Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 03

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The warm water of the shower rained down on my head and washed over my body. I just stood there, kind of in my own cone of silence, trying to get my head around the business of the day. There was work to do, but oh, how I wanted to just get back in bed with Rebecca. A little nap, a little nookie.

Nookie, I thought. There’s a word you don’t hear much anymore. Too bad. It fits right in with the nap.

Nap and Nookie. Nookie and Nap. It sounds so darn playful. Fun. Milk and Nookie. Nookie and cream.

Vanilla Nookie. Chocolate Nookie.

Okay. Too many times listening to George Carlin in my teens. Time to get focused. Breakfast meeting at

7:30. First presentation at 9. Then the shower curtain opened.

“Hey water boy!” Rebecca stuck her head in. “It’s been 10 minutes already. When do I get my turn?”

Ten minutes in the shower and nothing to show for it.

“Well, I’ve been a bit distracted,” I said. “I haven’t even washed up. Just standing here trying to think about the day ahead but for some reason my mind keeps wandering.”

Rebecca flashed a big, beautiful grin. “Ah,” she said. “I hope that reason is me. Me… and us. Me and us and last night.”

“That. And how much I’d prefer just spending the morning in bed with you.”

“Can’t do that,” she replied. “Too many people counting on you showing up this morning. How about I join you in here and we can talk about what’s on your mind.”

Rebecca pulled the shower curtain open more and I was once again taken aback by her beauty. Every time I saw her, she just got more beautiful. Her brown hair was still pulled back in a ponytail. Her round face made her look younger than she was. Her brown eyes were bright and happily soaking up the image of my wet, naked body. Her big smile, full of perfectly aligned teeth, coupled with her high cheekbones brought a sense of sheer joy to her being.

This was my first look at her standing naked in the light. She wasn’t big. She wasn’t petite. She was almost perfectly proportioned. It was the hourglass look, though she was a bit thinner in the hips than across the shoulders. And as I noticed before, her breasts were full and round. The highlight, of course, were her nipples, again at attention, again pointing slightly upward. She was a beautiful young woman, though probably a bit older than she appeared.

Rebecca stepped into the shower, pulled the curtain closed, and grabbed a washcloth. As she soaped it up, she asked what I was thinking about.

“Nookie,” I replied.


“Yeah, it’s a fun word.”

“And one with many meanings. What’s your definition of Nookie?”

I thought about that for a moment. “70s version,” I said. “My generation. Fun, playful sex. How about you?”

Rebecca looked surprised. “You that old?” she asked.

“Ancient,” I replied.

“Hmm. In that case, I’m going to have to take good care of you. Whatever miles you got left, I want to ride them. Turn around.”

I didn’t quite know what to make of that last statement. I was still trying to figure it out when I felt the washcloth on my back. Methodically, beginning at my shoulders, Rebecca began to bathe me. Any hope I had of focusing on my breakfast meeting was gone.

Rebecca was silent as she worked. Her touch was firm. I was not only getting clean, but I was also getting bostancı escort a mini massage. The water fell on my chest. The washcloth worked its way down my back.

I gave in. “So tell me. What does Nookie mean to a child of the 90s?” I asked.

“80s,” she said. “I’m the lady of the 80s.”

I really liked this girl. I liked the way she handled herself at the bar the night before. She was smart and ambitious. Her verbal sparring was sharp without cutting. Our sexual affinity was high. And, as she dropped to her knees to wash my legs, I realized she was great in the shower.

“Well then Miss Lady of the 80s,” I started. “Two questions for you. What’s your definition of Nookie and how did you learn to give good scrub?”

Rebecca laughed out loud at that one.

“Turn around water boy,” she said. “And I’ll tell you.”

I complied and Rebecca carefully started washing my feet. I looked down. She was crouched down low, resting on her haunches. She seemed to be compacted into such a small space. Her elbows were close at her side, squeezing her breasts together. I started thinking about fucking her between the tits but then she looked up at me with those large, bright brown eyes.

“Nookie,” she said. “Can be just what you said. Fun sex. But where I come from, it was also used to describe a girl’s snatch. I was just hoping that if you were thinking about Nookie this morning, it would be mine.”

“That’s how I started,” I replied. A little sex. A little snatch. Then I got to milk and Nookie, vanilla Nookie, and chocolate Nookie.” “Too much George Carlin for you,” she said.

By now Rebecca had worked her way up to my balls. She put the wash cloth down and heavily soaped her hands. She started to roll my balls gently in her palms as she cleaned them. My cock, which had been about one-quarter erect, started to grow. That got Rebecca’s attention and she moved her still soapy hands to engulf my shaft.

I stopped talking as she simultaneously cleaned my cock and massaged it between her hands. Looking down, I saw very little of the shaft. Her fingertips were at the base. The head of my cock protruded between her palms. Everything else was subject to the warm, slippery sensations of Rebecca’s work.

She broke the silence. “Chocolate Nookie? When you’ve tasted the 31 flavors, we can compare notes.”

Okay. Now my mind was getting simultaneously blown and organized. Rebecca was obviously sexually experienced and probably not just with men. There could be some bravado in her choice of words. They were clearly said to pack a punch and they connected hard. My cock was now completely stiff at the thought of Rebecca going down on other women.

Then there was that statement about riding out my remaining miles with me. I began to wonder if I was a target. Was I being set-up to meet some short-term need of Rebecca’s? Is this how she got by in life, hooking up with men — or women — who would help her along the way for great sex in return?

I thought back to the night before. I remembered the Rebecca who was truly stunned that I was going to make love to her, not just fuck her. I remembered the crying and the embrace. I remembered the content look on her face as the sun brightened the room. That’s not fake, is it?

