’s direction and “Are you ready love?” before he clambered on top. Well here she was striking a blow for all those disappointed women who had been fumbled and groped and left unsatisfied by this pig.

She gripped his shaft and slid the layers of skin back and forth and felt him pulse under her touch. He might well be a pig but he was hung like a horse! She was no good at estimating size but she had never held one this long or thick and it seemed such a shame that he was a drunken ape. She would have loved to feel what this felt like inside her! What was she thinking?! It must have been too long without some proper male attention.

As she kept rubbing his length (which was not inconsiderable) more and more pre cum crested his head and pooled there. The more she looked and stroked, the hornier she felt and the harder she had to rub herself to get any kind of relief and it wasn’t enough. The flimsy material under her probing fingers was getting wetter and wetter and the sensations running through her body were getting her flushed and breathless. She could definitely feel her breasts straining against her bra and her nipples were getting crushed as they stiffened to erection.

He was now dripping onto her hand and it felt electric. Before she knew what she was doing she ducked her head and licked the pooling emissions from his cockhead. His skin was baby smooth and she loved the taste. Dare she snatch another sip from such a forbidden cup? Dare she drink more deeply this time? In for a penny, in for a pound. She dipped her head again and her lips enveloped his cockhead this time. Her lips widened to receive the full girth. She kept pumping his penis, which she did now with more enthusiasm.

She had had enough of messing about now and pushed her other hand straight under her skirt and moved the thong aside to gain access to her most intimate of places that was screaming for release and to receive the monster of a penis that she was swallowing. Too bad, she had to make do with her pistoning fingers and her imagination.

It must have been some sight to see if there had been anyone else on the top deck of that bus. She wondered if the driver could see anything from his CCTV? Oh well, what did she care? Her hand and head were working in unison to suck this bad boy off as her own body was bucking against her hand that was rubbing her to paradise.

Because she was getting carried away, she didn’t see her victim’s eyes open and take in the position he was in. Of course, he could have objected and stopped what was going on. That was what his girlfriend would want him to do! But how often did he wake up with his cock being sucked? Maybe if his girlfriend had done it from time to time, then he wouldn’t have felt so randy tonight and might have thought about stopping the action. So, if she ever found out, he could argue that it was her fault! The male conscious is an easy thing to diffuse and it had only taken him a heartbeat to deal with his guilt. It certainly hadn’t hurt his decision that this woman was better than his girlfriend and was making his balls boil!

She was really going for it now and had shut out all other senses as she concentrated, quite literally, on the task in hand! OK, both her hands and her mouth! So when her companion moved his hand quickly across her back and under her top to scoop her breast and give it a squeeze, she was so surprised, she almost clenched her teeth, which wouldn’t have been any fun for either of them and would certainly attract the attention of kartal escort anyone downstairs, including the driver.

Instead, she looked up at his face to try to read it. To see if she was about to be stopped and if so, would it be polite or violent? She released his shaft and moved her head away. His penis being replaced by her heart which was now in her throat and was attempting to beat its’ way out and escape the consequences of her body’s actions.

“Don’t stop hun, you gotta finish what you started!” He drawled and squeezed her engorged nipple. A little rougher than she normally liked but she was hardly in any position to object was she? She figured it was better not to say anything as in an encounter like this, neither of them wanted conversation so she swallowed her pride and his penis and picked up where she left off. This time with this animal mauling her poor defenceless breasts and now knowing what was he doing?

His other hand had navigated the space between their bodies and found her thighs. Then it ascended, dragging her skirt with it and then pressing down on her hand and pushing his fingers through hers and inside her steaming sex. What had she done? She was letting a complete stranger paw her wherever he wanted! OK, reality check – she had been gratifying herself on his for the last 20 minutes so she couldn’t change the rules now.

They were both getting into their rhythm now and because of his a) head start by having the dream b) having received more attention and c) being a man! He was ready to pop his cork and she could feel his balls clench tighter. She didn’t expect him to warn her and so had been waiting for this.

Although she wouldn’t normally swallow a man’s sperm – despite many arguments with previous partners! – She knew that she couldn’t afford to have to explain the mess he would make if he spurted all over her and the bus!

She felt him stiffen and he grabbed hard on her bruised nipple and shoved his fat finger deep inside her as his penis exploded in a torrent of cream.

She had expected a penis of this size to produce loads but maybe the beers had effected him because she had no trouble coping with his small offering.

