Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. 10

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Nick And His Two Sisters PT 10

Authors note: I apologise for the lack of posts. I’ve recently just moved house and with all this covid malarkey it’s not been easy. This serious doesn’t have too long left. I think maybe three more chapters should do it. If your still reading after all this time. Then know you’re an OG!


Nick closed his eyes as his cousins mouth sucked on his balls. Her dangling blonde hair tickled the inside of his thighs as she went to work between his legs. They’d been practicing all week. She’d gotten so good at giving blowjobs that she could make Nick cum within a minute. She no longer struggled to fit only the tip into her mouth.

She worked out that if she relaxed her throat she could take more of her cousins cock inside of her. She couldn’t take it the full way but she did try. Nick found it hot, to hear her gag on the end of him. She truly was one of the hottest girls he knew.

Normally they did this in the car and down a dark alley. However this morning they’d bumped into each other on their way to the bathroom and she caught him with a tent in his Pj’s.

He sat on the toilet pan with the lid down. While she knelt beneath him. Nick realised that he liked his balls being sucked. At first it was a little painful but then it turned to pleasure. To have his testicles inside her mouth. To have her tongue roll across them. It made him feel weak at the knees.

“I’m going to cum.” He grunted.

Jessica increased the suction on his balls. She would suck one into her mouth and release it with a small pop.

She went between his left and right nut when he came. She continued to suck gently on one of his small globes as his cum erupted over his bare chest.

“Jesus.” She said.

“I hadn’t cum since the last time you did it.”

“Bet your going to miss my mouth around your cock when Jessie starts doing this.” She smiled.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Does Jessie look like the type of girl that knows how to suck cock?”

Nick had never really thought about being sexual with her. It was only whilst they’d hiked did he think of her in any sexual way. Her ass jiggled in front of him as she climbed the rocks. She had on tight leggings which left very little to the imagination of what her butt looked like.

But Nick had never thought about having sex with Jessie. It never crossed his mind until now. Until the mention of her mouth on his cock instead of Jessica’s. More cum oozed out of his limp dick at just the thought. He figured if things between himself and Jessie ever got to that point, that he wouldn’t be able to last more than a few seconds if that thought happened to ever become true.

“Just because she isn’t an expert doesn’t mean it won’t be good.” He said.

“Boys are different that way I guess. To them, head is head.”

“Maybe it will be better if I’ve waited for it for so long.” He mentioned as he wiped away the puddle of cum that congregated over his belly button.

“That too… you might not even last a second.”

“Probably not.” He agreed.

“Suppose I better shower now” Jessica hinted at him.

“Oh right… I’ll leave.”

Nick left his cousin to shower in peace. Rebecca had just come back from Tony’s. He figured now would be the best time to discuss with her what had gone on. He knew the conversation had to happen. He just really didn’t want to have it. To think he’d never have her sexually ever again pained him.

He found her in her room lying on her bed looking at a magazine. When he entered Rebecca didn’t look up at first. She’d assumed it would have been Jennifer.

“Oh… Nick.”

“Where have you been?” He asked.

“Tony’s.” She said simply. Though, she narrowed her eyes to watch his expression change.

“I take it you guys are together now.” He assumed.

“No… not really.”

“I’m just saying… you don’t really know this guy that well, it seems like things are moving a little fast.”

“Nick, I’m in my twenties. I know what I’m doing.”

“You didn’t with Jeff.” He regretted saying it as soon as it had slipped out his mouth.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean… You probably thought you had it all figured out with Jeff… and then you guys broke up. Maybe staying at Tony’s place isn’t the smartest move so early on.” He suggested.

“I’ll stay at Tony’s if I want to stay at Tony’s. I don’t need my younger brother telling me what I can and cannot do.” She hissed.

She seemed to be taking this quite personally. Something Nick had expected.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I can handle myself.” She said.

“I know that… but I don’t want him taking advantage of you. You’ve not been with someone in a while, you might be enjoying the companionship, whereas he might only be enjoying the sex.”

“Who said we’d had sex?”

“So you haven’t?…”

She didn’t answer.

“Well then… if you want to bring down your walls for this guy so quickly then be my guest.”

“Bring down my walls? Nick, I’m sleeping with the guy, canlı bahis we aren’t even dating yet.”

