My Stranger Pt. 01

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Big Naturals

This is my first time with a stranger. The first time i’ve been with a man who isn’t my husband.

There are so many unknowns, so many risks, but I want it so badly.

I wait anxiously outside his door. The seconds drip by, and the agony of the wait hurts like a pulled muscle.

Finally, his face appears. His striking jaw line forms into a gentle smile, and he beckons me in. He makes small talk, but I can’t focus on what he’s saying. My mind is swarming with chemicals, adrenaline mostly. I have no idea what I’m doing. He must have read my face, because he stops what he’s doing and takes me into a gentle embrace.

‘It’s ok. I’m gonna look after you,’ he whispers as he strokes my hair. My stiff muscles relax and I just melt into his arms. He takes my hand and leads me to his bedroom. He’s lit candles and the room smells sweet with floral notes. I look at the toys he’s laid out on the floor. Such a collection!

My eyes are wide with anticipation, I just want to try everything. He sees my gaze and chuckles to himself.

‘All in good time baby,’ he says as he takes my chin and moves my eyeline to his crotch. His belt is unbuckled and he slowly starts to pull it from the loops on his jeans.

‘First things first, the hardest part. Let’s get those clothes off.’ he steps back and sits on the bed, waiting and watching expectantly.

I feel compelled to obey, first, lifting my t-shirt above my head. His silence is kind of unnerving, but I can sense I’m holding his attention, and I fucking love it. My head pops out of the opening and I discard it to the floor. Next I start to unbutton my jeans, and slide them marmaris escort down slowly, stepping out of them carefully. Praying to God that I don’t trip over like I usually do. Not today. I straighten up and look at his face. He’s smiling at me.

‘Sorry.’ I say instinctively, as I look down at my very normal underwear. I probably have saved up to buy some lacy lingerie.

‘Please don’t be.’ he replies. ‘I want to see more.’

My heart flutters in my chest as I reach behind to unhook my bra, enjoying the feel of my back stretch and my collarbone feeling quite exposed. It falls to the floor, and I see his eyes widen as he takes in my breasts.

‘Wow’, That’s my favourite thing to hear in the bedroom. A huge smile breaks out of me, and I start to enjoy this last little bit. I play a burlesque song in my head, slowly turning around, swaying my hips back and forth, stretching my arms up, caressing my skin. I know it’s a little silly, but the intoxicating mix of power and fun makes me so wet. He seems to enjoy it too, as I hear giggles behind me. After I have built enough suspense I take my time, bending over, hooking my thumbs between my waistband and skin. I pause for a moment, and i can hear him hold his breath. I ease them below my large, round buttocks, and let them fall, pooling around my ankles. Before i can turn around i feel his arms slip around me. His breath on my neck, sending goosebumps down my spine. As i lay my head back into his chest, he scrapes his teeth across my skin, and his hand slowly reach down over my soft belly, towards my aching labia.

His fingertips skim my pubic hair, and I feel his left hand marmaris escort bayan cup my breast, squeezing, stroking. His index finger starts to twirl around my hair down there, so it pulls tight, and it makes me gasp. ‘I love a little bit of pain.’ I moan into his ear.

He replies, ‘Good. Let’s give you a little more then.’ Without hesitation he turns me around, takes me into a deep kiss, and then pushes me on to the bed. ‘On your knees.’

He’s added more dominance to his voice. It scares me just a little bit, and entices me. I obediently shift onto my hands and knees and expose my behind to him, as the sound of his belt buckle gently clinks.

Now, please understand that I have had my fair share of spankings in my time. One of my first sexual experiences was being spanked as a naughty teenager in my parents house by my boyfriend, and I knew from that moment that this was something I loved. And since then I have been spanked by a couple of different people, using a multitude of objects. But I have to say, this man, is an artist. With that first thwack of his belt, my brain… well, melted a little bit. The shockwaves seemed to ripple through my entire skeleton, and my skin sang in painful ecstasy. I don’t know how long it lasted for: I was outside of time. Just listening to my body ache and sting. He never went too hard or too soft, he knew when to pause and when to kick back in. His wealth of experience was a marvel to endure.

I slowly come out of my trance, to the sensation of his mouth on my butt cheeks. First he kisses, then he nibbles, and starts to bite and suck, making my belt marks sting afresh. I start to escort marmaris moan again in appreciation, and he moans back, the vibrations of his voice humming through me. Before I know it he’s moved onto his back, his head directly between my legs. I can feel his hot breath on my labia and for a moment, I think i might cum. But instead he grabs my hips with his big hands and pull me down onto his face, onto his tongue. He explores me eagerly with his mouth, and it’s not long before I start to writhe and thrust into his face. He seems to like my bucking as he grips my arse, digging his nails in, as he treats me to sucking, licking, biting of my most intimate parts. I reach up to my breasts and start to pinch my erect nipples, twisting them gently as I climb higher and higher in pleasure, the climax just in reach. I was expecting his fingers to curl inside me, to push me over the edge, but this one was full of surprises.

Apparently, while I was lost in that sacred ‘sub-space’, he had picked up one of his ‘tools of the trade’ so to speak. And as my moaning got higher and louder, with his tongue flicking

across my clit, he reaches up to my opening with one hand, making sure i was practically dripping, and before I knew it, 6 inches of cool glass dildo was pushed inside. Well you can imagine what happened next. It didn’t so much push me over the edge, as shifted my orgasm into a whole new gear. My moans, now deep, throaty, animalistic, my breathing almost sounding like growls as I push against it, encouraging him to ram it into me. But that beautiful man never lost concentration on his tongue. He doesn’t speed up, nor does he slow down, the only change he makes is pushing ever so slightly harder with his tongue. And the glass cock is sliding so effortlessly in and out of my pussy, and it’s heavenly.

And that’s when I hear the front door close.

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