Of Candy Canes and Pinewood Guilt

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We just had no idea then that Hurricane Natasha was going to make landfall at our house that Christmas morning.

It was Christmas morning, and my arms felt empty. It had been an eventful week. About a week ago my darling daughter Nicole and I began having sex with each other, after catching her using a dildo cut from our Christmas tree she had carved so it resembled my dick, even though I do not know when she saw it before then. Then her twin sister Natalie, whom neither she nor Nicole knew of the existence of the other, showed up at our door, and in a matter of two days I managed to bed Natalie as well. This caused a major catfight between the two, only ending after I gave both a cold shower and a quick spanking. While I slept, they had bonded and together seduced me by giving me either lunch or supper (lupper?) in my bed, and then we engaged in a ménage à trois. The past three days have been spent getting us reacquainted after seventeen years of Natalie being separated from me and Nicole. I finally got to push Natalie in a swing, which meant a lot to me. I hope to accomplish another goal next spring by taking Natalie to Disney World; it’ll be another eleven months before I get to see the twins finally celebrating a birthday together. Some of this bonding included making love to each other, which as a man in my mid-fifties fucking two 18-year-olds, I quote James Garner in the movie Sunset that I risk serious damage. But in all of this I forgot about Natasha.

Natasha is the mother of my children. About a month before the twins celebrated their first birthday, Natasha took Natalie, saying she only wanted one child anyway. But, as I told Natalie when I took her virginity a few days ago, she is now mine, and I refuse to be separated from my girls ever again. But Natasha was bound to come looking for Natalie. How could I have not foreseen this? I guess I was overjoyed just by having both of my little girls together.

I got out of bed, slipped into my sleeping shorts (which the twins hadn’t let me have a chance to wear for a few days) and waddled to the bathroom. Taking care of my immediate needs, I finally managed a walk, entering the living room. The girls were opening their stocking gifts (I still filled a stocking for Nicole, and you better believe I did so for Natalie for the first time). My heart nearly stopped. Both of my little girls were wearing white satin bras and panties, and accessorized their lingerie by wearing white angel wings and a halo. Their 43 inch legs were further heightened by white tall heels, and their bras pushed up their 34C breasts. How could they look so innocent and so slutty at the same time?

They felt my presence. “Merry Christmas Daddy!!!”

I spoke my first words that morning. “You two are engaging in false advertising.”

“What do you mean daddy?”

“Halos and angel wings? Devil horns and tails would be far more accurate.”

They stuck their tongues out at me as I proceeded to the couch to watch them finish opening their stocking gifts. A few bigger gifts were left by the tree, to open after lunch per family tradition. They decided to forego their stockings and proceeded to join me on the couch, sitting on each side of me. They went to give me a butterfly kiss on each cheek, giving me a chance to fondle their tight buttocks. They started to fondle my package, and I was getting ready to really enjoy this morning.

My revelry ended when we heard tires screeching on our driveway. This was accompanied by a car door slam. Natalie jumped up to peek outside.

“Oh shit, it’s Mom.”

Oh shit is right. How did I not see Natasha coming to find Natalie? I regretted not being an alcoholic; I could use a shot of whiskey right now. If by shot you mean a gallon. I felt that I had to be the one to open the door.

“Why so worried Daddy? Mom can be reasonable.”

An ex-wife that’s reasonable? “I won’t be dealing with a reasonable person; I’m going to be dealing with a woman.”

I got whacked in the head by two thrown pillows. I continued, “And she’s even more unreasonable than her daughters.” I was prepared this time, and had my hands behind my head to catch pillows three and four…too bad I forgot that we had six pillows on that couch, which after they hit my head I was reminded of. Muttering, “Some spankings are going to be in order,” I opened the door to confront my ex-wife.


Yep, this was not going to go well.

“Natalie chose to spend Christmas with us…”


“Uh, she’s mine too, remember.”


This ticked me off. “You MAY wish to only claim Natalie, but unlike you, I claim BOTH are MY daughters, and UNLIKE YOU, I love BOTH OF THEM!!!”

I heard a crying, “WHAT?” Oh shit; I never told Nicole how much Natasha only wanted one child, essentially throwing Nicole away. My startle allowed Natasha to slip past me and go to the kitchen, where the twins were hiding.

“WHY ARE YOU TWO DRESSED LIKED SLUTS?” Oh shit, this is getting worse.