“Exactly! I thought I was talking to Rebecca not Jennifer.”

“You don’t know me.”

The argument was getting serious now.

“I don’t? I know everything about you.”

“Well I bet you didn’t know that your sister has been having sex with the guy from her class every day this week.” She’d said it to hurt him.

“That’s good for you. Maybe you should go do that now then.”

“You know what… I will.”



It was as if he was fighting with his girlfriend. In truth he could do nothing to stop her. Maybe there was a side to Rebecca that he hadn’t seen before. Jennifer had hinted at it but he’d never seen it before, until now.

Before Nick had left, he turned to say one last thing.

“Just so you know. I don’t want to have sex with you anymore.” He hissed.

“The last time… was the last time.” She scowled.

She burst past him in a furious rage.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“To Tony’s.” She slammed the front door.

School that week had been great. He’d actually done some good work on his assignments and he seemed to be picking things up. That was until he got to English class. English had quickly went from his best subject, to his worst.

Mr Lock, the substitute teacher, had held him behind to discuss the problems he’d been having. He seemed to notice it was Jessie that was distracting him. He offered to switch seating plans but thought against it when Nick had protested.

“How’d you feel about extra credit?” He’d said.

Of course, Nick had no other option. It was either extra credit or get separated from Jessie. They’d started kicking at each other’s legs under the table. They wrote notes back and forth since they weren’t allowed cellphones on in class.

“Write me a report on the history of this town. Get to the library. You’ll find plenty of good stuff in there. You have a week.”

And so Nick had a week to study up on the history of Balmont town. Though he didn’t start right away. When he’d gotten home He was alone with Jessica again. She had given him the eyes, as if to say; ‘Let’s do it.’

After a quick check if anyone was around they headed for the bathroom once again. This way, if they’d heard anyone come in then they’d be able to escape and act as if nothing had happened.

She dragged him up the steps and he stumbled after her. “Come on, let’s go.” She said.

“Wow, why? What’s rush?” He asked.

“Because… because I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“You are?” Nick didn’t know how he felt about this.

“My fathers taking my absence seriously this time. He wants to make amends.”

Nick had her up against the wall. Her words were all that was stopping him from kissing her.

“You know, sometimes I forget that you’re my cousin.”

“I know right. I’d never have thought I’d be doing this with family. Let alone you.” She smiled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That came out wrong. I meant that we didn’t speak, if I was going to be with anyone related to me, it would have been Rebecca.” She said.

“Rebecca?… Really?”

“Yeah… she seems kinda cute, quirky. She’s also really nice. I wouldn’t mind paying her back for letting me stay here.” Jessica had a tinkle in her eye.

“You know how sexy that is?…”

“You like that?”

“I just have one question. Why not Jennifer?”

Jessica hated Jennifer. She put up with her only because she paid the bills. In her opinion, there wasn’t a bigger bitch anywhere.

“I dunno, I suppose it would be a little rougher with Jennifer…” She smiled again.

Nick was incredibly turned on at the thought of his hot cousin, fooling around with his sisters. His cock protruded out his jeans and jabbed into her leg.

“Looks like someone’s ready.” She winked.

Jessica dragged Nick into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

She turned to see Nick already with his dick out.

“Uh uh uuuh… If this is gonna be our last time… I’m gonna want something in return.”

As she said it, she hoisted her leg up and onto the edge of the bathtub. Her skirt rode up her thigh giving Nick a perfect view of her pink, lace, panties.

Nick had never seen this part of his cousin before. Jessica was much more slender than his two sisters. By no means were they chubby, it’s just that Jessica was extraordinarily thin.

“I’ve been sucking your cock for weeks. I only need five minutes.”

Nick was on his knees, asif in a trance. His face up close to her crotch, he could smell her sex. He let his eyes roam over the once hidden skin of her inner thigh. From there it led him to the indent of her crotch, were her mound curved under her pink panties.

Her fingers tugged at the side of her panties. Slowly her sex came into view. Her pussy was clean shaved. Waxed more like. Her slit opened slightly, exposing her pink folds. Her goo seemed to puddle where her opening was.

“Go ahead.” Her hand bahis siteleri gripped his hair as she guided his lips to hers.

Nick outstretched his tongue and made contact with the gooey substance where her entrance was. She tasted similar to Rebecca. He slid his tongue in between her slit and her lips parted for him. Jessica rolled her head back and let out a long sigh.

