My Love And I – An Anal Romance

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At last the father wished us goodnight and retired to his bedroom. We were alone – Helga and I in the large room – alone with her dog lying around. She rose to put on some music. I stood by the table looking at the sky. The moon was half-hidden and the night looked cloudy. She played some Chopin and joined me. Our hands touched and I grasped her fingers lightly and continued looking out. She squeezed my fingers. I squeezed hers in response. And then I turned to see her full lips and her eyes looking up. I hesitated and then, as if by mutual consent, our faces confronted each other and drew closer.

Our lips met, touched, parted, withdrew and clasped each other softly, firmly, and unhesitatingly. My hands held her waist and drew her closer, hers ran through my hair. I drew her closer, closer as we kissed and then my tongue probed between her soft red moist lips. Her mouth parted to admit the labile intruder, and mine hers: they dueled touching the teeth and exploring further, further, deeper into the softness of her throat. Our hands followed suit: hers now stroking my back and gliding softly down to my waist and holding my buttocks; mine responding in like manner, as each now squeezed her soft firm rotund ass-cheeks. They kneaded them softly, gently but firmly, insistently as our tongues were lost in each other’s mouths – lost in a moist battle that admitted no truce.

Our bodies drew closer and our legs parted as our hands now clasped each other’s buttocks and pressed hard on them. Her right hand now ventured to my thigh, the fingers running lightly on the thick fabric of my jeans but moving closer and closer towards my balls. My right hand moved from one ass-cheek only to return to it from under her dark velvet skirt. Feeling the thin layer of an undergarment, it raised it and snuggled under to rest on the warm flesh of Helga’s ass. She gasped as her right hand now rubbed on my crotch. Our kisses grew moister and our tongues fought harder.

I stepped back abruptly and loosened my jeans with my left hand, the right hand still cupping Helga’s ass-cheek as if maintain possession of it. She unbuttoned my shirt and buried her face in my chest, her lips seeking my hardening nipples. Joining the left hand under her skirt, my right hand cupped the other ass-cheek. Both hands squeezed them. Helga gasped as she rolled her tongue on my hard nubs. I bent low without letting go her ass and kissed her nape, tongued it and then suddenly bit into it softly. Helga groaned and bit my nipples in response, drawing them into her mouth. My middle fingers now approached the crease of her ass-cheeks and stroked along the furrow, burrowing deeper, deeper, till they in a joint move touched her soft rubbery anus. They paused resting on the warm velvety spot and then gradually pierced it, forcing their way into Helga’s nether hole.

Helga opened her eyes, momentarily alarmed at the unexpected intrusion. I kissed them, licking the eyelids and then our lips met. She gasped as we tongue-fucked. Stumbling with my fingers still drilling further into her shit-hole, we reached her bedroom. We fell on the soft mattress kissing, rolling. My jeans were now half down and her hair all tousled. Not a word. Just sounds – sounds and smells, soft dark, bursa escort deep and inarticulate amidst the moonlight streaming in from the large open window. My teeth now worked to unbutton the top, biting into the bra and tugging it aside to free the almond shaped breasts. First a brown nipple with the tip erect straining for my tongue. I licked around the nub, avoiding the tip. Moistening the base, I attacked the arrogant tip. I nipped it. She squealed as my two fingers at the same time penetrated further into her anus. I removed one and brought it to our locked lips – musty, it attracted both our tongues: we licked it clean relishing the faint earthy bitterness. I now rested the finger on her crotch from atop the panty.

She shuddered and nearly swooned under me. I turned to the other breast with its exposed nipple aching for my tongue. I licked around the base, moistening the breast drawing it upward but avoiding the straining nipple. My other finger penetrated deeper hitting the hottest depth of her shit-hole, as if violating her most private of regions. My other hand had meanwhile gotten under the panty and was toying with the clitoris, teasing it out of its hood, rubbing and tapping its head and eliciting gasps from Helga’s lips. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted; my lips enclosed her right nipple and nibbled the taut tip, biting softly. After a while with both her anus and vagina serviced long and well, and her breasts drenched with male saliva, I paused and fell back exhausted. My fingers withdrew from her apertures and I brought them to my lips savoring their warm feminine smells and tastes. We parted ready for more action.

Helga rose stripped me and without notice took my penis into her mouth, deep and then withdrew and wrapped her lips on the head and began to suck on it. It was my turn to groan. She then licked around the stem and then suddenly sucked on the tip and then deep-throated me. Then she turned around still sucking the head and, having already removed her panty and raised her skirt, she lowered her ass onto my face. Her pert peach shaped cheeks partly parted slightly as they descended onto my ready mouth. My nose nuzzled into the furrow and my eager tongue licked along the crease.

Then the aroma of her anus – a mixture of the lavender soap and the mustiness of earth wafted toward my nose. The pungency acted as a pheromone and galvanized my tongue into action. It sought out and attacked the dark wrinkled anus. After a minute of licking around the coarse hairs, my tongue jabbed at the starfish, eliciting gasps from Helga’s lips. It parted slightly and then clasped the tip of my tongue, squeezing it. I pushed the tongue in further, determined to bathe the inner walls of her shit-hole, determined to touch her where no person had yet dared to go. She parted her ass-cheeks, welcoming my tongue and pushed down on my face. She moaned as I withdrew my tongue slightly and pushed it back in, and repeated the action again and again.

At the same time, I pushed as much saliva into the hole as possible, lubricating the channel in order to prepare for the next penile penetration. She began to grind her ass on my face, learning to suck in my tongue with her sphincter. I was in throes of passion, bursa escort bayan as my tongue felt constricted and yet treated to the warm mustiness of Helga’s anus, an earthiness that it savored. I licked deeper, as my nose too began to sense and relish the pungent bitter smell emanating from her freshly tongue-ploughed shit-hole.

