Nicki and Alex Ch. 01

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This is the story of the gloriously delightful Nicki and Alex as it has evolved from a shared fantasy of a promotion that earns him more than he could have ever dreamed; a personal assistant who will help him with more than managing his calendar and filing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 😉



The alarm goes off this morning and I hop up first thing. This is not going to be a normal work day. The powers that be have finally determined they’ve kept me busy enough to have an assistant so I can maintain my focus on the bigger picture.

I have my shower and shave smiling at the hotshot in the mirror. All 6′ of me. Dark hair, stormy gray eyes and a trim figure smiling back at me. It’s going to be a good day.

I get into the office early wanting to make sure to get things in order for a smooth transition for the office and my new assistant.

I get a call from the front office announcing her arrival. I’m not really sure what to expect as they’ve hired from a temp pool. All I know is your name, Nicki. I’m not overly concerned so long as we work well together and you can help keep me organized.

I round the corner to the lobby and skip a step. I didn’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t the arresting beauty I saw standing in the foyer.

I manage to keep my footing and not stumble, and approach you. taking the opportunity to run my gaze up your long, smooth legs, and marvel at the length of your heels. I continue up to the swell of your ass, covered by a form fitting skirt that comes down to lower, mid thigh. I catch myself before I whistle.

“Nicki?” I call as I approach you. Unprepared for the full picture my tongue cleaves to the top of my mouth as you turn around and present a radiant smile and a blouse that has my imagination running wild as it stretches over the swell of your breast.

You reach out your hand to shake mine, “Yes. You must be my new boss…” You look at me expectantly. I finally come to my senses realizing you are expecting an introduction.

“Um…” I clear my throat. “Alex. Yes. I’m Alex, and you’ll be working under me.” You raise a perfect eyebrow at me as a wry grin twists your perfect mouth, complete with a sparkle in your eye. “I mean with me…for me.” I clear my throat again blushing uncomfortably.

I shift a little as I stand before you and I realize your eye has caught on the obvious erection forming in my slacks.


My eyes flit to your crotch. Eyes twinkling, I bite my lower lip, thinking to myself, “I haven’t lost my touch.” I had desperately wanted out of the temp pool and now, it seems I had landed on my feet. It wouldn’t be so bad working for this guy. And certainly more pleasurable than what it had taken to get out of the temp pool. As I walked towards you I wondered if you could tell how much my arse still hurt.

I had found esenyurt escort out that morning that Alice had got the job-that she was going to be your PA. But I wasn’t having any of that. I had gone to the supervisor’s office, knocked and gone right in. He was sitting at his desk with his trousers round his ankles, wanking off to whatever was on his computer screen. “Oh!” I said, “Looks like I have interrupted something.” He looked flustered, and tried doing up his fly. “Not to worry,” I smiled, “I might even be able to help you, if you keep Alice in the temp pool and give me the new assignment…” I smiled, and made an unmistakeable gesture: with my tongue pressing against the inside of my cheek I held up my index finger and thumb as if I was encircling his shaft. His eyes widen, and he nods. He pushes back from his desk and opens his legs. My hip sway is exaggerated as I walk over to him, then kneel down in front of him. I unbutton my blouse to show of my breasts. I lean forward to examine his cock-already it is throbbing and twitching with the old man’s excitement. When I glance at his desk I see a photo of his wife, “I bet he doesn’t get much head from her.” I think to myself.

I pop the clasp on my front loading bra and wrap my tits around his cock, bouncing them up and down his shaft. My mouth open, I accept the helmet between my lips as I push my tits down his member. I suck on his cock and press my tits around his shaft. When I look up at him, his eyes are half closed and his head is thrown back. He won’t last long… Within seconds I feel his hot cum hit the back of my mouth, with a little dribbling down my chin and onto my breasts. I lick my lips and do up my blouse as I stand up.

“I’ll leave it to you to tell Alice of your change of plan.” I say. After he nods I turn on my heel and leave the office. An hour alter, there I am in front of you, smiling with that drop of cum slick between my breasts.

I whisper under my breath, “I wonder what you’ll have in store for me?”


You bite your lip and my knees go weak as you look up at me through your eyelashes. I lower my gaze before they buckle entirely. This doesn’t help however as my gaze drops to your pronounced cleavage which you notice and take advantage of, breathing in deeply, heaving your chest with a lusty sigh.

Your blouse parts slightly and I notice a slick gleam between your tits. My eyes widen as I look at you again making eye contact. I brazenly reach out and run my finger through what I am now positive is cum. You raise the telltale eyebrow again look down at the spatter of cum on your chest. You bring my finger to your lips and suck it wetly with a moan and a wink, slightly wrinkling your nose with a giggle at the effect you’re having on me.

“So much for being more productive,” I sigh under my breath. You clearly hear me as you can’t avrupa yakası escort help but throw your head back and laugh. “Let me show you where I want you.” I don’t fumble this time. It is clear to you that my double meaning was intentional as I motion you through the open door.