She’d been wanting to do this for weeks. She’d thought about it for so long. She’d blown him, god knows how many times now. It was time for her to have her release. Since living with her cousins, she hadn’t seen her boyfriend in quite some time. She couldn’t wait to pounce on him, to show him her new sucking skills. She had Nick to thank for that.

Her hand curled around to the back of his head, pulling him closer to her crotch. Nicks face was buried between his cousins thighs as he lapped up her juices. He tongued her outer folds, her inner folds, her entrance and then her clit. He licked at her like a lap dog.

“My God!” She moaned. “Since when did you learn how to do this!”

Nick smirked as he continued his onslaught on her beautiful vagina. He enjoyed eating pussy. He liked the feel of it on his tongue, the taste, the moisture. Everything about it. He especially enjoyed the fact that it was his cousins pussy he was eating.

He reached around and gripped her ass cheeks underneath her skirt. He needed to support himself somehow as he knelt down to lick her.

Nick had then realised that this was only the second vagina he’d seen in his life. His sisters being the first. He’d barely saw Jennifer’s. The pool water wasn’t clear enough for him to get a good look at hers at the time.

“Put your fingers in!” She commanded.

Without hesitation, Nick Inserted two of his fingers inside her slippery entrance. He watched her pussy contract and widen as she accepted his digits. When he’d pulled out, his fingers were now coated in her cream.

“Gosh, you’re so wet…” He said, as he took a long breath.

Nick submerged himself underneath her skirt again. Jessica had to hold onto the walls around her to keep her balance. Her arched leg had slipped off the edge of the bathtub. Nick caught her her thigh and hoisted it over his shoulder. So that now she was practically straddling him.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” She breathed.

Nick used his fingers to penetrate her harder. Rebecca always enjoyed the feeling of something being deep inside her. Often she would hold Nick against her as he was fucking her, to feel him at her deepest point. He used this experience to bring his cousin to a strong climax. He thrust his fingers inside of her hole up to the final two knuckles.

As he did so, his tongue lathered up the small bulb that Nick figured must have been her clit. Jessica spread her lips with two fingers, so to allow him easier access to her magic button. Simultaneously, he finger fucked her as he licked. Soon she was thrusting against him. Her legs shook at either side of his head as she reached her orgasm. Nick felt her wetness cream over his fingers as she came.

Nick didn’t stop his licking. Jessica had to throw him off of her to stop him. Nicks fingers slid out of her. They were soaked. Her cum was a milky white sort of colour. See through and gooey.

“Who knew you’d be so good at that!?” She was surprised.

“How will I ever repay you?” She smirked.

“I’ve got something in mind…” He smirked back.

Jennifer had just hung up the phone on Rebecca. She’d be staying at Tony’s again tonight. Even Jennifer had to admit that she was not being herself. Rebecca was never like this with a boy. She would usually bleed it out with any boy before getting into bed with them.

Rebecca didn’t have many friends. They’d all abandoned her when she had devoted herself to Jeff. She never made time for anybody else and Jennifer assumed her friends had gotten sick of that.

Hopefully now she was not doing the same thing. Jennifer was aware how close Nick and Rebecca had always been. She’d noticed that they’d gotten even closer over the last few months. She knew now, that this was because they’d been having sex. She didn’t want for her to ruin the relationship with her brother, even if that was a sexual one.

She had been thinking about Nick a lot too. He’d had a lot on his plate recently. Studying, Rebecca, Jessie… heck even Jessica seemed to have an interest in him. Jennifer’s friends always said that the hottest man is the one that everybody wants. She couldn’t help but be impressed with how he would cluelessly attract so many girls.

She’d driven him home from school the other day and when she did, she’d notice the way that some girls had looked at him. She knew the look well. She supposed that since Nick had turned eighteen he’d taken on more of an attractive look. His stubble was a shade darker, his hair was little messier, he even seemed a little broader. Jennifer wondered if he still did his exercises.

A few days ago she watched him splash about the pool. She loved the view of him in his tight shorts. The simple memory bahis şirketleri of it burnt a warmth inside of her. When she stepped into the house it was eerily quiet.

“Nick?…” She hoped that he was in. God she hoped he was in.