I then had her rise, which she did reluctantly. We turned over into a 69 position and before the shit-hole closed completely, I drove my finger in and waited till the hole adjusted to its girth. She licked around my erect cock and took it gradually in, while her hands played with my balls. I removed my finger from her anus and brought my face to kiss and tongue the gradually closing asshole. The finger, coated with a mixture of saliva and her own juices, I rubbed against her right nipple and then into her waiting lips, that licked both my cock and the finger so that she could taste herself and me at the same time.

Meanwhile my tongue once again entered her freshly fucked anal territory, licking around, touching and remoistening the edges and drawing them into my warm labile embrace. She groaned: “Ahhhhhhhhh, please more, more Ahhhhhh.” My tongue probed further, plowing again the damp terrain, digging into the dark soft winding hole. She began to suck and lick my cock, pushing her bum back onto my mouth. I knew I was going to come anytime but did not want to as yet. Indeed, she wanted me to take her deeper, plough further into her virgin anus. I pulled out my tongue, she rose and we kissed as she drew my tongue into her mouth, licking and tasting the traces of her ass-butter. I pushed her gently and turned her over and raised her. I parted the ass cheeks, noted the starfish moist and peeking at me: I clamped my lips on it and kissed it once more and drove my tongue in as my fingers clasped her nipples and tweaked and pinched them. “AHhhhhhhhhhAHHHHHhhhhhh,” she cried in pleasure. “Now do me do me,” she whimpered.

I rose and placed my moist penis on the opening and waited as she pushed back, the anus opened. My penis entered slowly, breaking through the shit-hole; she paused and waited as she resumed impaling her self. The tightness was unbelievable. My penis was encased in a rubbery but seductive glove that fit tightly around it – there seemed no return possible as yet. The walls stuck like rubber around the stem as she pushed back further and as I urged her with light pincer-like pulls on her nipples. I then pushed back and the penis sank deeper and then suddenly having passed a certain turn plunged in. “Ahhhhhhhhhhpoooooooo.” She groaned. I held her still, concerned. She moaned. “No just wait, I like it but feel as if I have been stuffed. Wait.”

We waited in the stillness. She pushed back for a deeper penetration. My penis held still but moved no further and felt dry. I bent over her and bit her nape and we kissed as she lay as if impaled. I licked and drenched her earlobes and whispered: “I think we need some lubrication.” She nodded and licked my lips and mouth. We separated and my hard penis emerged from the shit-hole, coated with her intestinal juices and my own saliva of a few moments ago. Without shame, she wrapped her lips around the penis, licking around the sides and escort bursa adding more of her saliva.

She then sucked the tip and spat out saliva on it. She turned over and awaiting to be coupled: “Take me like a man, now.” She said in a husky voice. As soon as my penis touched the soft mouth of her anus, she parted her cheeks. I leaned over her back cupped her breasts and as I squeezed them I moved my face to her face and we kissed passionately, deeply and then I piled onto her piercing her deeper and deeper, plunging my raging penis in one stroke into her velvety bunghole. She bit my lips and slurped and gasped with a mixture of surprise at the sudden assault.

“Ohhhhhhhhammmmm,” she squealed but urged me to on to penetrate deeper. I held her secure, coupling her as an aroused dog would his bitch. She bit my lips and sucked my tongue as the penis penetrated deeper and finally hit the bottom, as my balls banged against her ass. She gasped and moaned: “Mmmmmamm, don’t move. Stay still. Let me get used to it.”

I paused and my hands moved to her cunt and stroked the petals causing her to moan: “I am coming – please my clitoris, mmmm.” I began to fondle the clit with my fingers, holding it and pulling at it, and with my other hand tweaked the left nipple and tugged gently at its engorged tip. With my lips I bit her shoulders and neck, leaving faint love bites, marking her as mine in a primitive ritual of love. Then suddenly amidst our moans, I felt her clench her sphincter.

I gasped, fell on her back and felt myself unable to hold back. The heat, the tightness, sweat, the smells and the sounds were overwhelming. “I am commminggg,” I groaned. She clenched harder “Noooooooonot yet…come now, now on me! mmmmmaaaaaaaaaam.” As I began to ejaculate, I hastened to pull out of her even as her shit-hole tightened its hold on my cock, refusing to let go. Helga’s anal muscles clamped on to me in a vice-like grip. Finally, I succeeded in bursting out with a faint stream emerging from her hole, as the anus spluttered out a fart and shut its mouth angrily into a puckered form.

In a lightning she rolled over and I instinctively brought my still spurting penis to her face and ejected the last stream on her sweat-drenched but incredibly pretty face; a thick stream hit her nose and forehead and hair. I aimed my ejaculating cock at her parted mouth, as a much fainter load splattered on her lips which parted as my slimly penis still faintly coated with her anal juices made its way past her welcoming warm lips. She sucked hard the last few drops out of my tired but still erect cock, taking it all the way in. I then pulled out and we tongue-kissed. She and I exchanged saliva as I stroked her cunt, rubbing the erect clitoris. MMMMMMM. She pushed my head down. I kissed the thighs and licked the vaginal lips and then tongued her clit and licked and licked. With my other hand I raised her bum a little high and penetrated her deflowered anus, feeling my sperm.

She began to come “:MMMAaaaaaaaammm,” I removed my face and with my fingers continued rubbing her cunt, raised her legs higher. I pulled out my finger and tongue-fucked her anus, licking and worrying the puckered aperture till my tongue got in a bit and tickled her to a heightened anally induced orgasm. As she came, her anus contracted and clamped hard on the tip of my tongue, enabling me to taste the mixed flavor of her juices. We lay still and then I rose and we embraced and fell into a post-coital sleep.

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