Enough water had splashed over sancaktepe escort my shoulders and around my body that most of the soap had washed away. Rebecca began rolling my fully hard shaft in her hands, pulling them away from my body, trying to stretch my cock out even further. My body instinctively edged toward her.

When the head of my cock was about a half an inch from her face, Rebecca’s tongue slid out of her mouth. Her left hand dropped to her side and her right hand wrapped firmly around my shaft. She pulled the skin back, causing the head of my cock to bulb out and turn deep purple in color. The tip of her tongue reached out, passing just under my cock. I felt the first flick. Then a second. A third.

Her tongue darted along a half-inch space on the underside of the head of my cock. Rebecca started pumping my shaft with her hand. Every time the skin was pulled tight, her tongue flicked the underside of my bulging head. I tried to push my cock in her mouth but her left had quickly came up like a cop signaling me to stop. She pressed that hand against my belly.

“Uh-Uh,” she said, without missing a stroke or a flick.

This went on for a minute or two before I felt like I was close to coming. I could no longer look at Rebecca. The sensation was too intense. I closed my eyes and began to tilt my head back. The water from the shower splashed on my forehead. Then Rebecca stopped.

“You’re going to be late,” she said. “Sorry that I started something we can’t finish now.”

With that, she grabbed the washcloth, stood up and scrubbed my chest. I didn’t know quite what to say. My cock was rock hard and my balls were aching at this point. I was contemplating turning her around and fucking her hard right there in the shower when she started to wash my hair. I realized that she was not only enjoying herself, but also that she was cleaning me out of some sense of duty or obligation. It was important to her to get me ready for the day. I’d have to ask about that later.

I got out of the shower after I rinsed and headed to the vanity to shave and get dressed. Rebecca stayed in the shower to bathe herself. I was just about done getting ready when she stepped out of the shower area. Her hair was towel-dried. She was wearing one of my dress shirts and nothing else.

“You’re fast,” she said as I was buttoning my shirt and getting ready to put on a tie.

“You gave me a good head start,” I responded. “Care to tie my tie for me?”


This ended up being one of the more sexy experiences I had in a long time. Rebecca not only knew how to tie a men’s tie, she also know how to show off her body while doing it. I got good looks at her breasts. She somehow managed to keep her balance while wrapping her right leg around my left thigh. The curve of her leg coming out from under my shirt was very arousing. Seeing her nicely shaved mound resting against my pants put me over the edge.

I began to kiss Rebecca. My right arm swung around her body and found a firm ass to grab. I held her body against mine as my tongue explored her mouth. She moaned her approval as I pulled her closer. Her body relaxed as she gave me control of the situation.

That’s when I released her from my kiss and turned her around. I was now behind Rebecca. My left zeytinburnu escort arm came over her left shoulder and slipped underneath the shirt she was wearing. My hand found her right breast and I began feeling her. My right hand slipped under her, down her thigh, and over to her pussy. I pulled her body close and my middle finger found her clit. I began stroking it.

She got damp fast. My finger was wet and slippery in no time. Rebecca wiggled her hips until about an inch of my finger was inside her. I had thought I was going to get her off manually, but by the way she was already sliding and bucking on my hand it was clear she wasn’t going to wait for me to finish the job.

Not having to concentrate on pleasing Rebecca’s pussy, I turned my attention to her tits. I started pulling at her nipple with my thumb and forefinger. That set off some serious moans on her part. She began grinding her ass against me.

It was a sight to behold in the mirror over the vanity. A snapshot for my memories. Rebecca wrapped in my arms, losing herself in the sensation of my fingers. About that time, Rebecca reached back with her left hand and felt for my cock. Of course, it was hard again and straining to get out.

She quit grinding against my ass to make from for her probing fingers. The move nearly caused me to lose contact with her clit but I managed to keep my finger in there. Rebecca’s hand finally found my cock and she started to rub it hard and fast through the fabric.

Just as I was starting to think about how to free my cock in this tight situation, Rebecca began her telltale signs of coming. Her bucking rhythm broke for a moment every time her stomach muscles tightened.

Each time she restarted, the motion was a little faster. But this time, she just couldn’t seem to get over the top. The bucking became a bit more furious. The pauses in anticipation of coming became a little more frequent. Maybe coming a sixth time in one night was a bit too much to ask. Or perhaps the huge orgasm she was building was just waiting for something to happen.

Then, something happened. Even when Rebecca stopped her bucking motion, she didn’t stop rubbing my cock. Between the blowjob in the shower and the hands-on session in progress, my balls were ready to explode. The more I tried to hold back, the greater the urge became. So I came. In my khakis.

That was enough to set Rebecca off too. Her entire body pulsed three of four times until the intense pleasure subsided. By then she was fully relaxed and I was practically holding her up.

Rebecca tilted her head back against my shoulders. I could see that her eyes were closed. Her smile showed nothing but satisfaction. She spoke after about a minute.

“I’m guessing you’ve got about three minutes to change and get to that breakfast meeting,” she said.

Never before had I gotten dressed so fast, especially given that I had to first get undressed. After the rush, but before I headed out the door, Rebecca pulled me close, straightened my tie and my hair, and gave me a kiss.

It would become a morning routine for us not far in the future — a little nookie before going off to work. Fun sex. Surprising and often at the last minute. Then Rebecca would make sure I got out the door in good fashion. I never did ask her about her past or why she so boldly stated she was going to ride the rest of my miles with me or why she felt a duty to help me get ready for the day. I sensed that she wouldn’t want me to ask. Perhaps my not needing to know was the answer. Whatever was before our first night together wasn’t what was now. Now was good. That was all that mattered.

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