“Nick!?” She called again.

No answer. Jennifer headed for his room but stopped when she heard a noise coming from the bathroom. She held her breath casually as she tried to attune her hearing.

“Fuck… that feels good.” She heard Nicks voice say.

Jennifer crept closer to the door. Until her ear had pressed up against it. She could hear faint moans. Her first thought was that Rebecca had come home early and decided she had missed Nick. On second thought, he could just be masterbating again. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d seen Nick disappear behind the bathroom door to jerk off.

Her mind suddenly filled with dirty thoughts of her brother. Her youngest sibling, little Nicky. For weeks now she’d craved the length of him. She had no idea he was packing such a huge member. She wanted to surprise him. She thought if she could just get in the other end of the door, he wouldn’t refuse her advances.

She was getting hot at just the thought of it. They’d only had sex the once. It had been weeks ago. Weeks of craving her younger brother, she needed him soon she wanted him.

Jennifer had many times unlocked the bathroom door from the outside. She’d used her nail to dig in between the lock. From there she’d turn it with all the effort in the world. Sometimes it would click open easily. Other times it took more doing.

However today the lock clicked and the door swung open.

“Jessica!” Jennifer screamed.

Rebecca parked up by the side of Tony’s apartment complex. She rung the buzzer that let her in. She’d had tears in her eyes on the way over. She wanted to go back. She wanted to talk to Nick and be friends again more than friends, siblings… lovers.

However her stubbornness had once again gotten the best of her. In truth, she didn’t know

Exactly what she was doing with Tony. She knew he was handsome. He had a good future ahead of him and whenever she thought about it, she realised he’d be a great partner for the future.

But she had one problem. There was something missing. Something inside of her was telling her exactly what the missing piece was. However she could not accept it.

Tony answered the door. His cigarette smoke floated around the air inside his apartment. She’d never really cared if a partner smoked. Jennifer used to do it all the time. Even she had tried it once. And she had to admit, whenever he took a draw of his cigarette he looked extremely sexy.

Tony had long brown hair that parted into beautiful curls. He had deep blue eyes and a muscular frame. She’d blushed when he’d so boldly asked for her number during class. They’d been working on a project together and she couldn’t help but feel the same way towards him.

Once inside the apartment, Rebecca shoved the thought of her brother to the back of her mind.

“Becca?… I thought you weren’t coming over until tomorrow?” He asked.

“I missed you.” She lied.

“I missed you too… but I thought you had family stuff?”

“It can wait.”

She kissed him. Her lips pressed firmly against his. She was horny as hell. She needed a dick inside of her. She craved it. Her mound had throbbed all day. She was half debating storming into her brothers room that morning but she figured that would have only made things worse.

She pressed her body into his. Her breast pushed at his muscular chest and he accepted her embrace. They stubbled backwards until they’d found the bedroom. Tony couldn’t believe his luck. He was shedding off clothes as quickly as possible. Trying to make sure he didn’t ruin the buttons on his shirt as he did so.

Rebecca on the other hand, she’d beaten him to nudity. She stood before him naked as the day she was born. He admired her slender frame and her milky breasts. He thought she had the perfect nipples. Not too big and not too small. Dark brown… just how he liked them.

Tony took her by wrist and bent her over the bed. Rebecca fell face flat into the sheets as she felt Tony’s cock poke at her ass cheeks. Tony guided his hardened cock between her cheeks with excitement.

“Ouch!! Not there… lower down!”

“Oops, Sorry.” He said as he shoved his meat inside of her.

Rebecca let out a low, hungry, moan as his cock slid up against her inner walls. He drew himself in and out of her before he picked up the pace. He was slapping against her cheeks as hard as he could.

“You like that? Huh babe?” He moaned.

Rebecca didn’t answer. Instead she closed her eyes and felt the feeling even more. She focused on the build up of her own orgasm. Cumming had been harder with Tony than it had been with Nick. Nick had two inches on him, And though she once stood for ‘size doesn’t matter’, she’d taught Nick how to use it. Size plus Knowledge was extremely hard to beat.

Never the less, Tony hummed against her backside. Eventually falling on top of her where her propped himself up on his arms. Rebecca lay flat as she arched her back. Which lifted her ass to meet his thrusts. She felt him deeper now. With each thrust she threaten climax.

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