I haven’t opened it far enough to allow you through without rubbing across my cock straining at the front of my slacks. You slide past and sway your hips seductively pausing to feel me press into you. I move as if to place my hand on the small of your back to guide you through the door, but decide to place my hand on your ass squeezing it and notice you wince slightly and sigh lustily.

I wonder at the wince, but am too horny to do much more than file it away as a mild curiosity. “We will be in the office down the hall.” I motion for you to proceed ahead of me so I can enjoy the exaggerated sway of your hips.

You pass through the doorway to the office and I close the door latching it behind us. You look at me over your shoulder and lean over to set you things down on my desk, crossing your legs at the ankle and presenting the beautiful swell of your ass.

I walk up behind you and take this as an open invitation. I slide my hand up your thighs under your skirt and sigh at my good fortune…no panties; your pussy slick with your juices. I slide two digits into you easily and hear you sigh in approval.

“So tell me about your qualifications and past work history.” I slide another digit into your now dripping cunt.


Your handiwork makes me groan. “Yes, Sir.” That third finger is tight in my snatch. “Though I am a little concerned that I might not be able to concentrate.”

I hear you chuckle and whisper, “Just do your best.”

“Yes, Sir.” I feel your fingers deep inside me, then sliding in and out, “I am fully qualified as a most personal assistant, and all my references agree that I am an indispensable asset in an office environment.” I gasp as I feel your thumb discover the swollen nub of my clit.

“I have no doubts about your assets.” You quip.

“As well as responding quickly to your needs,” my breathing is getting heavier now, “I will proactively anticipate the positions you require me to take on. And enjoy a huge variety of responsibilities.”

“I see,” You respond. “And what about when you need discipline?” I feel your fingers withdraw from my pussy before a feel a slap across my arse, which makes me jump.

“Oh GOD.” My whole body jerks in reaction to the pleasure and pain of the spanking, “I respond very well to discipline, Sir.” Whack! Your hand connects with my arse for a second time. I pull my skirt up to reveal my arse properly and already you can see the hand-shaped red mark on my cheek. Whack! The other cheek this time, but again, my body convulses. I anadolu yakası escort bite my lower lip and close my eyes. I feel your hand slide up between my thighs, fingertips teasing, exploring before brushing my labia. Then I feel something bigger, something pressing urgently, sliding between my slick lips and I gasp as your cock pushes inside my pussy.

I rock back to meet each thrust as you accelerate; fucking me deeper, harder, faster. Your fingernails digging into my arse cheeks as you fill me with your long thick cock. I try to speak between thrusts: “My… best… quality…”


“Is.. that… when… you… need… me”


“I… come… quickly.” And as if to punctuate that sentence I feel waves of pleasure ripple across my body and my pussy tightens around your cock as my orgasm hits me. I slide off your cock and kneel in front of you. I open my mouth and taste myself on your still throbbing cock. With your balls cradled in my hand I take you deep into my mouth and suck; my tongue swirls along your length. My head bobs up and won your shaft, lips tight against your member until I feel your body tense and a jet of hot cum hits the back of my throat.


I grunt with the powerful and unexpected release as I feel jet after jet of cum shoot into your throat. I’m not used to cumming so fast, especially through oral ministrations. I reflexively grab the back of your head, pulling you further onto me and I feel your throat convulse around the head, causing it to jump and swell. You splutter and choke with the size of me and the unexpected volume of cum overwhelms you as it escapes your lips. I can see it pour around my cock and out the sides of your mouth and feel it run down your chin and drip off my balls onto your tits, which I know have already seen some action today.

I groan as I allow you to pull back off my still throbbing cock. You look up at me with wide eyed wonder and look down at the mess I’ve made of your tits and blouse.

I grin at my handy work painted on your chin and clothing, “You’re oral dictation is impressive. I’d never have imagined someone so quick to meet my needs. Very quick, though we’ll have to work in your accuracy.” With this I run my hand under your chin collecting some of the cum that has collected there.

“I apologize for the sloppiness of my finished work.”

You open your mouth and I run my fingers up your cheek and into your mouth, sliding all four digits inside. I feel your tongue respond wetly as you realize my cock is still throbbing and bobbing in front of your face.

“No need to worry, we’ll have plenty of time together to learn the others…ins…” I slide my fingers in deeper, “and outs.”

I pull my fingers from your mouth and watch your lips close and your lip curl up as you bite it once again with a gleam of lust in your eyes. “Oh, thank you, sir. I’d like that very much.”

“No reason to stand on formality here, Nicki. Call me Alex.”

“Alright, Alex.” You look pointedly at my cock still at eye level. I notice you appear to be in further need of assistance.” You look up at me with expectant fire in your eyes.

“Indeed. What else can you do? No need to clean you up just yet is there?”

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