Wasn’t this just like the rest of her life? Now he was finished and she was close but not close enough! Life was so unfair, so much for striking a blow for disappointed womanhood! But he grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the back of the bus where there was more room and sat down with her stood between his legs, facing him. He still hadn’t said anything but he placed his sweaty hands on her thighs and slid them up and caught her skirt and scrunched it up around her waist until he was satisfied it would stay there and then pulled her thong down to her ankles. She really ought to stop this but she was on fire so instead she stepped out of one leg and stood with her feet apart, grabbed his ears and squashed his face into her mound.

He knew what she wanted and began tonguing, licking, kissing, sucking, blowing, in fact if you could do it with a mouth, he did it! Nibbling, swirling, he was actually quite good and at the same time, his huge hands were kneading her buttocks. Squeezing them and pulling the cheeks apart. She quickly made up the lost ground and held his head firmly and banged in back and forth against her so that his huge nose mashed itself into her clitoris as his mouth worked its’ magic.

It didn’t take long and she clamped her mouth round her forearm to stifle her screaming as she careered along to ecstasy. Jesus, that was a great climax!

During his pleasing of her, his sleeping partner had been slowly waking and was jutting proudly out of his trousers, looking with its one eye for some attention. Once she had finished shuddering, he adjusted his position, spun her round so that her rounded butt was in his face. Then he held his hands on her hips and pushed her down into his lap, onto his manhood!

She maltepe escort really hadn’t intended things to go this far and stiffened her legs to resist but his grip was insistent and to be honest, she was so worked up, her body would never have spoken to her again if she didn’t get this stick of rock inside her pulsating flesh. So her brain and her body had a short argument and her body won and she relaxed her thighs and reached down between her legs to guide this monster in and slow its progress to minimise the damage it could have caused to either of them if it had just slammed against her under solely under his direction.

The head pressed insistently against her and spread her lips apart. As it progressed inside her, she felt every ripple, vein, throb and fold of his flesh against the super sensitised nerves of her sex. Her brain made a final plea for sanity and told her that she was having unprotected sex with a complete stranger which received full consideration by her body which told her brain that there was safe sex and there was great sex. Had he been wearing a rubber, the sensations pushing up inside her would have been dulled and the outline of his tremendous shaft blunted. Her brain gave up at this point and told her that if she was going to be such a stupid cock hungry tart, it was going out for the duration to consider whether or not to come back.

As a result, her body was in complete control and pulled his hands under her top and up to her breasts, then released the clasp on her bra and squeezed his fat fingers into her flesh. She felt his hips gyrate beneath her as he moved inside and she flexed her own against him to develop a rhythm. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t synchronised but it certainly hit the spot. In fact she didn’t realise just how many spots she had and he was hitting them all.

She grasped the back of the seats in front of her and really went for complete and total satisfaction. She bucked and ground and gyrated into his lap, rubbing he huge member all round her insides. A lesser man would have been flattened by the assault but she was impaled on an animal that gave as good as he got. She didn’t care about him, or his pleasure, or even his name, only the fact that he was hung like a horse and she was riding him to pleasures she had never felt before.

Her blood boiled and the feeling of her release swelled all over her body and her limbs felt weak as her climax exploded out of nowhere and almost knocked her senseless. She felt like she had been hit by the bus, never mind being sat on it. Her head span and her eyes lost focus and her pulse pounded in her ears, her breasts and her sex. She crushed the seat in front, leaving the imprint of her hand in the fabric.

Consciousness was swimming back to her as she heard the man moaning, felt his body stiffen and his hands crush her breasts mercilessly as his own orgasm hit. His thighs slapped against her buttocks as she had lost the rhythm and he emptied his seed inside her. Her fully awakened sex burned with the touch of his hot sticky semen and she was knocked sideways again as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her and her body joined her brain and popped out for a bit. The man was left bucking into an empty shell, emptying himself completely. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know anything about her, because she wasn’t there. Everything that made her had been conquered and she had surrendered and fled to the hills.

He felt her body go limp and held her to stop her from falling on the floor. Perhaps he was a gentleman after all? As the sweat cooled on their bodies and his penis softened and retreated, her senses (well some of them, common sense was still nowhere to be seen) returned. She felt him nuzzle her neck and ear. O God, he wasn’t going to try again was he? She didn’t think she could take another pounding like that!

“Excuse me love, it’s my stop in a bit, do you mind if I zip up before we get there?” and he shifted her weight onto the seat next to him and pulled up his trousers. She was still swimming back to reality as he stood and walked to the stairs, pressing the bell on the way.

The bus slowed and she heard the doors open and close. As the bus pulled away, she realised he had gone and she was on her own again . . . . .

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