“We’re bostancı escort dressed as angels…”



Considering their catfight a few days ago, I was glad Natalie was sticking up for Nicole. I finally entered the kitchen, seeing Natasha confronting her daughters. It made for an amusing site. Her 5’11” daughters were dressed as slutty white angels that would be ready for a Victoria’s Secret catwalk, while 5’2″ Natasha was in drab winter clothes. Seeing as I’m 6’5″, you can guess where the girls got their height from. Nicole, for her part, was nearly in tears



Nicole was in tears, but both Natalie and Natasha were in my way; I desperately wanted to console her. Then I saw Natalie force Natasha my way. I stepped aside, allowing Natalie to force Natasha back into the living room. Natasha may have been the mother, but her daughters were nine inches taller. But what happened next shocked me like nothing else ever did.

Natalie threw Natasha onto the couch. She then proceeded to violently lift Natasha’s coat off her, and unwittingly taking Natasha’s blouse with it. For the first time in over seventeen years, I saw Natasha in her bra. Her breasts were smaller than her daughters, at a 34B, but still very nice and perky, even though “Tash” was now in her late 30’s. I saw Nicole’s bad temper a few nights ago, and I saw Nat’s now.



Between the catfight and her dressing down of her mother, Natalie proved adept at removing other women’s clothing against their will. She should become a WWE Diva. Natalie ripped Natasha’s jeans off her, and then proceeded to place her mother over her lap. Was Natalie actually going to do what I think she’s going to do?

Yep, Natalie began spanking her mother.


By this time Nicole had joined us in the living room. I clutched Nicole in my arms, trying to comfort her. I felt an emotional punch in the gut when Nicole’s eyes looked into mine, as if why I never told her that her Mom hated her. My emotions were torn; one of my precious daughters needed my comfort; the other was spanking the hell out of her mother. The only part of me not torn was my penis; three half-naked women meant one hell of a boner.


Nicole hesitated briefly, but then quickly joined her sister. Nicole’s spanking of her mother was slow at first.

“NO NICOLE NO!!!” screamed my ex-wife.


Nicole started to get into it. Natasha’s ass glowed like Rudolph’s nose. I have spanked my females, but only lovingly. If I ever spanked my women so they couldn’t sit, I’d feel like I raped them, something I would never do. This was getting out of hand.

“NATALIE, NICOLE, STOP IT,” I said. I was ignored. “STOP IT!!!” I was still ignored. I left the room.


The twins both went “AAH!!!”

I had gone to the bathroom and filled a bucket full of cold water. I proceeded to throw it on the three females on the couch, shocking them.

“THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!!!” The twins were looking wide eyed at me, their wings and halos soaked. Natasha, meanwhile, was simply breathing in relief. I joined the girls on the couch, and lifted Natasha from Natalie’s lap to mine. I took the aloe vera and started rubbing it on Natasha’s ass.

“Ooooooh”, went Natasha. Boy, this brought back fond memories. Although years older now than when she was mine, Tash’s ass was still a nice one. It was an ass perfect to play with. It was not a flat ass, nor one of those fat asses that some men, for reasons I’ve never divined, preferred. It was perky and perfect, much like her daughters’, only on a much shorter woman. “Ooh, don’t stop Nick, oooh!” Man, I had a serious erection by now. I glimpsed again at this fine ass I was playing with, and saw Tash’s anus. Like her daughters, she had an anus that just begged to be plugged. I squirted some more aloe vera onto my right middle finger, and inserted it into the mother of my children’s anus as far as I could.

“NICK, NO!!! AHH AHH AHH AHH!!!” Natasha was losing control. “OOH OHH, FINGER MY ASS BRO, FINGER MY ASS!!!” My finger was relentless in its anal probing. Ah yes, this did bring back fond memories. The twins were wide eyed. Sure I have given them light spankings and even the occasional quick poke of their anus, but I never gave them an extended anus massage. The aloe vera made for a very slick anus on Natasha’s part.

My dick demanded satisfaction. I shouted to the twins, “REMOVE MY SHORTS!!!” One of them promptly did, my dick springing back and forth from the quickness of the removal. I moved atop of my ex, and lined my dick right at Natasha’s büyükçekmece escort anus. I plunged in.


I loved fucking my daughters, but generally I preferred fucking shorter women. My dick isn’t that big, and I go for cuteness, meaning that short is a plus for me. This all meant that Natasha was the perfect fuckmate for me. I grabbed her breasts, fingering her pert tits. One of the girls assisted me by removing her mom’s bra. I bent my mouth over Natasha’s ear and said, “WHO’S ASS IS THIS?” I did some more pounding. “WHO’S…ASS…IS…THIS?”



Natalie chimed in, “No, daddy; don’t waste your sperm!”

Waste my sperm? As a man, as long as my sperm lands in or at least on a woman, how is it wasted?

Natalie took matters in her own hands. As I began my last few strokes, Natalie forced my dick from her mother’s anus, and instead directed it into her mother’s pussy, forcing Natasha to lift her rear end in order for my penis to enter the womb that created my beautiful daughters. One, or maybe both of us, started to go “AAH AAH AAH”, and with it I shot a flood of sperm into Natasha’s still wonderful pussy.

“NICOLE, TAKE MOM’S LEG.” I had no idea what Natalie’s plan was at the time, but as I slumped onto the floor, the twins flipped their mother onto her back, and kept her legs high in the air, my baby batter remaining within my ex. Eventually, they placed their mother atop of me.

I looked Natasha straight into her eyes. “I still love you.” She looked back at me.

“I…I…I love you too. Aaah, I needed that.”

“Welcome back to the family.” Natalie went to join in the huddle. “Look how beautiful our daughters are.” I saw Natalie beam. But then I had a worry; where was Nicole? I spotted Nicole sitting in a chair, feeling unwanted. I looked straight at Nicole’s pleading eyes, saying, “Both of them are so beautiful.” As much as I wanted to continue holding Natasha, I knew fences had to be mended. “Natasha, Nicole needs her mother. YOU are her mother. Let her know you DO love her.” Tears came from Nicole’s eyes.

“Nicole, come here,” said her mother. Nicole tentatively came to us. I steered Nicole’s mouth to Natasha’s tit, and Natasha’s hand to Nicole’s tit. Nicole instinctively began to suckle Natasha’s tit. Seeing Natasha’s reticence, I took control of her fingers, directing them to stroke Nicole’s clit. Natasha was getting into it. “Nicole, I’m so sorry. I do love you.”

“Nicole, Natasha, you two need to bond. You are not to leave that floor until you make each other cum. Natalie, come sit with me over here; these two need quality time together.” Natalie saw the wisdom of what I said, and joined me. A few nights ago I had a similar experience with Natalie, aided by the fact that a penis and pussy together are naturally conducive for bonding. The uniting of a daughter and mother after seventeen years was so beautiful. The two went into a sixty-nine with Nicole on the bottom; a good idea, given that Natasha’s ass still glowed.



With that, both squirted their juices onto the other. I looked at Natalie and kissed her hard. She fondled my balls, and proceeded to give me a blow job. We had an audience.

“That’s right sis, suck daddy’s cock.”

“Let mommy show you how to suck your daddy’s cock.” Mommy?

Natasha crawled over to us. She started to lick my balls, placing one testicle, then another, into her mouth. She then tongued her way from my balls to the tip of my cock. Natalie did the same as her mother. Nicole refused to be left out, and did the same as well. A much as I loved it, Natasha had already taken all the sperm I had to give. With my arms I directed my three women up onto me. “This is the best Christmas ever. I have my family back.” I looked at Nicole, than Natalie, and finally Natasha. “All three of my women.” I looked into Natasha’s eyes, with the twins doing likewise, waiting for Natasha’s response.

“Yes, all…three…of your women.”

Morning glided into afternoon into evening. Nicole’s planned Christmas breakfast turned into an afternoon brunch, assisted by her mother and sister. They took their time to do it right, bonding in a rather female way, using some homemade boiled custard to keep the man in their life from intruding. We eventually turned on the Christmas tree when we dined in the living room. Afterward we sang Christmas carols and watched some classic Christmas cartoons, spending Christmas in a way I hoped for when we celebrated the twins’ first Christmas eighteen years ago. Nicole and Natalie curiously retired early, leaving myself and Natasha alone on the couch.

“Nick, can we get back these seventeen years?”

“Sadly, the time has passed. We can only hope we do not squander any more years.”

“I çapa escort felt so guilty about that first time…and then I got pregnant, and then…”

I gave her a quick French kiss, and then proceeded to place a finger on her lip. “Any penance we owed was paid for with our seventeen year absence from one another.” Amidst the chaos that was that Christmas day, snow had proceeded to coat the neighborhood, and the streetlights gave the area a beautiful glistening glow. “I understood your need for departure, although your parents did not. You will still need to patch things up with them.”

“Did you ever tell them that…”

“No, I thought I’d better not. I had no idea how Matt would feel, and one split in the family was enough; why cause another? I did tell my mother about the reality of our situation.”

“You two were always close; like you and Nicole.”

“No, Nicole and I are closer. I never fucked my mother, after all. All my incest has been done with females YOUNGER than me.”

Natasha smiled, and then chose to change the topic. “That is a beautiful Christmas tree.”

“Nicole picked it out.”

“It seems, I don’t know, mangled.”

“You can blame your daughters on that. They had a catfight, during which they used the tree as a weapon on their way outside.”

“Oh, so when they fight they are MY daughters, and not yours?”

I smiled. “Good thing it wasn’t snowing then, like it is now.” I decided to massage her ass.

“Oooh, careful. It’s still sore from Natalie spanking me, and you giving me that fucking.”

“You weren’t complaining when I used that aloe vera.”

“No, I wasn’t.” She looked up to me, giving a loving look. “Let’s go check up on the girls.”

We proceeded downstairs and peeked into the room. The sisters seemed to be asleep, embracing each other in nudity. The room smelled of pussy.

“They are so beautiful. They definitely did not get their legs from me. How tall was…”

“Dad was 6’1″. All of the men in my mother’s family have been over six feet tall for the past three or four generations.”

“Then it must have been from your mom’s side that they are so tall. Do you think you will always have sex with them?”

“Maybe, but I already have a wife who’s fifteen years younger; I don’t need two more that are thirty-six years younger. I’m willing to fuck them as long as they’d like me to, but I want healthy grandchildren, and the risk is too great to be compounded again.”

Natasha went to grasp my dick. “Do you ever think of me as…”

“I only think of you as the love of my life, and the mother of my two children.”

“Maybe three…”


“Remember when Natalie said something about not wanting you to waste your sperm? I thought about it since this morning. She knows my cycles. I’m probably ovulating. I may already be the mother of your child again.”

I grasped her, kissing her passionately. “Let’s turn that ‘may already’ into an ‘am definitely’.” Feeling energy I haven’t had in over twenty years, I threw Natasha over my shoulder and started for the stairs.

“Hey, old man. Save your strength for when we get to bed.” She quickly sashayed up the stairs, with me in hot pursuit. We did not stop until we got next to my, now our, bed. I quickly rose the nightgown off her (it was far too big for her, as it was her tall daughter Nicole’s) and proceeded to kiss her breasts. I licked her left tit, and then traced my tongue down her breasts, up to her right breasts, and started licking her right tit. I started to place her in missionary.

“No, my ass is still sore. Besides, you’ve had a long day, old man. I’m riding cowgirl.” I let her flip me over, and she promptly swallowed my cock with her pussy?

“Old Man? I’ll show you ‘Old Man’.” I threw my back into it, getting as much thrust as I could


I loved hearing being called daddy when I’m making a woman orgasming. I love it when I’m called by my name when a woman is orgasming. But I wanted to make sure Natasha wouldn’t flake out again, that she would not leave me again. With hard thrusts I asked her hard questions.





“C’MON, SAAAAAY IIIIT. SAAAY IIIIT” I couldn’t last much longer. If she had any other male sex partners besides me in those seventeen years, they were few and far between. She was almost as tight as her daughters, and her pussy was drowning my balls in her juices. I flipped her into missionary, my preferred position when I’m not tired.


“WHO…AM…I?” I would not relent. “WHO…AM…I? YOU…SAID..IT..EARLIER!” I spanked her still red ass. “WHO…AM…I?”


“AAH AAH I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING IN MY HOT SIISTER’S PUSSY.” With that I shot all I could into her. Her pussy, in mutual climax, choked my cock out of every bit of baby batter I could produce. Weakened, I landed beside her, and then grabbed her so she partially laid above me. I proceeded to kiss her, and she eagerly responded in kind. I could almost swear I heard applause from downstairs.

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